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Kendall Jenner Wears Large Hoop Nose Ring at Coachella

Kendall Jenner Wears Large Hoop Nose Ring at Coachella

Kendall Jenner wears a large hoop ring in her nose while attending the Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party held during day three of weekend one of the 2014 Coachella Music Festival on Sunday (April 13) in Thermal, Calif.

The 18-year-old reality star and budding model’s nose ring had a chain that connected it to her right ear as well.

This isn’t the first interesting outfit choice for Kendall during her weekend at Coachella. She covered her face in a row of jewels the day before while checking out the music scene with her younger sister Kylie Jenner.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kendall Jenner’s nose ring?

FYI: Kendall is wearing a Johnny Was Maycrest scarf.

10+ pictures inside of Kendall Jenner at the pool party…

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kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 01
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 02
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 03
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 04
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 05
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 06
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 07
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 08
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 09
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 10
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 11
kendall jenner hoop nose ring coachella 12

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  • Monday

    “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”

    Wise words from Coco Chanel

  • Yar

    She looks like an idiot.

  • spirit7

    Ha Ha Ha. She looks like an idiot. Ha ha ha ha

  • lola

    What the hell is that ???

  • N


  • sera

    so pathetic

  • Zzz

    What a dumb@$$
    Did Kris push out at least one smart kid?

  • Yesus

    @Monday: or just put a bag over your head as in this case.

  • commonsense

    An absolute a$$hole!

  • Yesus

    She looks mentally challenged.

  • Ali

    Can’t open any of the pictures :/


    This family is full of surprises. Just when you think they can’t get any tackier, they manage to find a way.

  • abby


  • Lily

    first the Bindis and beads on the forehead and now this?! Coachella is a music festival not a freak show for attention w****s

  • folkloraine

    That isn’t a nose ring.That’s an earring for god sakes! Kids these days.I look up to no one in the Kardashian and Jenner household that’s for sure.

  • essie

    Lol!! Looks she stuck a hoop earring up her nose..

  • Alaia

    Somebody should rip it off her. That’ll teach her a lesson to not try so hard.

  • ganogki

    UMMMM .. NO this will not become a thing

  • effy

    anything for attention…

  • Jessie

    Ugh, what a tool.

  • fran

    cultural appropriation much

  • qwerty

    Poor thing, someone probably told her she pulls this off.

  • go go

    So clueledd

  • qwerty

    By the way, pics dont work

  • ken

    she doesn’t realize she’s stupid

  • go go


  • earring

    She’s silly. She already has mannerisms of celebrity.

  • no

    as an indian girl, usually things like bindis being worn by everyone doesnt bother me. but this does. ew, no. stop that.

  • Yesus

    She and her dumbass sister are the two biggest jokes at Coachella. Someone ought to rip that ridiculous hoop earring off of her nose.

  • Louise

    Utterly ridiculous…total attention seeker and looks absolutely stupid whilst doing it.

  • nfjrwijioejf

    well doesn’t she just look stupid…

  • chopstiks

    this family of attention seekers all try WAY too hard to be edgy

  • photonyc

    her mother or stupid sisters probably told her she could pull it off!

  • Ha

    Too bad someone didn’t grab it and tear it out.

  • Cate

    No words…

  • lol

    she looks like a fool, i thought she was smarter than this but then again…… lol wtf?

  • Welly

    They hole family is supied. That is gross!!!!!!! Go outside with a earring in her nose and have people looking at her.

  • pam

    Really Maybe she missed her earlobe and did not realize it Because that is how it looks Like a big mistake!!! Pretty girl fashion gone wrong!!!

  • Marcia

    @Monday: in Helena Bonham Carter’s case, it’s “take about eight things off”. She won’t be stark naked, she’ll be in clothing without a bunch of her AMAZING accessories on.

  • http://*****@emawashere***** Emz

    I doubt it’s a real piercing as it looks pretty thick and to have a hoop you have to wear a stud for 8weeks to allow the cartilage to heal. Then she would have to work up to wearing this size of gauge as I doubt when first pierced the stud would be anything near the thickness of the large hoop she is wearing. Also Givenchy have shown models wearing large, bejwelled fake septums on their catwalks. So I’m guessing it’s just a fake one to wear on trend. Plus having a nose stud might impact her modelling career which also makes me think it’s fake. I think it’s out there and quirky and a bit of fun. Plus she’s so pretty she can pull it off!

  • ari

    Large nose rings such as the one Kendall is wearing here is a practice in India. If you think it’s ugly, look it up, do your research. Have your aesthetic opinions but know that calling it ugly could offend people.

    One of the things Coachella is known for is cultural appropriation, ie when a person wears a thing from a culture/religion to which they do not belong because they think it’s trendy or cute. They wear it as an accesory; they do not wear it with the meaning that was intended by the culture. Many times they do not care. There are many, many articles written about celebrities appropriating cultures and how wrong it is. Buzzfeed and HuffPost, two sites featured on this one, have written about it. Indian headdresses and bindis are two common forms of cultural appropriation.

    This is one of those things.

    If someone gets offended by someone not in their culture or religion wearing something that means a lot to their culture or religion, it means that person should stop wearing the thing.

    So how about more people call out these celebrities (and everyday people who do it too!) because offending people is just not cool.

    When a sixteen year old white American girl can recognize that there’s a problem before the employed adult writer of this article can, there’s an issue with society.

  • ari

    I would also like to point out that the “row of jewels” the author of this article mentions Kendall wearing, is, in fact, a bindi. Totally surprising, right, because who knew bindis could exist in more forms than the single jewel between the brows.

    If you care to reseach, sites have already taken to writing about the offensiveness of this.

  • Qou


    Tht at is a traditional indian nose ring please do some research before you offend others and come off as a racist jerk.

  • Qouba


    That is not an earring it is a nose ring, please do some research before you open your mouth and offend others you racist jerk.

  • Qouba


    It already is in India, you guys are really ignorant.

  • Qouba


    SHUTUP racist bitch that is a nose ring it comes from india just like the bindis and the head chains you’ve probably worn before.

  • Qouba


    Thank you these people are really ignorant and only care about their American culture.

  • Qouba


    Stop it is an indian nose ring do dome research. Please.

  • Joaquin



  • Diedre

    That thing needs a good yank. Another stupid Kardashian brat.
    It will never end. As soon as these two get too ‘old’ to properly wh0re out, Kris will have groomed Penelope and North to take their place.