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Leonardo DiCaprio & Paul Wesley Try to Go Unseen at Coachella

Leonardo DiCaprio & Paul Wesley Try to Go Unseen at Coachella

Leonardo DiCaprio ducks his head down and tries to go unnoticed while attending the 2014 Coachella Music Festival on Friday evening (April 11) in Indio, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor was joined at the festival by his girlfriend Toni Garrn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Also spotted attending the festival was The Vampire DiariesPaul Wesley, who had a friend try and shield him from photographers.

“Thanks #musiclounge coachella @bmfmedia for hosting,” Paul tweeted that day. We hope that they are all having a great time!

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# 2

anyone read the comments bobbie brown made about Leo in her book? we have it from a first hand source that Leo D is packin a big one, LOL

# 3
Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 9:27 pm

Yo bro change ya clothes..

# 4

I’ll just repeat my comment from the last thread. @Newcomer thanks for the recent Leo pic you just posted, he looks good and white is his color!

# 5

We started kissing. I pulled his T-shirt over his head, leaving the barrettes in his hair. I unbuttoned his jeans and tugged down on his boxers. What I saw made me gasp. It made no sense. The kid put Tommy Lee to shame. “Wow, Leo, I wasn’t expecting that.” Next to his slim body, his assets were startlingly huge. “Wait, let me turn the light on,” I said. “I’ve got to see this properly.” Yup, even under closer inspection, Leonardo DiCaprio’s crotch was on steroids. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Ha, wait till Tommy “I’ve got the biggest **** in Hollywood” hears about this, I thought LAWWWWWL :D

# 6

Leo touching his nip :d

# 7
Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 9:30 pm

@HAHA12:Hey sexyyy ;)

# 8

I kissed his belly and drew him close to me. I began to lick and kiss his gargantuan *****. I tried to put it in my mouth. I could barely breathe. My jaw locked; my eyeballs bulged. So I went back to licking it.

And again

# 9

His brow furrowed a little as he eased himself into me. I inhaled sharply—he was . . . titanic.
“Wow, Leo, that’s nice, really nice.” Waves of satisfaction rippled through my body. I pulled Leo deeper into me, as deep as he could go. Revenge was sweeter than I could have imagined. If only Tommy Lee could see me now

And again, Leo was how old here like 19??? Jee

@Big D I believe it, in a quick split second you can see it after he has sex with Margot in Wolf and it was packin! LOL

No doubt in my mind he’s stoned at these things

Hahaha i noticed that in that scene too, tried and failed to screen shot it, lol but yeah at least now it’s confirmed! Wonder how Toni handles the “Titanic”

Love Paul!!!!! so Hottttt Used to love TVD’s when Stefan and Elena were together. Sorry, too much DelenaDamon diaries. I’ve stopped watching the show.

I’m just annoyed his nude scenes were cut from WOWS

If you don’t want to be seen (photographed) don’t F**king go!! Get over yourself!!

@HAHA12: Ok, I am repeating mine from the ther thread then ;)

“@HAHA12: You’re welcome! He looks better like that than on the pics from yesterday! About the MTV awards, there is still a bit of hope, but I think you are right and he won’t be there :(“

he always tries to go unseen but fails, what’s the point of wearing the same cap and clothes and shoes if he wants to go unseen?

I am also reposting the pic, in case people want to see it:

@Mr. Turtle LOL, hey. Are you supposed to be Leo’s turtle??

She is so basic @ 04/12/2014 at 9:38 pm

Who the f uck cares if they are seen or not? Puleeze. Leo is 40 years old and looks stop the games dude…………

is he still smelly leo at this coachella? models like toni will do anything to get that fame huh?

Hahaha that Bobbie Brown stuff is hilarious, I was like its a wonder Leo/his people let her write that but then again its quite complimentary in fact Leo probably loves it lol

And yeah regarding MTV I don’t think him nor Jonah are attending but I hope I’m wrong.

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 9:43 pm

HAHA12:yeahhh girl

so django is really under the care of his mom and dave

Bobbie is ridiculous. She probably feels like a winner.

Sarah ‏@SarahDekema 3 min
This is leonardo Dicaprio’s front door debating trying to lure him out with an oscar

His Palm Springs house.

@HAHA12: Jonah is not in LA?

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 9:50 pm

Dat Gabie gurl takes better pics on her IG than dat fool Toni

Nikki is here and Ethan Suplee as well:

@Newcomer I’m not sure but he isn’t listed as attending or as a presenter and didn’t mention anything about attending on Twitter so I am unsure if he’ll go. Also yikes, the comments on ONTD :\ I know the comments on here are equally harsh but idk, I hate to read stuff like that about him constantly. I wish Leo would get to work soon.

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 10:00 pm

Margot get in myy bed!

leo is gay

@HAHA12: Ok, thanks! Well it seems that our Leonah bromance project is collapsing :( What happened on ONTD?
Also, Ethan is there and his wife as well. Usually, when he is with Leo, it seems he is not with her. So Leo’s house must be really full!


What are the comments like? Pick one or two as examples.

energy bunny @ 04/12/2014 at 10:03 pm

So leo and toni are just back from Bora Bora and straight into the man never stops

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 10:04 pm

Yo somebody just walked on me in da bathroom

@mr turtle @ 04/12/2014 at 10:07 pm

hi,nice to see ya here again:))hope ya stay around..ur words are so hilarious:)xox

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 10:10 pm

#39:thanks gurl ;)

@Amy and Newcomer Its just the usual things said about his declining looks, how ugly he is, how he’s such a douche, his modelizing, etc etc. I get he brings these criticisms on himself at times but it just kinda sucks to constantly read comments like that about him everywhere. Especially since he still has no project or anything to work on, it seems like he’ll just keep partying. So I feel like now is the time to take a break, since nothing is up and will be up with Leo for a long time, and I’d rather hear about the other side of Leo than the partying one. It just becomes kind of tiring to read all the hate and criticms after awhile, even if they do have truth to them. Jmo though don’t mean for anyone to take it the wrong way. And yes I’m hoping for Leonah to make an appearance tomorrow but I doubt it lol I wanted new gifs of them

@mr turtle @ 04/12/2014 at 10:12 pm

who did walk on u,babe?

Don't get it @ 04/12/2014 at 10:16 pm

Thank you for that photo. He looks so good. I agree with the people who said he looks good in white :)

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 10:17 pm

#42:Dat fool Ethan.. lookin like hunchback of notre dame!

Paul Wesley love that man

@mr turtle @ 04/12/2014 at 10:20 pm

oh,poor turtle:(( dont wory the gurls make u turtle

@Don’t Get It White really does look good on him, he should wear it more often.

@mr turtle @ 04/12/2014 at 10:22 pm

have fun mr:)) catch u later:)

Also Mr. Turtle you are on a roll LOL

He looked very hot in “blood diamond”

@HAHA12 & Don’t get it: Hi ladies! He looks good in white collared shirts! He didn’t look so good in the white t-shirt at the record store.

