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Leonardo DiCaprio Plays it Cool at Coachella Pool Party!

Leonardo DiCaprio Plays it Cool at Coachella Pool Party!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps a low profile in his signature hat and sunglasses as he attends a Desert Pool Party held during the 2014 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday afternoon (April 12) at the Bootsy Bellows Estate in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor chatted up some friends and checked his phone messages while hanging out in his private cabana.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

The night before, Leo ducked his head down and tried to go unnoticed while attending the first day festivities.

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leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 02
leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 03
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leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 06
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# 1
newscomer @ 04/13/2014 at 3:29 pm

it has nothing to do with the thread but have you guys seen this ?

i knew she didn’t make that much, there is no way there is such a hudge gap between her and the others lies, forbes can be such a piece a sh*t

# 2

He’s almost 40 and lives as he’s 22.

# 4

We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun

# 5

soooo celebrities went to coachella?

# 6

I remember that one time Leo and I were at Coachella, it was one of the best nights of my life. We were all hot and sweaty, tensions were rising that day, I couldn’t get enough of him, especially while he was wearing that bestie boys shirt, that musk of his… if he hadn’t showered in weeks….his stomach that was plunging out of shirt……and ofc that big D of his……I JUST CAME SO FAST THINKING ABOUT IT! Leo knows how to swoon me EVERY SINGLE TIME. But I had to play it cool, there so many ppl and paps there. But that night tho, I still think about it everyday!

However, this Coachella is a lil diff, bc of Toni and all those other people. But look at him, he doesn’t even care about her. He’s either texting on his phone, dancing like a fool, or talking to other girls. He’s thinking about me THE WHOLE TIME. Does he ever actually spend time with Toni, HECK NOOO! There is a reason she has a group of girls with her.

I’m always here for Leo tho, and he’s always here for me! Leokas 4 life <3

# 7

n’awww toni wasnt at this party, must have been texting her

# 9
leo is GROSS @ 04/13/2014 at 3:44 pm

does he even bathe himself?

anyone else see the pic of Toni on Leo’s shoulders so she can see over the crowd…cute


Is that who he was texting at the farmer’s market? ;)

Really Leo, really. Ewwwwwwww.

@: Because miss this party to be with her was not an option?

hes so tanned jee

toni garrn @ 04/13/2014 at 3:48 pm

Oh please, toni garrn is a sluuut
She uses her body in order to make money
She is a high end ESCORT and leo only fuuucks hookers because his troubled childhood will haunt him for the eternity

the leo dance vid is doing the rounds, personally I thought it was great to watch him let loose…and they are clearly taking the p*ss….people need to stop taking things so seriously, you forgot Leo is a NORMAL HUMAN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, course he’s gonna goof off with his friends

@toni garrn: toni’s pu.ssy
is extra large size..haha

sugarbaby @ 04/13/2014 at 3:50 pm

@coacaa: Ya cute right…. like a father holding his daughter on his shoulders. What a precious family moment….

garrn is... @ 04/13/2014 at 3:51 pm

A hooker
Her mother is her pimp

@sugarbaby @ 04/13/2014 at 3:54 pm

Have u never had a boyfriend or something? Its common for boyfriends to let girlfriends go on their shoulders so they can see, so this makes all those girls sugar babies too? get a life man seriously

@les totally agree!!! I think its so refreshing to see Leo act like a normal person and let loose, he was at a music festival for crying out loud!! All my guy friends would act the same with each other just fooling around having a good time, Leo cant do anything right with you people

Tonis pussssay is extra large to fit leos huge peeeen, she must be stretched at this stage

Hahaha he was probably stoned, leave him be!! Nothing wrong with enjoying a smoke at a music festival….heck id be soooo embarrassed if someone filmed me dancing without me knowing, I’d look A LOT worse than that lol same goes for anyone who has ever danced in a club drunk/stoned!!

looks like hes having a dance off with one of his friends? not quite sure lol

I wonder if Leo will go on The Late Show after Letterman retires. I hope Colbert can get him to come on and dance!

@les: Hi! I completely agree with you! I think it’s great seeing Leo being goofy and having fun.

the dance video was deleted on instagram

must be looking for his next 20 year old to date.

Haha omg no way…I wonder did the girl delete it herself or did one of Leo’s people make her, lol


Too late. It’s on YT and there are gifs.

