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Jared Leto Wins MTV Movie Award, Presented to by Lupita Nyong'o!

Jared Leto Wins MTV Movie Award, Presented to by Lupita Nyong'o!

Jared Leto poses with Lupita Nyong’o while walking backstage after giving an acceptance speech at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday (April 13) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actor won the award for Best Transformation for his work as Rayon in the Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club.

Lupita Nyong’o, who he was rumored to be dating throughout awards season, presented the award to him and they shared a super cute moment on stage.

Later in the show, Jared presented an award and asked if anyone in the audience could give him a ride back to Coachella. In case you missed it, check out photos of him at the music festival this weekend.

Jared Leto Wins MTV Movie Award, Presented to by Lupita Nyong’o!

FYI: Jared is wearing Saint Laurent with Vans shoes.

20+ pictures inside of Jared Leto at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 01
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 02
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 03
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 04
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 05
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 06
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 07
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 08
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 09
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 10
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 11
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 12
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 13
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 14
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 15
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 16
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 17
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 18
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 19
jared leto lupita nyongo mtv movie awards 20

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  • mars


    These shippers need to get a life. Or a real boyfriend instead of trying to live ivcarously through a non-existent relationship between Lupita and Jared.

    They claim that ”nobody knows what’s going on with them” but they are going in a psychological rant and long ridiculous testamenst about ”body language as if they knew Jared.

    But they don’t. have a clue.XDD

  • Stop The Madness

    Oh, here we go again with the know it all “non-shippers” if you call it who are accusing Jared of being a gay paranoid PR stunt queen. The same thing they accuse everyone else here of they do. Like they know Jared and which type of woman he would date. Then have the nerve to say it’s not nasty. You’re accusing the guy of being gay and worse.


    In the coment above…¬¬¬ You should take a lesson from Leto himself.

    Jared Leto.- “If I saw a man and I was attracted… I would follow through with it.”

    Eonline.-. NEWS/ ”Jared Leto Doesn’t Mind Being Called “Queer,” Slams the South as “Oppressive”

  • To Enews

    Enews @ 04/20/2014 at 11:22 am

    ”Leto denied it on an interview with the former Bachelorette for ENews two days ago. He point blank denied it. Stop making things up. She is not his type and he will never date her”.

    Thanks for the info.

  • K’naan and Lupita are an item

    There are MANY similar pics of Lupita posing with James Franco , with Michael B.Jordan, with Michael Fassbender, with Leo DiCaprio , Mathew McConaghey….etc……etc……., even holding hands with them.

    Whch proves once again, that there’s NOTHING special in her pics with Jared, no matter how hard the Jarpita stans try to convince themselves….lol.

  • K’naan and Lupita are an item

    Lupita attended at K’naan’s concert yesterday in NY. Lupita’s cousin was there too.

    Now the crazy shippers will be like ”they’re friends, it doesn’t mean anything,,,,blah, blah….”

    I bet those shippers wouldn’t say the same if Lupita was spotted at a 30STM show….lmao


    I think actions speak louder than words.

    - Jared only had a few days off before starting touring again around the world

    - Jared has been these days in Coachella acting like a single man. Not with Lupita.

    - Lupita has gone back to NY where yesterday, she was seen supporting K’naan in his gig.

  • http://google BTW

    That’s exactly my point with the body language…it does not lie!
    So if you’re not afraid to investigate, you’ll see it.
    They may NOT be dating, but his body says he’s into her…period!
    I know all you deniers will still just cover your eyes and ears and
    say, “la, la, la, la, I can’t see or hear, LA, LA,LA!
    K-K-K’naan! C-C-Colin! So……..whatever!
    Also, I happened to watch “Alexander” this weekend and Jared doesn’t even seem gay in the movie!?! I know he was supposed to be gay in the movie but it didn’t come across to me…but he did look gorgeous!

  • http://google BTW

    I have a husband so I probably have WAY more of a life than you do!
    I don’t need to live vicariously through anyone! I just think they look
    HAPPY and beautiful when they are together…no more-no-less! And
    I hope they can both get what I have in my life…if not together, then I just hope they have happy lives (like mine)!

  • http://google BTW

    I see some Jared fan on the Just Jared staff (probably the same one
    who wrote the they “…Are Definitely Not Dating” story shortened the
    video on this site of Jared walking on stage toward Lupita! That’s just


    BTW, thanks for the laughs……LOLOLOLOL

    if you don’t see Jared being gay in the movie ”Alexander” , then you’re blind and that explains the rest of your coments……..

    Of course, the fact that Lupita after the MTV awards, ran to NY to be with K’naan while Jared was HAPPY in Cochella WITHOUT her, must be part of that conspiracy of Just Jared ….hahaha

  • http://google What?