Coachella isn’t the place to go if you don’t want to be seen. It’s the place that people go to be seen. In Leo’s case it’s to pick up young models who want to be seen. I”m sure he’s making a few ‘play’ dates behind his g/f’s back. Maybe she’ll join in.

I remember that one time Leo and I were at Coachella, it was one of the best nights of my life. We were all hot and sweaty, tensions were rising that day, I couldn’t get enough of him, especially while he was wearing that bestie boys shirt, that musk of his… if he hadn’t showered in weeks….his stomach that was plunging out of shirt……and ofc that big D of his……I JUST CAME SO FAST THINKING ABOUT IT! Leo knows how to swoon me EVERY SINGLE TIME. But I had to play it cool, there so many ppl and paps there. But that night tho, I still think about it everyday! Leokas 4 life <3

@HAHA12: I totally understand you wanting to take a break. I’m going to see what he does after Coachella. If he just continues to party, I will cut way way back on making any comments. I keep hoping he is gong to actually do something with the environment like he said he would. But based on how he has been this last month, it’s not looking too good :(

@Don’t get it: You’re welcome!
@HAHA12: I have the feeling ONTD (and JJ sometimes) are like the contrary of Bellazon. On BZ, they find everything he does to be great and perfect, they are a*skissing him all day. On ONTD and sometimes JJ, they find everything he does to be awful, they are insulting him all day… I prefer when it’s “moderate”. There are things he does that need to be criticized but he doesn’t deserve to be trashed either. And some things said about his family and friends (or even his friends’ kids) are just awful. I also hope he finds a new interesting project soon and fingers crossed for Leonah tomorrow (even if it looks like they will not be there)!

Don't get it @ 04/12/2014 at 10:41 pm

@HAHA12 & @Zzzzzz &
Hello! How are you?. Yes he should wear white more often.!!!. I wish he would dress more according to his age. I would love to see him wearing some of the clothes he wore in WOWS.
Hot!. Now that i’m paying attention, in all of the photos he is wearing something white, he looks good in white. Specially when he is tan.
Agree about the record store, he looked like he jumped directly off from bed and in to the record store.

Hey guys. Been reading all your posts and updates! :-)

I wonder what Leo will do after coachella because there’s nothing else going on parties, big concerts, awards, etc. you know……maybe lots of vacations???? LOL

Don't get it @ 04/12/2014 at 10:48 pm

Hi!. How are you?. I’ve read you are having some back problems, right?. I hope you get well soon :) Good to see you around here.
And yes, more vacations with his usual entourage, that’s my guess!.

LOL! Going to Coachella and acting too good for the paps.

No Coachella 4 Leo @ 04/12/2014 at 10:51 pm

@####: you know it. Don’t need to ask. He’s going to take another vacation. What a vapid life. Its like he has no interest outside of movies. I thought he was getting back to the environment???? What happened to that???

@Newcomer and Zzzzzz Totally agree on the BZ/ONTD/Lainey etc versus JJ comparisons. It seems BZ focuses on the positive or is only saying good stuff and JJ is the total opposite no offense. I’m more in the middle like you, as I do think the things he is criticized for have some truth to them, but then at the same time its like he is picked apart for everything. And like I said after awhile it just gets tiring and kinda depressing to always read. And I too hope he gets back to work soon, whether it’s for a movie or environmental related but for the time being I doubt it will happen yet and I don’t really want to continue keeping up with him since he’s not up to anything really besides partying. Plus I can’t be addicted to JJ during next school year lol

@Don’t Get It Hey nice to hear from you! Totally agree on the white, he looks great in it.

“Strange” sightings:

This girl is from Vegas and she doesn’t say she is in Coachella now so I don’t know if this is legit.
✯ ‏@5_Coats_ 42 min

✯ ‏@5_Coats_ 40 min

✯ ‏@5_Coats_ 31 min
My dad is so blessed he will be in the same room as leanardo dicaprio I can’t feel my legs

✯ ‏@5_Coats_ 28 min
Alright seriously this is the worst and best day ever

This guy has already posted a pic of Leo in the elevator of the building where he works. He is in NYC so either he is joking or he is mistaken this time:

Jey Murs’ ‏@Jey_murs 39 min
Oh look at that leonardo dicaprio just walked in my building que nice

Jey Murs’ ‏@Jey_murs 36 min
I cant ill get fired 😔 RT @Lee_glam: Pictures please📷📷RT @Jey_murs: Oh look at that leonardo dicaprio just walked in my building que nice

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 10:58 pm

I just took a pi$$ on Toni’s clothes.. nom nom

@####: My guess would be another vacation or back in LA or NYC or Vegas partying but I still hope I am wrong!

@HAHA12: I don’t know how he is not tired of just partying and vacationing like he has been doing for the last 18 months at least. And some projects he has been linked to seem really interesting so I hope he focuses on work (or the environment) now. Some have said he is losing interest in acting but I hope this is not true.

@Newcomer: Maybe he is heading to Vegas after Coachella? The party and vacation must go on!

@Mr Turtlesays @ 04/12/2014 at 11:02 pm


@####: Hi Lady! How are you doing? Have they scheduled the MRI? Are fhe steroids helping?
@HAHA12: School definitely comes first!. Like I said, hope he gets his act together and does something! Re MTV: I was hoping he would go, but I don’t think it’s going to happen :(. I think Jonah is a much better person for him to hang with, than a lot of so called ‘friends’.

@####: Goid to hear from you. I hope you feel better. I’m guessing the vacation and doing nothing time will keep going on after the weekend.

@####: Thinking about it, it seems he has to go to England in May for the Formula E thing and in May, there is another big event in Europe: the Cannes film festival! So I am wondering if he will go like last year and just party all day and night as he has nothing to promote this year. He was already partying and vacationing before Cannes but this is in Cannes that he really lost it imo.

@Mr Turtle says: LMAO! Welcome back. You are funny.

Well actually, it seems he lost it in Australia but it was increased in Cannes.

@Newcomer I agree but I wonder if it may be a way to avoid or run away from a deeper issue. I really do think he’s lost passion for acting, tbh and seems worn out on the inside. That’s why I say a new hobby or passion would be great for him, because vacations will just make one more restless. I gtg now, nice talking to you.

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 11:06 pm

Cara D. and Lindsay L. are at coachella?? ..Im callin the cops.. bro

@HAHA12: Yeah, there seems to be a deeper issue. He looks just lost and bored. I hope he will be happier soon. Nice talking to you as well :) See you later!

Typo 71: lot of *his so called….

