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Taylor Swift Has Lots of Model Friends, Grabs Lunch with Cara Delevingne!

Taylor Swift Has Lots of Model Friends, Grabs Lunch with Cara Delevingne!

Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne leave the Rebecca Taylor store in the Meatpacking District after having lunch together on Wednesday afternoon (April 9) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, Cara was seen sweating it out during a boxing workout at the Gotham Gym in the West Village.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Cara Delevingne

Taylor sure seems to have lots of friends who are models! Just in the past week and a half she has been seen hanging out with Lily Aldridge and Karlie Kloss. All of these ladies participated in last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

20+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne out and about…

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taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 01
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 02
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 03
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 04
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 05
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 06
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 07
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 08
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 09
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 10
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 11
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 12
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 13
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 14
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 15
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 16
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 17
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 18
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 19
taylor swift model cara delevingne lunch 20

Credit: INFphoto; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, AKM-GSI
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  • anon

    I wonder what Taylor is looking for hmmmmm

  • kami

    i always want to tell taylor not to slump. own your height girl or you’ll have a hump back before you turn 30.

  • nat


  • Demi

    I love how all of a sudden in the past few months she wants to change her image to a more mature less Teenager type image, so she suddenly invents a relationship with all these model friends. Taylor is so fake. She gets her picture taken with a few models, and she has a PR team build a story around how good friends they are. I guess the models don’t mind because they like getting their names out to the public too, even if it means having lunch with Taylor

  • Jason Aaronson

    Taylor has been friends with Lily Aldridge since 2009 so check your facts. And she’s not inventing friendships, they met while she did the fashion show and now they’re friends? And she also hangs out with Lorde who is 17 and today was with Gracie Gold who is 18, so no she’s not “trying to change her image” she’s simply hanging out with her friends. Apparently she can’t even do that without people twisting it into some conspiracy about what a bad person she is.

  • Demii


    I’m sure Demi would appreciate you talking trash on one of her friends.

  • Gg

    Taylor you dont only change bf fast but friends too. You must have a really bad personality and attitude that no one can handle. You’re using people too much from songs to boost ur career. Be original, be you.

  • Demi

    Hey, “Jason” I hope your getting paid because you sure do study up on Taylor Swift. You prolly know more about her life, her friends, her statistics, her songs, her concert attendance, and her earnings than you know about anything. They have a name for people like you. Your what’s know as a Taylor-bot. LOL!

    I don’t really keep up with this stuff, but Taylor floods the internet with pictures all the time, so she is sort of unavoidable. All I know is for a few years we kept seeing pictures of Taylor with her BFF Selena, not with Lily Aldridge, and now its all of a sudden models. I don’t think she has real friends. She has to be with famous people. She is all PR all the time. Of course the Taylor-bots will immediately correct me on this too. LOL!

  • Living in a box

    So Selena is hanging out with Kendall and Taylor is having fun with bunch of Victoria Secret’s Angel. UUUhhhh, girl fight!

  • Effy

    Well according to all my countless hours in psychology, Taylor seems to be the type of person who doesn’t know quite who she is yet. She bounces from guys to friends in order to feel validated. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it happens to so many girls when they aren’t sure of themselves yet. She’ll grow out of it the more she ages.

  • Amy

    @Living in a box:

    Well Selena seems to be making bad decisions in her personal life. I’m sure Taylor was trying to support her but there’s only so much you can do as a friend. Selena obviously doesn’t want to change her bad behavior.

  • junie

    wonder if she’s met Alyssa Miller yet? they could swap stories about Jake.

  • Liz

    From what I have seen of Taylor (interviews and such) she does not seem like someone I would get alogn with, just with the way she talks and acts. But she does have a lot of diversity in her friends, so she must be likeable.

  • Demi

    Maybe the whole reason she is hanging out with models is to get Jake’s attention. Its like she is stalking Jake and his model girlfriend.
    Those Victoria Secret Models don’t have anything in common with Taylor and especially Cara. Selena is a sweet girl who needs her true friends to not judge her, and stick with her and give her support. All Taylor cares about is her image. Image is everything for Taylor. Taylor dumping Selena is an ugly side of Taylor. Its like she is piling on with everything else Selena has to deal with. I guess she is just a fake thru and thru.

  • Lovers

    She wants to try girls for awhile

  • soy

    @Liz: or fake. don’t trust people that get along with ANYONE

  • Tracy

    @Demi: That is dumb. She is friends with those, and has know Lily for at at least five since they live in the same building in Nashville. Maybe you are fake since you can’t understand someone having a lot of friends.

  • Tracy

    @Demi: You don’t know anything. Cara hangs out with Taylor and Ed Sheeren in London.

  • Mimi

    @Effy: You sound pretty ignorant for someone who claims to have countless hours in Psychology. Well, It’s commonly known that Psych majors have problems themselves. Educate yourself. Taylor has lots of friends and keeps them, and she doesn’t date many guys. I don’t believe you are educated.

  • Mimi

    @Demi: Are you some kind of bot, spewing hate on a board. You seem obsessed, commenting on someone you clearly are making up lies about.

  • Just add water.

    Come on guys, you know when you start dating someone, you get to know their friends. And I get the impression she’s dating Karlie Kloss. So of course she’s hanging around a bunch of models now.

  • Jen

    Taylor is one of the nicest people you can meet. Even Harry Styles said she was a nice girl. The dumb hate comments on here are just ignorant people who believe everything they read in the media.

  • If you like Pina Coladas.

    @Mimi: Eerrrmmmm Effy’s assertion sounds about right. Add into the fact that she spent much of her childhood trying to break into the business and then when she made it, going hard to become popular. She looks and sounds like a classic child star. More money than they know what to do with, stardom, fame and an age that legally makes them an adult. In reality, they’re still 13, 14, etc… and don’t have a clue. So they come across immature and flighty and childish, which is Taylor. As she grows, she’ll go one of two ways. She’ll grow out of it or she’ll fall. We’ve all seen the rise and fall of child stars or the rise rise rise of child stars.

    So Effy is right even if YOU are incapable of seeing or understanding it.

  • stan

    Taylor is such a flawless queen. Everything about her is perfect.

  • Reg

    Wonder why Cara is hanging her head down and walking so far to the side of Taylor looking like she wished she was anywhere but there?

  • Reg

    Wonder why Cara is hanging her head down and walking so far to the side of Taylor looking like she wished she was anywhere but there?

  • ME


    No! It is good to keep informed to prevent stupid people to come along and spread false rumors. Better to set them straight than to keep stupid lies from stupid web sites being spread around and having people believe them. Information (factual) is power.

  • ME

    ridiculous comment. If anything it is Taylor that will boost the careers of those that she is with. She has friends; So what. Do you pretend to know what is going on or are you a very jealous person because Taylor is more famous than most others and you just can’t stand it can you? I’d say you are in denial; Not Taylor. She is just having fun with her friends. Last thing, I knew, that is pretty admirable and pretty normal. Don’t twist something that is quite normal (friendship) to feed your delusion.

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