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Brad Pitt Will Star as General Stanley McChrystal in 'The Operators'!

Brad Pitt Will Star as General Stanley McChrystal in 'The Operators'!

Brad Pitt has signed on to star as General Stanley McChrystal in the upcoming movie The Operators!

The 50-year-old actor will also be a producer on the film, which is an adaptation of journalist Michael Hastings‘ 2012 book “The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan.”

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The movie, which will be written and directed by David Michod, will center on “the rise and fall of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the commanding general of international and U.S. forces in Afghanistan.”

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  • tweet

    Cecilia Bulgrin ‏@SicilianCecilia 1h

    Young Brad Pitt has the ability to turn any man gay and any lesbian straight 😍💖😛

  • Poor Inside Liar

    For more than six months Angie have done several very difficult surgeries and home treatments and the Inside-Liar know nothing, just like any gossip-mag or any person outside the JP Clan but now Star-mag get from a Inside-Liar a bunch of trash lies that want to be true….

    After Angie Mastectomy and medical recovery done in Total-Secret any person in the World don´t believe in anything from a Gossip-mag.

  • fyi

    Brad Pitt to Star as General Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan War Film The Operators

    Brad Pitt is locking in yet another war flick on his list of films.

    Angelina Jolie’s handsome significant other is going to star as Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former commanding general of international and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, in the upcoming movie The Operators, according to The Los Angeles Times.

    The military drama will be written and directed by Australian director David Michod, who was behind the indie film Animal Kingdom a few ago, and will be based off of journalist Michael Hastings‘ 2012 book The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan.

    McChrystal made headlines when he was fired in 2010 after making some controversial remarks in a Rolling Stone profile by the late Michael Hastings, in which General McChrystal and his staff criticized administration officials, the president and his advisers.

    President Barack Obama let his top Afghanistan war commander go after only a brief meeting in the Oval Office, according to a report by The New York Times, replacing McChrystal with his boss and mentor, Gen. David H. Petraeus, and sending a clear signal that the current war strategy will continue despite setbacks and growing public doubts.

  • Solid

    Nice, now Brad needs to book him for “Anonymous Vs. Steubenville” movie.

  • So True

    I can’t believe David Fincher hasn’t won Oscar. Brad should team up with Fincher again to get Fincher an Oscar.

  • Congrats
  • Congrats

    way too much cuteness in this picture
    when will your faves ever get a pic like this?

  • Congrats
  • Congrats

    im almost bawling over here
    Angelina destroyed the best relationship in Hollywood.

  • Mrs. PItt

    I so LOOOOVE my Mr. Pitt!

  • juju

    the excuses u make to get some Brad and angelina photos
    here u go
    w music

    Brad And Angelina ( PDA in Budapest)

  • Memories

    LOOK at them together in Portugal
    Brangelina have never taken a romantic trip abroad just the two of them.

  • troll in pain, day 3,513

    FAT tick old manny humiliates herself AGAIN and troll is in SO MUCH PAIN. JPs continue to be very much in love, uber-successful, and talented. Troll melts down. Same old, same old. Deadend old manny is indeed desperate and gross.

  • juju


    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Bid & Kiss at Peace Auction

  • Memories

    Contrary to what the Jolie fans say Jen fixed Brads tie FIRST in Cannes then Angelina copied

  • John Mayer Says…

    …Maniston was great toilet, but way too old and boring. Too bad, too sad. All men run from Maniston.

  • juju


    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie PDA Unicef 2009

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    This Brenniferfeels person is so fcuking pathetic and sad. This chick needs to wake up and get back to reality. I don’t think she is a true fan. No true fan acts like that. She is destroying MANiston’s happiness with the Midget.

  • juju


    Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & kids Miraval Moments – Lean on Me

  • Hello

    I think Brad will be like Meryl Streep. Oscars every year, whether through Plan B or through acting but nonetheless, Oscars every year.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Too bad Brad kicked her to the curve and that was the last time she coat tail Brad to Cannes. Poor MANiston. Only got to go to Cannes because of Brad.