    Now it’s back to the right length, but it’s pink? Someone should be fired!

  • TO BTW

    You reminds me of one of those lunatic Robsteners who are married women with children and even with grandchildren, who have spent the last five years living VICARIOUSLY THROUGH A ‘COUPLE’ THAT ONLY EXISTED IN THEIR FANTASIES.

    They analysed every gesture,every look, every ‘signal’, their ‘body language’…lol and refusing to face the reality, now those married women beieve that Kristen is pregnant with Rob’s baby.

    That’s PATHETIC and if you don’t stop with the Jarpita lunacy, you’re going to end like these women and their pathetic fantasies.

  • http://google What?

    You’re probably the one doing it! LOLOLOLOL myself

    She probably didn’t “run” to NY…she lives in NY.
    And…you must be one of those people who sees adult relationships as if they were teenagers and movies as if they are real life!

  • the secret is out

    I want that ”expert in body language’ blind BTW – lol- analyses pics lie these ones.

    This is chemistry and intimacy


    No, that’s you. A married middle aged women living vicariously through a couple that DOESN’T exist.

    You can’t face the truth.

    -Jared is having fun and is happy in LA without Lupita

    - Lupita after the MTV Awards went back to NY to be with K’naan.

  • Lupita and K’naan in N Y

    @K’naan and Lupita are an item:

    Lupita and her cousin were at K’naan’s concert yesterday in NYC.

  • Emmy

    @TO BTW:
    Well, the Jarpita board in lipstick alley is already a joke and probably, posters like BTW come from that place.

  • http://google BTW

    @TO BTW:
    If you don’t get over the “Robstener” thing already……!?! My God!

    You “reminds” me of a person who is always saying that the people who don’t agree with him/her are crazy or a lunatic, but you cannot even get over the “Twilight” thing? Oh…. it’s you…. and you seem DISTRESSED over this stuff… wanting people to STOP! You know you
    can just stop reading about this, right? No one is making you read what
    I want (and have every right) to say. No one is making you follow these
    “stories” unless you actually DO work for JJ. LOLOLOLOLOL

    Your response speaks volumes. I don’t need your concern…I’m just fine and having fun…are you?

  • http://google BTW

    Here’s me facing the “truth” because it really IS pathetic for me to keep
    responding to you all.
    Jared is Definitely gay! Lupita is Definitely dating K’naan! Body language is “junk” science! Because I’m happily married, I have no right to voice my opinion! I must be a crazy “shipper” lunatic from lipstick alley (whatever that is?) because I disagree with some of you!
    I know “less” than you do because I’m probably older than some of you!
    Did I miss anything? If so, I am Definitely wrong about that as well!
    God Bless!

  • Hermes

    It’s not your intention but you are right in almost all you have said above…….hahaha

    If Jared doesn’t seem ”gay” to you in ”Alexander” , maybe Oliver Stone should have put this scene in the movie.

    Jared talked about it and he sounds as he was dying to film it with Colin……XDD. Maybe in the Ultimate Cut.

    “If there was [a sex scene], you better believe it would be the best sex scene you ever saw in your life. They could have never done another man-to-man sex scene after that. It would have been the quintessential fckfest of all time.”- Jared Leto

  • I’ll wrap my hands around your

    @the secret is out:

    neck with love…”

    In a very recent 30STM Meet and Greet ,a fan asked Jared about Colin Farrell and he said ”that’s my private life”.

    Very telling.–large-msg-121019833944.jpg

  • Amy

    Both, Jared and Lupita, are using their award friendship to keep the media away from their respective real relationships.

  • stop the madness again

    It’s no use BTW because they’ll keep calling you nuts, a “Robstener”, or pull out some twitter account from Lupita’s “cousin” that doesn’t look related or a fake signature on a ticket stub to try and link her to K’naan. Just so Jared can remain “single” and available in their minds.

    Never mind at least the one chick who was there at the MTV Movie Awards had actual footage of Jared and Lupita sitting together. At least, you know that the other story of him kissing her on the cheek and kneeling down to talk to her might be plausible.

    From that, I do believe your body language synopsis. And Jared has been busy working to promote Artifact while Lupita lives in New York. She didn’t run there. Who knows if they spent time together or not before she left. The only pics I’ve seen of her were posted on the 17th. And she’s wearing similar boots he normally wears. He’s also been more serious in his interviews this past week.

    That’s alright BTW. Everyone is nuts and crazy just to entertain the thought those two may be dating or remotely interested in each other. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the photoshopped pic of Jared and Colin Farrell hiking or some b.s. Great way to insult our intelligence.


