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Katie Holmes Reveals Her Favorite Style Rule - Find Out What It Is!

Katie Holmes Reveals Her Favorite Style Rule - Find Out What It Is!

Katie Holmes stands out in the crowd with a red cardigan while out and about with a gal pal on Friday (April 11) in New York City.

The night before, the 35-year-old actress was beautiful in a black dress while snapping a selfie of herself at the 2014 Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Celebration, which was also attended by Jessica Biel.

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“I think highlight your favorite items. So if you’re wearing beautiful Tiffany‘s jewelry go with a simple dress,” Katie shared to Us Weekly at the event about her style rule.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes spending time with a gal pal…

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    - none of what you said proves that Tom knows of the abuse.

    - The abuse is not really a part of the church teaching. It’s an abuse of it. Even ex members of the church of Scientology practice it still and say that it became abusive when DM took over. That is why they broke away but practice the tech/teaching parts.
    - Catholic church has practices that would seem abusive to some as well.In fact many people consider the Catholic church a cult.
    -church of Scientology is very odd for sure but so are all of them to the unbeliever. Virgins getting pregnant? Noah and the ark? Talking Donkey’s? I can go on and on. It is no better or worse than Christian or Muslims it just has Aliens I guess instead.
    - Holmes and other Catholics also know about the abuse of their church and still support it. They like the parts that helped them or give them comfort.
    - He is a member. He is not a leader. Sure he pushed it. Tim Tebow pushes for Christian religions like there is no tomorrow. He is not a minister though. Isn’t he aware of the abuse in the Catholic and other Christian sects? Tim sees the good it has done for him and so wants to share it. Same with Cruise. David Miscaviage isn’t stupid enough to let Tom be abused or view that part.
    -The muslim scripture teach that you should KILL those that don’t agree with you. That is part of the Koran- look it up. Do you hate all Muslim celebrities? Can you not see that “abuse” (killing) is part of this “mainstream” religion ? Do you hate all celebs that still claim to be Muslims and want to have Muslim buildings and share their faith? You can’t deny it has text that the root of many killings.
    You pointed out abuse was not in the Christian scripture- are you sure about that? Have you read the old Testament lately? It makes the Scientologist look mild in comparison. The old Testament commands children to be murdered, woman to be stoned- and worse. Yes, it is important to point out that other religions have weird “text” because if you are going to spotlight one you have to see they are not really much different. The ‘mainstream” religions as you call them have more dangerous writings then the church of Scientology and that is why the two big ones have been behind so many wars. They have just became ‘mainstream’ so they are accepted. Most Christians you know you probably think are very nice people and don’t think of them as believing a book that teaches such things as good. Why not with the average scientologist member? it’s the same thing. when you look at the muslim you might work with do you see them as someone who wants to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them? That is what the Koran teaches but yet your co-worker (for example) is probably a peach loving person just trying to get his next pay check.
    I will say it again: It is very valid to bring up other religions and you can’t skirt that if you are trying to say one is to be feared and others should be accepted when all in question have troublesome aspects to them.
    Don’t flatter yourself you didn’t post only facts.


    In fact the Bible is way worse in its separation if you really live by it.
    psalm 137- smashing babies on rocks
    How about killing a whole nation?
    Christianity teaches you to HATE your mother and father in comparison to your love for God. Talk about separation??? that is how Christian cults justify teaching people to separate from their families
    Luke 14:26 “”If you want to be my disciple, you must hate everyone else by comparison–your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even your own life. Otherwise, you cannot be my disciple.”
    Wow- is that some serious suppressive persons stuff going on in the new testament isn’t it?
    If you take an HONEST look at the teaching of all of these religions you will find things just as bad or much worse than anything the sci-fi people teach.

  • Missy

    “As for Cruise, he’s is absolutely not just a regular parishnor of the cult. He has acted as a spokesperson, has met with government officials in a number of countries on their behalf, and gives them millions upon millions to further the abuse. He isn’t incapable of finding out the same info as I have and neither are you. He’s not handicapped. He’s more fortunate than most. He just doesn’t want to know because it isn’t convenient for what he has been taught to believe. Stop making excuses for Cruise. He’s not a good person.”

    Well said! I don’t completely hate Cruise. I kinda like him as an actor, but I’m so tired of the bs about how he’s just a regular parishioner. Clearly he is not.