HAHAHAHAHA @ 04/13/2014 at 4:05 pm


@Zzzzzz hey! Yup I mean if he was sitting in a corner hiding people would be complaining “or hes depressed” or “he’s so uptight” and we finally get a video of him having fun and people bash that too…I give up!! :D

@les: Unfortunately, there are people that post here that no matter what Leo does, he’s going to be bashed. I’ve always wondered why they read and comment on his threads if they don’t like him. Maybe they are bored and have nothing better to do? Truthfully, I just skip all the comments that attack and bash people. Too much negativity! I suggest you do the same. :)

She Took It Down @ 04/13/2014 at 4:13 pm

So Leo’s lawyers work on a Sunday now?!?! If you look the video isn’t up there anymore! I didn’t know it was that serious! lol Leo should just live in a cave and call it a day…

What a difference @ 04/13/2014 at 4:14 pm

Last year he was at coachella with some random escorts, This year is with the official escorts.

i wonder is leo aware of it or is it just his people..

taking it down @ 04/13/2014 at 4:15 pm

Toni’s friends is next?

@@sugarbaby: so that they can see?!?! Toni is like 7 foot giant! If its anything…

@She Took It Down: Hi! I seriously doubt they can make her take it down since he was in a public place. I think they probably asked her to and maybe offered her money to remove it. Although, at this point, what difference does it make since it is all over the net. It’s like closing the barn door after all the animals escaped.

Can anyone tell what was the point of tagging his friends Vince on the picture with the pizzas?

I don’t get it? Leo is the the club dancing??? 24/7 I expected so much better from him… : (

@Leokas: Seems Lukas was on a break of Leo and the teenagers.

I know tagging Vinny is pretty desperate. Pretty silly that Toni needed a booster seat since she was probally the tallest chick there!

Seriously…what is Leo doing in the club all these years?????? I thought he would be some skilled dancer the amount of hours he has accumulated in the club. lol LOOOL now toni has posted the shoulder pic herself, cant make out leo on this one though…clever girl!

Toni is never clever! She has her friends do the dirty work! Just sneaky

Famewhores @ 04/13/2014 at 4:29 pm

Famewhoring in action.


It reminds me of how celebs delete tweets thinking that they’re gone forever…lol…

@lil: Three years after their breakup, Toni’s freaks are going to spam JJ thread with the same and only pictures.

The Toni and Leo is getting tiresome. I cant wait for the break up so people to stop only talk about it.

@Amy: Hi lady! Too true!

Totally agree with you guys! Seeing him enjoying the music and dancing like a fool but not caring just makes him so much more endearing, esp since we’re so used to seeing him hold himself back and we rarely see him ever have true fun. I’m glad the video is at least on YouTube and there are gifs of it forever LOL it made my day.

Expectation for tonight?

@HAHA12: He doesnt look like a fool. Its those people who are boring. He’s just breaking the ice.

I think he’s just having fun and not giving a f*ck. I only say he danced like a fool since everyone’s making fun of him for his whiteboy dancing lmao.

@HAHA12: I think he dances fun and not bad.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm @ 04/13/2014 at 4:55 pm

Glad he is having fun. Although I picture him always attending parties, club and acting like a child.

@HAHA12: Plus remember that Titanic scene dancing with Rose.

That Gabie girl is at it again took another pic of Django now she’s the clever one looks like the party moved to Palmchella! lol

hahahahahahaha @ 04/13/2014 at 4:58 pm

While there is a party Leo is happy. leos out and about shopping this morn, must not be hungover

This kid gets around tired of the Degrassi high kids ;)

Also can’t forget his breakdancing in Wolf

@HAHA12: True. But he looked kind of weird there.

He looks like a Neanderthal throwing a stone

Omg this is making the rounds everywhere!
LOL he did, but I think that was probably the point. When he was little kid he used to be a breakdancer. I think he’s always loved to dance.

@kristen – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! It does get old. That alone probably makes him feel old (not going to coachella, listening to good music, and having a few drinks-I would be doing that even at 50 years old). That’s called living and enjoying life.

re toni on his shoulders:i saw pix by my cell so they are what i see it doesnt like she is on his shoulders.if it was,ppl would take some other pix or at least tweeting about it all over place like his dancing.if im wrong can u correct me,guys,@####,zzzzz,newcomer or other fans?even her fans on bz didnt said that.just on his general threat kat said who always says even when u see she’s wrong.
re his pix of these days:what is he doing?look at him in that @lil’s tweet pic, it’s like he wanna be seen on a purpose.

@Marina: RIGHT ON!!!!!!!

@&: Maybe people did not comment or take pics because it was night time, and they were concentrating on the band on the stage? Still I was wondering when someone would claim she was not on his shoulder. Same as those who say his being at Coachella is a sign of his misery. Bus 1 v Bus 2 all over again

@lil: Thanks for the new pic!

@Amy: Thanks for posting that video if Stephen Colbert on the other thread. Very funny!

@Lilly (the question you asked on the other thread): I read somewhere some time ago that Milan was born in 1996 so he will turn 18 this year if this is true but I don’t know his exact birthdate.


