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Amber Heard's Fiance Johnny Depp Explains Why She Skipped His Big Movie Premiere

Amber Heard's Fiance Johnny Depp Explains Why She Skipped His Big Movie Premiere

Amber Heard carries her adorable pup Pistol while going out for a stroll to enjoy the beautiful day on Sunday (April 13) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actress, who was joined by her pal iO Tillett Wright, is currently in the Big Apple while she works on her upcoming movie When I Live My Life Over Again.

Amber was unable to make it to her fiance Johnny Depp‘s big premiere of his movie Transcendence last week and he explained why she was absent.

“My gal, she’s working,” Johnny told E! News. “She’s working, yeah.”

FYI: Amber is wearing Paige Denim jeans and carrying the Elizabeth and James Cynnie Mini Cross-Body handbag.

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  • Trey

    She’s really hot!

  • Jack

    @Trey: amen.

  • xxxx

    I’ve read in some places people saying that she’s not only carrying Johnny’s style, but also wearing Johnny’s pants for real and i was looking to some pics and it seems it’s true. Johnny has the same pants ripped at the exact spots. They are as corny as a teenager couple!

  • Lala

    @xxxx: yeah they are kinda corny but sweet. I bet Johnny will be in NYC really soon

  • Patricia

    what she has written on his right arm?

  • patricia

    @xxxx: Really? I do not like the thought that it uses

  • mimi
  • Jim

    I don’t like her laughing !

  • glam

    On the eve of the marriage, it looks like Amber has the homesickness of good old time with her pal !

  • shutup

    @glam: they have been friends for years and this same friend has hot girlfriend by herself (she was at the engagement party and looks totally like Rihana) she doesn’t need Amber ;)

  • Meh

    @xxxx: she’s in love! those are the silly things that people in love do. By the way, Amber accompanied Johnny to the round of interviews for Transcendence before to head up to NY. The japanese fans have a tweet from a reporter telling that she was there at the waiting room

  • Meh

    I forgot! Is that a tattoo on her arm?

  • patricia

    @Meh: where did you find this information? thank you

  • Minnie1

    Yet again another photo where she draws attention to her stomach.

    Regarding her being in love, have you actually seen a statement from her saying, “I’m in love and happy”? I just find that really odd. All we have seen is Johnny telling anyone who will listen how happy he is.

  • nickim

    @Minnie1: wait for her first interview, before judging ..

  • Minnie1

    Oh, I’m waiting Nickim. She’s had plenty of time to make a simple statement as opposed to a carefully conducted interview. Not a whole lot of giggly, girlish “I’m in love” spontaneity going on there.

    So what’s with all the “look at my tummy” photos???? This is number 3 by my count.

  • Tif

    She plays with the paps and the public who is this one of Johnny ! A vulgar woman without any class ! JD goes in the wall !

  • Man

    She should be forbidden to lug so poor small “Pistol”. It is a woman who does not like animals. According to her own confidences, she goes hunting and thus kills them!

  • Meh

    @patricia: on the japanese sites (like johnnysally.jugem), but now checking on deppheard.tumblr they have the translation of the tweet.

  • Meh

    @Minnie1: Because if she had spoken before about Johnny, all of you and the tabloids would have said that she was talking about Johnny to promote her movies and “how she dare to talk about him, when he doesn’t talk about her and like his life private”, blah, blah, etc, etc. the things that people like you are always telling, even when she hasn’t even mentioned him. And you now criticize because she didn’t! they can’t win!
    Now, it’s different! she did the right thing. She kept her mouth shut. Johnny opened up all the info, he made their relationship official, the engagement, his love for her, how serious they are…the next time she’ll do an interview she can relax and talk about him, she won’t have to remove her ring, etc

  • Minnie1

    No, Meh, what I’ve said is this cat is well and truly out of the bag now. Johnny has been doing everything except jumping up and down on sofas for a few weeks now. Since he has had made their engagement
    (and part of their sex life) so public, it would appear to be an appropriate time for Amber to make a simple comment about how lucky/happy/in love she is. It would make her look like she’s actually committed to the man as opposed to what he can do for her.

  • Meh

    @Minnie1: They are actors that only give interviews at the promotion time…does she have something (anything) to promote right now? NO!
    She won’t be doing interviews until her next movie or if she has some other fashion campaign (that won’t be happening anytime soon, as far as i know she is already signed with “Guess” for a couple of years)
    Just wait and see until she does a new promotion and she’ll be obliged to do interviews.
    The same with Johnny. When the people asked before why he didn’t talk about Amber, well because he doesn’t do interviews out of his promotional time.

  • Minnie1

    Meh, I have known actors to come out with public interest stories about the Big Moments In Their Lives–birth, death, marriage, etc.–that were not promotional. Also, it’s very easy for her pr rep to make a quick call to a couple of well-placed gossip columnists. For example, there was a blurb about her having dinner with a few friends in the NY Post Page 6 column today. Now Amber has not been exactly timid about flaunting the relationship— wearing Native American jewelry, Johnny’s t-shirts, etc. Why all of a sudden is she so shy? I know you’re a fan. Give me some insight I’m really curious.

  • patricia

    @Minnie1: shy? laughs, she’s wearing his pants, an engagement ring in the last photo.

  • Meh

    @Minnie1: she’s about to marry Johnny Depp! She won’t be calling to the magazines to make comments, please! That’s so C-list and she’s marrying and A-list. She ha been like this since she’s dating him. What’s so surprising of her attitude now?

  • Didy

    Oh my God! She is wearing his pants! I don’t think it’s corny, it means “to be in love” and I love it!

  • kk

    For her night pals, she has stolen the johnny’s rings too !

  • iz

    We see her clutch her stomach all the time because she’s hungry. In order to work Hollywood or marry johnny Depp a girl had better learn not to eat. I read an interview of hers were she said SHE LIKED EATING, but she was told to lose a lot of weight and keep it low in order to get work. Sad these show pony women are then expected to have babies and starve during the pregnancy. She’s a hot house actress designed to be a more pliable companion for Johnny. Vanessa scraped people the wrong way in Hollywood, he chose LA and the stereotype that goes with it…Im sure they are very happy. Admit it he’s a boring guy. It’s gossip in the pap mags and bump watch..yuck the new Kardasha-pions.

  • Coca

    I support that this couple is not going to last. They are still together only for personal convenances above all professional. After 10 years spent in the shadow, Amber dreamed about fame and she has it finally. As for Johnny after his split with Vanessa, on one hand being able to hardly stay without woman and on the other hand needing to make forget his escapades by a new stability, he installed Amber at home. If there had been in this split no children, the ydille with Amber would be ended for a long time. It will be the case certainly when Vanessa will confirm an official relation herself ! Because Amber Heard does not really correspond to Johnny Depp ! Difficult to throw them in the future ! Another more evident woman for him will replace her one day or it will be Amber who, one day, will fall in love of a so celeb partner that Johnny but younger !