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Miley Cyrus Shares Topless & Nearly Naked Photo for #TBT

Miley Cyrus Shares Topless & Nearly Naked Photo for #TBT

Miley Cyrus holds her hands over her breasts in this topless photo posted to her Instagram account for quite the #TBT!

The 21-year-old entertainer also posted another picture, which showed her wrapped in a towel getting a haircut.

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“#TBT 💇✂️👱 (2 hours late but whatevzzzz)” Miley captioned on of the pics. “which means it’s technically #FBF 💇✂️👱 #selfieoverload #iphonestorageatfullcapacity #goingthrudeletingshit #akastrollingdownmemorylane”

Miley is currently in the middle of her Bangerz tour, which will hit Auburn Hills, Michigan tomorrow night!

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miley cyrus shares topless photo 01
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Credit: Instagram
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  • James

    The ressemblance with Amanda Bynes is amazing. It’s like a disease with the same symptoms.

  • who cares


  • go go

    Would she STFU, who cares about her stupid boobs anymore, overexposed

  • Lara Bano

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  • ..

    i love her she’s sexy af

  • Whatevs

    How is she anything like Amanda Bynes?? Amanda was clearly on some crazy hallucinogenic drugs, wandering the streets, starting random fires on people’s driveways. Miley Cyrus is in the middle of a very successful tour, stays on the bus or in her hotel room afterwards and posts pictures on Instagram. Yes. She’s just like Amanda Bynes. Good observation. (insert eye roll emoticon here) #GoMileyGo #hatersgonnahate

  • Phoo

    Wear diapers next time Miley, if being naked is making your day, it is not makingine. Be sure not to make dirty your couch.

  • Seriously

    Trying so hard to be this generations Madonna.

  • trying way too hard

    “whatevvzzzz” yet she’s carefully adorned herself in multiple pieces of jewelry and carefully applied makeup for this “random/whatevzzzz” lil piccy.

  • Whatevs

    So two necklaces is “adorned” …clearly your definition of ‘adorned’ differs from mine. And anyways, I was commenting on another commentator’s comparison to Amanda Bynes, not to whether or not she got gussied up for this instagram photo, so what’s YOUR point?

  • ro

    that hair is disgasting

  • Joe

    Why is she covering her boobs we’ve seen everything she got except her
    t wat. That’s gotta be next with a full layout in Hustler.

  • skankwatch

    No talent, all she can do is flaunt what she doesn’t have!!! U G L Y

  • AKA

    @..: Take your meds!! lol

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  • Diedre

    How is this a throwback? Isn’t this her every single day?

  • Phoebe

    She looks like Amanda Bynes lol!

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Gawd, she comes off as soooooo needy and pathetic. Anything for attention at any cost. I don’t respect her, don’t like her choices, and never listen to her. She doesn’t have an ounce of innocence which makes her look one dimensional. She’s an exhibitionist and narcissistic and has no boundaries whatsoever. And she’s stupid.

  • Franny

    she’s out of her mind..

  • lol

    The term attention seeker comes to mind.

  • JustChill’n

    I don’t get why she wants the world to see her with her clothes off. People that look like her want to hide themselves not expose themselves. I guess the upside to MC’s overexposure is it should help boost girls her age self-esteems. Heck, I’m in my 30′s & she even makes me feel better about myself.

  • Ellie

    Ugly face!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Covering her boobs is the way to make an erotic picture.
    Erotic pictures do not show everything.
    That´s WHY they are erotic.
    Miley knows a lot about behaving erotic.
    She´s clever.
    She looks similar to the young Madonna. The similarity to the younger Madonna is what should appear in the subconsciousness of the ones, who see this picture. And the result of this effect is a higher erotic impression of the picture (especially if they are not aware of the similarity to Madonna, but their subconsciousness “does know it” !!!).
    Most people don´t know much about the way the mind works. And they don´t know much about psychology. But Miley does know it. Yep, she´s clever again !
    Well done, Miley !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    But the effect I explained in post # 25 only works towards the ones, who loved the pictures of the younger Madonna, I think. If they hated the pictures of the younger Madonna, then they won´t like this picture, too.
    Yep, and that´s all psychology !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    You don´t know much about psychology.
    Miley is NOT stupid.
    She´s clever !
    And she´s NOT an exhibitionist !
    And she´s NOT narcissistic, I think.
    But your post # 20 is stupid, Jan !
    I think Madonna is her idol, yep !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Miley, you can be proud of your body !
    You look like a 100% woman !
    The “Elle-Picture” is soo beautiful !
    The face is 100% woman – and very gorgeous !
    And the left picture (with the red light on stage) has also a great similarity to one of the pictures of the younger Madonna ! It´s a masterpiece !
    Very erotic ! Congrats !
    I think Mo will like it !

  • dumbldore


  • erotica

    @Dirk_Reese-Fan: The scenery isnt very erotic and nor does her expression…

  • http://comcast Audra

    Is it just the picture or is she covered with freckles ????

  • Dee

    Will this girl ever tire of making a complete idiot out of herself? My 71 year old Grandmother has a better body than her, no joke. I shudder to think what that body will look like in just 10 years.

  • Whatevs

    @Dirk_Reese-Fan: EXACTLY. She’s obviously reading from Madonna’s career playbook and if that’s the case I guess she’s here to stay! I think she’s fun, she’s silly and talented. She’s not out of her mind. She knows exactly what she’s doing. The girl has been in the biz since she was 12. And Madonna caused the same stir and name calling when she came out so I guess all these haters are a good thing!

  • Gerard

    Jesus,these damn disney stars i tell you, DAS i like to call it, stands for “Disney Attention Syndrome”, it’s basically when ever a disney star turns 18 years of age a time bomb goes off (placed by disney after you sign the contract) which fuels the need to want to he seen as a adult,in which you start to self destroy all traces of good girl image, and lead all your fans that you’ve collected over the years and teach them terrible lessons, bit biggest symptoms of this terrible condition is acting like a SLUT,doctors are now able to make a rather quickly and positive diagnose of that one symptoms alone…don’t worry only females of disney get this little sickness, disney boys get something completely different which isn’t as serious which makes sense considering female disney sluts in training have a bigger impact on the youth which sooner then later allows them to see that acting like a complete slut somehow makes you cool…more research is needed to help find a cure for this condition which destroys your career, as far as we know here are the biggest tell tale signs of DAS,
    1) If your a disney star between the ages of 17-18 and female
    2) if you adopted a justin bieber/miley cyrus (lesbine version) hair style
    3) and finally,if your a overly payed actress with very little talent who some how made it in your career past your show,mainly music
    The virus may already be inside you, please call 1 800 i don’t wanna become a whore” hotline now,and save your fans!!!

    (warning if your a ,ale who likes justin bieber,remember you can not get DAS, your just gay)

    Lol all jokes,but serious female actresses,you have a big impact on our very stupid generation of youths today,would your daughter/son be proud of the actions your taking today…


    The above white shower towel is one of the two that I gave to Miranda Kerr in my dream wherein she kissed me and I got to touch her naked bum.
    For some more background on Princess Kerr; the international super model from down under rose up from the grave in Transylvania 6-5000 because her 4.20 birthday falls on Easter in 2014. In the same messianic born again spirit that Emma Watson’s 24th birthday this year happens on the first blood moon day of Passover.

  • Mom

    Miley take your small moley boobs and get lost.

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