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Jennifer Aniston & Anna Kendrick Grab Anything But 'Cake' for Set Lunch!

Jennifer Aniston & Anna Kendrick Grab Anything But 'Cake' for Set Lunch!

Jennifer Aniston shows her serious side while filming scenes for her upcoming movie Cake on Tuesday (April 8) in Van Nuys, Calif.

The 45-year-old actress was seen shooting the scenes with her co-star Sam Worthington and a young co-star at a table in a restaurant.

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The day before, Jennifer and Sam were joined by their co-star Anna Kendrick while grabbing lunch at the catering table on set. It was the first day that Anna was on set.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick grabbing lunch on Cake set…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 01
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 02
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 03
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 04
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 05
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 06
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 07
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 08
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 09
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 10
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 11
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 12
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 13
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 14
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 15
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 16
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 17
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 18
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 19
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 20
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 21
jennifer aniston anna kendrick grab anything but cake 22

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  • Wtf

    She use to be so beautiful. Gosh, aging is such a depressing process. :’(

  • jentheho

    She is so fugging ugly. Her money, stylist & her PR dude sure help to do wonder to her face & hair.

  • linda

    she is fug and uggz.

  • linda

    why is this fug called the ‘beautiful……doesn’t fit .

  • linda

    ugly inside and out and dumb.

  • marko

    her look don’t belong in Hollywood.

  • Debby


  • por favor

    DIOS es hermosa ….por lo menos no es flaca como angelina jolie NOOO es puro hueso y la llaman hermosa …que estupida cierta gente y le dicen fea por dentro y fuera solo de expresarte de esa manera se ve calidad de ser humano que eres dime entonce quien es feo por dentro

  • Ivermom

    Oh Linda, just because your having a bad day does not mean you have to take it out on Jen. What has the girl ever did to you?

  • let’s face facts

    @por favor:

    STOP with the effort at dragging someone into this thread who has no connection to this fugly middle aged 45 year old actress. She is just looking like she does without all the expensive makeup and extensive photo shopping she usually won’t venture out of her zillion $$$ BH home without. She has a masculine face that is aging and that is a fact.

    She was never more than merely attractive but her many $$$$$ has enabled her to access all beauty treatments possible, attach really nice blond extensions to her bleached hair, and her PR has created a faux aura that she is a beauty. She never has been beautiful like CCox naturally was and still is to a certain extent.

    Just telling it like it is. Nothing wrong with aging as we all will be if we are alive BUT this woman is not and never has been beautiful.

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  • Thank you Perez

    Perez Hilton know EXACTLY what He’s talking about..naming this MAN face MANiston Can’t get UGLIER and more MAN FACE than this.jajajajajajajajaja!!

  • Jack S.
  • well well

    @Jack S.:

    Charlize can act.

  • Jack S.

    @well well: So can Jennifer.

  • Dawn

    Considering the very dark subject matter of Cake and the character she is playing, JA looks fine.

  • Ivermom

    The thing is….your here on a Jen thread complaining about Jen. Why? You do not have to watch her movies or even like them. There are plenty of other movies out there for you to watch. If we like Jen’s movies, there is nothing you can say to make us change our mind, we will watch it regardless of what you think so why are you wasting time complaining about her?


    @Jack S.:
    Oh .. I remember it well .. Except..
    Charlize had to put 25 kg for that movie.. they had to coloured and re arrange her teeth to make her teeth rotten and ugly .. Greased and change her hair .. shaves her EYEBROWS… unlike your Man face chiniston .. LMAOLOL would your chin willing to do all that?? To make her even more uglier that she’s already is?? Not in her hopeless boring life’s she’s ain’t .. LMAOLOL.
    FYI Loonmum.. You are there @ the JPs threads 100x more than us being here .. so what you call yourself a moron a Hypocrite?

  • Hahha

    Its easy to uglify maniston, just take off her make up, voila, she is fuc@@@king ugly. Ha ha ha

  • Janet

    Tore up from the floor up.

  • Joy B Angie

    Don’t you think she has a hag make-up
    to look in accordance with her character ?

  • Joy B Angie

    @let’s face facts:
    can you tell us
    how to make “her many $$$$$”
    without natural beauty in the Hollywood ?

