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Katie Holmes Brightens Up a Dreary New York City Day

Katie Holmes Brightens Up a Dreary New York City Day

Katie Holmes wears a bright yellow sweater to add some sunshine to her day on a dreary and rainy morning on Tuesday (April 15) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress started off her day by picking up some morning joe from her local Starbucks shop.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie was recently spotted having a quiet dinner of burgers and wine with a female pal at Kingside in the Big Apple.

“She and her friend were very friendly and seen enjoying cheeseburgers and red wine. No one came up to bother her since she and her friend were sitting in the back of the restaurant,” a source told Page Six.

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  • chris

    umm is she 80 years old?

  • Caroline

    can this idiot just go away please

  • sara

    Ms. I’m-a-fashionista is parading around NYC again. The sweater is a good color on her as is the style, but those jeans and the heels paired with them are awful. Makes her look like she is trying too hard to be fashionable and young.

  • Sisley

    She looks great but 2 coffees? She has lost a lot of weight and colored her hair.. She does not look 80 years old she looks 20 years old! Thanks Just Jared

  • urgh

    Go away.
    She is so ugly and boring.

  • haha

    lol at “no one came up to bother her….” that’s cause no one gives a fug about this useless twat except for JJ and the daily mail.
    Tick Tock
    Once her new sitcom flops she will be on the way out.Thank Heavens.

  • Nathan

    Her Lips look plump and pouty in these pictures. Very sexy.

    Love you Katie your the best.

  • @1 chris

    Totally agree, if not 80 at least 65-70. It’s partially due to her mouth is sagging on the sides already and has downward lines already that is very aging. (unless she is smiling but her normal straight face)
    Pure fugliness. I want to see the so called beauty but all I see is crap features and fat legs.
    Some people can still be good looking if don’t have great features because their personalities come through. Holmes seems smug and it makes her more ugly to me. That is what I see when I look at her: Smug, fake and insincere. Anyone can play nice for an interview but I just get the sense she is very smug and selfish in rl.
    I don’t think she is attractive inside or out.

  • Arroyo

    @@1 chris:
    projecting much? Don’t have to like her but she hasn’t done or said anything that suggests that.

    I’m not even that big of a fan of the woman, but the more people hate on her, the more I want to root for her. Really can’t see how someone so innocuous can stir up so much hate.

  • @1 chris

    So if you aren’t that big of a fan than how do you know everything she ever said or done to know if she has ever come across that way?
    So either you are a big fan pretending not to be or you are have no idea.
    Root your heart out though.
    Hope you like rooting for the losing team because this girl is having lots of failures this year already.
    Clothing line; Bobbie Brown
    Expect some bad reviews just around the corner too of her movies being released.
    Root away.

  • Arroyo

    Well I can’t claim to have read every single interview or witnessed her every move, but as someone who follows celeb gossip , it’s kind of hard to miss her. Funny how you decided to deflect instead of actually providing an example of how she’s selfish, smug, ugly on the inside. Those are some strong emotions to have with nothing to back it up.

    Hate away. I’m sure she’ll be fine.

  • @1 chris

    root root
    Like I said, root away.
    There was no deflection in fact your comment didn’t even ask for an example but I said my opinion and I don’t need to explain it to you anyway. That is what I saw when I see her talk and that is what I think. I stick to it.
    root your heart out for her I don’t care.

  • Arroyo

    You don’t need to explain anything to me, but what’s the point of responding if you’re not going to back up your statements.? But continue to hate if it makes you feel better. It’s ok.

  • Nathan

    why do people hate Katie so much? I mean I don’t get it. she is alway nice in interviews she never says anything bad about anyone. she’s beautiful she’s charming and she minds her own business.

    It’s like people ether love her like me and annie or hate her like most of you.

    why is she hated? what has she done?

  • @1 chris

    I think reading comprehension is not your thing.
    I posted a comment giving my opinion.
    then you post to me and say you disagree. You asked for no examples
    Then I reply to you again to what you actually did say
    Then you say I deflected because I gave no examples when that wasn’t even a question.
    I replied that I did not deflect.
    Then you say fine but why reply at all if you aren’t giving examples
    My goodness, stay away from me. Move on.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @@1 chris: You hit the nail on the head. Can her PR fix that? Remember the movie where Will Smith was a super hero and required a personality makeover. She reminds me of that movie. Except this is rea life.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @Nathan: I have only been following her on JJ since her split. I really wanted to root her on. You Know; I am woman hear me roar! I have heard one to many posters who have personally experienced or witnessed her snubs or brush offs ( including Tori Spelling) in The Big Apple. …Too the point where her smile is actually a smirk. a trait passed down from her mother. I too was truly disappointed.

