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Leonardo DiCaprio's Dance Moves at Coachella Are a Must See!

Leonardo DiCaprio's Dance Moves at Coachella Are a Must See!

Leonardo DiCaprio has been keeping a low profile during his time at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival, but one sneaky fan caught a video of him dancing in the crowd during MGMT‘s show on Saturday (April 12) in Indio, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor is seen in the beginning of the clip shaking his booty to beat MGMT‘s hit song “Kids,” and then the video cuts to Leo doing some big kicks while dancing with some of his pals. He definitely seems to be having fun!

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That same day, Leo was seen hanging out at the Desert Pool Party held at the Bootsy Bellows Estate.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio’s dance moves?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dance Moves at Coachella

Click inside to watch MGMT’s full Coachella set…

MGMT’s Full Coachella 2014 Set

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  • jackie

    soooo high LD :D

  • Ruhe

    At least JJ’s write up isn’t rude like the other one.

  • West coast playaa

    THIS. IS. AWESOME. finally a Leo I can relate to!!

  • dance dance

    lol i can’t believe it took more than 12 hours for this to appear on major entertainment sites from the moment we saw it 2 comment threads ago.

  • Zzzzzz

    He is usually so uptight! Glad to see him having fun and letting loose!

  • Ruhe
  • @les

    the leo dance vid is doing the rounds, personally I thought it was great to watch him let loose…and they are clearly taking the p*ss….people need to stop taking things so seriously, you forgot Leo is a NORMAL HUMAN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, course he’s gonna goof off with his friends ….great post from the last thread, totally agree!! He was just having fun with his friends like everyone else does at these things!!

  • Lilly

    It’s great that he’s letting loosebut I did laugh 😄😄😄 x
    Re HaHa12: thank you for the info on the last thread xxx

  • The Man Child Strikes Again


  • 2k14

    is it bad that I dance like that with my friends at the club? Not given a shieeeeeet!!

  • Ok

    LOL :-) just LOL!!!

  • also…

    @dance dance: I wonder how the girl, who posted it feels about it. What she posted is all over the gossip sites now… I bet she didn`t quite expect this.

  • lol

    Love it. The comments on ONTD, TMZ have all being re-appreciating Leo.

  • kenny

    so so high :D no biggie though, everyone at these things are, not a deal to light one up and enjoy the music and in Leos case DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT! lol

  • *eyerollina*

    He is dancing
    He’s fighting with the ..air…

  • lol

    And why is no one talking about the poster/instagrammar’s facial expression. Its a classic!!

  • nurmul

    aha I love MGMT…i love Leo…THIS MAKES ME LOVE THE MAN MORE!! So nice to see him doing normal things and ducking from paps or whatever

  • HAHA12

    LMAO, I love that JJ made a thread of this. I cannot get over this leg kick

  • shaberee

    does he like mgmt? was he stoned? fascinating)

  • gold

    whyyyy WHYYYYY isnt this longer!! it looks like a dance off between him and his friend, would have paid it see more!

  • HAHA12

    I noticed this as well. Its great to see him just loosen up and relax for a change, even if its embarrassing to some.
    ITA. I seriously cant get over this video lol

  • Newcomer

    The screenshot JJ posted here is hilarious, with one if his legs up in the air lol

  • lolol

    You guys lol
    Look at the way hes moving his ass
    Hahaha priceless

  • dance dance

    @also…: what i’m wondering is why she deleted her original video…did leo’s team get her to do that? because last i saw there weren’t any negative comments on that vid.

  • HAHA12

    No problem Lily :)

  • HAHA12

    @dance dance:
    Yeah I noticed the comments on this video were actually really complimentary

  • so gay
  • ….

    this is OBV the two guys takin the p*ss, I bet they were cracking yo after this… awesome to see! But also kinda sad that he cant do normal things without it being posted all over the internet…I cant imagine someone filming me dancing at one of these or in a club, it would be sooo embarasing! poor leo!

  • Ava

    Leo looking lame buddy, but at least that has never stopped you from partying , so I guess he’s not going to show up for MTV awards, since he’s in desert dancing like a lame azz.

  • HAHA12

    Anything he does hits the rounds all over the internet lately. Its like another day another Leo meme

  • Bae


  • W.C boy

    DOOOOOOOOOOPE!!! me and my boys do this too hah!

  • lady

    I think the dancing is actually quite good to be fair, esp considering he was prob drunk/high/both

  • HAHA12

    In an old interview from a couple years ago he was asked what some of his fave bands were and he listed MGMT as one of them.

  • ria

    @lady: maybe its you the one who is drunk lol

  • lol

    Fake! LOL

  • KING

    bow down to the KING. bless the internet, BLESS
    Leo is the shIt.

  • Margot lost MTV award

    MTV ‏@MTV 11m
    Congrats to the adorable @PoulterWill for winning Breakthrough Performance at the #MovieAwards!

  • also…

    @dance dance: Maybe she just got intimidated by all the response to her video?

  • @HAHA12

    really? thats interesting cause Toni said in an interview years ago that MGMT was her fav band…weird! But now that you mention it I do remember him saying that, possibly on the Inception promo junket..

  • @HAHA12

    @HAHA12: Toni also has long said MGMT was one of her faves

  • dance moves from hell

    Its like he’s in a movie street-fighting with gangsters

  • 12

    Man I would hate to be famous, id go crazy…

  • HAHA12

    I haven’t watched Will Poulter in anything I think but he must be really good or have a lot of fans? Because he won the BAFTA for Best Newcomer too against some other really promising actors. All I know is at the BAFTA’s he was fangirling over Leo and seemed really cute lol. Anyway I didn’t expect Margot to win, I thought Michael B. Jordan would tbh.
    @@HAHA12: @@HAHA12:
    Yep! It was an interview I think from 2011 or so, but I definitely remember him stating he liked MGMT a lot. That’s so weird about Toni tho..they must bond through their music then.

  • @HAHA12
  • EMO

    Looks like he finally got the stick out of his ass!

  • #44

    Agreed its fun to watch but for someone quite paranoid about his fame as Leo this would make him feel crappy and more exposed.

  • tan

    Toni interview…Favourite kind of music:
    Toni: MGMT
    I’d like to meet:
    Toni: MGMT
    If I were trapped on an island I’d take:
    Toni: …my friends with me…

    I’m begging to think these too are actually very well suited. I can totally see Leo saying the same answer to the last question. Think I quite like them as a couple after the past week.

  • HAHA12