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Brad Pitt Looks Super Handsome While Checking Out an Art Gallery - See the Pics Here!

Brad Pitt Looks Super Handsome While Checking Out an Art Gallery - See the Pics Here!

Brad Pitt is as handsome as ever as he leaves the Fahey/Klein Gallery on Friday morning (April 11) in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old actor reportedly had a parking ticket waiting for him on his windshield when he returned to his car. Bummer!!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The Fahey/Klein Gallery is a fine art photography gallery located in Los Angeles – no word as to why Brad was there. Perhaps to get inspiration for an upcoming film project, or just to enjoy the exhibitions!

Last week, Brad was seen hopping into his car outside a hotel valet stand.

FYI: Brad is wearing Vault by Vans shoes.

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brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 01
brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 02
brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 03
brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 04
brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 05

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  • yloveblue

    Of course ,his youth is Angelina and their kids !!!

  • next Woody Allen, Brad

    who knows?
    Be careful.

  • a lurker

    beautiful brad.

  • A lurker

    disgusting brad.

  • fyi

    Brad Pitt

    The hunky actor looks wonderful in white as he visits an L.A. art gallery, where he reportedly got a parking ticket.

  • Dawne

    @A lurker:

    Awww, schweet cheeks is being au contraire your typical means of getting attention.

  • Lol

    Ticky hag steals fan’s name again. Brad’s gorgeous pics drive the idiot over the edge. Lol.

  • the ring

    @A lurker: Hei you… ring ding aling sucking dong dong..

  • yloveblue

    Brea @ 04/11/2014 at 7:18 pm
    Brad is aging very very well and that’s because he is HAPPY! How a person feel with life, with family, with himself is reflected in his physical appearance and demeanor. Looking at Brad these days all I can say is he is one happy dude
    …………………………………..I agree

    To Brad and Angelina and everyone~~~~~

  • fyi

    Brad Pitt Looks Hunkier Than Ever During L.A. Gallery Visit, Gets a Parking Ticket

  • hollywood role model, Brad

    his lies.
    his cheating.
    his botox
    his PR STUNT.
    his dating famous women,desperate to be famous.
    his hypocrisy
    his intellectual pretensions
    His rival is only his lover GEORGE.

  • A lurker

    I am to busy sucking my my dong dong out of my XXXXXXXXXXL FILTHYSPLITWHOREPANTIES

  • MIMI

    Angelina is the only woman I am jealous of in this world. She is so lucky. Brad is just the hottest man ever.

  • the ring

    @the ring:
    Hei you… ring ding aling sucking dong dong..
    have peace of mind.

  • the ring

    stealing names and 1000x name changing is my one and only way to survive.

  • lurker

    He’s a human masterpiece! Sans Angelina Jolie or his kids, a solo Brad Pitt looked hunkier and more handsome than ever when he stopped by the Fahey/Klein Gallery in L.A. on Friday, April 11.

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  • Jaye

    Aniston is crying in her kale soup.

  • a lurker


    He’s a two-faced masterpiece!

  • lurker

    brad looks better than most men in their 20s

  • lurker

    lol her midget will comfort her

  • CK

    Brad Pitt is the hottest man alive.

  • Brad in Fahey/Klein Gallery

    Brad is a photographer and probably have a good collection in his home with the most important photographers ever.

    In this gallery Brad have the best of the best in this Art. We don’t know for sure if he buy anything but in the pics he was carrying a bag with a kind of pictures box, so maybe he was with some pictures inside.

    I search and the gallery have two pictures very special for Brad. One is a picture of Angie taken by Dan Winters in 1999 and the other is Brad taken by Annie Leibovitz in 1994.

    Of course Brad can buy others photos more famous and iconic but family is always a good option. Brad could be interested in others pics like one with Jon Voight or other from Joe Strummer that composed “Mondo Bongo” or a pic with the best actor ever, Marlon Brando and many more but i bet that the love of Brad was the principal goal, his love of a lifetime , Angie.

  • lurker

    lol I will comfort you

  • the ring

    I am Joy B Angie Dirk-Reese _Assh0Le Fan WHAMO withFILTHYSPLITWHOREPANTIES, I am on HEAT outta my FILTHYSPLITWHOREPANTIES when ever I see Brad Pitt … Braaaaaad!!

  • Angie is the Only One

    Movie producer Joe Roth would have abandoned plans to make new Disney film Maleficent if Angelina Jolie had turned down the lead role.

    The Hollywood power player behind the hits Alice in Wonderland and Snow White and the Huntsman admits he approached Jolie before he had a director for the film in place – because if she had said no to the villainous part, he would not have proceeded with the project.

    He tells Wenn, “She seemed like the only person who could play the part. There was no point in making the movie if it wasn’t her.

    “I went to her house and I saw her kids and one of the kids had horns on and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a good sign!’

    Someone else in her family said she’d always wanted to play the part as a kid. I thought, ‘Great, here’s the opportunity’. “I said I’d produce it and we’d work together and make sure we made a good movie. She said, ‘Yes’.”

  • trt

    Funny how trolls are gnashing their teeth in the wake of Brad’s hotness overload!
    And to think, Aniston could have been feasting on this hunk of a guy…..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    Now, Angie’s got him and the trolls are hurting!!!!!LOL!

  • the ring

    @hollywood role model, Brad:
    1000x name changing Joy B Angie is loosing his SHIIT outta his XXXXXXXXXXXXXLFILTHYSPLITWHOREPATIES

  • anustin

    Sexy Pitt!

  • just sayin

    Brad is effortlessly hot and cool.

  • the ring

    My Chinderella is sucking my midget little ring dong dong outta his FILTHYSPLITWHOREPANTIES just about now.

