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Pharrell Williams Cries 'Happy' Tears Over His Song's Success

Pharrell Williams Cries 'Happy' Tears Over His Song's Success

Pharrell Williams was brought to tears during an interview with Oprah Winfrey while talking about the success of his hit song “Happy,” which has spent the last seven weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Zero airplay. Nothing. And the next thing you know, we put out the video November 21, all of a sudden – boom. I mean, when I say boom… booooooom,” the 41-year-old singer said.

After Oprah played a montage of fan-made videos featuring “Happy,” he was left in tears.

“It’s overwhelming, because it’s like I love what I do, and I just appreciate the fact that people have believed in me for so long that I could make it to this point to feel that,” Pharrell added.

Pharrell Williams Cries ‘Happy’ Tears Over His Song’s Success
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  • Sam

    Sorry to say, it’s a one hit wonder… Not much is going to happen after this song is off the radio.

  • alan

    ew the song isnt that good

  • Hp

    Moron he’s an incredible producer, singer, songwriter this isn’t his first rodeo. It’s just his biggest international hit of his own to date!

  • Cate

    That’s really sweet to see how it touched Pharrell. It’s really nice to see a sweet positive song resonating with so many people.

  • ForMe

    Pharrell has been around a long time as a producer. It’s nice to see him having success as an a singer/performer.

  • Xoxo

    Awwww, shine pharrell shine
    I almost cried, he soooo deserves it all

  • snapcracklepop

    I really LOVE some of his earlier songs, too.
    He was just touched to see- first hand via the fan made videos- the impact his work has had on people.
    Often artists feel disconnected from the fans and their stuff becomes about numbers. Glad he’s so appreciative :)

  • Jouralistic

    Pharell’s been around for a LONG time as a producer and was a huge performer in 2003-04ish. With the exception of that damn hat, he seems like a pretty solid, genuine dude. This was sweet and endearing.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Sam: LOL You’re so fcuking stupid. How does it feel to be clueless?

  • floreta50

    Happy! One of the greatest songs ever, brings joy to heart just to hear it. It;s a pity we don’t have many singers who create inspiring music and songs. Most of the music today not all, is music to get naked and gyrate to, and quickly get rich. Bless you Farrell!

  • Reba

    This song was ROBBED at the Oscars! ‘Let It Go sucks and is no way near as popular or inspiring! Go Pharrell!

  • David From Canada

    He’s 41?! He looks like he’s in his 20′s.
    Gay men usually look young for their age and are slim. Just sayin’.

  • How Rude Reba

    @Reba: Let It Go is very popular and has videos around the world just like that and it’s very inspiring…but so is “Happy”. You need to ‘let it go’ and be a little ‘happier’ because knocking down one great song for another isn’t cool. Both songs bring joy to both young and old and that’s all that matters. That’s the award that keeps on giving, not some statue.

  • WTF?

    People, if you really love music, good music..
    You really should know Pharrell, not by the latest songs he’s been in lately or for Happy but also for the amazing work behind so many HITS!
    He is amazing, very talented, and a very special human being.

    I am so happy for you Pharrell, you deserve it and more.

  • sillyme

    I think it shows that people are hungry for tunes like this that make them fell, well, happy. It reminds me of when Hey Ya came out by Outkast. Just a fun, addictive song that everyone can relate to. But this song, Happy, I can see people playing this 10, 15 years from now.

  • crybaby

    Now many people will be laughing at him because of the insensitive world we live nowadays. Sometimes wars are necessary to huminize certain kinds of behaviour. He’s not harming anyone by crying.

  • Life

    I think he is wonderful. To me he has that magic talent that singers in the 60s and 70s had. He’s incredibly smart and different. you can se he doesn’t follow others like a sheep. I was moved by his interview.

  • Name it

    Thank god! a great artist who can send positive vibes. Most people nowadays make music to manipulate others. this comes from him and touches other people.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Sam: You have no idea who Pharrell is do you? Please take a minute to educate yourself about who he is, what he’s done and who with. My goodness what is wrong with some of you when it comes to just saying whatever the H comes out of your brain as if it’s fact EVEN though you have done nothing to know if you’re right are wrong……..and you are wrong; very.

  • sara

    Good good guy! Hes been around for a long long time, he really deserves this!

  • LLLLLL !!

    @Sam: Document yourself before you say those things. Or maybe you did and out of pure jealousy you think it’s a one time thing. When someone touches one time they just keep going and growing. I’m happy he’s finally putting himself in the spotlight.

  • dance

    @LLLLLL !!: yeah he’s been behind all those hits. love him!

  • OK

    He’s so handsome!

  • Laur

    It’s called humility Kanye. Take note

  • dingus

    @ Sam…Pharrell has been around for over 15 years now…I don’t really like the song, but you’re a fool.

  • MRB

    Love Pharrell! Very “HAPPY” that he’s finally getting his big break as a singer! Love the Neptunes & N.E.R.D.!

  • 3

    I love his path. It was about time for him to do that. It’s not a surprise that he’s a big talent, always been.

  • Song

    @Reba: yeah but look at the impact that song had all over the world. it’s priceless. Ennio morricone only won an oscar for his career. Kubrick never had one. talent is talent. he’ll probably have one one day.

  • Anita

    @Sam: Talk about tryng to bust someone’s balloon. I know you’re not a psychica and even if you were, you still wouldn’t know for sure what’s going to happen with Pharrell. If he never ever has another hit, this song is THE song for him to be proud of and the song people are Always going to remember him for. Already 7 weeks at no. 1? That is a feat in itself. I love this man even more now and I think this is just the beginning. Alicia Keys was talking about him before he even made it huge and she knows a thing or two about music.

  • Clueless

    @Sam: You do know that Pharrell have been writing, producing and releasing hits for over a decade now? This is just his biggest hit as a solo artist.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    I know right! ‘Happy’ should have won that Oscar!

  • Cabin

    @Anita: love pharrel, but o alicia keys, she’s too full of herself. pharrell is more down to earth.