    @religion: Funny how you insist that other celebrities are aware of the abuses in their churches, but then try to argue that Cruise does not know of the abuse in his relgion. Why should Cruise automatically be given the benefit of the doubt? He’s not living in an isolated compound with nor internet. He has access to televisions, newspapers, magazines, and internet. He himself has even admitted that he reads his own press. The fact is that he has acted as a spokesperson and recruiter for the cult. It is his responsibility to know what what he is promoting.

    As for Katie and the Catholic Church-we can go back and forth about which is worse. But the fact of the matter is that there is no evidence that she is a practicing Catholic. There is not a single photo of her attending a Catholic service despite being hounded by the paps. Katie herself has never referred to herself as a practicing Catholic. On the contrary, when she was playing a Catholic woman in a play last year, she mentioned that was questioning whether or not the values still made sense to her. Katie’s involvement in the Catholic church is in no way comparable to Cruise’s involvement in Scientology.


    I was pointing out that it’s the same thing if you can assume Tom must hear about it surely those must hear about it on the news as well.

    There is no proof he is a leader or more then a member.
    Is there proof that TIm Tebow is more then a member just because he speaks in public about it? He is in the public eye so he uses his power to speak up. TT speaks up because he thinks Jesus Saves and wants to share the good news of what helped him. Do you assume he (Tim) wants to bring people into a cult and hurt then? Same with Cruise- when he wants to share it is because he thinks it helps people.
    He is not thinking he wants to bring people in and have them abused. In fact not everyone who ever becomes a sci member has a bad experience. You hear of all the bad ones in the news.

    Christianity and Muslims have more abuse practically and more abusive text then the sci fi’s and yet their religion gets accepted as mainstream.They make the sci fi church look very mild. As someone else said the other two have just been around longer so now are accepted.
    My point is not just about Katie but about how you can’t single out one if its not even as bad as the other and 2) are you only boycotting sci celebs or all other religious celebs? If only sci fi then you are selectively turning a blind eye to other abuse.
    Again- Muslims teach to kill and here is a few examples which I think most thinking people will agree are worse than anything sci fi teaches

    Katie might not be a practicing Catholic now but there sure was hype about that before. Regardless the point remains the same: There is nothing worse about the sci fi people then any other religions if you take an honest look at the writings.

  • More weeping

    Sweetie (Religion), I never said one religion should be respected or anything of the sort. I said there’s a difference between a “religion” and a cult. Learn the difference.

    In addition, I also CLEARLY stated that because Christianity, Taoism….etc. has been abusive DOES NOT MAKE IT OK FOR SCIENTOLOGY TO BE ABUSIVE. What part of that is hard for you to understand. I’m an atheist. All religions seem ridiculous to me. I very honestly don’t care what anyone believes. What I do care about is what they do and whether or not that helps or hinders mankind.

    Get this thru your head…..I NEVER SAID OTHER RELIGIONS ARE TO BE RESPECTED AND SCIENTOLOGY SHOULD NOT BE. I CLEARLY STATED THAT 2 WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT. That kills your entire argument right there. You can talk about all the horrible things in the bible or Koran. Go for it. I won’t disagree, but the reality is that no matter how bad these religions are, that DOES NOT EXCUSE THE ABUSES IN SCIENTOLOGY. That’s akin to saying the guy who only kills one person is not so bad compared to someone who kills 2. Both are killers. Scientology sucks. Its abusive and disgusting. Because you think other religions are worse doesn’t excuse scientology’s actions or Cruise’s.

    We’re discussing scientology because this is a discussion of what Cruise supports and pays for. He lobbies governments on their behalf and I find that abhorrent. that is not just a regular member. You can keep swearing that he is all you like but it’s simply not true. Cruise has the ability to lobby governments, he is best friends with the leader, he gives them millions upon millions. Most regular people can’t do that.

    Finally, if you honestly think Cruise doesn’t know then you must believe he’s a total moron. The news on scientology is so apparent, he’d have to be a total idiot. Of course he knows!! He’s not deaf, dumb or blind. He was even questioned about certain aspects of it in his deposition!! Come on. Not buying it. Even if he doesn’t know, it’s his RESPONSIBILITY as an adult and a father to know what he’s involved in. If you’re supporting something so completely you have a obligation to understand it fully. Sorry sweetie, but he’s responsible for his actions.

    Why is it so important for you to excuse scientology and Cruise?? I’ve given you facts and all you’re giving is excuses. Cruise is a big mouth, rich, supporter who advocates with governments on behalf of a dangerous group. He has a personal responsibility to know what he’s doing. I’m just holding him responsible for his own actions. You really should do the same.

