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Heidi Klum Goes Topless in Mexico with Boyfriend Vito Schnabel

Heidi Klum Goes Topless in Mexico with Boyfriend Vito Schnabel

Heidi Klum exposes her breasts for everyone to see while walking around the beach topless on Tuesday (April 15) in Tulum, Mexico.

The 40-year-old supermodel and America’s Got Talent judge showed off a ton of PDA with her boyfriend Vito Schnabel, 27, while sunbathing together that day. They shared some passionate kisses while taking a dip in the water!

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Heidi and Vito were seen taking a romantic trip to Paris where he did some work as an art dealer just a few weeks ago.

15+ pictures inside of Heidi Klum going topless at the beach…

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heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 01
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 02
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 03
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 04
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 05
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 06
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 07
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 08
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 09
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 10
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 11
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 12
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 13
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 14
heidi klum goes topless at beach vito schnabel 15

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  • Cari

    She knows the cameras are there! Looks like she’ll do anything to get papped.

  • sweetness

    well…being topless is not the problem…it’s more like ewww, cover that flab dude.

  • guest


  • I

    Who cares? They’re boobs. You don’t see fat guys with man ti ts getting blurred.

  • guest2

    She’s foreign. Overseas topless beaches are common and the norm. She is not “seeking attention.” That is normal in the culture she is from.

  • Sweet

    He went out with Demi Moore for 45 minutes. I thought he was a serious art dealer? Do these relationships help?

  • outlook

    Heidi Klum must be a highly sexual woman. She is never alone for long. Many divorced women with children wait for years before getting serious again with someone, because they want to find the right man and marry again. But women who find it impossible to abstain for a while, move on to someone else quickly. Not a tramp, just not much self control when it comes to sex.

  • Jay

    @Sweet: they’re the perks of the job (no pun intended)

  • Ray

    They’re just boobs, we go topless all the time here at our local beach. She looks great! I say more power to ya!

  • Asdf

    She moves on quite quickly…

  • FaithHillFANatic

    Is there a man left in this world that hasn’t been inside her??? She’s had more d!ck in her than a urinal. Just nasty.

  • NYC

    Mid-life Crisis.
    Dear Heidi,
    Put it ALL away.
    We’re good.

  • Elle

    @FaithHillFANatic: You sound butthurt. You not getting enough inside you?

  • idees

    Enter Kapr6b promo code for $20 credit towards your first Uber ride.

  • Mike

    Lost all respect for her now.

  • Walter

    For a 27 year old guy he looks very flabby, she is 13 years older and had 4 kids and looks very fit.
    She is very media savvy and likes to show off with her BF’s. I bet these pics are staged. Gorgeous woman though!

  • Elvie

    Heidi’s taste in men has gone so bad! There is not an ounce of mascularity in this guy

  • Kelly

    So women need a man in there life. She needs all the sex she can get. Hi”s young for her only 27. Where”s the kids.

  • Kelly

    Where there other people on the beach? Or just them.

  • Maria

    Sorry, but she’d look much sexier with her bathing suit top on. After kids and aging, hanging tiny boobies are not so becoming. A top would have perked them up and left more to the imagination. But she looks great otherwise!

  • Ana

    Herself changing partner so often just shows how she loves them so much and how she enjoys sex so much with them.

  • Gill

    @outlook: #7

    She’s a tr*mp,alright.

  • dean

    With a mother like her, those kids don’t have a chance. Especially the girls.
    Kids (especially sons) don’t like to see their mother parading around naked, and with a string of men,

  • yep

    Heidi what is going on? I hope you are ok….. You are a beautiful woman and a mother……

  • sam

    Sure, Heidi is good for his business…..but he’s an art dealer only cuz his daddy is Julian Schnabel. Perhaps Heidi is trying to acquire a painting?

  • Stupid move

    Where are your kids Klum!?! Great example you are setting for your daughter there. Don’t be surprised when she grows up to be a wh*re!