@Sunday: sigh!hes so childish,he KNOWS there will lurk papz and yet…

Kool Aid Drinker @ 04/12/2014 at 11:22 pm

Leo drank is own kool aid. Believed his own hype. He’s not so authentic anymore tho he wants to be. There is something very formulaic and stale about him and this does cross over into his work and personal life. He needs to release some of the control he has on his life, love life and work life. This repetitive routing while it wont let him jump off the bridge isn’t bringing him much comfort and fulfillment. I think he does more and more things because he’s tries to feel something from his boring life. Its like a junkie, you need MORE of your “poison” to feel ALIVE. His is excess. I think he thinks more vacations will help him feel alive but its not working. He needs to so inside and do some soul searching. When you go inside and find your true love and true passion everything else will flow effortlessly.. That is all.

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 11:23 pm

@y:yo chill wit the rage!

@Mr Turtle says: ok.
Another thing.i was thinking about the necklace that blonde girl is wearing in the pic.does toni have a similar neclace too?….

Dominique Schaefer ‏@xoxodomi7 13 min
so my sister is at coachella chilling with Leo Dicaprio #fml #whycantibethere

It seems she is the sister of Denise, the girl who took the pic of Leo with a white shirt. Denise is a model. Here is her Twitter:

She hasn’t posted anything about Leo for the moment but we never know :)

@y: I don’t know if she has a necklace like that but on the other thread, we were thinking the blonde girl next to him was actually Kristin who is his friend Danny A’s girlfriend. She is also a tall, slim and blonde girl, she has red nail polish like the girl in the pic, longer hair than Toni and the name on the necklace seems to start with a K. Kristin is pictured in one of Toni’s IG pic, in a car.

@Zzzzz ITA on Jonah, I feel he gets unfairly hated on at times and Leo always looks in great spirits around him and I also prefer him over his other friends. And your right, ESP next school year I need to do my best and no distractions so its a good thing he has no movies out this year. But yeah besides Leo not being up to much it’s also just bc it gets tiring reading the same hate and critism on him,after awhile it gets depressing to always read and that’s why I feel it’s better to just take a break although I may try to check up on him occasionally. Gtg, nice talking to you.

Thanks for all the nice words guys! :-). I haven’t been posting because of health issues but you guys seemed to have it handled so i was doing some serious shopping today and hopping on and reading the updates. All I can say is same ole same ole with Leo. :-(

Hey Zzzzzz….my MRI is Tuesday morning finally! I have 2 more days on the steroids. They make my stomach hurt but I actually lost a few pounds so at least it didn’t cause me to gain weight. I don’t know that it’s really helped. I feel like I have a permanent Charlie horse in the back of my right leg. I ride the bike at the gym instead of doing the treadmill bc it’s so uncomfortable. I’ve tried stretching it out and using a foam roller but it won’t go away! :-(

cybersearchers @ 04/12/2014 at 11:37 pm

Do you all just search every social network for mentions of Leo’s name or do you have a web robot to do it for you or something? It seems that however obscure the profile is it always manages to come up on your radars.

Hi, my friends… I have no life… I will spend the weekend here. I love you Leo.

Mr Turtle says @ 04/12/2014 at 11:41 pm Toni got wasted #coachella #lapdogdown

@####: I hope you will feel better soon!

@cybersearchers: Personally, when I search, I use “search twitter” and I just type “dicaprio” plus words like “met, saw, just, was, at, party, here…” and if I know he is somewhere or he is rumored to be somewhere I type the name of the location. Like today, I tried “dicaprio coachella” and “dicaprio bootsy bellows” (they were organizing the party where he was). It only takes a few minutes and I just check regularly when I have the time. So I don’t have a robot or a machine helping me and I only search on Twitter, even if sometimes I find links who lead me to Instagram or Facebook.

Hi, I will spend the weekend and the rest of my life reading Instagram. I love you Leo, you are my life.

@Big D: Yeah, Except she is totally lying her butt off! I saw his pathetic package in an advanced screening of the movie Total Eclipse and it was practically none existent! You cannot find the unedited version in the US now, his people buried it, but some European markets still have the unedited version in all its sad glory. My guess is he threw her some drug money to make up that story.

Omg that really looks like Toni LMAO LMAO!!

From BZ:

Hailee posted this on her IG:

They are at the 1Oak/Richie/Alessandra party. It seems the guys joined the girls there.

And a pic of him with Milan from yesterday:

Don't get it @ 04/13/2014 at 12:04 am

Have you seen this??? WTF is wrong with this girl !!!!

lukas haas @ 04/13/2014 at 12:07 am

is also at coachella. mobli’s doing a thing there.

is hailee’s pic the first casual social media pic by someone in leo’s circle with leo’s face in it? (not counting the superbowl one, that was posed)

Don't get it @ 04/13/2014 at 12:10 am

Yes! it seems like. It’s a personal photo of the group, that shows Leo, his girlfriend, his friend and his friend’s girlfriend. That girl is crossing the line

Toni drunk @ 04/13/2014 at 12:15 am

oh well she just beat Toni to it lol.. # moneyshot congrats to hailee ..maybe thats why Lukas is no longer following her IG!

so that’s her last outing with leo’s group then? lol


Leo looks annoyed. He’s probably thinking “Where’s Lukas? Take care of your girl.”

@lukas haas: I was sure he was not the only one who wasn’t there! Leokas forever :)

And yes, Hailee is crossing the line. She has already posted a pic of him at Goal bar some weeks ago in LA. It seems like she was hiding to take the pic and Leo didn’t see her doing it.

Think, Leo @ 04/13/2014 at 12:34 am

Leo, wearing the same outfit for years makes you more recognizable, not less. God he is really not too bright is he?

I don’t know what he is doing here lol! A new technique to hide? I don’t know the original source of the pic but it seems like a screenshot so maybe he was filmed at a concert?

@lukas haas: mobli = big failure and huge waste of money


LOL. Reminds me of that pic of him in Italy wearing what looked like a gas mask…

I found a bigger version. Looks like 2 other people are also doing it. Protecting themsleves from pollution???

ahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAH *throws head back with laughter, sips wine glass* ahahahahahhaahaha…..

Don't get it @ 04/13/2014 at 12:39 am

Hey!. You wanna know how Leo’s house looks in the inside, how the parties he throws in his house are like, and what kind of music they play?. See this video, fan girl n#1 posted on her Instagram…
she is so much worse than Toni, not comparision….

@Don’t get it: Are you sure this is Leo’s house? The 1Oak party she was at was thrown in a mansion so maybe this is what she filmed?

Don't get it @ 04/13/2014 at 12:43 am

LOL!. So childish. Sometimes it seems to me that he would preffer to be unkown, so he can enjoy all this places. He also enjoys fame. Duality again…..
Love that pic, thanks for sharing….


I’m starting to think Leo has a lot in common with Howard Hughes. Maybe he’s a germaphobe and also has OCD.

@Newcomer: Or maybe they’re doing it with him as a ploy so he wont look like a freak. What pollution? Then he shouldn’t live in LA then. I high doubt he’s going it for pollution. I think he’s doing it to hide. Is it a coincidence that I don’t see anyone else doing it except the people that are extremely near to him. I guess only those extremely near to him are the only ones that care about the “pollution” What a loser…

He don't love himself @ 04/13/2014 at 12:45 am

Leo looks 45. Most guys reach their peak around mid-30s and Leo should be part of that group since babyfaces usually look better with some wrinkles to balance the kiddish look.

