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Katie Holmes Takes A Sunday Off From 'Dangerous Liaisons'

Katie Holmes Takes A Sunday Off From 'Dangerous Liaisons'

Katie Holmes is in good spirits while stepping out for a stroll with a gal pal on Sunday afternoon (April 13) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress ventured out with her headphones on her day off from working on her new television pilot Dangerous Liaisons.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the week, Katie was beautiful in a black Balenciaga dress while snapping a selfie of herself at the 2014 Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Celebration, which was also attended by Jessica Biel.

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  • zuzu

    Suri will not be pleased with this outfit

  • sabrina

    Ohmigosh. What is she wearing?? This is one of the most horribly unflattering dresses she has ever worn. The color washes her out. The dress hugs all her bumps and not so svelte places and makes her look totally flat chested. It cuts her legs off and makes her calves look huge. The hat looks awful as do those expensive boots she is trying to pull off. Lordy, lordy, lordy. Katie get a stylist.

  • Yeay

    She looks good and oh so relaxed since she divorced from Tommy girl.

  • mercy

    She has done it again.
    It’s not just us JJ folks peeps. Read the comments at the Daily Mail.
    She almost tries to look bad I think

  • Trudy

    This my friends is why her clothing line is a flop.
    She thought she could pick out clothes for other people when it’s clear she can’t even dress herself properly.

  • Darts

    There are those booties again. Her calves are monstrous.

  • fatso

    lol poor Katie

  • Nathan

    I think she looks cute here and Katie Holmes is always a turn-on no matter what she is wearing she just has it.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Nathan: Date much?

  • Meg

    It must be hard to dress to flatter those calves.

  • @9

    lol was thinking basically the same thing.
    @10 Cankles and it ain’t ever gonna change.

  • lr

    Worst legs in the business and no style or talent. She is so overrated!

  • Free at last!

    She’s short of fund? Why wouldn’t she get a pair of good bras? Her breasts are so sagging, almost about to meet her protruding belly. For a woman of small tits and only 35, even though looking like 53, why does she let her breasts sag so badly?
    I see better ensembles in dirt poor trailer parks.

  • @13

    I don’t think it’s funds. That hideous big camouflage bag she carries is from Valentino. So even if she spends big bucks on clothes she either picks the most horrible crap or she can’t wear it well or match it well.

  • K-Flops – TFF 4/21

    According to:

    “Dangerous Liaisons” pilot finishes shooting in NYC (4/6)
    @RLaGravenese: Melissa George, Taylor Hackford & Rufus Sewell. That’s a wrap on “Dangerous Liaisons” pilot. Thank you all!!

    ..the pilot has already finished. Is there another DL pilot?

    More likely a free Sunday before Miss Meadows premiere at TFF on 4/21.

    2014 Year of K-Flop – Go Buckeyes!!!

  • tom

    looks better than kim k in all her finery on JJ header. just an observation.
    another notable observation. when the comments are almost all positive in the daily mail you never say look at the comments. mmmmmm interesting!

  • mercy

    there was one dm article last week that had positive comments. Other then that I have not seen any in months there.

  • tom/annie

    Oh my god you guessed , how clever .and Mercy out of the 17 comments how many are you over and over. ‘I’m Tom but you? Anyway told you that I was going to post in different names, gotta keep with what goes on here you know.
    Altho it’s becoming a little boring.

  • Dv8


  • mercy

    Nope but I know you love to think that.
    Can’t take credit away from these hilarious posters but Katie kind of feeds it right to them.
    Bye, See you around campus!

  • Mary

    Oh, Katie, why??? The color, the lack of a bra, the booties – it is all so horrible together.

  • Sean

    She gave up a long time ago.

  • Nathan

    @K-Flops – TFF 4/21:

    The year of 2014 will be a good year for Katie once her movie’s start coming out.

    “Miss Meadows” looks like a good movie from all the stills that were released. I think it will be another “Pieces of April” type movie for katie

    Being with Tom killed her career that’s a fact the proof is “The kennedys” miniseries. Katie was so good as jackie kennedy but she did not get an Emmy Nomination because at that time she was considered a joke because of TomKat people hated her I mean people called her “Kool aid katie” and “stepford wife” it was completely unfair. even the director of the”The kennedys” miniseries said katie should of been nominated like the rest of the cast.

    Katie will make a comeback even if it takes a few years.

    @Sincerely concerned:

    Yes i do date.

  • Cara

    @Nathan: Excuse me, but Katie was cringe-worthy awful in the Kennedy’s. that is why she didn’t get a nomination. And the entire series was awful.

