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Jared Leto Wins MTV Movie Award, Presented to by Lupita Nyong'o!

Jared Leto Wins MTV Movie Award, Presented to by Lupita Nyong'o!

Jared Leto poses with Lupita Nyong’o while walking backstage after giving an acceptance speech at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday (April 13) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor won the award for Best Transformation for his work as Rayon in the Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club.

Lupita Nyong’o, who he was rumored to be dating throughout awards season, presented the award to him and they shared a super cute moment on stage.

Later in the show, Jared presented an award and asked if anyone in the audience could give him a ride back to Coachella. In case you missed it, check out photos of him at the music festival this weekend.

Jared Leto Wins MTV Movie Award, Presented to by Lupita Nyong’o!

FYI: Jared is wearing Saint Laurent with Vans shoes.

20+ pictures inside of Jared Leto at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 01
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 02
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 03
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 04
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 05
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 06
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 07
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 08
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 09
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 10
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 11
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 12
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 13
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 14
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 15
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 16
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 17
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 18
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 19
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 20

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  • Caroline

    Lupita looks so gorgeous!!!

  • Kim-Noooo

    Very cute

  • holly

    Awesome! Love Jared and his future ex-wife!!

  • Coachella

    Lupita doesn’t look great. She looks like his mother.

    Anyway Jared left early the award show and went back to Coachella to keep hanging out with their friends Chloe, Jamie…….



    Lupita is dating rapper K’naan and he was with her yesterday night.

    Lupita and Jared are PR friends at award shows.


    @LUPITA AND K’NAAN: Please show us the proof

  • Twitter

    One of my followers on twitter met K’naan last night… In NY, and he had a show on Saturday . There’s no way he was in LA yesterday .
    Jared looked great! Lupita could’ve worn something better though.

  • Hal

    Lupita is such a star, radiant, cute and so GORGEOUS!

  • they’re friends NOW but soon

    they will be dating.

  • tuulz

    ummm i got other pics of them at the MTV they share a special bond…… her body language spoke it all……

  • ashley

    Yeah, both their body languages said it. And Jared spent time with Lupita after presenting. They even took a pic together with Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna. The way they both were looking at each other. There is something there.

  • Gypsy

    It was no accident that there were seated together, at these events you choose who you want to sit with.
    Lupita came alone and Jared came alone and they sat together.
    Also, they ask each nominee, that, if they win who do they want to present their award. – so Jared picked Lupita.

    Jared’s plus-one and Lupita plus-one were each other so they freed up two seats for others. :)
    Also, that embrace on stage was very familiar, legs apart and body fully pressed, that was not a just-friends embrace, but that’s all good I think they make a beautiful looking contrasting couple, like David Bowie and Iman.

  • Stephanie


    You nailed it perfectly! Those two are keeping things to themselves but the body language says it all every time!

  • Lois


    Can you share them?


    ……………WITHOUT LUPITA…….XDD which proves, one more time, that there’s nothing going on with those two.

    Jared left QUICKLY the MTV awards because he wanted to party with his friends in Coachella,

    So he DIDN’T ”spend most of the night with Lupita ” as some shippers want us to believe.

    Here’s a pic of Jared yesterday night at Coachella, after the MTV awards.

  • Chloe

    After this weekend, it’s obvious that Lupita and Jared don’t have a secret thing going on. It’s just the shippers’ wishful thinking. One would think that after weeks separated, they would have spent more time together.But this didn’t happen.

    Instead of that, Jared has been in Coachella all the time having fun with Chloe Bartoli and other friends.- NOT Lupita- All of them are living together at the same rented house in the desert.

  • The awful thruth

    The fact that Jared travelled in helicopter was because he wanted to STAY IN COACHELLA TILL THE LAST MINUTE! ! !

    It had nothing to do with Lupita. It’s just the opposite, in fact,…..hahahaha

    Also, Jared didn’t want to stay at the awards- and with Lupita-, and he left the show very soon and went back to Coachella


    Even the crazy jarpita shippers complained in lipstickalle board about how COLD Jared looked next to Lupita.

    But atfer the PR pics with Lupita were taken, Jared looked very smitten with this cute guy…….

  • Lupita and K’naan


    K’naan had a show on Saturday but he had Sunday off.

    Some people saw K’naan waiting for Lupita at the car before the MTV Awards.


    @PR PICS:

    Interesting pic……… Lupita is talking to other people in the background.

    Illusions of closeness created for tv and award shows when in reality, it’s not true

    Five minutes turned into 20 pics of illusions. I love hollyweird ability to manipulate and its actors are great for playing along.