  • juju



  • Memories

    Liz Smith NY columnist wrote this in April 2005
    SPEAKING OF Brad Pitt, he is going to have to walk care fully through the minefield of personal p.r. if — as all the mags and tabloids insist — he and Angelina Jolie are an item. And if their romance was the cause of his coming divorce from Jennifer Aniston. Brad can be as blond and pouty-lipped and doe-eyed as he wants, and Angelina can adopt foreign children until she and Mia Farrow become one person, but they made Jennifer unhappy. The affection the public has for Miss Aniston cannot be underrated.

  • Memories

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    Jen is going to Cannes this year for Squirrels to the Nuts, Peter Bogdanovich the director is a Cannes LEGEND (google his history with Cannes) and will be showing his new film there. X men went to Cannes a few years ago and will be returning again because more stars are in the movie. Sorry no room for Maleficent this year

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    You know what the sad part is. You’ll always see them in photoshopped photos. You will never ever ever see that in reality. You can dream all you want for your idol but Angie is the one who is living, kissing, cuddling, hugging, touching, and god knows she can do with that hot & sexy man of hers. So dream on sucker.

  • Solid

    oh, man, you’ll have a tough year, sh.tting on every movie/director who’s THEORETICALLY in competition with Angelina. Here is the list btw. Paul Thomas Anderson – Inherent Vice, Tim Burton – Big Eyes, Bennett Miller – Foxcatcher, Alejandro González Iñárritu – Birdman, Christopher Nolan – Interstellar. Clint Eastwood – American Sniper. I think you should start with Nolan, on IMDB if possible, that would be hilarious.

  • juju

    more than NINE years later
    most folks don’t even remember brad was married to aniston
    n still most of the world doesn’t even know who aniston is
    u stupid crazy b i t c h e s
    need to stop obsessing w brad n angelina
    n get help to move the f*ck on

  • real facts for the insane



    Brad did not take Ticky to Cannes for Troy. She flew over after he was already there with the Troy cast and surprised him accompanied by her BFF main hair CrisMc. Brad then broke Cannes protocol and left the Troy screening after it began at Cannes saying he had a massive headache and she stayed behind with BFF ChrisMc. Brad then left Cannes to continue filming O12 and she stayed behind with BFF ChrisMc for a few days (there are pics of her and BFF ChrisMc still poolside in Cannes days after Brad was seen filming O12 elsewhere in Europe).

    There was once last try at making the marriage work with a Paris trip for them in between O12 filming but as Ticky herself has said she knew the marriage was over in the summer of 2004 and just faked the Troy premiere pics in the fall of 2004 in support of the Plan B project.

    Don’t cry too much idiot as the truth always triumphs over your benniferfake crap LOL


    Now do I need to being the article over for you to read her own words!!!

  • Brad Loves Angie

    Having kids didn’t feel right UNTIL ANGIE- then Brad goes onto to have SIX kids with his beloved Angie. Brad chose Angie- someone so incredibly beautiful on the outside, but even more gorgeous on the inside. And super, duper talented, smart, caring, and articulate- check out any one of her interviews. In honor of tonight’s AMH discussion, I’ll post this link. It is so poignant when Angie speaks about being pregnant with Shiloh and how Brad was by her side all the way, which is what was taken from Mariane and Daniel.

  • Observer2


    That’s why the nutter butter movie for squirrels isn’t on anyone’s radar. What happened to you hens crowing about the movie that was a crime that it got made. That poor ski mask. All that work to cover the fug of her mug and no appreciation. It’s coming out almost a year after it whimpered at TIFF and left to crickets.

    Peter B. is not a legend at Cannes or anywhere else. He’s a director that hadn’t directed a movie in decades. Now, he’s made Ticky look like Tootsie’s homely sister. LMAO!

    That’s why all the sites writing about Cannes are creaming themselves at the thought of Maleficent being there.

    Brad and Angelina have been at Cannes multiple times for their movies. Ticky hasn’t ever been due to her work. She hosed in on Brad and got left in the dust by him, she had to party with hair boy while Brad feigned having a headache. And then left at 3 a.m. the next morning to get the hell away from her. LMAO!. Got tired of her being so clingy and insecure. Ticky couldn’t even walk the RC by herself because she knew she was out of her league.

    Maybe, she can wear the ski mask again. Have you seen her au natural on the Crack set? She gives the name a bad name. LOL.

