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Orlando Bloom WINS Best Fight at MTV Movie Awards 2014

Orlando Bloom WINS Best Fight at MTV Movie Awards 2014

Orlando Bloom is all smiles as a presenter at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday (April 13) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old English actor won an award for Best Fight for his hit film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and was seen pretending to take a fake bite out of his “Golden” popcorn.

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In case you missed it, have a look at Orlando and numerous celebs in a new PSA for the We Are Silent campaign to support Malala Yousafzai and her fight to bring education to all women around the world.

Orlando Bloom And Evangeline Lilly Win Best Fight

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  • Meghan

    Congratulations to Orlando and Evangeline for winning for best fight scene in The Desolation of Smaug. Orlando looked gorgeous.

  • Kinha

    Congratulations to Orlando,gorgeous man!

  • Ew

    He’s a lovely guy but what the heck happened to his career? LOTR the only hit.

  • Yes!

    MTV awards are just for fun, but if shows that people really liked his action scenes.
    He looked gorgeous at the award show. And I loved his long jacket. He looked so hot!

  • @3

    Did you forget the Pirates franchise?
    Orlando is doing just fine. He’s doing the small films that he wanted and getting great reviews for his stint on Broadway.
    If you’re worrying about LOTR actors with no other hits, why don’t you worry about Viggo? Or Sean Astin? Or Billy? Or Dom? Or even Elijah?
    None of them have had a hit since LOTR, and they aren’t getting the residuals like Orlando gets from POTC. Why worry about one of the most successful actors to come out of the franchise? Seems a bit disingenuous to me.

  • Fact


    Viggo was nominated for an Oscar though …. O.o Orlando is far from that.

  • @6

    Nah. I agree with their assessment. According to the rules of JJ haters, the only thing that matters is box office.
    Orlando was nominated for best supporting actor for the Australian version of the Oscars. But they said that since Ned Kelly wasn’t a US box office hit, it meant nothing.
    So by their own rules, an Oscar nom for a box office flop can’t be recognized. But as we all know, hypocrisy and double standards are their best friends.

  • wendywoo

    He’s a gorgeous, darling man. Hope he enjoyed the night.

  • EB

    He is so funny lolz I loved this speech! Always thinking others before him, he is so noble. And he looks stunning, like he didn’t even age a day. Just adore him.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Orlando blows more of Melon Head’s inheritance with the purchase of yet another “accolade”.

  • @10

    There you are!
    I was wondering why you didn’t post on the last thread about his trip to Jordan.
    I guess that attacking him for supporting children displaced by war is even too low for you.
    Did we finally see your lowest point when you attacked other innocent children? It did I just miss your post?

  • Elena

    @11: His well paid, PR trip to stay in fancy hotels and pretend he was in support of filthy, smelly brats oversees? I missed that thread here, sorry, I happen to have a life to lead whereas you do no and can stay here refreshing JJ looking for me because you are obsessed with me. I need a TRO because you just won’t leave me alone and it’s getting really creepy. No child is innocent and they are all disgusting, no matter where they live. Stop pretending you think otherwise just because society tells you that you are supposed to care about those creatures, Zero population growth is the only way to solve the word’s problems and Orlando Kerrdashian up there is part of the problem, not the solution. As are you. Stop. Stalking. Me. Freak.

  • Elena

    *the world’s problems

  • ?

    Viggo isn`t Hollywood´s famewhore. He´s a serious ACTOR. He doesn´t need that kind of exposition. Read what people says about Viggo´s work and them you can talk about him ok? Viggo is 50 x better than Orlando.

  • @Elena

    Jesus Christ Elena, you are literally mentally r*tarded b*tch! And you are f*cking freak who always stalking Orlando and Miranda. And like you are not part of the Worlds problem? Yes, ofcourse you are. F*cking, f*lthy, disgusting b*tch!

  • @14

    Are you saying that Orlando is Hollwood’s famewh00re?

  • kil

    He is not cute, such a terrible hair.

  • @14

    Viggo has said that he only acts to make money to support himself with his failed art career.
    Hmmm. Only interested in the money for performing? Sounds like a wh*re to me.

  • Wow

    The TROLL has quite the ego, doesn’t it.
    I might be imagining things, but isn’t this thread for Orlando?
    It doesn’t say ‘Ugly, fat cow wins best fight’, so how could any rational person believe that people are following them, and not Orlando?
    Never mind.
    I just answered my own question.
    Anyone reading her posts knows that she is faaaar from rational.
    Poor thing. She doesn’t even see how far gone she is. Does anyone know if she has family that could step in and get her the help she so desperately needs? Maybe one of her fellow delphites.

  • No

    Actually, the last thread was about his lending his support to Malala. The little girl who was shot by the Taliban because she wanted to go to school.
    Are you against supporting the rights of women around the world, Elena?
    I’m just wondering how far you are willing to push your trolling.

  • Dee

    Orli is looking really good.

    People do not be disturbed by Elena, she is such a cray cray stalker I find her amusing. I picture a 350lb, greasy haired, pimpled faced loser, who smells like rotten garbage, living in her parents basement, pasty skinned because she is a shut in, glued to her computer for any tidbit on Orlando, seething with rage that someone as lovely and successful as Orlando would run screaming if he were to glimpse her ugliness. She is a pathetic being and is to be pitied, really.