  • lets stick to the facts

    makes a difference when you are best friends with the big chief.

  • Missy

    Also, for the record, abuse IS part of Scientology doctrine. To give an example, Hubbard stated that people who he considers to be inferior on the “tone scale” (homosexuals, minorities, mentally ill) should be “disposed of quietly with no sorrow” That is just ONE of Hubbard’s many heinous teachings. Not saying that other religions don’t also advocate some backwards ideas. Just clarifying.

  • @ missy

    Thank you Missy. It seems “RELIGION” has totally (purposely) missed the point. Christians/Muslims/whatevers suck so it’s OK if scientology sucks just as much or harder. And maybe Tom Cruise is totally deaf, dumb and blind and doesn’t know anything. And he’s just a regular guy (who talks to Presidents, Deputy secretary’s of state, ambassadors….etc on behalf of his “religion” and who has a million idiotic fans like the above who will make all manner of excuses for his influence and the millions he gives this dangerous, disgusting group. LOL! And my pet unicorn needs to be fed too.

    Why would anyone so purposefully try to defend Cruise?? Its one thing to like his movies (I do too!) but its another to say or do what “RELIGION” has done in an effort to defend Cruise. All religions suck….this one sucks too and it is CURRENTLY more dangerous than some others. Cruise is NOT just a regular member. That is provable fact based on the link I posted and his position as an actor with millions of fans.

  • @ # 56

    Yep….friends with the head of the whole thing AND capable of getting government officials to talk to him and listen to his drivel about the cult. And he also has fans like “RELIGION” who are so completely tied up in the fantasy Hollywood has created about Cruise that they will make a million excuses for his behavior.

    He’s a cult addled, uneducated, ignorant, actor with a ton of influence. That makes him dangerous. Holmes is just an uneducated bad actress who woke up and loved her kid enough to get her out of the cult. Cruise couldn’t even accomplish that. People are leaving scientology in droves recently….except Cruise. He’s too stupid to leave. Or they know his secrets and he’s so vain that he’ll stay in rather than love his kids and whole family enough to get everyone out. Either way, he’s a stupid creep (who happens to be a half decent actor)

  • lets stick to the facts

    wow he gave 10 million (no wonder they kiss his ass) me thinks katie knows a book full of info. between all the money he has given ex wives in divorces, i think katie got the lesser out of the three, maybe he’s getting short on funds.


    I never said it excuses sci fi.
    I am saying sci fi is not worse and that is a valid point. It shouldn’t be singled out the way it often is.
    If you are an non believe- good for you– but do you just single out sci fi or all celebs in religions that abuse?

    You have yet to prove that he is more then a member. You can say it over and over but you have offered no proof. He is no different then a tim tebow he is very zealous but that does not prove he is a leader or that he knows of or practices the abuse. Tim meets with all kinds of leaders and does public speaking because of his zeal for what he thinks is “salvation”. Cruise thinks the practices of scientology help him and will help others.
    You said you have given facts but you have not- you are assuming many things. I know he speaks and I know he gives money. That does not make him a leader nor does being friends with David who most likely treats very differently.
    As I have pointed out in the comparisons to other religions- people stay in those sects despite other people’s claims of abuse because they think it helps them and can help others.They aren’t seeing the abuse. You have not proven it- you have only speculated that he must have.
    So despite you being a non believer the point is still valid that all religions are the same– and despite their abuses other people still stay in them.
    And not it is not currently more dangerous. I don’t think Sci fi has been the cause of any wars.

  • Still making you weep

    Read what Paul Haggis has to say about scientology. He left after 30 years. So did many other long term members who are famous and many who are not. Google it. Google Lisa McPherson. Google the snow white project and scientology. See the pictures of their base in California that has razor wire facing inward to keep people IN, not out. There’s so much more… it and google Cruise’s involvement. If you still think he’s just a regular guy, you’re purposefully . Its a scam that destroys families and Cruise helps them do it by giving them publicity and millions of dollars. He’s their poster boy. That’s a fact.

    Finally (really, I promise) maybe “Religion” should stop trying to change the topic and throw distractions into the mix. No matter what other religions have done, it does not make what scientology is doing OK, nor does supposed ignorance (Bullspit in my opinion) make it OK for Cruise to shill for them and give them millions to support the horrible things they do.

  • lets stick to the facts

    don’t think he is quite as influential as he used to be. tom said there is nothing to fear from his religion but i think katie did fear it, and did something about it. think she put up with it but the time came to take suri and jump ship.
    think she loved him ,maybe she thought it would one day get better.or maybe everyday she thought it would get better. we all know how it goes things go wrong ,you make up ,and then it starts all over again and again and again until!
    but an uneducated actress?