    And being with Tom didn’t hurt or diminish the careers of Kidman and Cruz. Probably because the both have a great deal of talent which Katie in comparison lacks.

  • Meg

    @Mary: Annie – another example,

  • Meg

    @Nathan: Women?

  • xoxob

    it baffles me she had done anything past dawsons creek.

  • xoxob

    @Cara: so true.

  • psst #27

    Psst….#27:It’s called marrying well. Call him crazy call him a fanatic but he is/was Alist and that got her exposure like she never had and opportunities too.
    Still waiting for her to do something that shows she deserves it.

  • @29

    She was consistently working in films before she met her ex, and she has continued to work consistently since she dumped her ex. You don’t have to like her or her acting, but you can’t deny the facts.

    As for Nicole and Penelope-not denying that they have more talent, but there are other factors. Tommy wasn’t as openly crazy while he was with them. They both had decent careers while they were with him, but there’s no doubt that their careers both sky-rocketed after parting ways with him.

  • @30

    Yes she works but barely working.
    Nothing very noteworthy from her.
    She is the background at best.
    but yes, she is a working actress but I don’t consider her a successful one.
    You also can’t deny her being linked to him made her more high profile and opened doors. She was known before as the Dawson’s Creek girl which had a very limited audience. Once she was with him, she got world wide attention.
    If she was going to shine on the world stage and have a big career she would have by now.
    This is nothing to do with Tommy girl as a person just facts that she was given many chances over the years and has not proven to be a great actress.

  • @30

    oh and before you bring up batman it’s been noted many times she was the weakest link.
    However, even since then she had many chances and has not done much with it to show her “talent”.
    Pre and Post divorce. Now who will she blame?

  • anne


    I agree with you. In “Dating” with Kidman and Cruz, Tom had not shown the public his true personality (Pat Kingles) not allowed.
    Katie entered the season (De Vette, his sister), began to decline, the public knew the real Tom, a religious, crazy, blah, blah, etc. fanatic.
    Katie endured the association. Started the tabloid circus and it affected, but the careers of both. Both lament the day they decided to set the terms of the marriage contract. Poor Suri, came into the world to contractual clause. horrible. God protect her.

  • @30

    She filmed 3 movies last year, 2 of them lead roles. You call that barely working? If her pilot is picked up then that’s a full time job as well.
    No doubt that being Mrs. Cruise boosted her profile, but I don’t think it opened doors. Seems like she was getting better films before she met him.
    Never stated that she was going to have a “big career”. Just pointing out that she’s always worked consistently. She seems to be content living her life in nyc, doing indies, tv etc.

  • @34

    what kind of movies?
    and let’s see how these reviews come out after release.
    This isn’t about love for the ex he is crazy for sure but I do think it opened many doors for her.

  • @35

    Can you give a specific example of how the marriage opened doors for her? What film did she get cast in while she was with him that was better than what she was doing pre-marriage? No doubt that she became more famous; It may have even helped her in the fashion world etc. But in terms of her film career, I don’t think it helped at all. She became a complete joke in the media….”brainwashed katie” “fake pregnancy” etc. That type of exposure is not good for an actor’s career.

  • anne

    I read that Tom is “dating” with Paula Patton.

  • @36

    of course no one can actually prove this or that film was because of him. No one would admit it in public.(producers/directors)
    And being more famous does help you. People are move willing to look at you and people are interested even if it is to see the freak show you are putting on.
    DC was a teenage show and had a teenage audience. She was not a world wide household name before marriage.

  • @38

    Yes, no one can tell for sure if she got a certain part because of who she is married to, but that is beside the point. Even if we assume that he “bought” all of the parts that she got while she was married, my point is that those films were not any better than the ones that did pre-marriage. DC was not all that she did before Cruise. She had been in several movies.
    If you simply want to be a celebrity like a Paris Hilton or Kim K., then all publicity is good publicity. If you’re trying to be a serious actor then I don’t agree. Executives don’t want to hire someone who will bring negative attention to a movie.
    I’ve already agreed a million times that the marriage boosted her fame. It made people like us pay more attention to what she was doing. But in terms of her film career, no, I don’t agree.

  • @39

    well if they weren’t better films one could also argue that is the best he could buy her at that point because she didn’t prove to be a good actress in things like Batman. Would she even be around now if the marriage (fake or real) hadn’t kept her in the press? Or would she have faded much sooner? I tend to think she would have faded.
    I disagree about the bad press part. To people on net there was lots of negative comments.
    Worldwide TomKat was popular even if just out of being curious.

