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Dylan Penn Strips Down Naked for 'Treats' Mag: Sean Penn & Robin Wright's Daughter Talks 'Tastefully Done' Photos

Dylan Penn Strips Down Naked for 'Treats' Mag: Sean Penn & Robin Wright's Daughter Talks 'Tastefully Done' Photos

Dylan Penn displays her totally nude body in this brand new feature for Treats! magazine’s latest issue.

The 22-year-old model and daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright told the magazine how much she admired working with Tony Duran for the shoot.

“I knew his photography from before I was asked to shoot and really admired him as an artist,” Dylan said. “I have always loved his black and white nudes, they were always so tastefully done and, more specifically, showed that certain elegant yet strong beauty that I think all women embody.”

“I watched, for glimmering moments, the tomboy leave Dylan’s body,” Tony added. “All self doubt, all expected disapproval, all inhibitions. Just for moments. But I was there to capture those moments and document the beginnings of what I am sure will be a powerful woman and beauty icon.”

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dylan penn strips down totally naked for treats magazine 04
dylan penn strips down totally naked for treats magazine 05
dylan penn strips down totally naked for treats magazine 06
dylan penn strips down totally naked for treats magazine 07

Credit: Tony Duran/Treats magazine
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  • Ugonna Wosu

    she’s very pretty

  • ralphsht


  • aow

    the only thing she has going for her is a career similar to the model emily ratajkowski, all because she has big boobs. at least she never inherited sean’s nose, she should consider herself extremely lucky. i think robin back in her heyday had a prettier face than dylan but dylan does have nice big lips though.

  • http://justjared Lol

    EWW RIDICULOUS!!! Is she still dating Steven ???

  • ForMe

    She’s a very pretty young lady. I know the Robsten loonies and Twihard freaks are going to disagree. Whatever.

  • CB


  • oh

    Oh Gosh.
    Another naked one.
    Very interesting.

  • cover yrslf

    Already showing her t*ts everywhere. Daddy must be so proud.

  • LaCroix

    yet another “actress” using her parents fame to propel her into a career.. boring!

  • Jane

    I’m pretty sure those are shopped.

  • who cares?

    Ugh, nepotism.

  • Erin

    @ForMe: I think she’s pretty too, but I think she’s too pretty to be making her career all about pictures where she takes her clothes off. She has to have more class than a foul mouth and naked photos. I can look past the Rob rumors because she only dated the guy from The Vampire Diaries and I know how Hollywood rumors spin out of control. I’m speaking as someone just getting an impression from this girl based off her own career choices. If she wasn’t Sean and Robin’s daughter all she would be is a pretty girl who is beginning her career as a centerfold dream for creepy men. I wish these ladies acted more like Lupita and less like a video girl.

  • Mary

    Imagine her dad seeing those pictures. Wouldnt any normal person feel very ashamed and uncomfortable? I can’t imagine not feeling that way. But, i was raised to have shame and dignity. Maybe that’s why I cant understand these people.

  • Courtney

    She’s very pretty but the nude photo is a mess. It’s neither tactful or classy. It’s quite the opposite

  • You all are hypocrites.

    What a double standard, if this was somebody else you would bash her till the next morning, but because she is Dylan Penn she gets called “pretty” and “Stunning” and not tacky or trashy for being nacked. You all are such hypocrites.

  • lol

    pobre chica tiene que desnudarse para tener fama y dinero… es fea claro que saco la nariz del padre en perfil se le nota siiiiiiiiiii ridiculas esa fotos

  • esa

    trato de ver bella y no veo es tetas grandes ni figura se le ve por DIOS es verdad saco la nariz del padre feas sus facciones ya las chicas hacen lo que sea por fama esa foto estan feas parece que le gusta hacer desnudo otra loca

  • ForMe

    @lol: Supongo que eres tan bella? Cuando está recibiendo su portada de una revista?

  • sabrina

    @You all are hypocrites.: Oh please. There are about an equal number of fans and bashers. You just choose to pick out the comments that support your argument.

  • @15

    @You all are hypocrites.: Who is being hypocrite? When there is a post about Dylan Penn a majority of the posters say she is pretty. It’s mostly the Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson stans talk that about how ugly she is.

  • Stacy

    It’s hard to not roll your eyes or give props to any of these celebrity kids who don’t have legitimate jobs and end up “modeling.” She’s a college drop-out who now works for an agency that has Paris Hilton as a client. She has no real career to speak of yet.

  • @15

    ‘that talk about’

  • Ap

    I wonder what her dad thinks about this photos :X you see ppl this is what happens when you don’t have any talent and know your not pretty enough to enchant people with your looks and personality

  • wha//

    @Stacy: lol but she thinks she is a model

  • Babehdoll

    this gross “model” didn’t have a career before her PR team planted fake rumors about her dating Rob.


    seguramente esto se llama modelo NOOOOOOOOOO.. que fea es esta chica siiiiiii tiene la nariz del padre la pobre lo que tiene que hacer por no tener talento parece que es lo unico que puede hacer desnudarse

  • Niagirl

    Lol, RPutz you sure can pick em.She don’t wanna be famous. I call Bullsh****. I bet cockblocker and timebomb are so proud. You people will never not be sad or funny .