    BTW and Madness, you are pobably the same person.

    Go back to LSA to post the same ridiculous fanfics and homophobic crap.

    Just to keep living vicariously a relationship that DOESN’T EXIST.

    -Jared left the award show very quickly to come back to Coachella to keep having fun WITHOUT LUPITA.

    According to witnesses, all those pics with Lupita were taken in less than 5 minutes.

    - Lupita went back to NY TO BE WITH K’NAAN . She was seen at K’naan concert on Saturday.


  • the secret is out

    @stop the madness again:

    Sadly for you and your fantasies, Lupita is in NY with Knaan XDD

    And these pics of Jared with Colin Farrell don’t need to be photoshopped. Analyse their body language……………if you dare.


    For the homophobic Jarpita stan.-.

  • the madness continues

    No, we’re not the same person. And enough with the stupid lipstick alley crap. You must go on there or be a constant poster because you keep talking about it. If I need a source, I go to tumblr with the rest of the echelon, or at least necole bitchie or a blind item gossip page where it provides some sane relevance to the topic at hand. You all pushing the Lupita/K’naan and Jared/Colin stuff are more like the “robsteners” you keep saying everyone else is. And no one is a homophobe! Obviously, no one knows how to read properly. The point is it’s ignorant to say Jared is gay because he doesn’t open up about his relationships. THAT is homophobic and the point I was making. Just as it’s ignorant for people to now say Lupita is gay and using Jared as a beard. It’s childish.
    And when I see up close pics of Lupita and K’naan then shut the door. Otherwise, I’ve seen about a million pics of her and Jared and the same “robsteners” keep dusting off the same two pics. In addition to posting “Oooh, look Lupita was at K’naan’s concert. Look at the pic of her hand on Twitter”. When you see Jennifer Lawrence with Nic, you see them together and they’re private. Same with other actresses who are new It girls. It’s not like he’s Nas Escobar or KRS-One status where it needs to be top secret. Every paparazzi shot of her in New York or her posting on IG in New York has been of herself or her and her friends. And people who were at his concert while she was in L.A. said they did not think they were together.
    No one is speculating what is going on with Jared or Lupita. Again, no one knows but don’t insult somebody because we’re not on the denial train if we think there is a possibility.

  • Megan

    @the madness continues:

    If you don’t want to be compared to a crazy robstener, don’t act like one of them ignoring the facts.

    Your last post with all those insults, isn’t helping either.

  • anon

    @the secret is out:

    She doesnt dare to analyse the obvious body language between Colin and Jared because that would be too dangerous for her fantasies…..hahaha

    Anyway, it doesn’t change the fact that even film critics believe that Jared/Colin is an open secret in Hollywood since many years ago.

  • Lupita and K’naan

    Lupita and K’naan are often spotted together in NY.

    At several restaurants, at yoga classes, walking in the street,….etc, etc. Also ,Lupita has attended at K’naan shows.

    In a radio show prior the Oscars, the host said that she had dinner with Lupita and her musician boyfriend, who was obviously,K naan. Leto was touring in Europe at that time.

    Only obsessed fans in denial can ignore all this.

  • Cray, Cray LSA

    I’ve taken a look at that Jared/Lupita lipstick alley board and, omg….those people are really crazy.

    They are living in an alternate universo or what….lol.

  • Wanna ask a question

    Between , who was the girl sat next to him with glasses at the movie awards ? she was with him in behind the scenes too !

  • Mollymollymolly


  • Rem

    @Cray, Cray LSA:

    Those lunatic Jarpita shippers need to be locked down.


    Jared and Lupita have the same agency -CAA- so it’s likel,y that they have arranged their award frienship.

  • question

    Jared is more beautiful than Lupita.
    Lupita is average. She is NOT most beautiful in America, Africa or Mexico. Why can’t they put a beautiful black woman on the cover? Either we get bleached skin blonde hair beyonce or plain-boy looking lupita. What about Gabrielle, Vanessa and Robin.


    @Lupita and K’naan:

    once again, Lupita was at K’naan’s concert in NY last night .

    Bryan Greenberg and his girlfriend Jamie Chung were yesterday at K’naan’s show and they met Lupita there.


    It seems that lately, Cameron Diaz is stepping more and more out of the closet….

    And she was, supossedly, Jared’s most serious relationship…lol

    Ii must be true those rumors about Jared leaving Cameron in 2003 to be with Colin Farell……..

  • the secret is out

    Anyway, it doesn’t change the fact that even film critics believe that Jared/Colin is an open secret in Hollywood since many years ago.


    @Cray, Cray LSA:

    They should stop feeding those unbalanced obsessive shippers.

    It’ getting embarrassing.