  • lets stick to the facts


  • @ Religion

    “You have yet to prove that he is more then a member”

    Oh yes I have. Shut up long enough to do the research. I even posted a link to his letter, recently declassified by the US government, to our deputy secretary of state. He has met with ambassadors of varying countries, has tried to lobby our Vice President, etc.

    Religion, you are obviously very, very uniformed. You’re choosing to defend something you know nothing about obviously. Do the research.

    Scientology is dangerous and is on topic HERE as it relates to Cruise and Holmes. You defending it as not being so bad because you think other religions are worse is just plain stupid and uninformed. If there were billions of scientologists, they absolutely would create a war. You’d know that if you knew anything about them….such as the FACT that they consider themselves the next evolution in humans. They are homo novis, and we are simply WOGS to be “destroyed or disposed of without mercy”. That’s part of their scripture, by the way. They believe the handicapped are lesser humans. Did you know that?? They believe their critics should be “ruined utterly”.

    Do me a favor sweetie, get an education. You’re obviously NOT American which is where scientology does their damage. Stop defending something you don’t understand.

    Get it thru your head that the bad things other religions do, does not excuse scientology’s disgusting behavior. Get it thru your thick head that this is a thread about Holmes and by extension Cruise. Its on topic to discuss scientology HERE. If you want to complain about Tim Tebow or Mel Gibson (another idiot) or some Muslim actor, go to threads related to them. Otherwise stop using deflection to try and exhonerate your beloved Tom Cruise. He’s a rotten human being, a crappy father, a horrible husband, and in general an uneducated, dimwitted moron.

  • Missy

    I don’t follow Tim Tebow, but here are some questions. Has Tebow lobbied the government in support of Christianity and tried to force all public schools to teach christian doctrine? Has he set up Christianity tents at his workplace? Has he verbally attacked innocent people simply because they did not follow the bible’s teachings as Cruise did to Brooke Shields? If Tom had simply stuck to discussing how Scientology has helped him, he probably wouldn’t have suffered any backlash, but his actions have gone way beyond that. Christian celebrities like Kirk Cameron have been criticized for trying to push their views on the public and making ignorant comments. It’s not just scientologists who are criticized.

  • @ Religion

    I’m out. Stop defending the indefensible Religion. He’s just an actor. Go to his movies and enjoy them, but don’t defend him by attempting to minimize what he’s done and continues to do in relation to scientology. Its not worth making a fool of yourself for him. If you really want to understand scientology, research it and learn why they’re so dangerous, buecause at this point, you are making a fool of yourself by using the wrongs of other belief systems to defend this one. You might as well be defending Jim Jones and Jonestown. Google it. If you don’t think scientology is just as dangerous and scary (on a much larger scale), then you’re sadly ignorant. INFORM YOURSELF BEFORE YOU DEFEND SOMETHING, because so far, you’ve just proven that you don’t know a damn thing about scientology and the lengths Cruise has gone to in order to promote it.

    GET INFORMED and don’t defend something you OBVIOUSLY do not understand. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. Read, learn and understand.


    lol 62
    still no weeping here. Not even a little bit.
    I am very familiar with people and religion so I know well that it is possible for people to be deeply involved in something because they see how it helps them despite the experience others (not all ) might have had with the same group.
    The letter you posted I read it. It does not prove he is a leader or anything more then a zealous member.
    I have never said other religions bad actions make it ok for Sci. Only stating that we live in a religious society with many of them. Most people believe in something. You are a non- believer but that is not the majority in this county (assuming you are in the states). Point is that everyone you meet has (almost) that is a believer has “strange and weird” beliefs as part of their religion and on a day to day basis they are probably normal in their actions.
    I see Missy’s post about the LRH words of what to do with the disabled and yes that is like some of the Koran or Bible text but in reality the Christians or Muslims you (Missy) know probably don’t live by those words. Same with sci fi average members. People tried to say the Travolta’s rejected Jett because of his illness but that was cruel. There are many warm and affectionate pictures of them with their child and I am sure they loved him deeply. I don’t think they cast him away.
    No, its not invalid to bring up the other religions no matter how many times you want to say it – the examples are noteworthy.
    he is in no way my “beloved cruise”. I just do not see it the way you do and you have not proven anything you said you have. I don’t care who likes him or who thinks he is a crappy father. I just don’t see that you have proven he knows something he might not .
    You are the one coming across unhinged now. Keep it coming. I don’t care if you hate him or her or both.