  • Looselipz

    Sorry but she’s leaves little to be desired. Posing near naked before one has the chance to prove their talent is cheap, desperate and stupid. More nepotism …zzzzz….and lighting, photoshop and make up give the illusion that she’s prettier than she is. The same goes for Ireland Baldwin.
    Dylan’s parents are too self absorbed to guide her in her career.

  • Rob Crazies

    @Babehdoll: I knew the Rob Pattinson nuts would come here in droves.

  • @Veintiséis

    @NO PUEDES SER: ¿Por qué coño te escribir en español? Esto no es una página web española. ¿Estás tratando de ser gracioso?

  • allison

    Looks old for 22. Not that pretty. But then again neither is Alec Baldwin’s daughter but she’s a “model” too

  • ver

    que fea y VULGAR

  • Kepp

    Watch Johnny Depp kissing Jimmy Kimmel!

  • No no no

    I get that there were rumors involved with this girl and Rob, but she squashed those, therefore I don’t understand why every comment about this girl has to be fueled by either a Robert Pattinson fan or a Kristen Stewart fan or a Robert hater or a Kristen hater. As a person who has no feelings on either actor, my opinion of Dylan is that her father is weird but talented and her mother is GORGEOUS and talented. Dylan definitely looks more like her mother, but I’ve seen her smile and there’s something very Sean Penn about some of her facial expressions. She’s a pretty girl, but not one who could score these modeling gigs without that last name and Hollywood royalty genetics. I like that writing is her passion unlike the majority of Tinseltown offsprings. I wish she could pursue that instead of modeling because all of her pictures are nude. If she has a good head on her shoulders then she needs to use it. This type of “career BUILDING” will label her forever unless she does something remarkable to squash this. It’s nice to be told you’re pretty with a great body, but considering her mother has always been recognized for her beauty and talent, wouldn’t Dylan want to be looked at as “this talented writer and actress is also beautiful” rather than “she’s Penn’s kid who’s super hot and Playboy asked her to pose for them and she was linked to a few Hollywood cuties”. I would hope that a girl would want to be known for her work before her boobs and her men.

  • s si sii

    si es fea su perfil terrible la buscan solo paracer desnudo pobre chica

  • Mom is prettier

    Robin Wright was much prettier and classier in her day… better facial features, especially. She didn’t rely on exposing her body to get attention.

  • Preach it

    @Mom is prettier: Your comment = nailed it. I don’t think people deny that DP is pretty, but its her career moves that need improvement.

  • Tilda

    Nice body! Looks nothing like her mom, a bit like her dad. She dated robert pattinson, nice!

  • Tilda

    @No no no: she never said “I did not date robert pattinson”. All she said was that tabloids are BS. Her private life is private- whatever romance she had with him she will never say and neither will him.

  • No no no

    @Tilda: She actually said it was BS in one article and then in another said “It’s sad that because I have one friend who is in the public eye, just being seen out together once means we’re romantically involved.” All that says is that maybe they hooked up, but she refers to him as a friend not a boyfriend or something more. She was also dating Steven R. McQueen for awhile…videos of them kissing and on dates. There was more to prove that she was with Steven than she ever was with Rob. The one picture of them was of her, her best friend and Rob hanging out at a bar. The fact is that she didn’t encourage the rumors of her dating Rob, she discouraged them and said they were BS. She did enough not to deserve continued drama from Rob and Kristen’s minions. That’s all I was saying.

  • TVD for the win

    Enough of the Rob drama! That was one rumor with a grainy photo. She legitimately dated Steven R. Mcqueen and they were cute together. Can’t we talk about her actual confirmed boyfriend for once? I wish they would get back together…both Hollywood royalty, both cute, and cute together. Stop mentioning Rob. He doesn’t even go here.

  • Conclusion is…

    She shouldn’t have done this pictorial… now, I concluded that though her face is pretty but not extraordinary, that her body is prettier than her face.

  • Dee

    She fxvcks robert pattinson once and we have to hear about her forever??????

  • alyssa

    Hey, robsten fans,you have not to read articles or to speak about Dylan Penn.

    I hate rob and ktew and I do not read articles about them and not talking about them and about their so-called endless love story (which is completely bogus)

    No matter what you think Dylan penn a is beautiful girl and the pictures also…

  • alyssa

    @TVD for the win:

    completely agree with you..
    Steven R Mcqueen is much more beautiful than this .. Rob!!! Dylan and he were very cute together. I hope they will get back together..


    @No no no: everybody and their mom in Rob fandom knows that Dylan’s team pushed those BS rumors to promote her failing modeling career. She had no editorials/deals before he was linked with Rob. She waited till her career got a push before denying the rumors and no what she said didn’t imply that they had hooked up or anything. You have major reading comprehension problem or you are just a smart troll

  • lol no

    @Dee: she wished she did

  • Tammy Lynn

    she looks like an average p*rn star so vulgar and crass Sean Penn must be so embarrassed