@Linda: @Linda: I saw the movie -showed nothing. Also, He was a kid.

Don't get it @ 04/13/2014 at 12:46 am


Mmmm, maybe you are right!. It could be, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Leo’s house tbh.
I’m trying to find the other photo you mention on the other comment, the one she took in Goal?, but i can’t find it….

@Don’t get it: You’re welcome!
@Amy: Yes, he seems strange sometimes.

@He don’t love himself: Do not agree. Some pics and clean shaven -looks good. What do you look like.

Newsflash Leo @ 04/13/2014 at 12:50 am

Everyone at Coachella is drunk/high/payin attention to the music! Cut loose, Leo! No one cares what you look like or what you’re doing. Also give Toni some lovin’ or break it off already. I’m no fan of hers but I feel bad for her, this situation is a bit humiliating for the girl.

@Newcomer: nah that’s just their childish group of “friends” unnecessarily trying to hide from people and failing miserably at it

@Don’t get it: I have just seen that she posted it before the 1Oak party so it is probably the house where she is staying but I am not sure if she is staying at Leo’s. It seems she was “accepted” a lot in his house before but less now, hence why she posts pics of him like she is a paparazzi and Lukas unfollowed her as well. It also seems that his house is full of people! About the pic she posted from Goal, she didn’t put it on IG, only Twitter. Here it is:

not pollution just a weirdo @ 04/13/2014 at 12:51 am

He’s worried about pollution chain smoking an electronic cigarette? Isnt that pollution to his body every day? Those things aren’t risk free. Lets just say Im not surprised he’s covered. When he was in Italy his friends also wore black masks along with him so that he wasn’t the only one doing it..I guess that was pollution too….lol Leo is always covering up but he looks so silly..

About pollution, I was just making a suggestion because I thought it was ridiculous if he was doing it to hide and then, I saw 2 other people doing it. But he may just be ridiculous doing it to hide and that’s it. The guy with the cap on the right who is doing like Leo looks a bit like one of his bodyguards.

Paps in the Inner circle @ 04/13/2014 at 12:55 am

@Newcomer: Leo is worried about paps but he has his very own paparazzi in his inner circle…

Crap "friends" @ 04/13/2014 at 1:01 am

@Paps in the Inner circle: Leo is just too scared/shy to stand up for himself. Also he’s got issues with loneliness, he’ll put up with any companionship because he can afford it. If he’s lonely, buy some friends. If something nasty gets out, buy some stories and the cycle goes on.

Oh, stupid people. Leo is not the only one with a mask. It’s because of the dust, dust storm. Look on twitter and instagram and you will see.

@Newcomer: Leo could be hiding or he could be doing it because it is really really dusty at Coachella. They often wet the area down to prevent all the dust from flying up.

@SMH: So it must be because of that then. Some of his entourage, Toni including, are not protecting themselves though.

Treasure Hunt @ 04/13/2014 at 1:07 am

Jen Meyer trying to give Leo a clue? lol

@Zzzzzz: I suggested pollution so I wasn’t far lol. He was protecting himself from something.

@Newcomer “Some of his entourage, Toni including, are not protecting themselves though.” their choice

@SMH: I know. I had just noticed it, that’s all.

@Newcomer: He must have been so happy for the double usage! Of course he would choose to protect himself and have a legit reason…lol

@Treasure Hunt: Interesting quote, thanks!

You’re right, there does appear to be a dust storm at Coachella. If you look at this girls Instagram her friend appears to wearing something to what Leo is wearing so he’s not the only one protecting himself from the dust.

@Newcomer btw, it was not you I called stupid but the haters waiting for little things to pick on him ;)

If Leo and his friends want to hide they should be more creative like this:

@SMH: Don’t worry, I didn’t take it badly. But thanks for clearing it ;)

James Cameron discussing his most memorable on set moment, ever:

@@SMH (#142): It seems Instagram is crashing again. I can’t open the link.

Dave is not in the mood for Coachella:

Sorry try this

Lmao I suck at copying links. Here’s the clickable one

Just because its dusty doesn’t also mean he’s not trying to hide also. You don’t know the reason why he’s doing this. This is the perfect cover for him…

He’s quite dramatic… and an idiot. Coachella is his idea of abuse? This guy’s been tagging with Leo for too long, he needs to cut the IV drip of Leo’s Kool Aid from his system. God.. are these really the kinds of people Leo surrounds himself with?? And Irmelin is attracted to this??

“Shall I stay here by the pool, listening to Frank wafting over the speakers or fight my way through the mob scene at Coachella to be abused, tormented, pushed,herded around with the realization that I wouldn’t see who I wanted to see”

@@SMH (#150): Yes it works now, thanks!

@@SMH (#151): Lol, don’t worry, I copied and pasted it. But thanks again!

@Awwww!: I don’t think you see a lot of old folks at Coachella. Maybe he has leg problems and cant stand too long…I’m with Dave, doesn’t seem like that much fun..

And you would prefer to believe he’s hiding even though he’s not the only one doing it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to ***** some more about him!

@@both???: knowing Leo’s past and level of ridiculousness. Not a good track record…lol

Is that Leo’s pool that Dave took a picture off?? lol

sugarbaby @ 04/13/2014 at 1:36 am

sugarbaby @ 04/13/2014 at 1:37 am


@Newcomer: so I texted my friend who’s at Coachella and she said it is horrible! Ths wind is really bad, but she said last year during t he Red Hot Chili Pepper set it was even worse.

ehhhh dust storm or not, it’s a norm for leo to be ridiculous in his ways of hiding from cameras. i’m sure this dust storm was the perfect excuse for him to wrap his pudgy face up.

@sugarbaby: Looks like Toni only took a few nibbles of her pizza lol

@Zzzzzz: Yes, from the pics I have seen on Twitter and IG, a lot of people are covered. Thanks for your info! Has you friend seen any celeb?

@meh: yeah, I bet he was trilled on the As you can see it looks like more people weren’t doing it..

So Leo invited the whole village people on his Coachella Trip. Its like all his friends he’s ever known and the rents!

Pancake face @ 04/13/2014 at 1:46 am

@hotcakes: Sry but the carpool pic Toni posted on IG is pretty pathetic and creepy on Leo’s part.

@Newcomer: She actually is working the event and she’s been crazed! She’s been so busy she hasn’t even had time to check out any bands. She is not happy!

@Zzzzzz: Wow! Poor woman! I hope she will have some time to see some concert.

Look who it is @ 04/13/2014 at 2:09 am

Cameron is delusional. She genuinely can’t see that the only person who needs her “advice” is herself.

