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Robert Pattinson Meets Up with Pal Katy Perry at Coachella

Robert Pattinson Meets Up with Pal Katy Perry at Coachella

Robert Pattinson meets up with his pal Katy Perry while attending the H&M Loves Music Party held during day two of the 2014 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 12) in Indio, Calif.

The 27-year-old actor and Katy, 29, have been friends for years – they even crashed a wedding together once.

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Last year, Robert was still with his former girlfriend Kristen Stewart and they were seen holding hands while attending the festival together.

Katy has been enjoying the festival every day this past weekend. She showed off her midriff the next day while catching some music from the backstage area.

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  • Samy

    I love that Rob is enyoing the festival without the trampire … he looks happy and relaxed


    se lo ve dasanimado sin su amor KRIS.. COACHELLA NO ES LO MISMO SIN LOS ROBSTEN DUELA a quien le duela

  • Ap

    menopausal Patty fans are comin’

  • amor

    si como se los extraña a los ROBSTEN MUCHO

  • LULY


  • Clockwork

    WHAT A HUGE CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR!!!!! Yes we got pics of Rob and Kristen holding hands last year but boy did they look miserable. Walking through the crowd of paps would make anyone miserable but they looked ANGRY!! I still remember Rob’s clenched fists. They were so white I thought he was going to break skin. And don’t get me started on her moocher friends who made specticles of themselves. No wonder the paps chased them. Considering the year before that they were left pretty much alone. FYI those friends of hers didn’t make to to Coachella this year…pity…I guess that is what happens when the person who pays for the tickets and luxurious accomodations is away filming a movie. Hmmm…pity. Maybe they should have been a little nicer to Rob. Just sayin…

    Anyway, he looks happy and seemed to have a good time. LOVE seeing him happy. And he kept a low profile as well. Again, I guess that is what happens when you don’t have an entourage of losers behind you. You can stay pretty quiet and un-detected.



    Unknown little alien faggo sneaks around within America, but not for long, unknown little alien faggo, and the unknown little alien faggo knows why?

  • Momo

    This is how celebs should do Coachella. I love that Rob went, was able to enjoy time with friends and music, which he loves. No photo ops! Love him, can’t wait for this weeks Cannes announcement. Go Rob!!!!

  • sienna

    happy that Rob had fun!

  • sienna

    Katy and Rob have been friends since before they were famous! love their friend ship

  • DN

    He looks relax. Im glad that he is trying to mend his life after whatever the tamp put him through.

  • fiona

    Good to see him having fun and chilling like we all do at Coachella <3

  • anna

    hi gorgeous!happy to see Rob chilling out after a freezing 2 month shoot #LIFE

  • niagirl

    A sister and a brother sittting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Putz and Copykat = Tabloid perfection.

  • anna


  • SI


  • MissingCoachellaAlready

    Rob was also with Katy’s friends, Cleo Wade (a stylist friend with big curly hair), Mia Moretti (blonde) and Janell Shirtcliff (she had long blonde hair) and Janell’s boyfriend (he’s the one with long dark hair). Seems like it was a fun get together to watch some good live music. I don’t think he was there all weekend unless he was at a party house or something during the day. He was really relaxed the whole time and drinking beers while chatting with friends. Anyone who tries to make a bigger deal is building a mountain out of a mole hill. Katy definitely was being kissy face with Diplo though.

  • britney

    @anna: ignore that idiot

  • britney

    @MissingCoachellaAlready: thanks for sharing your info:)

  • Sim

    @Samy: Robseed fans is stupid , jaj

  • Meg

    @Clockwork: I think Rob and Kristen both looked miserable in the pap pictures because there were paps taking pictures and hurling insults. In pictures of them with Katy and friends, sneaky pictures, they were laughing together and having fun. As for the other thing you said, I agree that Kristen’s friends are moochers. They may be her friends, but let’s face it…their friend is a millionaire and A-list and because of that, they can get into any concert, parties and other things that they want when they’re with her. In fact, that guy with them (CJ) is always bragging about being a-list. It’s funny how when Kristen is filming a movie in NOLA and can’t do Coachella, the majority of those friends make other plans and don’t even go this year. Meanwhile they were posting about how they couldn’t wait to go this year a few months ago. I guess when your bestie doesn’t shell out $800 each for VIP tickets for all of you, general admission without a party house just doesn’t seem worth it. What’s the point of going if you can’t play with waterguns in VIP, go backstage and hang with Katy Perry’s crew. I can’t blame them and I’m sure they love their friend, but you can’t deny it’s true. They’re a little moochie. I also agree that it was probably Kristen’s gang of immature friends that brought down Rob’s vibe at Coachella last year. They act like HS kids and Kristen acts like them when she’s with them.

  • apsara

    Rob and katy besties forever!

  • gina

    Rob and Katy please do another drunken Karoake session!!!! we loved the first one!

  • Clockwork


    OMG!! You took the words right out of my mouth. Well said Meg!!! Totally agree with you.

    When Rob and Kristen were walking through the crowd of paps they looks angry and miserable. Rob basically ran and Kristen ran after him but that fat f*** moocher CJ got in her way. I literally think CJ got in her way while she was running. Like move yours a$$ loser!!!

    And I do agree with you on how she acts when she’s with them. I have seen a HUGE change in her demeaner since her breakup with Rob.

    Oh well…I am still a fan of her work but personal life I am over it. I am happy Rob seems happy. That is what matters.

