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Chris Brown Dances Like No Other in 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' Teaser - Watch Now!

Chris Brown Dances Like No Other in 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' Teaser - Watch Now!

Check out Chris Brown showing off his stellar moves while dancing to his song “Don’t Be Gone Too Long“!

The 24-year-old entertainer is joined on the track by Ariana Grande.

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The release of the duet has been delayed as a result of Chris‘ current legal issues.

“sooo…. i have bad news and good news…. but just please keep in mind how much i love you and how i wish more than you do that this wasn’t the case…,” Ariana recently shared on Twitter about the song. “ok so…. my loves… so obviously some things have changed recently… so we have to delay the dbgtl countdown… some things are out of our control.”

Don’t Be Gone Too Long is a song from Chris‘ upcoming album, X, which drops later this year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chris Brown’s new dance video for “Don’t Be Gone Too Long”?

Chris Brown – ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ Dance Video

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  • karine
  • sky

    luv it. Chris i hope you get your disorder under control and just get back to the music.

  • zach

    I like it! I say, forgive Chris Brown. He has paid his punishment. I say, set the man free. Forgive the man. Give him a chance to make a new start. I wish him well.

  • Grace

    I didn’t know beating the shit out of your gf then leaving her out on the sidewalk without any help was a disorder. huh… well u must be a doctor or a psychologist? its called attempted murder not a disorder.

  • sky

    grace, like it or not, Rihanna played a part in what happened. You can’t slap someone and don’t expect them to hit back. No I am not a doctor but I have been around people with bipolar disorder, it is hard to diagnose and when you are it is difficult to find the right cocktail to treat someone. Don’t be so ignorant when it comes to people with mental health issues.

  • Malathi Iyengar

    Beautiful gestural dancing!

  • Love The Shoes

    Watch without sound on. Very interesting read. No sound, just movement? It made me focus on the fact this guy needs some deep changes and doesn’t know how to express that. He’s very emotional and doesn’t know how to control that. Watch without sound ya’ll.

  • Tracie

    @Love The Shoes: you’re ….strange. it’s music wtf would we watch without sound? oh yeah cause it’s going to give us profound ‘insight’ on his emotions..bye.

  • Tracie

    Amazing dancer. He is so in his element when he’s expressing himself this way. Love the beat too!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Tracie: No, you’re limited. If you can’t experience expression without a backbeat then you Tracie are not only strange but also a bore who will never learn to draw outside of the lines. Now go away.

  • Xoxo

    Amazing!!! He should get out

  • Just saying

    I have to say. i do not care the problems Chris and Rihana had in the past nor do I care the personal problems they both had as a couple as that is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS but I have to admit Chris really has a talent in dancing he dnaces very well and that is where people should focus to give him support on his music or dancing not on his personal problems cause all of us have problems, celebs are not the excpetion.

  • Ew he is so disgusting

    He can have as many dance videos as he wants, he will always act like a spoiled brat who gets angry as soon as it doesnt go his way. The disgusting Teambreezy can excuse his behaviour as many times as they want. They can make up the lies they need about the night in the car, whats more laughable because everybody knows no TB was there. But Fist Brown will always be a disgusting violent brat.

  • Reba

    @Love The Shoes: I watched WITH sound and got the same impression. Then I watched WITHOUT sound and it recon firmed he is deeply unstable? I hope he gets the help he needs and learns to express his emotions more productively too:)

  • Hikid

    @Ew he is so disgusting:
    OK Charlie Sheen!!! Be nice to your babymamas!!

  • Hikid

    @Reba: Expression via dance is just that – to project as some sorta diagnosis like you’ve suggests you need help!! He was expressing via dance the lyrics to a song – suspend believe & respect acting!!! keep your prejudice away!!!

  • http://Amazing!!!! Leyna

    Amazing moves !!!!! He s damn talented !!!!

  • http://Great!!!!!! Leyna

    Don t get it why do you want to Watch it without the music ?????!!!!! The moves are the expression of the song s feelings !!!! It makes no sense to Watch it without music !!!!! Love it Amazing

  • http://Justjared oldscool

    Chris I love that song God is looking out for you
    Keep your head up he has the last word .Chris
    What ever happen take it and learn from it
    You have a great Gift God Bless you with it
    No one can take it away but him the Pass is the pass
    God Forgave you let it go do yourself a
    Favor let it go and let God he is working on
    You I am Praying for you always it may not
    Work your way don,t give up he want to see
    A change in you God Bless

  • http://tashatjiurutue natasha799

    My man once again proves to be the best…
    hope your legal issues are worked on, love u and I have you in my prayers
    Best of luck on the future

  • oscar(nigerian)

    u’re d best
    derz no limit 2 what u can do…the world loves u…
    i pray 4 u in my mind and office everyday
    u will come outta dt shit a stronger man…love u BREEEZY

  • http://@mqaumi Muhammad

    oh mehn!!! chris is the best. his dance moves are so fine. no one dance and sing like breezy! he’s perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jbaruah46 Jazzy

    Hope u get probation soon..!! U r da best, I ve eva seen in ma lyf… # BrEEzY

  • Teambreezy

    @Ew he is so disgusting: disgusting Teambreezy? what’s your problem? Nobody said you have to love Breezy or something. His talent has nothing to do with his problems! Who are you to call us disgusting? I bet if you would see him on the streets you would never say something like this to him! MOVE ON. Rihanna accepted his apologise and that’s enough. Concentrate on positive things. Just ask yourself “what would I do if someone would say this to me?” #Teambreezyforlife