Erica Farjo ‏@ericafarjo 2 h
Just saw Leonardo DiCaprio at breakfast. He’s not here for Arcade Fire, boy oh boy! #leo #coachella

Sasha Fierce ‏@sashasedigh 3 h
Leonardo DiCaprio just walked by me and I didn’t even recognize him

@&: Its tough to tell but in one of the pics there is a slight hint of a newsboy cap and you can clearly see Leo’s bodyguard in front of them.
The fact that she does not reference whose shoulder she is on, even in a hashtag, makes me think its Leo. Also there would not have been much secrecy of the persons she’s with if it were on the shoulder any other members of the group, (even his friends like Vinnie, Ethan) they aren’t as obsessively private as Leo. But I don’t want to start an argument. lol

About the last two tweets I posted, it seems they saw him in a hotel. But Toni’s friend Gabriela was in his house at the same time so I don’t know.

#82 : Yeah looks like Toni to me! she fixing her do.. far from Leo

Ok, so it may have been mom & son time:

Taylor Miller ‏@Taylor_M_Gang 1 h
Leonardo DiCaprio is at Coachella with his mom, they are just getting some trinkets at the store #😍

I see the giraffe... @ 04/13/2014 at 5:46 pm

we can also see the giraffe moving on the upper left pic.

It does look like she’s on his shoulders.

That’s cute tbh. Its a normal thing boyfriends do to their girlfriends whenever there are fireworks around.

the darkside @ 04/13/2014 at 5:52 pm

Cheater. He’s calling some ex gf while Tony is away.

Hopefully the Degrassi high gang will be leaving soon .. but doesn’t look like Leo will attend the movie awards :/

I don’t think Jonah is either :/ Which sucks, I was really hoping for them to accept an award together.

Hope Leo isn’t crushed by the weight of his big, blond giraffe on his shoulders.

@HAHA12: Yeah I agree. It’s a cute boyfriend girlfriend thing! I always get surprised when we get a glimpse of Leo doing boyfriend stuff (but I think it’s sweet and she looks really happy in the other picture)

Yeah, that`s Toni standing in fron of him on the photo and you can see her on the video as well.
re Toni sitting on Leo`s shoulder: It does seem like a newsboy cap but we will never be 100% sure about it.
re dancing video: He is having fun and let loose. He is not a good dancer, indeed quite dorky. But at the same time it`s a 40 years old `man` acting like he was 20 years younger. To me that`s what makes it the same as the birthday videos.

I think he can really appear sweet and nurturing when he wants to be.

@JJ: oh i know his peen won’t crush cuz toni’s vag is way too big looolz

the darkside @ 04/13/2014 at 5:57 pm

@also…: if he dances bad then he isnt good in bed

Wait I think Toni should have put Leo on her shoulders just makes more sense! LOL

@Tay: Yes, that`s Dave.
@kristen: LMAO!

@81 &@lol: thx so much for reply:)) i see ur points.still by his personality,it is too hard to say the guy did that in front of public eyes and no one said anything in instagram or else not even a mention by her friends who are hinting by anyway they can.he didnt want to be seen with her in front of paps but then he did that? ppl said about his drunking,dancing,even behind rubish places or else even when it was dark and else but not about this? too strange for me,since he never done that for any gf in public or even was not sitting next to toni even at that hailee’s suposedly random privet pix. do u see me my points? anyway thx for ur commenting:)) hope my comment dont bother u or anyone else.

the darkside @ 04/13/2014 at 6:03 pm

Why do you give so much relevance to Tony on his shoulders? Not a big deal

@also: why does it look like Leo’s is wearing the same outfit?? ;)

@the darkside: I agree. I don`t see the big deal the same way I didn`t see that photo with Toni anything special ( the one that Hailee removed ).

@kristen: I think it`s similar but not the same. I`m sure he has plenty of those while undershirts.

#105: Dude it’s Toni not Tony .. :)

@kristen: Going by that poster’s other remarks I think thats deliberate

@@”””’: i want to forget that vid.
I feel second hand embarrasment for the man child
What a nightmare

@lol: What do you mean? What remarks?

These are the sources of the pics posted before (from BZ):

Cute to shop with his mom.

the darkside @ 04/13/2014 at 6:12 pm

@kristen: Im not a dude, Im a girly girl LMAOOO. Call me Miss Princess :)

Leo is wearing a white t-shirt today…ha ha. I am a happy girl!:) I too think Toni is on Leo’s shoulders in the pic she posted. Shaking his hott a** in the dancing video… nice! Don’t we all love it when he is goofy!

Apparently not. Look how many peeps were complaining about his dancing on here

the darkside @ 04/13/2014 at 6:17 pm

@lol: It isnt I swear. Who cares Toni or Tony? Why not Antonia?