  • Lazy

    She actually looks good here. I wouldn’t wear that color in a million years, but it looks nice on her.

  • Twitter

    Hey K-flop remember that twitter page you posted that had only 3 followers. Wow, it now has a whooping 34 followers. Surely the masses are dying to see it;)
    Remember when it was pointed out that she only had 85kish followers on twitter and how that was low for a “star” and her fans tried to make excuses and say she was only on a shorter time than the other stars mentioned who had millions?
    Well, Robert Downey Jr joined just Friday and he has 1.2 Million and counting already.
    Four days. hmm.

  • Missy

    LOL I don’t think even her biggest fan would suggest that she’s a star on the same level as Robert Downey jr. Actually, her critics seem to be the ones who are so obsessed with whether or not she’s a “stah”. Most of the fans that I see are just happy that she finally seems to be happy and is working and just getting on with her life.
    Also, I remember that convo and she had 82k followers at the time. I just checked and she now has 87k. So she’s gained 5k in about a month. Still not anywhere close to RDJ or other huge stars, but I think the point was that she’s steadily gaining followers.

  • Twitter

    Nathan insist she is A list but I forgot the rest of her fans have such low standards for her work and career that they are easily impressed that she just has a job.
    87k is still next to nothing and it is still a reflection of her popularity and status especially for the younger crowd on social sites although not the only factor.
    Yes just like that twitter for MissMeadows grew from 3 to 34 in a month (lol) you can spin it and say it is steadily growing. It is still just 34.

  • annie

    @ Nathan
    There is this person here posting over and over and over under different names.
    All the non likers, are like frenzied sharks scouring the the internet trying to find whatever they can , what she’s up to, what is she doing, her movies, twitter, what is she wearing, so they can say something nasty, they can’t get enough of her, this is sick, I’m a great Katie fan from way back, this is actually quite flattering that she’s capable of creating this frenzy, without actually doing anything. This is crazy flattering, imagine then what she does to someone that likes her, or is in love with her, like TC.
    Reading what these people post, and again I will use the word frenzy, no wonder she had him jumping up and down, and going balistic over her, this is what these people feel, except for him it was crazy , love.
    No wonder Chris Klien said that he will treasure every moment he spent with her. This girl is totally amazing, when she gets you in her web, it’s out of this world, for good or bad.
    You dream about her, you watch sunsets with her, she makes you feel that you never felt this way before, this is all Katie Holmes.
    So you see Nathan, don’t worry about it, she makes them go crazy.
    Not many people can do that, this is amazing stuff!

  • annie

    And those pics are super cute!

  • Missy

    I think the problem is that her critics make it seem like there’s no middle ground. You either have to be A-list or you’re nothing. I mean, she’s not doing trashy b-movies. Her next film is based on a classic novel and has an all-star cast. She just shot a pilot for a major network with an award-winning writer/producer. She seems to be doing alright for herself.

    I still don’t get why people even care. I know it’s a gossip site and folks are free to say what they want, but I can’t imagine spending so much time trying to tear someone down.

  • Missy

    I just saw annie’s comment. Well said. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • annie

    @ Missy
    did I nail it or what?

  • Nathan


    Well that’s kinda funny because Katie was in 2 movies with Robert Downey jr (2000) Wonder Boys and (2003) The Singing Detective.

    I may be Crazy but I still think Katie is A-list and has Star power.

    Plus she’s Hot as hell.

  • Nathan

    I just read your post annie #22 and your totally right Katie has power over people. I think even the haters secretly love her. LOL

  • annie

    @ Nathan and Missy
    I don’t know what is special about an A list artist anyway, an oscar , a nomination, some who have one, it’s been questioned by their peers whether they deserved it or not, and voiced their opinion about it.
    It has to be a drama, how many dramas are there, someone has to win, so it’s between 3 or 4 people, luck of the draw that’s all it is. Like a lottery, nothing more.
    There are a lot of working actresses just like Katie, most are not A list but are busy making movies without the oscar or nomination. These people here are obsessed about her not being A list, really silly.

    Have a look what Kevin Williamson has to say about the internet, it’s hate and snark snark snark, people are aware what a hateful place it can be.
    When Katie was in DC, she made a few indies, because they wouldn’t give her a lot of time off. I think Pieces of April was made in 10 days on a 300,000 budget, and made in a really dingy apartment in NY. Made a couple of million. I read Miss Meadows was made for 1 million, and really liked the interview with the writer/director and what made her write the story of Miss Meadows, I really can’t wait to see it, it sounds nice.