‘I think some people want other people to make the same choices in life that they have made so that they can feel good about their own choice,’ said the actress, who is currently starring in the rom-com The Other Woman.
‘I think that some married people have made the choice to get married, but when they see a person who is living a different way, it makes them stop and think, “Wait a second – you mean you don’t need to get married after all?
‘”You mean that I felt I had to get married, but you don’t feel that you have to?”
‘And if they weren’t too sure about their choice in the first place, that can make them very uncomfortable.’

@Newcomer: Don’t feel too bad for her – she is laughing all the way to the bank!

Hi, I spent 24 hours reading instagrams. Nothing new. I know you know everything about him. I love you.

@####: Hi again! Thanks for the update. I’ll be sending you good thoughts on Tuesday. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious. I can’t imagine walking around with a charlie horse all day. That sounds painful! I pulled a hamstring and I’m trying to take it easy, but it’s really hard!

she posted a pic of leo @ 04/13/2014 at 4:13 am

and that other picture of toni i think she’s “sitting” on leo

@she posted a pic of Leo: Hi! Wow! How long do you think, before that picture of Leo is deleted? I’ve noticed that pictures on Leo’s on his friends IG accounts get taken down really fast. re the picuture of Toni – Do you really think Leo could carry Toni on his shoulders? She’s over 6ft tall and I don’t know if Leo is that strong!

typo! pictures *of Leo on ….

Now he allowed to her friends post pictures of him ? That is something. He must really be in love with Toni.

He loves her just is too embarrassed to show in public?

@???: Hi! Here it is:
But I have a feeling it will be taken down just like the photo on Richie’s account was suddenly deleted.

poor toni @ 04/13/2014 at 4:57 am

Gabriela and Haile can show pics of Leo but Toni cant?

@Zzzzzz: Lol. Thank you. I read something about Toni on Leo’s shoulders and thought “WHAT?” LOL. I guess I misunderstood.

@???: If you go to the girl’s IG account, there is a picture of Toni and it does look like she is sitting on someone’s shoulder or is being lifted up. Someone said it looks like she is sitting on Leo and I made the comment that she is over 6 ft. I didn’t think Leo could carry her that way, but I could be wrong.

How long before the photo is deleted?

Leo is covering himself because that place stinks!!!!! Literally

@3 2 1: It looks like they already are, because I can’t see any of the links or go onto her account.oh well

@???: try this link, cause it is still working.

The photos are still there.

@Zzzzzz: thats Tony on Leo’s shoulders. You can see his hat.

Thanks to you all. I finally see them. Appreciate it!

@Newcomer: He was there? Alessandra Ambrosio’s party? Birthday party or Coachella?
Alessandra is an atttention seeker. She called the paps. Hypocrite. He was there because he wanted to be seen.

Sorry if it’s a duplicate posting
@jinxed: Hi! You think so? I’m not really sure she is, but okay. I’m surprised there aren’t more photos since they are surrounded by people and I would think they would be taking pictures like crazy if she was on his shoulders. We will see tomorrow!
I’m off to sleep. It’s been nice talking to you and ??? Talk to you later! ;)

One picture down, Hailee’s

No end is near @ 04/13/2014 at 5:59 am

He is really smitten

poor toni @ 04/13/2014 at 6:02 am

Toni and Leo act like a couple when the paps are not around. ;)

@poor toni: And when she is not around he is like a single man LOL

@3 2 1: What picture?

What's next? @ 04/13/2014 at 6:08 am

Really ballsy Toni’s friends posting pictures of Leo. They didnt learned anything from the past 4th of July and Toni’s birthday?

Preparing stomachs. Just missing starting posting vids like on his birthday.

@3 2 1: Ohhh. Hailee’s picture of Leo and Toni is no longer there lol

Anyone recalls Aferdita and her sister? Toni and her friends reminds me those two. All of them are such a attention seekers. Only interested in getting attention through social networks. Where else they could? Enjoying being so close to a celebrity and posting every details.

Famewhore @ 04/13/2014 at 6:41 am

I Told Ya’ Toni let her friend do the dirty job for her. Toni knows she cant. And she doesnt mind throwing her friend down the hill just to have the exposure she wants.

Famewhore @ 04/13/2014 at 6:43 am

Those could just be personal pictures from their trip to Coachella but they both need to brag.

@LOL: But they dont get that far being his girlfriends without learning to turn blind eye. And they are rewarded with vacations and getaways. Leo knows that keep them happy plus helps to take out the relationship from the cooling down. But with Leo is Always hot and cold. One day “good boyfriend” the other not so much.

Leo's thoughts @ 04/13/2014 at 6:57 am

I’m so thankful for the sand storms. Now I need to wear a mask.

What's next? @ 04/13/2014 at 7:00 am

@Bar 2.0: That is why I’m afraid she is going to stick around for a long. She’s getting what she wants and leo does what he wants. Both win

That relationship runs thanks to Leo’s endless vacation. And summer time is coming. Get ready!

Just logged on, wow seems all the pics you guys linked up have been removed.
Were they scandalous?

that gang sign leo throws up in every pic just makes him look immature.

@What’s next?: Why do you keep thinking Leo cares that much??

@lol: gabriela’s pic is still there though. i’d love to know who warned hailee about putting leo’s pics up. was it leo himself or his people and what did they threaten her with?

@Aw: Could you describe the picture? Its no longer up.
And I never believed the regular cries of the ‘end is near’ from some posters, this is Leo after all!

@Zzzzzz: Height is not reflection of weight generally. Leo is actually tall and Toni is a bean pole she could easily weigh less or have lighter bones than someone who is 5ft. Trust

did anyonescreen shot the pics Hailee put up?? id be forever greatful if you could post them

With Leo you never know when the end is coming. The photo was nothing special. It was Toni and next to him was Leo looking into the camera.
@poor Toni: act like a couple? You mean they went to parties with friends and she probably sat on his shoulder? That’s it! He is marrying her.

Hey also.
Of course it was nothing special of course. But if Leo was not at Coachella and Toni was, that would be something special and worth repeating over and over that the end is near

Thanks for that. Damn I wish I could have seen it!

So what was so special about the photo?

As I said there wasn’t much to see. A guy whose face you couldn’t see, one of the girls from the car -Toni posted the IG photo-, Toni all sitting. Leo between the girls next to Toni standing – leaning on his knee I think – looking Ito the camer. Farmers market kind of photo without the distance.

Yes, that’s it.

why the heck was that Hailee girl posting that, man shes weird..

Here it is! ‘Birthday Party Video’ minus kiss. I am speechless!

what song are they dancing to lol. that looks frat-boy-ish.

MGMT is the band…I remember reading somewhere that they are one of Toni’s favourites

Priceless !! Leo can’t dance.

Is he drunk ? here is the song…my guess is hes stoned lol

hahaha thats actually kind of funny, dancing isnt that bad..

@OMG!: Aww he looks like he’s just larking about with his friends. Good for them

toni can be see in front of him in the 1st part of the vid before their all jumping around lol

and she is so taaalll my goodness, she towers leo!!

