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Brad Pitt Looks Super Handsome While Checking Out an Art Gallery - See the Pics Here!

Brad Pitt Looks Super Handsome While Checking Out an Art Gallery - See the Pics Here!

Brad Pitt is as handsome as ever as he leaves the Fahey/Klein Gallery on Friday morning (April 11) in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old actor reportedly had a parking ticket waiting for him on his windshield when he returned to his car. Bummer!!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The Fahey/Klein Gallery is a fine art photography gallery located in Los Angeles – no word as to why Brad was there. Perhaps to get inspiration for an upcoming film project, or just to enjoy the exhibitions!

Last week, Brad was seen hopping into his car outside a hotel valet stand.

FYI: Brad is wearing Vault by Vans shoes.

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brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 01
brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 02
brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 03
brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 04
brad pitt looking super handsome is quite the friday treat 05

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704 Responses to “Brad Pitt Looks Super Handsome While Checking Out an Art Gallery - See the Pics Here!”

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  1. 126
    Mad for Brad Says:

    I love Brad in every stage!He is so gorgeous man,fabulous dad and the best lover of course of Angie´s life,your man, luck woman…!!!

  2. 127
    who Says:

    Why are fans praising Brad for looking young and not praising other actors his age? Uuuh… because THIS IS BRAD’S THREAD? Duh, carry/bet/whatever your name is.

    Plus, I’m sorry but most of the actors listed look their age. Go sit down, carry. You’re not fooling anyone.

  3. 128
    Passing Through Says:

    So Brad’s hot ass got a parking ticket, huh? I’m the trolls have spun that into Brad thinks he owns every parking slot in LA and doesn’t have to feed the meter like mere mortals. Meanwhile…his ass is still hot…and the trolls are still dumb. Shocking, I tell youse!

  4. 129
    Passing Through Says:

    # 89 Guest @ 04/11/2014 at 11:07 pm
    her fans are still day dreaming about the Aniston-Pitt kids
    ROTFLMBAO. You know what they say – rust never sleeps. Neither does cray cray.
    What’s really funny about that photo is look how annoyed Ticky is at taking that photo with those 2 kids. Those 2 kids were extras on the Snatch set. They weren’t just some random kids asking for pix and photos. Brad was in London by himself and Ticky had to fly her fraidy cat ass over there to visit him by herself and had an epic meltdown about it. Plus, Ticky HATED it when fans wanted pix of Brad. During The Dark Years he didn’t sign a lot of autographs when she was around because she didn’t like to sign and got annoyed when people fawned over Brad and acted like she was chopped liver. And we all know Ticky isn’t anywhere near as good as chopped liver…especially if it’s fried with onions and smothered in brown gravy with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. Mmmmmm mmmmm. Yummy.
    PS – Dear Lord her chin is fvcking huge…

  5. 130
    Passing Through Says:

    # 89 Guest @ 04/11/2014 at 11:07 pm
    Here’s another one. She took Brad’s pix from today and made a composite with Ticky’s pix from on set this week. Brad is 50 and could pass for 40 without makeup. Ticky is 45 and could pass for…49 without makeup. LOL!
    #BradPitt is 50 years old and #JenniferAniston is 45 years old but they are still a bigger babe than any of us will ever be ❤ #Perfection

  6. 131
    Passing Through Says:

    Oh shite…this biitch is beyond crazy! She’s also Photoshopped Brad and Ticky’s separate appearances at the MTV Movie awards in 2012 and 2013 into one photo is wetting herself hoping they’ll be on stage together at the show on Sunday. Where’s that hen from earlier today? Even she has to be embarrassed by this caca.
    What I would do for this to happen this Sunday @MTV #JenniferAniston #BradPitt #MTVmovieawards #itsoktodream ❤ QOTD: Who are you most excited to see this Sunday at MTV movie awards?

  7. 132
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO. OK…this shite is too funny…She Photoshopped Ticky into Brad’s Oscars photo and said they took a “selfie” together. It was her idea of an April Fool’s joke. Well, she’s certainly got the fool part down pat…
    1 week ago
    BRAD & JEN WERE TOGETHER TODAY AND THEY EVEN TOOK A SELFIE TOGETHER OMG WHAT IS LIFE HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! :) #BradPitt #JenniferAniston #JenAniston #Brennifer #BradandJen #JenandBrad #BradandJennifer #JenniferandBrad #Jrad #PittAniston #BJlove #AprilFools

  8. 133
    Passing Through Says:

    …and she also replaced Rachel Boynton in the photos from the Big Men screening. And yet the trolls say WE are the crazy ones…
    The original photo…

  9. 134
    Passing Through Says:

    …and the SAG Awards…I believe this was Lupita in the original photo…

  10. 135
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO. Last one…this trick is one of our trolls… She posted a photo for Resurrection and says Plan B is Brad and Ticky’s company…still. Someone posted a message correcting her. I’m surprised she hasn’t deleted it yet.