  • Jen the HAG


    I have news for you Brad dumped the HAG 9 years ago..Braqd wake up from his long sleep and look at his life and said WTF i’m doing with this NO TALENT, WHINNT, INSECURE, FUGLY inside and out woman who think she’s still 25 forever then run out to seek AJ. The only thing you can do HENS is to photoshopped pictures of Brad with the FAT TICK… pathetic bwahahhahahahh!! Meanwhile Brad and Angie’s career is florishing while the FAT TICK has to seek out the Chinese investors to have her movie produce for 7 mil… i guess TICKY is now working for FREE bwahahahahahahahhah!!! While her ECHO production that just that full of EChhhhhhhoooo ..bwahahahahahh!!

  • deadend old manny

    Old manny keeps showing the world- over & over- why all men leave her neurotic, narcissistic, nasty old self. Her fan(s?) and PR put old manny in an even worse, more mockable light- yikes!- and PR addict old manny pays MILLIONS for the (bad) press- karma, baby!

  • Guest

    Peter Bogdanovich was nominated for the Palm d or and has been to Cannes many times. If Kristen Stewart can go to Cannes so can Jen. google peter bogdanovich cannes and you will see what I am talking about. Cannes is going to be so legendary with Jen there in a beautiful gown. Justin is going to escort her and even though I ship brennifer Justin and Jen will be the king and queen of Cannes, book it. Jolie will have to stay at home this year.

  • well well



    You brought something here from April 2005.

    Most young folks don’t even know that BP was with anyone other than AJ.

  • juju

    it’s mind blowing how stupid crazy and delusional
    these crazy b i t c h es r
    almost TEN years
    going from blog to blog site to site
    writing the same crap
    under many names
    poor things
    what miserable life they must have
    to waste their time like that

  • Observer2


    How many names are you going to post under? Can’t handle the heat?

    Ummm, let’s see, if the organizers have a choice to make between Brad and Angelina and Ticky and Tacky or what’s her name and his name, as the French would call them, they’ll go with Brad and Angelina. Book it. Ticky will have to sit this one out, like she always does. The story of her life.

    Maybe, she can ask Dustin Hoffman for make up tips. He did do Tootsie first and better. ROTFLMAO!

  • hilarous

    Stop back when old manny has three oscars, seven kids and been to Cannes seven times, then old manny MAY be getting close to accomplishing a small portion of what the much younger Angie has already accomplished. After that, old manny can work on her pilot’s license, wine making, and directing skills- the list goes on and old manny is running out of time.

  • Memories

    @well well:
    brenniferfeels is a teenager and so are most of the fanistons on twitter. They found Jen through Friends reruns. I myself was young when they broke up but who cares, I still ship them especially after seeing all the pictures and youtube videos. I ship brennifer. go do a twitter search to see how many others ship them, there are so many

  • Memories

    does the name Peter Bagdanovich, Cannes legend ring a bell. If KRISTEN STEWART can do Cannes so can Jen. Even Justin Theroux has been to Cannes BEFORE Brangelina for Muhalland Drive, been there, done that.

  • Memories
  • troll meltdown AGAIN

    Oh, wow- so true- AND old manny took him back twice AFTER he dumped her on TMZ- she’s just gross.

    John Mayer Says… @ 04/14/2014 at 11:47 pm
    …Maniston was great toilet, but way too old and boring. Too bad, too sad. All men run from Maniston.

  • norah

    for goodness sake peter b is a film director but hasnt directed a film in years – where is he in the current crop of film directors – he is nowhere – that squirrel in the nuts movie is an indie – so what is so particular – if it is so wonderful thats fine but saying that he is so well known is wrong- as i said before you need to be up to date now in 2014 not rest on your laurels from years ago. when you say top directors you think of famous ones like scorcese, spielberg etc where does peter b come into it? he may have come to cannes years ago but that was in the past – putting trust in someone who has not directed for many years is a bit risky don’t you think, and also the sheer presence of both brad and angelina at cannes overshadows everyone else on the red carpet – if you look at youtube over the cannes years you will see what i mean comparing jennifer and justin is not possible.

  • ummm

    Tiny stolen troll boy has a worse career than old manny, but at least he is younger than her and has more time to get that Oscar or go to Cannes more than once…he is smart enough to find a desperate old lady from an ensemble sh*tcom to pay for his pre-teen girly jeans and hair plugs, so point in his favor.