  • ???

    She couldn’t act out the role of a lifetime: being married to a gay man and pretending being in love. What’s new? She can’t act anyway. I don’t think she cares what she looks like.

  • @40 lol thanks for the laugh

    thanks for the laugh. Maybe it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of those old classic robo katie pictures featured here on JJ.

  • @40

    I never blamed him for her lack of success over the past few years. This convo started because you said that he opened doors for her. All I’m saying is that I don’t see evidence of that. She was working consistently before she met him and her films were generally better received than the ones that she did during her marriage.
    The tomkat backlash wasn’t just on the net. Even news outlets like NY Times and MSNBC were making fun of their marriage, asking if Suri really existed etc.
    Who knows where she’d be if she hadn’t married him? My guess is that she wouldn’t be as famous as she is now. She wouldn’t be featured on gossip sites like this. But I think she’d be working consistently just as she always had. You seem to be confusing “fame” with “career”.

  • @40

    no not fame vs career
    maybe successful vs having a job
    i don’t think she is good or successful at her chosen craft.

  • @44

    oh i can’t add today. that was meant to be at43

  • @45

    Well, I guess it depends on how one defines success. So many actors struggle to make it. Many would think that working consistently for 15+ years, getting to act with the likes of Meryl Streep (who is in her next film) *is* a success. We’ll have to wait and see how her upcoming films fare. I’m just saying that I don’t think her career is quite as dire as some make it out to be.

  • Caryn

    If I may point out, Katie in an interview even said many opportunities came her way after marrying Tom (I think it was Vogue around 4th year of marriage) and she did take advantage of them.
    She made a ton of mistakes on her own without Tom. For instance going on Letterman and answering to the question if you and Tom both had films premiering at he same time which would you go to and she answered my mans of course. Bet all the producers and directors and other actors out there loved that response.
    Take her ill-fated fashion line. She made about every mistake you could make with the marketing of it. I don’t think she would have started it without being married to Tom. But she certainly lacked an understanding of marketing and the fashion business.
    Take her endorsements. Most products figure while you are their ambassador you at least show a token effort to promote them by using them. Katie takes the money and runs.
    There was no way she would have gotten that part in Broadway’s All My Sons without her marriage. Maybe Tom didn’t ‘buy’ it for her, but the resulting fame did she was awful in it. Lacked confidence, couldn’t emote and was not believable in the role. I was surprised the reviews were as kind as they were. Her lack of talent for broadway and theater was obvious in her next show which closed early.
    Her movies whether good or bad have not done well especially the indies. They consistently have underperformed. Katie lacks charisma big time.
    She touts herself as a fashion conscious person yet consistently goes out looking like this – a mess. Her hair is often dirty and obviously not styled with a brush or comb. This is pure laziness on her part. Her clothes are often ill fitting and wrinkled. Again for someone who says they sew and know fashion – this is laziness and sloppy.
    The woman has taken advantage of the doors her marriage opened from singing, dancing, stage, film, TV, fashion and endorsements, but sadly for her – her talent hasn’t been enough to propel her to competency in any often.
    Interest in her has been waning except for die hard fans. Unless she manages to reinvent herself or gain much more skill in the acting arena–in dive years she will be 40 and most likely will only be offered small parts. And if tat is what she wants that is fine.

  • @Caryn

    I don’t recall her saying that the marriage opened doors for her. If she did say that then maybe she meant in the fashion world. That’s the only area that I can see how being Mrs. Cruise was beneficial. I agree that interest has waned somewhat. She’s not on the cover of every tabloid. And people, other than a few die-hard haters aren’t obsessing over her every move-from her parenting to her appearance. The difference is that I see that as positive thing. All that tabloidy press wasn’t good for her career. She still gets press when she wants it, like the recent Elle cover.
    Everyone points out that the marriage boosted her fame, but sometimes I think all that fame only makes her career seem worse. She has A-list fame because of her marriage, but a b/c-list career. So some people think that if she doesn’t have an a-list career that makes her a failure. I you simply looked at her like a normal b or c-list actor, would she seem like such a failure to you?

  • yahoosux

    47 good points.
    She did say that!! I wish I could find the youtube link for it. If you do first post it.
    She was not referring to her fashion line either.

  • yahoosux

    didn’t the latest Elle cover make reference to her “New Confidence” or something like that?
    It was still framing her around the marriage/divorce. That is the only reason people outside a few old DC fans even care or watch.