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Woman Throws Shoe at Hillary Clinton - WATCH NOW!

Woman Throws Shoe at Hillary Clinton - WATCH NOW!

Hillary Clinton ducks down after getting a shoe thrown at her while delivering some remarks at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Conference on Thursday (April 10) in Las Vegas.

The 66-year-old former Secretary of State thankfully managed to dodge the shoe as it came at her, but she did seem startled. A blonde woman ended up walking out of the room with her hands in the air.

“What was that a bat? Is that a bat?” Hillary said. “Is that somebody throwing something at me? Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?”

“My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial. Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like I did,” Hillary added.

Woman Throws Shoe at Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas

10+ pictures inside of Hillary Clinton speaking at the event…

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woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 01
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 02
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 03
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 04
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 05
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 06
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 07
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 08
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 09
woman throws shoe at hillary clinton in las vegas 10

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  • HAA

    Yoda deserved it .

  • It’s a Bat for sure

    No Hillarity. People just hate you and your husband therapist.

  • Red Head

    HILLARY 2016

  • MANSON 2016

    new bumper sticker

  • Fran

    Botox Fail

  • ForMe

    @HAA: Don’t agree with her politics that’s fine. Throwing a shoe at someone is disrespectful.

  • Ella

    Bush deserved it, Hillary on the other hand didn’t. #HILLARY 2016!

  • Ben Ghazi

    Shoe? Boot? “What difference does it make?”

  • HAA

    Bush and Hillary both deserved it . Both crimminals of the HIGHEST order ,,,,,and you too Ella for being a simpleton team politics maroon.

  • Pillory 2016

    It’s the War Against Women!

  • Chris Smith

    @HAA: why did she deserve it? that comment makes no sense.

  • anna

    She’s beginning to look like Sally Langston

  • offtheproperty

    I have always liked and respected her and her husband, both. And I don’t blame her for the failure of her tenure as Sec. State, because I know she was beholden and coerced by the criminal thug “president” she served.
    But after she and every other Democrat that I once respected have sold out completely to the point of enemy collaboration with Hussein I promise I will NEVER vote for a Democrat again.

  • why…….lol,,

    Chris Smith doesn’t pay attention to the news or read. He/She doesn’t know what planet it is on……. no sense …heeeeeheee

  • Go Girl

    You people have to lay off the main stream media fairy tales. Who Hillary really is would curl your hair, if it’s not already. (She is as corrupt and crooked as the worst organized crimminal) But that would require reading and researching independent news sources and opening up one’s mind. Not going to happen with most who want to be spoonfed simple to understand images.

  • kelli

    good for her that she had a sense of humor about it, but it’s serious business; people in the public eye face real dangers from the public and it’s unfortunate that happened to her. it’s not the way to show your opinion

  • Wow

    You guys really need to watch real news once in a while.
    Step away from political commentary on gossip sites, and turn off the moronic group of liars that is Fox “news”.

  • James

    But not when the same thing was done to George W. Bush…it was funny then, right?


  • ForMe

    @James: That was disrespectful too. Like I said,you can disagree with their politics it isn’t necessary to throw things at them.

  • Hminogue

    the fact that she may become our next president makes me so excited. I hope she does run for office and wins the election.

  • Oh My

    God that’s funny. Hillary scrambling around with the reflexes of a 100 year old with her big bottom wrapped in Depends.



  • Mayors Against Illegal Shoes

    There needs to be a war on shoes. Shoes need to be registered.
    Background shoe checks a must
    I mean who really needs high capacity assault shoes like hiking and cowboy boots or stilettos.

  • Kev

    Maybe a poor dead soldier’s mother who has finally figured out that the Clintons have made vast fortune off of war profiteering as part of the Carlyle Investment Group. Clintons, especially Bubba(Bill) as George Bush calls him, are very close friends of the Bush’s.

  • GFW

    Ohm, not too sure about how I feel about this? Her reaction that is. I mean they now have this scrunched up photo for life. Considering it all, is that what we want to see in our President to react? Not her fault, I get that. Her comebacks were good but still. Hard to explain. It was way girlie.


    @Wow: The only moronic news channels are those that your communist president, and this what difference does it make idiot, have persuaded to spread propaganda for the communist party against this country. the only problem here is the shoe didn’t connect with its intended target