Yes, they are standing apart at the beginning but you can see her. That ‘dance’…smh

@please: That song speaks about a divorce.

I cant see the beers in that vid. Boring

They probably shouldn’t go to Coachella if they don’t want their photos taken.

how did leo become so camera-phobic? in his early days he was all about hamming it up for the cameras. and i understand if the paps were chasing him down the street but come on it’s coachella, he must’ve known by now from his godson’s and girlfriend’s generation that they take photos of everything and everyone. him covering his face in ridiculous positions just makes him seem obnoxious, like nope i’m a big star my face is too precious for you to take a random photo of. just be like other celebrities and walk faster but walk proud.

@dance #248 @ 04/13/2014 at 9:41 am

I completely agree.

Hope everyone is good. Leo’s outfit looks similar to last year.
I hope Leo gets to work soon, or involved in a project. He said he might to some environmental stuff- yet nothing. I doubt he will go the MTV awards, but I wish he will. Would be great to see more Leonah :-)
The picture please posted: . I can see why she would take it down, it’s very intrusive.
He looks great in the white shirt! I agree with Zzzzzz about the white collared because the white t-**** at the record store was not a good look.
#### glad to hear your having an MRI scan, hope you get better soon :-)
I like what Jennifer posted about treating a woman, I wonder if they ever talk about relationships.. Probably not..
I think Leo is surrounded by blondes (natural or not), his girlfriend, his friends girlfriends/wife’s, and his mum.

I meant white T-shirt but must have put white T-s hit instead

That shirt looks so shabby. He should wash his clothes more often.

@turntleo: Master Thespian Leonardo DiCaprio doing God knows what to MGMT’s “Kids” at Coachella. –

Leo did look good yesterday in the white shirt…Love…and new/different shoes. Maybe he bought them the day he was spotted at the shoe shop?

To late now BZ posted Haliee’s pic of Leo/Toni and now it will be shared to all fan sites for all time…ha ha. Nice try to fix your mistake though Haliee.

@Crap “friends” – Most people wealthy and famous (or not) have bad “friends”. It’s worse when you are wealthy and famous because most of your so-called “friends” are just blood sucking users. Now don’t get it twisted. Leo isn’t innocent. He’s a user too. The sad truth is when the money and fame are gone, those blood suckers will be out of his life too. Most people in that world are fake and this is part of the many reasons why Leo is bored.

@dance – I am responding to your “camera phobic” comment. Maybe Leo just wants to chill and not be photographed and watched while he is trying to relax and enjoy himself at Coachella. Can you blame him? Yes, in those early days the attention was new and exciting to him. Now that he is a veteran to the fame game, it’s probably more irritating now because the paparazzi and civilians act as if they don’t know how to respect another person’s boundaries and privacy. If I was famous, I would stay away from blogs and gossip sites and just live my life.

Blacksharpie @ 04/13/2014 at 11:08 am

It’s probably just me but with the white collared shirt and plaid shorts, he looks like he should be on a golf course. I think the shoes are Toms.

Leo's thoughts @ 04/13/2014 at 11:08 am

Parties, womens, pals, houseguest, trip, alcohol. Couldnt Coachella last forever so I would be enjoying and smiling all day.

omg, why is this world “full” of hoes?

The News Nerd is a satire site.

Blacksharpie @ 04/13/2014 at 11:14 am

Honestly, he does nt look like a great dancer to me. He looks like your average guy just shuffling from foot to foot. Lol. I don’t know what he is doing with the other guy(Richie?)?!
Of course, it must be a pain to constantly be photographed/video’d. We all have looked like fools at concerts but at least it’s not all over twitter\IG/etc the next day.

Ibiza/Coachella/Birthdays @ 04/13/2014 at 11:14 am

When alcohol is flowing Leo is euphoric and uninhibited.

Ibiza/Coachella/Birthdays @ 04/13/2014 at 11:17 am

The only thing he has to do is Leo being drunk all the time.

@Blacksharpie: Are you crazy, blind, dumb or just a fool?

@ @also: I knew it had to be something like that. Thanks for the info. I didn’t check what kind if site that was.
@Blacksharpie: the video seems to be similar to the birthday party ones except in November he really looked drunk. I agree with whoever said that it’s ‘frat boyish’. Still a frat boy at heart.

Don't get it @ 04/13/2014 at 11:20 am

Hello! How are you today?
LOL to that video. I don’t blame him, i’m glad he could forget for one minute that people around him had cameras and enjoy himself.
Oh and i loooove that band, and that song it’s actually one of my favs. Apparently I share that with Toni

@Don’t get it: Just because you share that with Toni you think she’s a nice girl. huh ha

Don't get it @ 04/13/2014 at 11:25 am

Hey! How are you?
So, he cast to play Martin Luther King’s role…. That’s twisted of Leo if it’s true. It’s more interesting to see a black actor doing the role. It’s more accurate, I think….

Sorry people but you are putting me on my nerves

LOLLLLL WOW at that video of Leo dancing. I thought he was a good dancer?? I guess he’s only good at pop locking because he dances like a dad at a wedding, bless his heart.

Lol so Jaime seems to be on IG probation she did’t post any pics of coachella ? Guess she learned her lesson …looks like Gabie and Hailee are the only ones with the balls in the group.

Leo Dancing! @ 04/13/2014 at 11:29 am

OMG! What the hell is he doing!?!?! lol

I almost passed out from laughing so hard at Leo..bless his heart .

@Don’t get it: I don’t think it’s true. As it was said that’s a satire site… I should have checked.
The video is funny, a little less awkward than the birthday dance routine. I think being in public and being seen is in his head a little too much. Sometimes it’s his effort to hide that being in ( negative ) attention. It looks like he had fun with Richie and he is definitely not a dance talent. lol

I wish you would stfu

@also: he still moves better than Toni! Dancing skeleton LOL


Jooooooseph ‏@Thizzguyy 9 h
Partied in the back of a trash trailor with Leonardo di caprio haha coachella is fun.

He must have been very drunk LOL! And LMFAO at the video of him dancing! About Gabriela and the pics she posted, I told you she was going to be our best pic provider ;)

Quoting myself @ 04/13/2014 at 11:36 am

Ibiza/Coachella/Birthdays @ 04/13/2014 at 11:14 am

When alcohol is flowing Leo is euphoric and uninhibited.

Never ending parties for Leo

Next destination after After Coachella?

Toni LOVES drunk Leo. Is more affectionate and kind with her.

Blacksharpie @ 04/13/2014 at 11:40 am
It looks like all the girls got together for a while. Are these her friends or Leo’s friends’ girlfriends?
Looking at a bunch of pics from Coachella, it seems like Leo is one of the oldest people there?! I wonder if he ever finds that awkward?

Next destination After Coachella?

Can someone tell me how I can find that video of him dancing on statigram?