  • Meg

    @annie: Creepy

  • Jeannie

    She looks happy and healthy, nice to see!

    Re: the person saying she “snubs” people, Tori Spelling is your example? Lol!!!! Katie has always been shy and reserved, so she’s not out partying it up on the celeb scene, but she is known for being nice and respectful, even as far back as Dawsons Creek days.

    What drives a person to hate on someone they don’t know, and will never know (and anonymously of course)? It’s a bit crazy and sad.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @Nathan: Nathan #28- if you watch Mean Girls, She would be Gina. If you apply cortical thinking (and stop thinking with your other head). You see that she projects this void way/way/demeanor that you “feel” YOU can fill. What this is is a personality flaw. These people are usually adult children of ETOH abuse. What you really are seeing is just vacancy. But than this IS America. Go ahead and rent a room or buy a condo.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @Jeannie: #31 – Than you have others like Annie , Missy or Nathan who love Or lust her Not healthy either.

  • @30

    laughing that Annie makes the claim all the post of being from one person and they clearly are not but yet she, Nathan and Missy (and their admitted and not admitted to socks) are the few lone pro Holmes posters around here. Give or take a few drop ins. Not saying people don’t change their names but there are alot more then 3 consistent posters unlike the pro Holmes.
    Is she trying to say all the post from Daily Mail that were negative are the same person too? It’s much harder to do there. And all the places on the net that she gets bad press? Surely they will flatter themselves and think all of those people are just in a frenzy about Holmes too. lol.

  • annie

    @ sincerely concerned
    why is it alright to say mean things about someone you don’t know, but somehow there is something wrong in defending someone who doesn’t do anything wrong , but goes about their business and lives their life.
    yes yes yes, you all know I’m a Katie fan, but you know what it’s you haters that keep me here.
    Yes , I am a fan, but I spend more time here than I wish to, believe me, my laptop is on the kitchen bench and everywhere else, but as long as people here say crazy things, then I will try to balance it out a bit. Nothing to do with love or lust, it’s being a fan, and somehow trying to bring a bit of playing fair.
    I will stick up for TC , and I do, even tho there are things about him that I think don’t add up.
    And you Sincerely Concerned are all over the place. One minute you say this the next minute you contradict yourself, all the time. You come across as very religious, you go on about her mother, having a smirk and being drunk, you call toms sisters butt ugly his daughter butt ugly.
    Actually you don’t always sound like a full quid as the Aussies say, sorry!

  • anne


    Do not stress with the ugly, jealous and frustrated people of this site. Are fans of TC or Scientologists who are not satisfied with the victory of Katie.
    I agree with you: a woman who has the biggest “star” of the world, in the passionate teenl, making him jump like a monkey on the couch, I’m sure she has something special, not only her natural beauty.
    I like the actor, only after everything I’ve read, post divorce, I see him as an immature and insecure man (as I know many mortals). I keep saying, this mess TomKat, was good for him.
    Perhaps in the future, they will sit down and talk. And (dream) the fake relationship can become real.

    Kisses and Happy Easter.

  • @36 lol big time

    If that is what makes you feel better keep it coming.
    if she was so great she would be more popular then she is and the negative comments about her looks and acting skills wouldn’t be what they are all around the net.Not just at justjared. Go ahead and humor yourself that it’s just jealous or that she is sooo awesome she makes people nuts. Whatever it takes to make it work in your head.
    Katie is not the only girl who has a bf say nice things about them only to later change their minds. It’s called the initial stages of a relationship. It happens daily but theirs was just on tv.

    Has Keith not said great things about Nicole?
    If her next guy doesn’t act the same because they want to be more private will that mean he isn’t really in love with her?
    The idea that before 2005 she only had positive press is because no one really knew her on a global scale. Sure she had her small pocket of fans but once she was on the global stage it changes and she was not well received.
    It’s like a kid in High School who thinks he is all that popular and on the football team then goes to college and is nothing. Small fish big pond kind of thing. Basically she peaked ten years ago and I will admit at least she was cute if not beautiful back then. She is like the girl that was popular in HS but not so much as an adult.
    Nothing to do with Cruise good or bad but point is around 2006 on she outgrew the cuteness and her adult look is nothing special and she doesn’t have the acting chops to make up for that.

  • anne

    @@36 lol big time:

    “Katie is not the only girl who has a bf say nice things about them only to later change their minds. It’s called the initial stages of a relationship. It happens daily but theirs was just on tv.”

    Get this in a man over 40 years old, married 02 times, 02 children, the woman has to be very, very, very special. So …… Katie is. I’ll wait MI5.

