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Zac Efron Sports Windswept Hair to Meet the Prizeo Team!

Zac Efron Sports Windswept Hair to Meet the Prizeo Team!

Zac Efron‘s hair looks swept away by the wind while posing for a photo with a Prizeo staff member on Saturday afternoon (April 12) in Los Angeles.

“Today we took Polaroids with @zacefron,” the Prizeo team captioned a different photo on their Instagram page.

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Prizeo works with the top celebrities to create once-in-a-lifetime prize experiences for fans to win by supporting an important cause. No word yet on if Zac is working on a cool experience for his fans!

Make sure to check out Zac‘s movie Neighbors when it hits theaters on May 9.

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  • assman

    he looks high

  • katty

    looks like it was at his home how sweet

  • vanessaur

    He should stop doing drugs

  • fearless4efron

    Stupid trainwreck!! When will he be over

  • boohoo

    He looks bombed out. What a tragic mess!

  • What is this?

    Are you serious with your headlines on Zac lately. You sound like a lovesick 12 year old girl. Grow up Jared. How embarrassing for him.

  • boohoo

    Remember that one poster and eyewitness saying she saw Zac in Orem? His idiot and delusional fans chased her out of the post. With Skid Row and Vaporizer incidents, they don’t have a clue that he is better locked up or in Rehab to get better! Same delusional fans keep saying “you look ok and hot!” Who the hell looks ok when you know they are deep into drugs!

  • I love him

    Ohh look at his muscles, looks at those baby blues, look at his tight shirt. Ohh he is the most perfect man on earth. For sure. I want him so bad , I just love him . He is so cute. sp adorable , so fetch.

  • lol

    Perfect addict my foot!

  • effie

    He is so ugly

  • Mmh!

    Why looks he high, because his hair isn’t perfect? He looks good!!!

  • Chapter 3

    Zac is so ugly + drug addict

  • zacfan

    he should do a reality show The Druggars: 19 rehabs & counting!

  • assman

    he should come out as gay, drugs will not hide his pain

  • OK

    Same hater changing her name. It gets old.
    Zac you look great!!!

  • OK

    I believe the post is wrong and this is one of the winners of a contest.

  • Nightwish

    Stop hating him! He is my role model. Everything he does is so inspiring

  • effie

    @OK: same hater? This druggie has lots of haters

  • Rachel

    He looks good!

  • effie

    Stop him before its too late

  • OK

    @Effie all great men do.

  • OK

    The sexiest man in the world. Faced up to his problems and is taking care of them. Love you Zac.

  • An OD Away

    2 rehabs (or more?), puddlegate, skid row, vaporizer, he surely does take care of his problems or not!

  • My idol

    These comments are so pathetic. I’m a huge Zac fan and I’m proud Zac is doing so well. He looks great and he’s smiling. And haters, nice try trying to post hate comments posing as Zac fans. His fanbase will never turn on him, that’s for sure so get a life and stop hating. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

  • An OD Away

    @My Idol: Tell that to Lea Michele! From what’s reported she’s concerned. Not a sign that he is doing well, not by a long shot.

  • OK

    It was an e-cigarette vaporizer but believe what you want.
    Haters won’t tell the truth.

  • OK

    @An OD Away. Lea Michele denied that was a true story.

  • An OD Away

    Someone denied he was using drugs, look now? lol!

  • An OD Away

    @OK: Do you buy sushi on Skid Row?

  • Effie

    @OK: you’re a mess like your idol

  • Effie

    @My idol: lol he doesn’t have much fans to be honest

  • OK

    The best part Zac is still better than all the haters but together

  • OK

    @ AN od away No I don’t but then again I don’t buy sushi at all. Don’t like it.

  • OK

    Give all the hate you want, sad little people, while Zac is doing great things all you can to I hate.

  • Love you Zac!

    He looks so happy and healthy! I’m so happy for him. :) I’m glad he’s been doing so well. I love him so much. <3

  • hannah

    Aw cute pic, he looks really good! Lucky prize winner, she’s cute too :-)

  • Dani

    Firstly, it’s probably the same fan commenting over and over again about how he looks “high,” how sad.
    Secondly, he does look really good, and contrary to what is being said, he just looks happy. Have haters even heard of that word without it being associated with drugs?
    Thirdly, idiots, it wasn’t a vaporiser, it was an e-cigarette, get your facts straight before you hate.
    Lastly, I know, not very well, some people who have done their time with drugs and rehab, and I can say with confidence that he is doing fine.

  • Dani

    @ok It’s probably the same fan commenting again and again :/ Zac has always been able to rise above his haters by just ignoring them.

  • Ap

    what a cutie pie love him<333333333333

  • lauren901

    wow at some of these comments
    did you yalll ingore that he did some charity thing nd just focus on the negative? wow

  • OK

    Zac is doing something good for charity and some of you guys are spewing hate. Who is the pathetic loser here?
    Hint, It is you. the haters.

  • Effie

    @Dani: first of all, he’s a drug addict. Second, just because he has lots of haters it doesn’t mean its coming from the same people and third, its HATERS not FANS.. Idk why you said “same fan” it made you ignorant

  • OK

    @Effie That is recovering, why don’t you correct yourself before you correct others?
    Maybe @Dani meant a fan of hate just like you.

  • Merlin’s Mum

    I think he looks really good in this picture, but then, I’m a stupid fan and not a bile spewing troll. Until anything he is doing in his private life affects you, shut up.

  • OK

    @Merlin’s Mom I just love you for your post such a perfect answer.

  • Erin

    @lauren901: I know right, no body talks about the charity thing.

  • Amber

    @OK: I know right.

  • Jenny

    Zac is looking hot… Shoot, I like that hairstyle.

  • Cam

    I like Prizeo, wonder what kind of cause Zac is doing with them.

  • Kelly

    I don’t understand, if you don’t like someone, why are you spending your time commenting on their post over and over again? That would seem like wasted time to do something you actually like. Can’t wait to see Zac at the mtv movie awards. That’s where that skit with Rogen and Rogers happen right?