@newcomer lol by that instagram link,i can see why he was looking relaxly to the girl who took the pix:d blond model look alike the models/girls he always surrounding around himself..

the darkside @ 04/13/2014 at 6:19 pm

Girls who like girls to be boys…

I have just seen this gif on ONTD (sorry if it was already posted). Best part is him jumping up and down before “air fighting”! LMFAO

@Newcomer: ONTD’s reaction has been great

Right click save @ 04/13/2014 at 6:25 pm

LMBO. I hope this becomes the new ~white ppl dancingg~ meme


He looks kind of hot there. He just needs to lose the necklace and the goatee.

Another one (still from ONTD):

Highkicking! This video is just hilarious, every part of it. It’s good that he was having fun. It is ridiculous but in an endearing way. Toni ‘s back at the house #hangover4 #drunk #aftercoachella LOL

@Newcomer: air fighting
Hahahaha!!!!!how awkward!
He officially sucks:-)

@Amy: I like the necklace, but agree on the goatee.
@Newcomer: 😂Lmao! It’s great to see him relaxing!



It’s just a personal preference. I don’t like jewelry on men.

Can’t stop laughing at that video of him at Coachella. It’s kind of endearing though. At least he is having fun!

Omg what have you seen?

Right click save @ 04/13/2014 at 6:58 pm

Watching that video reminded me of 90s Leo. He used to be so inhibited and not care about how the public saw him

#wasted…uhhh are they smoking django out? ha ha

@poor django:hell no
that gabriela is really annoying

@Marina: ohh now ur insulting the neanderthals
Like homo sapiens is

@also…: Thanks! “And if you’re thinking that there’s no way that’s Leonardo DiCatchAHo since a bored-looking Victoria’s Secret Angel is not at least 10 feet away from him, it is his a*s apparently.” They didn’t recognize Toni?

@Newcomer: Don`t tell me you are surprised by that! Usually she doesn`t get recognized. But honestly you can`t see her clearly on that video, only her back.

@also…: Yes, I was being ironic. I know she cannot be clearly seen this time.

@also…: These comments!!!

“This is some form of douchebag convention. I did not expect this from Leo.”

***** posse? That is hysterical. The only one that I’d consider would be Leo and that would be after several drinks. The rest, ***** please.”

@also…: Hi lady! Now that the picture has made a gossip site, how long do you think before it’s deleted?

@Zzzzzz: I know it wasn’t a question for me but like I said in a previous comment, I have the feeling that Danny A took the pic of the 3 of them (a selfie) and not Gabriela. So maybe they used her phone or camera to take it, she saw it after and posted it without asking them (her friends wanted a pic of Leo so…)? And she didn’t tag any of the guys. I don’t want to start a fight, but the way Danny’s arm is on the pic, it looks like he took it. Maybe they didn’t care first but they will ask her to remove it now.

And I have just seen Gabriela’s IG and it seems that thanks to her, we will know every single part of Leo’s Palm Springs house lol

@Newcomer: Hi Lady! You can answer anytime! Re selfie: not sure about that. I can’t see them using someone else’s phone, but who knows. :)


I don’t think most people/media know who Toni is. It’s only the Leo followers and a few modeling/fashion fans who do.

@Zzzzzz: Thanks! Maybe I am wrong, and I think it is a bit strange if they used her phone, but I thought that just because of Danny and the way he is “turned”.

But well, whether it is him or her who took it, I am not sure they wanted her to post it. Maybe he accepted to take a pic as a “souvenir” but didn’t want to see it online? I have noticed that his close friends (Lukas, Danny…) or his friends’ girlfriends (Nikki, Kristin…) are not posting anything related to him (pics of him or his dog or his house…). It is just the starstruck ones (Toni, her friends and Dave) who are doing it.

@Newcomer: I agree.

First the Farmer`s Market / Record store photos and reaction and now this. I wonder how he feels about the unflattering media exposure. I mean the dancing video is fun but still awkward.

@Seriously @ 04/14/2014 at 9:35 am

They claim to find him so pathetic, ugly, boring, etc and most of these people only consider him famous because of hype and don’t even think he’s a good actor, if you praise him for his talent they’re ready to call you delusional or just a crazy fangirl, if you defend him from the constant haterade he gets everywhere they do what the poster above did. It boggles my mind why they are here commenting every day if they aren’t even fans of Leo or his acting.

Leo's Fan Girl @ 04/15/2014 at 12:37 pm

Dance vid of Leo reminds of some aerobics classes, he’s dancing in sync with the other guy. It’s cute. lol

Leo is also a great writer. It is rumored that he wrote the brilliant, underground book “Gods, Guns & Butterflies,” and is turning it into a movie project.

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