  • Marlies

    I am happy that Orlando and Evangeline won for best fight scene in The Desolation of Smaug. Orlando has not aged at all. He looks gorgeous and I love that he is letting his hair grow long. Orlando is a terrific actor and I love that he is involved with UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador and is involved with other charities to help others around the world. It shows what a compassionate, kind, and thoughtful man he is and that he has a good heart.

  • ?

    Yes, to YOU!

  • seriously

    @Elena: I see that we have an attention seeker here! Very sad that you are just looking for a response. Shame on you

  • Fabric_Princess

    The best part of Orlando Bloom’s speech was his acknowledgment and public thanks to the stunt men and women (who work behind heavy make up, masks and costumes), and the fans.

    I can understand your great disappointment, disgust or anger with Orlando in terms of what he once was or appeared to be as an actor and person back in 2002 or so, compared to what he turned out to be years later, but your condemnation of children, including those who are born in poverty with little or no hope for a decent future is over the top, in very poor taste, and does not help your efforts to be taken seriously. While I agree that the world’s growing population does present a major environmental issue and will have to be addressed, condemning humanity is not the solution.

    Also please keep in mind that Mr. Bloom’s image over the years was to some degree or another a creation and manipulation, to be adjusted and tweaked as needed, often depending on the current film project he was promoting. This applies to most if not all actors who become famous, A List or ‘Super Stars.’ Unfortunately, marketing is part of the entertainment industry. Actors who are actors first and celebrities second will have the most difficult time with this issue, IMO.

    @poster #5
    All the actors you mentioned in comparison to Orlando were and remain far more skilled technically than he is. Orlando was the weakest and least experienced actor in LOTR, but I never held that against him. I enjoyed his version of Legolas, personally. Orlando has the celebrity status as a result of LOTR and POTC, but he does not have the support of the critics and the general public in terms of his acting skills, which unfortunately were not developed adequately PRIOR to his becoming famous. His management and PR teams are partly to blame for that, IMO, and I suspect Orlando was very swayed by Hollywood and being surrounded by industry people whom he perhaps grew up admiring. I personally think he chose fame and celebrity over developing serious acting skills and professional substance, but that’s just my personal opinion of him based on years of observation. Others may disagree, and that’s fine with me.

    As I said before in another thread, industry politics and money both play a role (no pun intended) in how some careers are built, sustained, and sometimes possibly destroyed. Working in the industry myself for about 25 years, and knowing people who have worked with Viggo Mortensen, I know what his professional and personal reputation is, and fame and money were not the reasons he became an actor. He is said to be one of the nicest and most generous actors to work with – truly sincere and devoted to his craft. He is a class act. Period. So is Johnny Depp in terms of his professionalism and genuine concern for fellow crew members.

    I do wish that Orlando had followed the examples of certain actors whom he claimed to admire and respect many years ago, as his career was starting to pick up speed. Instead, he seemed to go in just the opposite direction. I never understood that. He showed so much potential in “Ned Kelly,” and I truly wish he had continued in that direction, developing his craft instead of having a PR firm propel him too far, too fast and too soon to celebrity and fame. I know LOTR and POTC were part of that, but if you’re going to play with the Big Boys in the Big League, you’d had better be able to deliver.

    Bloom has celebrity. He has fame. He has money. He has star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He’ll just never be in the same class and league as certain other actors when it comes to technical skill and mastery. He’s also not suited to leading man roles. His people should have told him that years ago – prior to E-Town and KOH – and gently but firmly encouraged him to accept it. He’s a character actor and best suited to ensemble roles.

  • @25

    You know, you sounded so rational in your post on the ‘refugee’ thread, but I see that was just a fluke.
    Here, you’re back to ranting about things that you only imagine in that disturbed little brain of yours.
    Orlando has always proven himself to be a deeply loving and caring person. His co-stars constantly gush about what a good, kind and generous soul he has. Funny that you pay attention to statements about Viggo and Johnny (who is a disgusting human being off set), yet ignore Orlando’s accolades as ardently as you ignore his critical acclaim. Typical hypocrisy. Are you still mad at him for spurning your obsessive affection? Sounds like it.
    And I love your comment about being “in the business” for 25 years. Are you really that old? That’s scary. And I never knew that someone who works in a costume warehouse with no direct contact with any actor, could be considered to be “in the business”. At least not the way that you meant it.
    Still crazy after all these years, eh?

  • http://@cenielora_olote light that will be come

    Orlando Bloom, Orlando Bloom, Orlando Bloom…
    Honestly, are there still, any, important things about him that still needs to be commented?

  • @27

    You must think so, since you took the time to post on this old thread.

  • Darlah

    Troy, kingdom of Heaven, Haven, Ned Kelly, MainStreet, Elizabethtown,New York, I Love You, The Three Musketeers, The Good Doctor, Zulu (please be released in this country eventually). Oh, yeah, LOTR, POTC, The Hobbit.

    Ever notice that no picture of Johnny Depp’s made money until Orlando Bloom was in it with him?

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Im happy he won that. Orlando looks happy now he’s not with her. I wish him the best in life.