    It’s just another red carpet, another awards show……Another PR show.

    BTW, Jared could have been with Lupita at GLAAD awards on aturay BUT HE WASN’T……xD He preferred to be with his friends at Coachella.

    And also, Lupita could have been with Jared in Coachella on Friday. BUT SHE WASN’T………XD

    That’s NOT how a couple act……lmao

    The fact that you think that sitting them in a proximity-not together- means that they are a couple, proves how crazy and obsessed you are.

    There are many crazies like you and MTV want to troll with you…


    It must be a really special place for Jared and Colin Farrell……….

    Colin Farrell hiking in Runyon Canyon-

    Jared Leto hiking in Runyon Canyon-

  • Raelyn

    Are you f()cking kidding me right now? You see that object in Jared’s hand, well it happens to be a MTV award, no biggie guys :/ I hear they’re actually giving them out to any arseh()le these days.. But hey, let’s not rock the boat and mention Jared’s achievements… It’s far more important to talk about who he was seen with/is dating/is not dating/what he was wearing/what other’s were wearing. WHO GIVES A RATS @RSE…!

    Humanity has a lot to answer for these days…

    Congrats go out to Jared <3

  • http://google They are not teenagers!

    I just had to respond to this CHILDISH reasoning by the negative folks.
    While I don’t PRETEND to know their relationship, Jared is 42 and Lupita is 31. They are NOT insecure teenagers (or with that mentality)
    who need to have all of the same interest or habits. She doesn’t strike
    me as the type that would like spending a whole weekend in a dusty and UNSANITARY environment probably having to listen to a lot of music she didn’t necessarily like in order to hear something that she does like. Jared LOVES music so he doesn’t mind what I (also) would consider a crappy way to spend my weekend (if you can’t tell, I’m writing from experience). My point being that MATURE people can let others be themselves and do THEIR thing; they don’t have to spend every waking moment together! They can have their own friends, they don’t speak of personal things in public and they are not insecure or possessive! BTW, I have over 20 years of experience!!

  • Vicki

    I met K’naan last night in Manhattan, NY..a cool guy. I don’t think he’s dating Lupita though. Who knows.

  • Vicki

    I agree @They are not teenagers!

    People should really mind their business.

  • http://google BTW

    Google all of the photos of Jared and Lupita together…and check out


  • To Vicki

    @Vicki: What makes you say that?

  • Not together

    They are not together and never will be. Jared likes her as a friend. Why are people comparing her to Jlaw? Jlaw lost and already has many roles lined up. Kate Blanchette, Barkhad Abdi, Mathew also have roles. Jared is touring with his band. Lupita is th eonly one with no acting gig. Shiping her with Jared will not help her get an acting job.

  • Sarah

    @Not together:


    She doesn’t have to act, she has her Lancome deal and she can sit on her ass and rub her fingers through Jared’s hair all day and take her on shopping sprees AGAIN. Stay mad bitch.

  • constance

    I don’t know what’s going on but the 2 have some kind of connectoin. Maybe Jared isn’t totally comfortable in an interacial relatoinsihip. If he was having so much fun @ coachella why come to MTV @ all. Jlaw skipped it. Part of me thinks he wanted to see her.

  • Nope

    Jared couldn’t stand JLaw. But I agree on the connection with him and Lupita and I think he’s down with IR. They’re just two different people from 2 different worlds.

  • Not together

    The truth hurts. She wants to get a good role in a good movie and that has happened for everyone in March except her. Hollywood only has 15 minutes of her being raped and crying. Not a lot to go by. Hope she enjoys her hideous stubby fingers while talented newcomer Barkhad directs a movie and prepares for 2 other roles. Haha.

  • Not together

    Haha. Don’t worry about talented Best actress Jlaw. She has many roles and is happily dating Nic. Jared is flirting with many women.

  • K

    If Jared Leto gets Lupita to the altar, I don’t think “ex” will eve cross his mind again.

  • Alice

    @They are not teenagers!:
    There is always a negative excuse of even entertaining a tiny thought of Lupita and Jared dating or having a crush or friendship with some people on here. Not sure what the motive is, but it’s quite cruel. Jared just revealed in an interview that he has a special bond with Lupita. Dating or not, that says something. The way they’re making it, he can’t stand her and everything is a PR stunt. Which anyone who follows Jared’s career knows he don’t play that. He also does not let anyone into his love life. He stopped doing that years ago due to the constant paparazzi intrusion. That’s why you rarely see him too much with the women he dates. He kerps it secret. So who is to say they may or may not be. We don’t know, it’s possible. If so, it’s their business. They are adults.
    He’s not Leo DiCaprio or other actors who brings their chicks to Coachella. If anything, Jared is the type who likes privacy and would set up a date behind the scenes to avoid gossip.