  • @ Missy

    Your post #66 is brilliant and right on! You said it more eloquently than I ever could have. BRAVO!!

    “Religion” has chosen to stick her head in the sand because she’s a Cruise fanatic. She doesn’t WANT to believe the facts. She wants to make excuses for his disgusting behavior because it upsets her to think she adores someone who’s such a terrible person. She needs to understand that what she wants to believe about Cruise is a fantasy she and his publicists have created.

    And yes, Kirk Cameron and Tebow have been criticized like crazy, yet neither have done anywhere near what Cruise has done to promote scientology.

    G’nite all.

  • Missy

    OK, but the point is you stated that scientology doctrine was not abusive.

  • @ religion

    “Point is that everyone you meet has (almost) that is a believer has “strange and weird” beliefs as part of their religion”

    Wow. You really are dense. I don’t care if his beliefs are “strange and weird”, something I’ve said over and over again. Don’t care what anyone beliefs….the only thing of concern to me are the abuses. Your first language is obviously NOT English since you continue to show an utter lack of understanding of the topic at hand. Also, if you think the average American can meet with the deputy secretary of state, ambassadors, presidents and vice presidents of varying countries, etc. on behalf of their belief system, you’re sadly mistaken.

    Also, calling me unhinged does nothing to help you. You’ve tried distraction and now you’re going for name calling and completely off topic ad homs. You cannot intelligently defend the indefensible, which is what you’re attempting to do. I even gave you a link to prove a small portion of my point. Google is your friend. Its not hard to find the rest. You’re choosing to be ignorant, which is just….well…..stupid. That’s your choice and its a poor one.

    I’ve given you facts, a link, information and I’ve even given you names to google. You are choosing not to do it out of your fanaticism. That’s really sad. You’re obviously very young, very easily led and dopey enough to try to defend the disgusting actions of an actor you like by sticking your head in the sand. Talking to you makes me understand how seemingly intelligent people get involved with cults. You’re the president of the Cruise cult, despite the fact that your defense of him makes no sense. Sad for you, but extremely frustrating for those of us who are trying to educate you. You really are quite dense and in love with Cruise. Maybe you should put your time and effort into something GOOD and worthwhile instead of a stupid, uneducated, cult addled actor.

    Have a nice nite. Attack all you wish. The facts are the facts dear. And that letter from Cruise to the Deputy secretary of state is a fact. The rest are out there for you to learn.


    66 Missy
    Not the exact things of course since it’s different religion but I would say he has done the equivalent in that he knew he was famous and set out to use his fame to try and influence as many as possible “for the gospel”. In his mind tebow thinks he is helping others.You say Tom had tents- well Tebow had group prayers which made people feel uncomfortable.(just one example there are more) Different things like that that turned people off in his over zealous behavior. It is not fresh in my mind but he use to do some cringe worthy things.
    to your post 70, true, I said that and if what you said was in there then its wrong. I was going on what EX sci people have said and why they still practice it in terms of the tech part that helps them.Just the simple practice of the “faith” which is very hard to define. However, its true that all have horrid things in there that the average member does not live by on a daily basis. Christians by and large think of “Jesus saves” and ignore the parts they want to.(hating your mother and father in comparison to the love for Christ) I think that was the case with John and Kelly as they did not disown their handicapped son.
    This other poster who is coming unhinged is not helping her point by sounding so emotional about it.
    Calling people names does not prove anything or assuming someone’s motive for what they believe. My motive has nothing to do with a fantasy about Cruise. I do have experience with people in religions /sects and know that very rational otherwise normal people can adhere to “strange” beliefs. Despite her trying to say I was changing the subject to other religions that was not the main point and it is still valid to reference the examples.


    A famous person like Cruise or a tebow can get a meeting with those people. That makes them zealous but not a leader. I never said it made them average. They are famous.
    You are the one name calling and sounding too emotional .
    You said you care about abuse. So do I.
    However, You never proved Tom knows about it or approves of anything like that.
    You can think he is stupid, crappy father, moron or anything else you called him, I don’t care.
    But you have not proven anything with your letter except that he is zealous for his “faith” and wanted to share Scientology. He thinks Scientology helps people as Tim Tebow thinks Christianity helps people. That does not equal knowing or approving of abuses that some in Sci fi or Christianity have experienced.

  • @ religion

    Whatever you say, Religion, but you obviously DO care very much.