  • Observer2

    No one is talking about Peter Bagab!tch but you.

    You’re getting a wee bit desperate, aren’t you.

    So, you’re comparing Ticky to Kristen Stewart and it screams that if someone like Stewart, with no talent can go to Cannes, so can a no talent like Ticky. ROTFLMAO! And Tacky was there, what, 13 years ago? The same year Brad was going WTF did he do by marrying Ticky? That year? Bwahahaha!

    Yeah and has David Lynch asked Tacky back to do anything with him? No, Tacky is left to do TV, something he swore he’d never lower himself to do. He was too good for TV. Now, he’s on an HBO series, that may not even make it’s full run. He most likely, didn’t even make 500K for the run. It’s cable, he’s not a big name. But, the name Leftovers works for him. He’s engaged to one, he is one.

    But, please keep the comparisons coming. You too, are PURE. COMEDY. GOLD.

    Maybe, Ticky can impress the French by talking about oats ‘n’ stuff and how the oats ‘n’ stuff inspire her acting to look like a poor man’s version of Dustin Hoffman, as Tootsie. And then embarrass Tacky some more by reducing him to her skin care line that she’s pimping. What a man! And continue to show the world, that doesn’t even remember she was with Brad, why men keep leaving her. Why people keep telling her to go back to TV because she’s better suited there. But, looking at the pictures from Crack, she’s better suited for radio. She’s got a face, even her own mother doesn’t love. LOL.

  • norah

    why are you so stuck in the past? its been 10 years already – why dont you just leave brad and angelina alone and let jennifer be with justin you know her fiance – reality is very simple – brad and jennifer are divorced and have nothing to do with each other so keep sticking your head in the head in the sand and making manip pictures of them together. Move on please for your sake

  • norah

    that was in 2005 so why harp on that – both angelina and brad don’t need anyone’s opinion least of all some gossip columnist – and there are so many fans over all the world very happy to see them so using one crone’s 9 year old opinion is a bit silly.

  • Observer2


    Old Ticky Tocky ran out of time a long time ago. She knows it and so do her fans. That’s the scream of desperation coming from them.

    Let’s see, Brad and Plan B continue to kick a$$ and take names.

    Angelina, as a director and an actress, has two of the most anticipated movies of the year.

    Ticky has a movie that no one is going to see, like they can’t see her face in. Another where she looks like Tootsie. Dustin Hoffman once said of Brad, while working on Sleepers with him, next to him, they all look like onions. Dustin would say about Ticky, we make her look like an onion. LOL.

    Then she has a movie where she literally asks a character to defecate on her. That’s too big a word for numb nuts to understand. She asks a character to $hit on her. Just like Mayer did, both figuratively and literally.

    Now, she’s making a re-make of Scarface without Al Pacino, Michelle Pfieffer and I won’t say no cocaine as she’s a fan of the blow. OK, so all it has in common with Scarface is that she’s got scars on her face and the blow. LOL.

  • lucy

    @Guest: In the immortal words of the late Whitney Houston, “Crack is whack”, so lay off, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • well well


    You do realize that you have just admitted that she is just known by you and your alter ego brenniferstupid for being a TV gurl.

    10 calendar years ago BP formed a union and a family with AJ, and they have both remained totally bonded since then through thick and thin.

    You refuse to recognize something that is solid in concrete but want to pretend that something that sunk in quicksand was some sort of fairy tale? Truth appears to be that BP was still hurting from Goopy’s betrayal and the one from Friends was a rebound for him. BP was miserable in that marriage by his own admission.

    As for Cannes, who cares if a director who is trying to make a comeback after many years has a film there. The TV gurl and her little bandy legged whatever are not the A Listers Cannes seeks. BP and AJ own the Cannes red carpet every time they are there.

    BTW Cannes will be announced on 4/17.

  • yes

    Fat tick old manny could go run up & down the Cannes red carpet 100 times and still have completely awful, embarrassing resume that she could never live down. Fat tick can’t change history, any more than she can erase years of nasty PR antics, or all her terrible interviews off of the internet- fat tick old manny is a true laughingstock that has earned every bit of scorn she gets.