  • Joy B Angie

    Linda congrats with your critical days.
    You may visit also Jolie’s thread , too.

  • Stacey

    @14, of course Perez was going to be nasty, he was dating/sleeping with Jolie’s cousin. Also, you idiots know how the industry work do you? You can see people applying makeup to her in between shoots. She is made up to look like that. IQ is not very high in the Jolie fandom.

  • norah

    my dear stacey
    it seems that jennifer needs a whole shovel full of make up to look this rotten – it takes more than going without makeup to do a film with a serious subject – you have to actually act which unfortunately ms aniston hasnt quite worked out as yet.

  • norah

    i think also your iq is not that great either – why does she do these films? she seems to have bad judgement in choosing her films – the good girl was more than 10 years ago and that was her only ” good” effort

  • Perez Hilton

    You meant to say Perez Hilton was “dating / sleeping” with John Mayer FIRST before your idol Maniston… JOHN MAYER… Who dumped your Maniston TWICE… you know all this don’t you.. with your IQ..
    Charlize T was totally unrecognizable in Monster…
    She was AMAZINGLY and TOTALLY transformed..
    unlike Maniston… TRANSMORMATIONS NOT !!!!

  • Stacey

    Wow, you loons have reading comprehension problems, don’t you? You people were saying how ugly she looks and I merely pointed out that it’s the make-up that’s making her look like that. Norah , you do know that she doesn’t decide on her character’s look don’t you? Damn, girl, you are proving my point…Also, why is this movie bad? You have seen a few set pics and now you are an expert….sorry dear, she keeps getting hired because her movies mostly make money. Nobody is forcing you to watch it.

  • Stacey

    Also, Norah, you just proclaimed on the Pitt thread you aren’t interested in Aniston, but here you are spewing nonsense as usual….you are so dumb it amazes me….rather go book your Maleficent tickets,take your friends and fam also with, because I haven’t been hearing good things about it.

  • tommie

    Now it really showed what she look like without make up. This is Jennifer Aniston in real life.

  • Stacey

    @Perez Hilton. So what if he was sleeping with John, more power to him. Angie is or was bisexual or whatever she is/ was, what’s the big deal? The obvious point was that it was easy to pinpoint the origin of his bias toward Jen.
    Nobody here said that dressing dowdy will earn her critical acclaim, only loons will jump to that conclusion. Her fans are happy to see her in something different, but we enjoy her comedies also. Why is that so hard for you loons to grasp.

  • Davi

    @Stacey, i don’t know why they keep following her or watching her movies then. That is sick.

  • Perez Hilton

    So what if Angelina was a bisexual … Drew Barrymore was on drugs since she was 11 years old and was a bisexual too, and so does many others… People go through stages.. But look at where they are now.. so well accomplish in their own right.. Have purpose in life.. Settled down Having family and “move on” but is never the case with your Charlize wannabe Maniston forever bitter and always living in 1998 ( from John Myer own mouth) if by wearing daggy cloths and wear no makeup your consider doing something powerful and different .ll good luck to you .. If her fans are truly happy they wouldn’t park their A$$ 24-7 – 365 .. 9 years at JPs threads bashing Angie Brad and their children’s wishing death cancer and plane crash making up Lies and lies.
    Brad love Angie .. Angie loves Brad.. There is nothing anyone can say or do to change FACT…,no matter how hard Perez.. Huvane… Chelsea H the Media… Maniston and her 6 fans trying to SPIN.. RINSE.. WASH .. and SPIN again… Brad and His Angie have accomplish so much and beyond anyone can ever dreams of… So you all can sucks LEMONS!

  • Perez Hilton

    Have you ever go and visit F@ck yr Face First aka Female First??’
    You only need to go there only once to make your head spin .. Have you watch that movie THE EXORCIST with Linda Blare…?? Exactly!!!!!!
    Just like what your idol said:
    It’s makes your skin crawl!!!