  • ace11

    ANOTHER man for her?

    really sad that her kids are not the focus

  • Ha!

    I wonder do she tell her kids all these strange men are their unlce??

  • Yeah

    Heidi, nobody wants to see your tiny boobies and your flabby bf.

  • guest

    Seal ought to seek fully custody of his children .

  • Reg

    For a 40-year-old she’s doing a great job with her body


    Why is nobody commenting on the obvious needle tracks on her arm and the tummy tuck scars?

  • Anna

    @guest2: Really? I’m German and I’ve never been at a topless beach, neither have my family or friends. Where do you get your ‘facts’ from?

  • tian

    I think if you have nice skin–which this man has–you can get away with being a little chunky. He looks good, healthy, wealthy, and tall.

  • John

    It is interesting that a women with kids, and dates a younger man is a bad mother tramp and so on.

    But no one will ever say the same about a man ho do the same thing.
    Like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard a lots of peole wich them happynes and luck.
    Not calling him a bad father and a tramp.

    The 27 year old is not a kid and she looks great more than he dose.
    You can see that just because you are in 20s dosent mean that you look good.
    Im in my 20s and hardley never see this 20 somthing, are fresh or good looking people.

    It is just this sick place we live in that make us think like that

  • GossipJunkie

    Not making any comments other than throwing a moral towel in the ring. She is the mother of several children and acting as if she is free as a bird. Don’t come down on me because of my stance, I say the same whether they are male or female. They all act like a bunch of dogs in heat and have the morals of alley cats!!

  • Looselipz

    Did Heidi remove her fun bags? She’s looking very saggy and a pound away from anorexic. She’s jogging too much, it’s all falling…
    As for the man, it won’t last.
    I can’t stand her, find her dumb as nails.

  • @

    At least she doesnt kill Jews. She fuhks them.

  • guest

    I feel sorry for her kids, who will someday see their mother all over the internet naked. What a tr*mp.

  • Louise

    What a pig. Some mother role model Klum is!

  • Nona

    LOL, prude Americans!

  • What?

    Is the guy her new boyfriend?
    So she’s not dating her bodyguard any longer??????

  • Frozoid

    LMAo tis thing was always a try hard. Heidi Klum = 5 Vogue covers. Claudia Schiffer = 60+ Vogue covers. LMAO….

  • terry

    We Americans are such a bunch of prudish buttholes! Why is it that what we think is right and everyone else is wrong? We don’t travel, we don’t know geography, we have tunnel vision and we are totally self centered!
    What is wrong with topless? Just because we think it’s bad why should others that have grown up differently have to live by our rules?
    If that’s the case why don’t we have our females cover up like the females in the Middle East?
    I am an American and have been fortunate enough to travel the world and even married a “foreigner”.
    Unfortunately not everyone can travel and LEARN! what a shame to never get to know other cultures.
    Who are we to judge?

  • annie

    2 words ………………………BOOB JOB

  • Andrew

    Isn’t stalking a celeb on a private holiday just as creepy. I mean if it is so inappropriate to post pictures of nude people why did the paps follow her in the first place.

  • Christian

    I think that it`s very vulgar and obscene to see topless women anywhere in public, including beach. There are bras, know that? And, I know that in Mexico women are not allowed to be topless on the beaches so what she is doing is nothing else but breaking the law.

  • sammm__123

    Did she get breast reduction at some point? It looks like her boobs used to be bigger.

  • Jayne

    She looks sickly thin with pancake breast, but if she feels confident..

  • Rich L.

    Some people cannot be alone with themselves and so they go from relationship to relationship and even though these relationships usually fail, these people continue to try….like fools. Over and over and over again. Like a drug user who refuses to believe he or she has a problem.
    It’s the same with kids, if your marriage is failing, having a kid will NOT help the marriage, it will only make it worse.
    I could say more here but you get the gist of it yes?