    Both of them are private, independent. He likes women that are like that if you look at who he has dated. Jared likes to have fun but he is also 42 anda mature adult who protects his privacy when it comes to his relationships.

  • Alice

    Jared obviously wanted to spend time with Lupita, even briefly. You can see how comfortable they are in the pics, laughing and talking. He even spent time talking to her after he presented. He didn’t “jet” off in the helicopter. So, when he was kneeling down talking to her or had her arm around his when they walked off the stage or when he thanked her let me guess the negative naysayers…”oh, he only did it for pr or to make Colin Farrell jealous”.

    And it’s really disturbing to keep seeing how Jared “flirts” or he’s with all these women. No one knows him personally, not even me. But, to knock him down like he’s an immature man slut is not right at all. Same goes for tjose insulting Lupita as if she is not good enough to date Jared. She is beautiful, talented with a degree. Sure that is what he likes about her. She’s the first chick in a long time that has brought a smile to his face. I don’t know what they are to each other but instead of being nasty people should be positive. I know I am. I like seeing Jared happy.

  • http://google BTW

    The person who mentioned body language was definitely onto something. (Even when he’s supposedly “flirting”…that’s the REAL PR)!
    I’ve been checking out different body language sites and Jared and Lupita’s “love” body language is off the charts.
    sign#17 on Her Interest:..”When a guy stretches his hands, especially an upward palm, towards you, it is his way of signaling to you that he wants to get closer to you and for you to get closer to him…”
    On Wildflower66: “One of the signs of flirting body language in men is that their hands, legs and knees will be spread to show that they like her and are open for a relationship”.
    Now, look at how Jared approaches the stage and Lupita at the MTV
    Movie Awards! Wow!

  • farila

    @Alice: You’re creepy, you talk like yu know Jared, his behavior, and his relationships. You do know you’re just like us, typing on your keyboard, but knowing nothin about his life?
    He danced with some chick in Coachella, there’s video on youtube, there’s a pic of him in a hotel room ith (supposedly) a girl.
    Stop acting likeJ is a character of your fanfiction.

  • Not at All

    Lupita and Knaan are a pr couple meaning its fake, her and Jared are in fact together (read that on a blind)

  • Enews

    Jared and Lupita definitely not a couple. He denied it again last night on an interview and just said he shares a special connection with all winners from last year.

  • http://google BTW

    I don’t see where he actually denies anything.
    When ask about Lupita recently, Jared said that “he would take all the love that he could get”.
    They may not be dating, but his (and her) body language says he’s open to the idea!

  • http://google BTW

    …And his eyes look dilated when she announces his name!

  • Not at All

    Hmm, u notice how he let her hold his popcorn lol to me that says a lot

  • Lupe

    He didn’t deny anything. He did an interview with some chick from Extra. That’s the lady someone said he was in a hotel with. She was trying to flirt hard, he didn’t like he normally does. He was subdued, serious and said when he was looking for a girlfriend in Australia it was teasing. Let them believe what they want to believe.

  • Lupe

    You’re making sense so that’s creepy. What you said is the truth.

  • Enews

    Leto denied it on an interview with the former Bachelorette for ENews two days ago. He point blank denied it. Stop making things up. She is not his type and he will never date her.

  • To Crazy Shippers


    Please………Jared went to MTV awards because he was NOMINATED in TWO categories and he was going to win one of them.

    As soon as he could, he went back to Coachella.

    Jared’s life DOESN’T revolve around Lupita. For the shippers, Its time to face he truth.

  • the truth

    @Not together:


    Lupita is only in the news because of the Lancome contract and of course, for the PR relationship with Jared Leto. at award shows.

    Not because of her work as an actress.



    You are wrong. Jared has been part of PR relationships in the past

    Two of his ”girlfriends” are the most known beards in Hollywood, always linked to the usual suspects as Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon, Ryan Reynolds…….

    Jared is paranoid about his private and romantic life. The fact that he is posing for those pcs and speaking about Lupita -AND THE OTHER OSCARS WINNERS-, don’t forget that-, just proves that he is NOT interested in her in a romantic way.

    And that’s not being” cruel, racist or nasty”.

    It’s saying the truth instead of posting fanfics..