❤ ‏@MissJessicaAsh 11 h
Pool party with Leonardo DiCaprio & Kendall Jenner like whatever, normal day…

Tatiana // 157 ‏@LawleyFranta 9 h
Like what the f*ck my cousin met Leonardo DiCaprio

@Newcomer: I think Selena Gomez and probably Khloe Jenner is there because they posted pics, and apparently partied all night together.

@Ok: It seems Kylie is always like the unnoticed.

Toni garrn (21), Selena Gomez (21), kylie Jenner (16), Leo, Lukas, Vincent (40).

@Ok: Thanks for the info!

@Blacksharpie: Yesterday, Leo went to another party without the girls (McDonald’s) and then it seems he joined them at the 1Oak party.

That pic of Leo covered and his two friends (Vinny and Danny) that Gabriela posted on IG, isn’t Danny the one taking the pic? It looks like a selfie.

When he was dancing alone it looked normal, but the Kung Fu kicks made me laugh :-D

@shakira: Yeah, but she is sixteen so I guess she wouldn’t want to be found at a party full of people like Leo and his friends..
@Newcomer: Np, you too :-)

@Newcomer: Bad dancers specifically lacking in rhythm are the ones who can’t keep the pace in the sack.

@Ok: “When he was dancing alone it looked normal,”


@Blacksharpie: How do I find that on statigram?

BEST.DAY.EVER @ 04/13/2014 at 12:00 pm


OMG LMFAO @ Leo dancing! My day is made.

Love is Real @ 04/13/2014 at 12:03 pm

Love is more Real with alcohol in his system.


Yeah. Leo is a mystery. I’m surprised he’s not a Gemini. He’s so different when he does interviews to promote his movies. Which one is the real Leo???

Finding Leo @ 04/13/2014 at 12:05 pm

@Amy: He is still finding himself


Because she’s a famewhore.


I think this is going to become an issue for Leo. I think he must realize on some level that he can’t relate to this constant need to take pics/video of everything and post it publicly.

@Amy: but is there any difference between her and Toni’s friends? Because they are doing the same.

Being Mathew @ 04/13/2014 at 12:12 pm

Can I see now a video of Leo dancing around naked and playing bongo drums. Please!

Leo's thoughts @ 04/13/2014 at 12:16 pm

I can feel Monday will be of headaches, literally.


Tobey told a story about Leo doing that a long time ago:

Leo's thoughts @ 04/13/2014 at 12:18 pm

My publicists will be working extra tomorrow morning. Cleaning and removing the mess.


I mean I don’t think Toni’s friends should be posting pics of him publicly either but I think they’re closer to Leo. This Hailee girl seems like a hanger on who hooks up with his friends like Lukas.

@Amy: Toni’s friends are close to Toni, not Leo. And take a look, Not even his best friends Lukas have these dares.

End is Near (Always) @ 04/13/2014 at 12:25 pm

So just because Leo had Toni on his shoulders means that the end isn’t near?! What slim pickings. lol The end is always near! I don’t know when Leo will break up with Toni but this won’t be another relationship like Bar that goes on for years. It could be now, yes now, or it could be a couple more months down the road but its coming. That’s my gift to all the people who don’t want this to drag out like Bar. I’m telling you it wont. I don’t change my mind based on what new pictures come up. I am not Love is Real. lol And as to Leo dancing, as someone said I guess he only good at the popping and the locking…lol : )

Sorry they cut the story out of the other clip with Tobey. Skip to 4:24

Leo clinging onto his youth as long as he can, literally his nails are deep into the ground LMFAO!
LMFAOOOO at the dancing videos, he dances like the ppl in the Jersey Shore, no wonder he liked that show so much
Can someone post ALL those links of pics and videos, I’ve only seen the dancing videos

@End is Near (Always): Who is saying this, just because Leo had Toni on his shoulders?

Social networks gonna be his ruin.

What awaits us on day 3 with Leo totally wasted???

I wonder if this is the life Leo expected to have at 40?

@FACT: If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas,

Love is Real @ 04/13/2014 at 12:42 pm

@End is Near (Always): I change my opinions? You sound hysterical! And again you prove you don’t know what you’re talking about.

@Me: His response to “This is the best time of your life” says it all. And he is not even working now or seems to have projects soon so must be be 10 times worse. JMO

@end is near @ 04/13/2014 at 12:51 pm

I hope you are right.
@sugarbaby: I agree about him clinging to his youth.
Here is one photo.

@Love is Real: “Love is Real” comment according to the images but is silent when doesnt show anything good.

The Mtv goes to? @ 04/13/2014 at 12:58 pm


@The Mtv goes to?: Best dance sequence. LOL

Love is Real @ 04/13/2014 at 1:00 pm

@lolz: There have been images floating around for the past 3 days, I have not commented! And still I haven’t addressed the photos, but rather someone who says my opinion changes. Most of you don’t acknowledge or live in reality anyways, yet you want me to stay here all the time and point out the obvious?
I said from the beginning what their plans were, you choose to change the subject.

I know some people really like the dancing videos of Leo because he forgot that cameras where around but I’m looking at the video with a new pair of eyes and I don’t know why but I feel bad for him. I just see a lot of sadness in this video. He wants to not give a damn but he’s not owning his freedom completely. Its like he’s trying to reach euphoric levels but he’s failing. Its so sad that a man that has travelled all around the world, met all kinds of people, done all types of movies, has to get his groove on at Coachella and just looks like any ordinary no dancing Joe on the grass. Looks to mortal and ordinary.
It makes me sad cause if Leo wasn’t “LEO” he would probably have like two REAL friends…Or much less than he has for sure. What a sad sad video. Leo has to get his life at Coachella and it doesn’t even looking like he’s good at it. It looks like he’s trying to me.
Makes me wonder what the hell is going on at these other jet set places he’s going to? I guess they’re just smoke and mirrors…Don’t know if I made much sense but that’s how I feel…

Is it just me or does Leo look like a 3 year old at the party that parents tell them to dance when the music stars playing?? He reminds me of a 3 year old dancing in the beginning!

He could have the biggest smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes and you guys would still find ways to make it seem he’s depressed or dying inside. Your deeming he’s miserable based on a 10 sec vid of him dancing with friends ffs!


To me it just looks like Leo and his friends don’t get this type of music and decided to behavior like idiots because they were bored.

But now I get why some always do that, its because they want to be depressed or miserable so they can write more essays pretending to feel bad for him even though they get a kick out of trashing and making fun of him even though they claim to not care and find him so boring

More and More I see Leo like a guy so misplaced. Even doing things he usually enjoys or enjoyed? Traveling, clubbing, on vacation with his girlfriends even hanging out with his buddies. You can tell an air of worry or deep sighs.

@Leo: I agree. He seems to be having fun and enjoying himself. He doesn’t seem so uptight in these photos and video. I think the dancing video is cute btw. He’s having a good time.

@kristen: hahahahaha!!!!! Me too! Hes too funny when he…um..’dances’lol

Was Leo at the Neon carnaval?

