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Designer Tom Ford Secretly Marries Longtime Partner Richard Buckley!

Designer Tom Ford Secretly Marries Longtime Partner Richard Buckley!

Famous designer Tom Ford has revealed that he and his longtime partner Richard Buckley have tied-the-knot!

While chatting with writer Lady Kinvara Balfour at London’s Regent Street Apple store, Tom reportedly told her, “We are now married, which is nice,” Us Weekly reports.

“I know that was just made legal in the UK, which is great. We were married in the States,” Tom added. Richard is a journalist and former editor at Vogue.

The couple met many years ago, back in 1986, and welcomed a son, Alexander John Buckley Ford in October of 2012.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • whodunit

    I pictured Tom with someone younger. Congrats to them!

  • Sayer

    That dude doesn’t look human. He looks like a white walker from Game of Thrones.

  • Ferngully

    Congrats to them! Its not what you look like, it’s how they make you feel. and for those who don’t understand this concept, you haven’t met the right one yet but you will someday :D.

  • Ohh dear Lord!!

    WTF??? That guy looks like a skeleton,, super thin and at the same time he looks like Tom’s dad rather than his bf. How old is that man, 80? I guessTom loves old meat. Yikes!!! And they have a son??? Now that I did not know.

    He is very good looking man, and to end up with that old male hag? He looks like his dad or even his grandfather!!! And he is is horrific!!!

    Imagine those 2 fuc****ing ?? Oh no!!!! Gross!!!

  • Ohh dear Lord!!

    @Ferngully: Yes I havent met the right one but when I do I will make sure it is straight!!

  • Ohh dear Lord!!

    @Sayer: I agree that guy looks like a walking skeleton he does not look human you ar right!!

  • Ferngully

    @Ohh dear Lord!!: lol Straight?

  • WTF :o

    Omfg he looks like “Billy the Puppet” from those Saw movies.

  • Liz

    Congrats to the happy couple! They’ve been together since ’86, amazing!

  • sweetness

    Is his partner ill?

  • siennagold

    whoa that guy looks like 80. oh well, congrats to them!

  • Ohh dear Lord!!

    @sweetness: He looks like he is

  • Ohh dear Lord!!

    @Ferngully: I mean Im a woman and if I find the right one it has to be a man as Im straight

  • Ferngully

    @Ohh dear Lord!!: Ooooh LOL got it.

  • eek

    a moldy prune on a pipe cleaner

  • J

    @Ohh dear Lord!!:

    Before you talk, you should know that Richard has been battling cancer since the ’80s, he was quite a good looking man before he became ill…

    On the other hand, clearly you haven’t found the right one ’cause if your thoughts and the things that you say reflect what you are as a person, then you must be horrible both inside and out.

  • yuck

    both have AIDS…gross. Don’t understand why people choose to be gay and live with AIDS.


  • lol

    self-righteous researcher to the rescue!

  • :x

    America is turning is gay. What the h.e.l.l. are they putting in their waters?!

  • :x

    **America is turning gay. What the h.e.l.l. are they putting in their waters?

  • soy

    @Ohh dear Lord!!: can you stfu?

  • Ferngully

    @yuck: When did you choose to be straight? My point exactly. #haveaseat

  • soy

    @yuck: i’d rather be gay than an ignorant straight fvck like yourself

  • Arya

    If Tom is with a younger and more attractive person people will say he’s shallow. But he stayed with someone for nearly 30 years and all you talked about is how’s ugly his husband is. Shame on you, appearance should not matter, and fyi Richard is a survivor, he’s looking good for a old man battling cancer.

  • lol

    @Sayer: Nailed it! He married the Crypt Keeper! This guy looks at least 100 years old.

  • Drats

    I remember Richard Buckley when he worked at New York Magazine in the early 1980s. He was so damned beautiful. I am shocked at how much he has aged.

    I wonder if he is not well?

  • marple

    52?? Tom looks amazing!!

  • hmmm


    I was wondering the same thing.. He does look ill..

  • Ohh dear Lord!!

    @Drats: They say he has cancer

  • Ohh dear Lord!!

    @J: Well I dont follow the shallow lifestyles of fashion desginers or movie stars to know every detail of what is going on their lives, I just comment based of what I read and in any moment the article said he had cancer or he is ill.

    Either way Tom Ford is handsome too shame he is gay!!! But hey most of fashion designers out there are gay, it is rarely to see a fashion designer who is straight.

  • wow

    He is cancer survivor…some people are way too much jumping to conclusions and all..

  • MimiB

    I believe Richard has been battling cancer. Marrying his long time partner is an act of love… looks don’t matter. How many people would be condemning Tom if he’d abandoned his partner of many years for someone younger and prettier?

  • lurker

    congrats to them,some of the nasty comments are just sad

  • lurker

    you suck,anyone can have any disease

  • well well

    Congrats to both of them.

  • kelli

    it looks like maybe his partner has AIDS?

  • Observation

    That guy needs a rife machine or a Godzilla, he needs help.

  • Observation
  • Jessie

    Ford is 54 years old and looks younger, Richard is sixty seven and looks older.

  • neo

    Tom’s partner is actually only 13 years older than him and the looks you are so laughingly disparaging is the effect of cancer. Your observational powers are astounding, only second to your boundless wit and I’m sure you will look much better should the dark visitor come calling at YOUR door one day. Instead of L.O.L perhaps take note of some real L.O.V.E?

  • sunshine21

    @Sayer: LOLOL YES HE DOES.


    How could these two sick psychotic faggo aliens “welcome a son”? How is that even biologically possible? Answer : It ISN’T possible and they DIDN’T really ever “welcome a son”!! Henceforth, these dumbo faggo aliens are as much a couple of sicko psychotic dumbo faggo alien liars as is the entire imported “entertainment media industry” that no one buys or buys into, PERIOD!!

  • Paulne Lucy Bowen

    He does look a little odd.

  • shaniqua

    @the way of the world
    oops, someone missed a few hugs during childhood, poor thing!

  • Tike

    My grandfather looks better than this guy and he’s been dead for 20 years.

  • norah

    i like both of them – and i know that richard has been battling throat cancer for a long time – i hope sincerely he will get better.

  • astounded

    wat the f …is going throo yor heads…gettin married…good god…did you have a few drinks before you decided to get married….i dont like being married….and i just cant figure out why anybody would get married…especially if there are no kids in the relationship……well thats my comment….at least im honest

  • drea

    hat is just s gross…. makes me wanna puke….. look at that old man, he should be maried 50 years ago….wtf

  • Interesting

    Sexiest gay guy marrying great granpa smh, I wonder if Tom had to be gentle with him, prolly don’t wanna break any bones

  • Vile

    When God instituted marriage it was between Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.