  • http://TravelnLiving Gingerbread

    Yummy Daddy….. Grrrrrrr!!!&

  • Dawne

    So there wouldn’t have been a Maleficent made if Angie hadn’t agreed to star…………wow………..ya mean Ticky wouldn’t have been his first choice saving her from this Lifetime Baked project? Geepers. hags, you just can’t catch a break……LMAO

  • jaliah

    @dawne 82
    ……..ya mean Ticky wouldn’t have been his first choice saving her from this Lifetime Baked project?
    You know she would have been his first choice, come on you know it………………… if he had been making Cinderella; remove her makeup and taaa rah: one ugly stepsister, only role she wouldn’t have to audition for.

  • psychoanalyst

    without paparazzi, Mr. Pitt would piss on the street.

  • Vanessa

    Brad is looking mighty delicious. Lucky Angie

  • Claire
  • the ring

    I love Brad Crying fo r my darling Jen.

  • lucy

    Dayum, the hagistons are losing their shite over hunky Brad, even to the point where now they’re saying that a “fake” Brad entered the hotel with Angie on their hotel date. They just cannot accept Brad and Angie are together, and it’s been nearly a decade. lol

  • Guest

    her fans are still day dreaming about the Aniston-Pitt kids

  • fyi
  • fyi

    Heather Sievers ‏@DiningInDisney 1h

    Loved the extended #Maleficent preview we saw today!! Can’t wait to see the whole movie! #disneysmmoms

  • fyi

    11 April 2014 Last updated at 20:01 ET
    Top 10 Tips: Bond cinematographer Roger Deakins
    I’m picky about the sort of material I want to work with, always have been. But usually I’m drawn to scripts that are about characters, I don’t have a love of doing action movies.
    It is really important to choose which projects you are going to work on carefully. You are going to be on a film for a long time. I’ve just come back from Australia working on Unbroken with Angelina Jolie, which she was directing.
    It’s six months of time and investment, but very worthwhile. I enjoyed it completely, but it was a hard shoot. You work long hours, often you’re working six days a week and you are away from home. There are certain kinds of sacrifices you have to make.

  • fyi

    ABC’s RESURRECTION Continues Increasing TV Playback
    April 11
    Airing in Sunday’s ultra-competitive 9 o’clock hour, ABC’s Resurrection continues to see increasing TV playback and, as a result, grew week to week in the Live + 3 Day ratings (after being down slightly in the Live + Same Day numbers).
    Based on Nielsen’s just-released Live + 3 Day TV playback data for Sunday 4/6/14, Resurrection’s Adult 18-49 rating shot up +55% from L+SD to L+3 (vs. a +33% increase the prior week) – its largest percentage increase in playback yet.
    With increasing playback, Resurrection’s actual Live + 3 Day Adult 18-49 rating was up week to week by 6% in Adults 18-49 (3.4 rating vs. 3.2 rating). In the Live + Same Day ratings, the show was down 2-tenths of a rating point (2.2 rating vs. 2.4 rating). Resurrection’s L+3 ratings also grew over the prior week in Men 18-34 (+6%), Men 18-49 (+4%) and Women 18-49 (+2%).

  • well well


    OMG LOL That is insane. That person tweeting is certifiable and needs to be on a psych hold for medical evaluation and the administration of major psychotropic meds. Just crazy in all ways possible.

    And someone on there saying that marriage lasted 10 years when the marriage lasted less than 5 years and was over 10 calendar years ago.

    Tweeting about imaginary kids that never ever existed and never ever will. They are so hung up on the past and refuse to recognize the existence in their idol’s life of the lil bandy legged New Yorker whose latest HBO show is now hanging on by a thread before even one episode has being aired.

    Grossly pathetic.

  • lucy

    @Guest: Now, that’s just embarrassing. I can’t wait until Angie starts promoting Maleficent, hopefully they’ll have the kids with them a few times, especially since Viv has a small part and both Pax and Zee have cameos. I’m really hoping the extended Pitt family comes to the premiere, now that would upset the hagistons for sure, and when the hagistons are suffering, it’s always a good day. lol

  • Guest

    if you notice all of her followers are mostly all aniston fans, I haven’t seen any Brad fans follow that account. How disrespectful to her fiancee Justin. They would drop him in a hot minute for Brad

  • lucy

    @well well: I get such a kick out of these poor delusional creatures that have built an entire fantasy life for Brad and the x, it’s beyond pathetic. They have Instagrams where they’ve taken Angie out of pictures and put old Ticky’s picture from 15 years ago in her place, even the “Oscar selfie”, has been circulating with Ticky in Angie’s spot. These poor souls are clearly not mentally right.

  • Brad is the MAN

    Brad was in the Fahey/Klein Gallery to see the Peter Lindbergh photography exhibit .

    Peter Lindbergh shot Brad for a Damiani jewelry campaign way back in 2000.

  • HE IS ‘HAWT’

    What a MAN!!

  • justme

    The sweetest hunkiest superstar ,producer, owner of Plan B Production co and a long list of other fabulous hobbies plus work is the most powerful man in HW. I love how Brad Pitt is so well liked for his adorable mannerisms , just one heck of a nice guy.
    I loved even more when Brad found his Angie and got away from that conniving liar that is now a long time ex. In order to stay relevant she thought she could blacken Brad’s good name but hey take a look around . Not only Brad but his beautiful talented fiancée are so popular and loved by the world.
    We will excuse the nut cases who try to portray Brad or Angie with vile negativity but as JP Fans we have no control over the mentally ill who refuse to take their meds. Ignoring them helps lol I mean irks the he.ll out of them but we end up with the most beautiful hunk and his lady as our fav. couple whether they like it or not. Fab pic of Angie’s Brad.