    I find it interesting that I’m the emotional one when you’ve posted atleast as much as I have and have been quite a bit more emotional. I’m not the least bit “unhinged”. I happen to care about people who’ve been hurt by the thing Cruise has directly done. But then, you won’t believe it because you refuse to look at the facts. By the way, Tim Tebow couldn’t get a meeting with a president, secretary of state or ambassador if his life depended on it, but whatever….

    I find it odd that you’re working so hard to defend Cruise without researching the facts. If he indeed doesn’t know, which IMHO is impossible, Cruise is even more ignorant and unintelligent than I thought. I guess that means his entire team are scientologists to have kept all the info out there from him. His publicists must be in on keeping the info secret because if they were doing their jobs, they’d discuss it with him. I guess his lawyer is in on the secret keeping too. And his agent. His Mom. All his friends and family. Everyone he works with. They must ALL be keeping information from Cruise. Cruise goes on the computer. He even talks about e-mailing people in a recent interview. Do you mean to tell me that he never reads the news? Here in the states scientology is discussed quite regularly. Like you, he must disbelieve everything and anything he reads that is negative about the cult. That must be really, really hard to do. But then again, you manage to do it, so I guess perhaps he does too. Its called WILLFUL IGNORANCE.

    You have a really nice life, Religion. When you’ve grown past your Cruise adoration, perhaps you’ll do some research regarding scientology and Cruise, stop making improbable excuses for him, and stand up for the victims of the cult and those currently being imprisioned by them. Maybe compassion and intelligence will win out over being obsessed with a movie actor.

    Best of luck to you.


    You keep saying you are out of
    Sounding emotional doesn’t have to do with how many times it was the way you come across like yelling and calling names and making remarks about my motives that you don’t really know. You are assuming my feeling and beliefs and both are incorrect.
    Tim has met with presidents. Google Tim Tebow and Obama. They met. You will see pictures.
    I have researched Sci fi. I know of Lisa Mcpherson and others. But I also know what I said before- Some people have one experience in the cult and others have a complete opposite experience. Why don’t the rest of the regular members just leave now? Are they all evil hearted or don’t have tv access or is it because they don’t see things and find it hard for that to jell with their day to day experience. Why do some wake up sooner rather then later? I think you should also do some research and try and have compassion on those that are in cults.(not tom -just in general) It might help to understand their thought process. Are they evil or do they think somehow it is going to help you and or them? People talk about some of the ex members are heros and in ways they are but they forget these people also joined and some for many many years. What were they doing all those years?
    I don’t think every member in sci fi right now is being abused.Some can be very happy and stay most of their lives. I think it doesn’t happen to every person. I am not saying people are lying by any means though.(however, I do think some cases they are embellished but overall I agree there is abuse)
    Do I think it’s a cult? Yes, like I also think other religions are. I don’t think its any stranger or far fetched a belief system either.

    Your last comment was emotional and trying to impose guilt where there is none. I am not infatuated with Cruise and I have lots of compassion for abuse victims. Just because I don’t think there is proof Cruise knows or approves does not mean I don’t care about those who were actually hurt by this cult or any other one.I also don’t think all the current Sci fi members are aware. I am familiar with people in religions and different cults and again, I know that its very easy for the experiences of some to be completely different then others.

  • Meg

    @annie: Big tongues. Sheer blouse revealing braw. Brings that friend with her to work with leopard skin stillatoes. This Is recent. I ‘ll have my list tonight. She’s34 and either dresses like she is 20 or 50.

  • missy

    I was reading the letter that Tom wrote to the government and one thing stood out to me. At the end, he referred to Tom Davis as “my associate”. “associate” when used as a noun means “a partner or colleague in business or work”. At the time Tom Davis (or Tommy as he is known) was the Vice President of CO$. So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Tom Cruise was a colleague of the church’s vice president. He didn’t even try to hide it. It was only *after* he started receiving a ton of backlash in the media, that he changed his tune and claimed to be “just a parishioner”. He was happy to be a leader in his church, use his influence to lobby in washington on behalf of scientology, and of course enjoy all of the perks, including free labor, No matter how much his supporters try to deny it he is not just a parishioner.