  • Meg

    @Clockwork: Yeah, I wasn’t trying to insult Kristen nor Rob, I’m just saying that Kristen gets on with Rob’s friends but Kristen’s friends don’t seem like Rob’s scene at all. I bet Kristen wants to recapture the stupid fun you have with your friends in HS and college since she never got that, but some of those people she hangs out with just make themselves look silly (in a bad way). Rob and Kristen always liked to keep themselves low-key and her friends use ‘trying to protect her’ in a way that draws more attention to their group. I wouldn’t even be surprised if RK ended, not because of the scandal, but because of her attention hungry friends. I don’t mean all of her friends, because some of them seem chill, but it’s very obvious which ones I have in mind lol. Rob’s friends are total opposites and make their time with him about their time with him and pay no mind to fans, media or paps fishing for information. It seems like Rob goes the extra mile to keep his business his business, and that’s why every media outlet has been getting his “rumored relationships” all wrong for a year. Kristen use to be that way, but the company she keeps allows you to know where she is at all times with carefully crafted instagram photos.

  • Clockwork


    O…M..G!! AGAIN you took the words right out of my mouth. I totally think her friends were the reason for their break up. Not all of them but the select few. You and I are probably thinking the same people. LOL!!

    And I agree about Rob’s friends especially his London crew. They keep things pretty much on the down low. When Rob was in LO they barely IG’d and even during NYE he was with them in NYC and they were pretty quiet. I mean everyone knew they were in NYC b/c of the sneaky fan pics but other than that he was pretty quiet and was never seen.

    Her friends are really hungry for attention and like you said she is living out her long lost youth that she missed. She used to be so private and now not so much which really shocks me. And you’d think she would have more of a mind to tell her friends to no IG everything they do but I guess she doesn’t care. Everyone knows exactly what her house looks like from her friends’ IG pics. So much for privacy. I hope she doesn’t one day regret the decision to put those moocher friends above Rob. Just saying…..

    And you are absolutely correct in saying how Rob goes that extra mile to stay out of the lime light and that is why the tabs make up stories about him. He’s boring…LOL!! No good looking single guy his age should be that boring especially in HW. The tabs are probably baffled he isn’t out chasign skirt so they make it up.

    I hate to say this but it needs to be said…my wish for Rob this year is to have contnued success in his career and to meet someone who will appreciate him and love him endlessly. I like seeing him happy ;-)

  • niagirl

    Hey Putz saw your MTTS trailor and it looks awesome except for one small weak link. Can anyone guess who that weak link is? Poor Mia.

  • tia

    @niagirl: Mia is doing a great job

  • tia

    Rob and Katy need another one of your cute Karaoke session

  • diana

    Katy and Rob are good friends, wish they were more than that

  • Meme

    @niagirl: Why would you say that about Mia? She’s a fantastic actress!

  • Meme

    Love Rob. He seems 100% happier than he was this time last year. The break up has been so good for him. His career is on fire, I think this year will be fantastic for him. Here’s to the Cannes announcement this week!

  • niagirl

    Yeah Cannnes did so much for Cosflopolis. Again who was the weak link?

  • Liv

    there’s not weak link. and nobody cares your opinion.

  • yevonne

    amazing cast! trailer looks great!!

  • Katy

    Love Rob and Katy and the Karaoke video is my most fav recent video ! Would love love it if they hook up

  • Meghan

    @Katy: Why? If they then break up their friendship might not recover. Sometimes it’s best to leave it at being great friends. If they’ve been able to strictly be friends, then good for them. I think Rob is charming and gorgeous but Katy may not be attracted to him. Considering the guys she dates/marries, Rob doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who ‘does it for her’. I mean, she was kissing Diplo at Coachella.

  • http://twitter crossfire

    Why so much happiness for Rputz and always dumping on Kristen? At the time she cheated on him, he was having it off with his co-star from Remember Me also sneaking out with Kate Perry, many times he was brought home drunk, then punched one of his boby guards and broke the guard’s class also drunk at the time, has been photographed many . To be fair,dont you think she had a lit to put up with. They were both extremely immure and down right stupid, but I also think it is time for people to agree BOTH of them brought about the unfortunate ending. Rputz became very egotistical, it all gave him a huge Ego but he still was in the relationship and needs to take his share of the blame, with out her, he would not be where he is today. As much as you all like to knock her, you have to give her credit for never having said any thing bad against him,she could have spilt all about him to the media,but she has never knocked him.Like them or hate them, they made their own bed. Rputz hates all the attention he gets, from his fans, he is in the wrong career then. He should be on the other side off the camera

  • http://twitter crossfire


    Sorry for the spelling mistakes in my comment, should put the spell check to use.

  • L….

    tienes toda la razon ….fuego cruzado jajajja….. el no es ningun santo los dos cometieron errores por eso que admiro a KRIS ella a sido muy fuerte en esta situacion y no hablo mal de ROB

  • AMOR

    Los dos tienen este año buenos proyectos este año sera de los ROBSTEN seguro esas buena energia de amor de sus fans en todo el mundo

  • crizo

    he didint go with Katy he was there with someone else 2 girls

  • Amelia

    Katy was also Kristen’s friend, Yes? Strange. :l Now she must be very happy…

  • just me

    i imagine Katy and Rob smiling sadly once they see a new article about their “secret affair” which happens about thirty times a week.