@Leo: Exactly. Some don’t approve of his choices and never will, therefore nothing Leo does would not be indicating his inner misery or torment.
The disapproval or anger is disguised as concern for his ‘unhappiness’

@Amy: Thanks for the pics of Lukas. It seems he was at a different event. Ethan and Nikki also seemed to not be at the same parties as Leo yesterday afternoon.

Looks like an idiot

@#335: you forgot jealousy!

@Amy: No beautiful Lukas around the teenager? lol

electrolatino @ 04/13/2014 at 1:23 pm

@sadness: Your comment is so redundant. FAIL

@Dance?: Most people dancing look like idiots. Myself included. It’s about letting loose and having fun. It’s not a science experiment.

Coachella @ 04/13/2014 at 1:24 pm

Temporary distraction.


Which teenager? Hailee???

electrolatino @ 04/13/2014 at 1:28 pm

@….: Yes, especially those who try hard to dance like in music videos LOL

@Amy: Haha that story was hilarious :-) and thanks for the pictures and update on Lukas.

@Dance?: Give him credit. Leo looks like an idiot all the time. So this dance actually wasnt that bad

Actually in the dancing vid, he looks like he’s fight or something…LOL
No sense of rhythm.

Laughing stock

poor toni @ 04/13/2014 at 1:39 pm

I love drunk Leo! He’s so much more fun then regular Leo.

At least he was with her on the stage of the music she likes.

Leo is with Toni right now. OMG!

Helllooo, how are you all. I’m just on quickly because I have an appointment.
I feel bad for Leo, he doesn’t want to be photographed. I hope he will get into work soon 😄
I hope everything goes ok #### x
I feel like Toni is morphing into something she’s not, Cancers are good at adapting and accept change but she should remember “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of being a second-rate version of someone else.”-Judy Garland
Moon in libra people usually need their partner to tag along with them wherever they go.
Quick question: Does anyone know what Milan’s birthday is?
Thanks, have a great day 😊

Flash news @ 04/13/2014 at 1:52 pm

@together: serious? wasnt with her last night too?

@Flash news: They are having sex.

Flash news @ 04/13/2014 at 1:56 pm

@together: it’s their first time?

@Flash news: are you kidding me?

@together @ 04/13/2014 at 1:58 pm

@together: ewww, with his mommy down the hall?

@together: Are you Toni’s friend? The famewhore Gabriela? Are you listening them behind the door? want to join them? Leo’s door are open to any girl.

Did anyone here see this before? It’s Colbchella! :)

@366: Do you think he would be thinking about his mommy?

Gabriela is masturbating right now in Leo’s bathtub cumming and screaming Leo’s name.

@lolz: what??? Do you think I’d do that?

@together @ 04/13/2014 at 2:03 pm

@together: I hope the hell not!

@Amy: Thanks for the Lukas Haas pictures. He seriously looks like the most boring guy ever!

@FYI: yes, now my name is Gabriela *sigh*

Toni is in doggie-style position having anal sex and screaming she just want to become Gisele.

@373: Thank you nice guy.

@lolz: You must be drunk

@lolz: I just hope you are joking.

Leo should check Toni’s friend bag just in case she took some souvenirs from his room.

Looks like the video is spreading all over the place. LOL

@lolz: son of a b*tch

Colbert> Leo @ 04/13/2014 at 2:12 pm

Even Stephen Colbert is a better dancer than Leo! LOL

Sex is over. They are already dressing. Leo grabbed his e cig in and Toni grabbed her cellphone

I just heard it in the grapevine.

Leo dances like a little 5 year old! lol

@together: leo’s BIIIIG.please.she needs time to come round( prior to grabbing her cellphone)

I think Gabriela put the E cig in her ****** when Leo was charging it.

@kid: but he IS a five yo…mentally

Ewww I just saw Toni grabbing a veggie from the fridge. I believe she’s gonna finish what Leo couldnt.

Once I saw a tennis ball all sticky in Toni’s room.

Its so ridiculous to watch a 40 year old man moving awkwardly his body, pretending to dance
I understand he wants to have some fun but leo is becoming a barrel of laughs as of late and im afraid this year is gonna be just like the previous one ,if not worse
Lets prepare our stomachs,y’all

Leo just said that his e-cig has a funny taste. Like citric.

@together: THANK YOU FOR THAT.

@FYI: YOU TOO. Now go to find boyfriends.

Flash news @ 04/13/2014 at 2:33 pm

Leo never had sex with Gisele, Bar, Blake or Erin. He was saving for Toni.

@LOSER: I’m not that naive stupid

And there are two together

@together: You are just stupid.

Ok, I am. Good bye

Game time @ 04/13/2014 at 2:39 pm

Next destination after Coachella.

Oh, and sorry to disturb your sexuality lol

Brace yourself @ 04/13/2014 at 2:40 pm

More older more embarrassing.

Leo just cumm deep inside tony pus sy. I don’t see any condom. Baby in 9 month?

The 27 years old virgins need to get laid.

sugarbaby @ 04/13/2014 at 2:44 pm

Can someone explain me all these ppl, gabriella, halie and the others and their relation to leo and toni, I’m so confused! I’m happy Leo is having fun but he defo trying to hold onto his youth big time, he will hit the big 40 later this yr, how long can he keep up with this lifestyle..? Besides his creepy childhood friends, he hangs out with ppl his age… thats just sad…. what do 20 yr olds know??

Oh snap, he is coming toward the pool. I am pretending i didn’t the see them. Palm spring is too hot as hell.

I just found this on Toni’s cellphone

Love is Real @ 04/13/2014 at 2:48 pm

Not true, Leo always *** in her mouth.

You're annoying! @ 04/13/2014 at 2:49 pm

@together: Can you go take your meds?

Toni used Leo’s cu m as lip gloss.

Coachella almost is over. But he’s convincing everyone to stay a little more and even bribing them with FREE All-expenses Paid Vacations to any EXOTIC Locations!

I knew he would take Toni to Coachella. Now, I’m curious about the MTV movie awards. I believe it’s a couple hours drive back into the city. Of course, if Jonah is going to be there, perhaps they have something fun planned for the audience. Whoever wins best shirtless scene should go on stage shirtless. Zach Efron said he would. ;-)

Leo gonna surprise you no traveling during the actual holidays.

@PG: Take her or both would be there?

@together: I’m no Toni fan, I don’t like her but seriously? That’s just too much and not funny.

When Leo is starting working?

@So: I’m afraid not soon enough.

Leo is just “recreating” what he has already seen in his mind, Gradually he will clear up his inner doubts and the confusion about being or not with the right person will fade.

Take care.

Forgot to say, all the travels have a purpose have much to do with this. And discover the balance between work and life.

I have never seen so many comments on Paul Wesley post before. Good for him! :D

@Big D:
@BigD, I know he’s worn such things in his hair but did you add in the barrette comment or was that too in her book, lol?

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