    Good try but no cigar
    Lot’s of people use the word associate it does not mean he worked for him or the church. It can mean colleague.-you can be an ‘associate’ of anyone- it does not mean work relationship only.
    He was writing the letter because he was wanted to endorse the church . No one disputes that.
    To associate- someone you are associated with. You are reading way too much into that one word.
    Other then speaking for the church because he likes it- he is an actor. He holds not title in the Cult like Tommy Davis does so the word associate does not mean fellow employee. If you and I went as fellow church members to meet someone to talk about the church I would refer to you as my associate but that would not mean either of us are workers for the church.
    This other poster kept saying they were going to make us WEEP and implied they had some great new inside knowledge that would change everything when all they did was show us a letter that says what we already knew. He plugs the church when he can. Just like Tim Tebow does for Christianity since he thinks its a good thing and thinks it helps people. It doesnt mean Tebow is trying to drag people into a cult or hurt them or is aware or endorses the other problems in Christianity.
    You say no matter how much his supporters want to deny it he is not just a parishioner but yet you can’t prove otherwise. You want him to be a leader or employer or have some role but he is not any of those. He is a zealous member no doubt but he is not a leader or holds an office.


    you are also bringing up free labor. Where is your proof of that?
    You know this was discussed here before he did not hire those people and even the people who have the dispute don’t claim that he had any knowledge of it. Again, you want it to be true so you are stretching it.
    He plugs the church like Tebow plugs Christianity- he does not hold a leadership role. Tebow also uses his fame to try and spread the church as much as he can. I am sure leaders in Christianity must kiss up to him as well. It doesn’t make him a leader.
    You are jumping to conclusions again.
    Nothing new has been brought up here in the last day or so just more of the same that is out there.
    You don’t know and can’t prove that he knows, approves or supports any abusive behavior.


    Meant to add you said he was Happy to accept free labor. How do you know this? Please provide your facts that he knew it was free and that he was happy to accept it?
    Or perhaps admit you are spreading more lies.


    Last post on this.
    Someone wake me up when someone shows up with something new and some proof of wrong doing. Not more assumptions and speculation and their jumping to conclusions.
    As for the rest, I am not going to go back and forth on some old thread that just a handful of people will read anyway. It doesn’t matter.
    Knock yourselves out with your non facts and assumptions. Have fun. Good bye.

  • missy

    The word ‘associate’ when used as a noun typically does refer to a business relationship. Maybe not 100% of the time, but usually. It’s not a stretch at all to suggest that. I have read that Cruise does indeed have his own private office at the celebrity centre. I can’t remember where I read that, but I’ll look for the article to see if it was a reliable source.

    I’m sure Tim Tebow has met the President. Plenty of successful athletes are invited to the White House. I have not seen any evidence of him lobbying in D.C. to push Christian programs on the public. After doing a google search, the most I could find was that he was invited to lead the daily prayer in Congress. I’m not sure why Tebow is relevant to this discussion anyway. Tom has been criticized for his actions, especially the whole Brooke Shields/Matt Lauer fiasco. If Tebow acted like that, there would be backlash as well.

    Not sure why people assume that I want to believe the worst about Tom. As I’ve mentioned, I was a fan. I even defended him for years when everyone was hating on him circa. 2006. But as I’ve learned more about how deeply involved he is in his ‘church’, it’s hard to ignore it.

  • missy

    I have always provided facts to back up my statements. If something is just my opinion or not from a reliable source then I make note of that. Tom himself has stated that reads everything that is written about him. But you can keep ignoring the facts if it makes you feel better. Goodbye.

  • ANEE

    @Read it and weep:



    ok why did I check
    Last one and off for work….
    1) I don’t know if he has an office there but it’s a building for the celebrities. I would not be surprised if JT and KP have one or something as well. The center was built to kiss up to them.Hence the name. I am sure they have things similar to that but it is not a office like an employee type thing.
    2) You said above post 77 that “there you have it” as it was proof since he used the word associate. Now you say it’s not used that way all the time but most times. Not really. I hear it alot so it isn’t any form of proof.
    3)Tebow was used as a example of someone who does similar things in the public eye for his faith but is not an official leader. No one disputes that cruise uses his influence in the same way to try and plug it but that is not the same as working for the church but rather a zealous member who believes in the faith and thinks it will help people.
    In post 83 you said you always provide facts. No, you didn’t. You said he was happy to accept free labor that is just one example and you don’t know at all if he did know it was free or that he was taken advantage of it. You implied the letter proved he was a worker of the church and it does not. You say I ignored facts and I have not. I showed you and the other poster where your “facts” didn’t show anything we didn’t already know and don’t show knowledge or acceptance of abuse only a zealous die hard member.

    Lastly Jzay is friends with Obama that doesnt mean he is holding the codes to the bombs.