  • Stacey

    @Perez, this will be my last message to you, because you are clearly delusional. You did not understand my points and you mention things that is totally off topic. I am glad Angie and Brad are together. Jen and her fans just want to be disassociated with this unholy, non existant triangle you freaks keep alive by the constant comparisons. Clearly Angie and Brad are better suited. I have been to FF a few times, they are almost as cray cray as you loons here. I am not justifying their hate, but I am glad there is a site that balances out the vile, horrid, irrational hate towards Aniston here at JJ. You must take it if you want to dish it out. What you loons fail to grasp is that those FF freaks aren’t Aniston fans. Go to to see what really goes on at an Aniston fansite. Your idols arent even mentioned once. You freaks should learn to understand that.

  • yep

    Looking forward to this movie!

  • mike

    Funny how people jeep saying she is ugly inside and out. Maybe you all should look in the mirror. I’d assume you yourselves are hideous looking. I look forward to this movie. Jen was good in the Good Girl and have been waiting for her to do another drama. Its funny when women dress down for a role they get called ugly by other woman, yet matt mccounaghey does it an he is an artist. No offense he was ugly. Its for their roles.if you put jen next to any regular woman I bet she would be 10x hotter.

  • Richard Dix

    @Perez Hilton:
    Angelina Jolie is not a bisexua. She is a three-sexual : she loves animals, too. That’s why there is no wedding.

  • Richard Dix

    She would be 1000x hotter.

  • Charlize wannabe

    @Richard Dix: aka Dirk-aka JoyB from F@cK yrFace ….
    what that makes your F@ck SPORT DOG-niston with 90xman in 9 years and no wedding?

  • O’Sullivan

    Jennifer is beautiful and a great actress.

  • http://justjared chrissy

    DISH NATION said Brad would back with Jennifer if Angelina did not have children, if it wasn’t Angelina, it would have been someone else anybody as long as he got the heck away from Jennifer, she’s a leach, stick with paying Justin his pay check to be seen with you.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Charlize wannabe:
    Hi Jason !
    I like your sisters new breast !
    Did you kiss it ?
    Hope so.

  • Charlize wannabe

    So many nose jobs
    So many Botox and Fillers
    So many hair extensions
    So many lips injections
    Did her Dog even notice her Chin?
    hope so……

  • Charlize wannabe

    Charlize wannabe must come and read JJ 1000% and realized that her CHIN is indeed a CHIN-MAN.
    So she went for more FILLERS and hide for weeks waiting for her swollen FACE TO GO DOWN …LMAOLOL… you don’t need to look far…
    The proof is here to see… Her FACE is getting WIDER and BIGGER like a TABLE now…. LMAOLOL..
    Did Justin come and kiss that CHIN?
    HOPE SO!

  • http:yahoo isjeh

    wow….haters are all over here ….they cannot resist jennifer aniston… no matter how she looks or acts….they still love to read about her…. this only means that haters in fact admire the lady…..i love jennifer aniston, i don’t find fault in her acting because it is very hard for an artist to make the people laugh… in comedy, jennifer is in her best craft…..i hope to see this movie she is shooting soon to judge for myself if she can compare to the likes of other good actors

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Thanks for comment # 61 of the thread before, JBA !
    @Charlize wannabe (post # 42): I am NOT posting as “Richard Dix” !
    And JBA (= Joy B Angie) is NOT posting as “Richard Dix”, I think.
    It´s just another pathetic try to intrigate against JBA, yep !
    And this try comes from one of the posters of the Jolie-threads, whatelse !
    However, this all is similar to my discussion about dreams and trust.
    As it cannot be proven, who was posting this crap (post # 40), it has the potiential to let each user think what he wants to believe.
    It´s catalyzing opinions about posters, that COULD be wrong opinions.
    This posts ( post # 40 and post # 42) tries to manipulate a majority.
    Therefore the one who made post # 40 is the same one who created post # 42. That´s how I see it.
    Yep, I don´t believe, that JBA created this posts.
    Coz´ JBA has streght of the soul ! Just like me.
    Sing it like the opening song of StarTrek Enterprise (the series with Captain Jonathan Archer):
    “I got strenght of the soul ! …. And I got faith in the heart !
    I got faith, I got faith !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Sorry, JBA. I forget to say this in post # 49:
    Have a nice day and an nice night-dream of Jen, JBA !