  11. 136
    lucy Says:

    @Passing Through: I love it, “The Dark Years”, and oh so true.

  12. 137
    Passing Through Says:

    # 127 who @ 04/12/2014 at 3:06 am
    I guess the troll hasn’t seen recent photos of Depp and Tiny Tom. They’re both looking a little rough these days. Depp in particular. Tiny Tom got some award a few weeks ago and had about 10 pounds of fillers in each cheeks. At first I thought maybe he’d gained a ton of weight…but nope, he looked the same size he has the last few years. And Depp? Don’t even get me started. I’ve never found him all that attractive but he’s rockin’ a little chub lately even though he has seemed to wean himself of his Keith Richardsized accessories obsession. Then again, dating a girl 22 years younger will do that to an old coot…

  13. 138
    who Says:

    @Passing Through:

    I try to avoid anything Tom Cruise but it’s hilarious if he has fillers in his cheeks. Gotta stay pretty. LOL
    Yup Johnny definitely looks his age. I really liked him with Vanessa Paradis, they made a great couple and didn’t look mismatched like he does with his new fiancée.
    I loved Vanessa and Johnny together but you won’t find me photoshopping photos of him and Amber like that Brenniferfeels nutjob. Talk about off her rocker crazy. No wonder JA said her fans make her skin crawl, they make MY skin crawl.

  14. 139
    Mmh! Says:

    Ok, he’s even hot with 50!

  15. 140
    gia74 Says:

    @Benjamin B.:

    TWIT do you realize how dumb you sound. It is a BRAD PITT THREAD. IT IS HIS PICTURE WE SEE. I you want to talk about those others then run and find their Threads…

    see idiot that is how it works. Goodness you trolls sound like 3 year old children.

  16. 141
    Hello Says:

    @Benjamin B.: please go to Johnny D.. Anthonio B.. Collin F and any Tom ..Diick or Harry and give them all the compliment you like.. after all it’s a Free county .. THIS IS Brad Pitt Thread.. we are here b/c we LOVE LOVE LOVE Brad Pitt.. I DONT HAVE TEN SECOND for Johnny .. George or Tom cruise… But I have ALL DAY LONG for Brad Pitt.. IN MY EYES HE IS SOOOOOOOO HANDSOME… BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT.. WITH AMAZING BODY…and LOOKs SOOOOOOOO YOUNG for His Age Do you understand that Ben ???????

  17. 142
    Hello Says:

    I wish this fans of Ticky made their crazy mind up.
    While Scum like Tamshiit bashing and humiliate Bard to pieces this Braniffer idiot and the ring are still going mentally berserk about the split that not even theirs and still fantasizing about the non exist over VINITO sayonara adios good bye relationship ..what a TOTAL idiot Tickys fans truly are.
    Lord have Mercy.

  18. 143
    jaliah Says:

    Looking at those fake instagram photos, posted by the loose marbled one, I can totally see why the name Maniston was coined. Next to Brad she is the man.

    It’s totally embarrassing but shows that the crazy ones know that Brad is absolutely at the top of the tree and Ticks, by a fluke, was there by association to him. She is the representative for all homely, shallow gals so they take it personally; instead of blaming the fame fattened tick ie blaming themselves for the loss of boyfriends past, they allow her and themselves to take 2% of the blame, taking any more than 2% would mean facing up to what they really are. So much easier to hate on BP & AJ.

  19. 144
    jinxed Says:

    I thought he was getting old but I was wrong. It was his last looks. DAYUMM daddy Brad!!!

  20. 145
    Susan Says:

    Good morning J-P fans.
    Papa is wearing an old T shirt and wearing it well, and Tampon is having a melt down, is it the biceps or a hint of the nipples that is causing the she/male to hyperventilate?

  21. 146
    anustin Says:

    oh my guts!!!! that is obviously a re.tarded,pathetic.i mean …how old is she??? she’ll die thinking of brad reuniting with sport fckniston.sorry, but it the truth.

  22. 147
    how about Says:

    How about somebody sends that troll pics with old manny replacing Vince Vaughn’s wife or anybody John Mayer dated? Or replace Heidi’s face in pics with tiny stolen troll boy? After all, old manny said those guys were so much better than Brad…nah, too much attention to someone who is ill. Glad JPs have good security.

  23. 148
    Blum Says:

    …..Beautiful Song by RM!!! Thanks.

  24. 149
    bap Says:


  25. 150
    Love The Shoes Says:

    There is only one other man that just keeps getting MORE fine with age and that’s Young & Restless actor Josh Morrow. It would be a hard choice I’d have to make if I ever had to choose (lol) because they simply do not age and on top of it, they get better and better looking with time. Yummy yum yum.

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