  • Missy

    If you look up the word “associate” in the dictionary it refers to a business relationship. I personally have never heard someone refer to someone as “my associate” unless they are talking about a co-worker. But since you mentioned that you have, I didn’t want to dispute that it could be used another way. Of course, when you use it as a verb-as in “to associate” it means something different, but that is not what we’re talking about.
    I don’t agree that Tim Tebow does the same thing as Tom. He may talk about his beliefs, but he is not lobbying to get bills passed on behalf of his church.
    When I mentioned that you are ignoring the facts, I meant that you keep ignoring the fact that Tom himself has said that he does read his own press. How can people keep insisting that he is not aware of what goes on when he himself has admitted that keeps up with what the press is saying? At the very least you can argue that he is in denial or finds some way to rationalize it. But don’t pretend that he’s in a little bubble and has absolutely no idea about what goes on in his church.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents. We’re probably not going to agree. So have a nice day.

  • Daily Mail

    why isn’t Jared posting her weekend pics?
    A commenter said she has only a few seconds in the Giver, is that true?

  • Associate

    We are associates means we are associated together. Does not mean only business.
    Even as a noun it says to be unified together in an act not necessarily business.Definition 2 says companion or comrade.

    as·so·ci·ate (ə-sō′shē-āt′, -sē-)
    v. as·so·ci·at·ed, as·so·ci·at·ing, as·so·ci·ates
    1. To join as a partner, ally, or friend.
    2. To connect or join together; combine.
    3. To connect in the mind or imagination: “I always somehow associate Chatterton with autumn” (John Keats).
    1. To join in or form a league, union, or association. See Synonyms at join.
    2. To spend time socially; keep company: associates with her coworkers on weekends.
    n. (-ĭt, -āt′)
    1. A person united with another or others in an act, enterprise, or business; a partner or colleague.
    2. A companion; a comrade.
    3. One that habitually accompanies or is associated with another; an attendant circumstance.
    4. A member of an institution or society who is granted only partial status or privileges.
    5. often Associate An associate’s degree.
    adj. (-ĭt, -āt′)
    1. Joined with another or others and having equal or nearly equal status: an associate editor.
    2. Having partial status or privileges: an associate member of the club.
    3. Following or accompanying; concomitant.

  • Meg

    @Meg: #76 – in summary, she dresses all over the map. Not classy, or sporty and conservative etc. I’m not saying order directly or only From L.L. Bean, but that may just be the answer. (My sister orders Victoria’s Secret clothing line but than I find those clothes a little provocative. I actually like her in what she is wearing here! The red brings color to her face. I’ll go on as I think of it.

  • Meg

    Why?? For spite. TC is an ass and the way he had her dressing like a Stepford wife was sad. So now is her time to show what SHE is about. A new chapter in her life not the wreck.

  • Meg

    Kate Middleton would be a perfect role model but less conservative. Just consistent!

  • Meg

    @Meg: classy

  • meg or megs?

    I’m confused. Are there two of you Meg?

  • Meg

    How about a blend of Chico’s and Banana Republic??

  • annie


    For me Kate Middleton is too conservative, her hair never changes on the job or not,but that’s not the point here. I quite like how Katie dresses, not always because you can’t please everyone, and if you really look around she is heaps better , everyday than most. She can wear conservative, quirky, anything , which she does it all. For me that’s cool!
    I saw Naomi Watts in the daily mail and what she had on, or Juliana Rancic, who critiques what others wear, and she looked hideous. Yes I am a Katie fan, but the truth is the truth . There is an actress that wears depressing black all the time, every time I see her , my heart sinks it’s so constantly depressing, but her fans don’t think so at all, yet I don’t comment on her because basically I don’t care. I don’t care that Sarah J Parker looks weird a lot of the time, I think it but I don’t care.
    Some actresses have severe stick like legs in pics, imagine in real life.
    I’m sure Katies legs look heaps thinner in real life, out of pics, I know that because you see a pic of a friend and you say you don;t have a tummy or backside like that.

    I realise this is a celeb gossip site, but a lot of it is petty, but such is life I guess.

  • Anon

    “Religion” is obviously a Scientologist.

  • Anon

    “Religion” refers to Scientology as “sci-fi” because then he’s not really talking about Scientology, but something else. The sort of brainwashing or mind control Scientology produces in people like this is terrifying.

  • TO Anon

    Get a clue
    Not everyone who defends Tom is a Scientologist and members of the group don’t refer to it as a cult.
    The only things that sounds terrifying is your ignorance.