    Happy Easter to you too.

    Kisses Annie

  • @38

    You are the one that goes on and on about it being fake. Make up your mind.
    Although I think overall the relationship was real I do think it was marketed for the public.
    He acted that way for affect AND when he and Oprah talked about it later she admitted she sort of egged him on a bit and they went with it.
    However, NO she is not the only person to have a 40 year old act excited. It might be the only 40plus year old you saw on TV act that way but it is not the only one.
    Age is not the point anyway but rather that is the initial stages of relationships people go cra cra all the time. Didn’t Holmes go crazy over Tom?? I think she did.
    Does that mean Tom is just soo soo awesome now? Or can you admit that later she found out the real Tom and most likely does not feel the same way now?? It goes both ways.

  • anne


    I only got interested in Tomkat, post divorce. Searching the Net, I think everything was staged: the photographs (the carousel was comical) seemed desperate to promote both career attempt. I’m sure that after this PR disaster Tom Cruise will never, never jump on the couch again to any woman.
    And both of us here, writing about it, is passed. let’s just hope for Suri, who did not ask to be born. .

  • hola?

    absolutely love her! and love her haters here in J J! thy are sooo constant, makes you wonder. she looks lovely and she is doing great, like it or not! katie forever, keep her alive haters!

  • sara

    All of you Katie supporters act like she is the only actress to be attacked with nasty comments. Believe me hers are mild compared to say Angelina Jolie. There are horrible, horrible comments made about her even now eight or so years later after the Pitt-Aniston-Jolie triangle. There is a site that is almost totally devoted to attacking her. FF attacks her constantly. And Nicole Kidman gets so much worse comments than Katie on certain sites. And you should see some of the comments about one of Katie’s Giver co-stars–Skarsgard. He has some vitriolic haters and some of his fans are absolutely nuts whenever he is seen with a female. No wonder the poor guy goes to everything alone or with family–he is probably afraid of his date being bitten to death. Julia Roberts–again an A lister that gets anti-fans and their dander up. Whether you like the Kartrashians or Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan (and I don’t like any of them) if you read comments on blogs they are far worse than anything said about Katie here on JJ.

    I’ve always heard Katie is smart (high grades etc), but wow, she comes across as a vapid bimbo in interviews. I thought after the divorce she might actually say something meaty for once, but no. I find her to be a poseur and someone who has very little acting skill, designing skill etc. BUT I’m happy she got Suri and herself away from the cult. That took planning and brains. If she had trusted Tom like Nicole did with the kids I think she’d be sharing Suri part-time with him. Although I do think he is a good father I also think he has been brainwashed by the cult and enjoys being the number two person (according to Andrew Morton and a few other defectors). It gives him the purpose and worship he loves. So kudos for Katie for escaping with Suri, but sorry, still can’t like her.

  • Lidi

    So true Sara. I can’t imagine if Annie had Jennifer Aniston as her girl crush she would go crazy on this site. Have you seen her threads?? Stay clear!!
    Also true about Kho, with or without Tom she has proven to be boring and vapid.
    The one point I might agree with Tom on is I don’t think anyone over the age of 6 should go by the name Katie.
    Can you picture Katie Middleton?? Doesn’t work.
    Sounds like a toddler
    There is a reason when someone is mocking Tom they call him Tommy as to refer to him as a little boy. Same with Katie/Kate.

  • Missy

    Well naturally fans of Katie are going to defend her just Nicole fans Nicole and Angelina fans defend Angelina. Plus I’ve read some vitriolic comments about Katie that are just as bad (if not worse) than the ones made about the celebs you mentioned. Not necessarily on this thread, but in the past.

  • Missy

    Also, I don’t agree that Jen Aniston gets more hate around here than katie. If anything, the comments about both actresses are pretty similar. Criticizing their looks, career, calling them vapid and boring, making fun of them for being single. It’s funny how the haters complain that they are so boring and yet they can’t get enough of them. But again, those type of comments are pretty tame compared to the really vitriolic comments that I’ve seen about Katie.

  • annie

    @ Sara
    What is FF?

    So the Katies of this world, should change their name to Kate because Katie is a toddler name. ok!
    Look, whether you people want to acknowledge that her career was taking off before Tom or not that is the truth. Whether or not you want to acknowledge that writers producers wrote movies especially for her and gave her the lead role that’s fine too. You want to believe that she was fired from the Batman sequel, that’s fine too.
    Nobody has said she was a big star, why go on about it. always say that she’s in the same catagory as lots of other actresses. never called her A list actress. at any stage.
    And let me tell you from an astrological perspective about KATIE, she’s not a one night stand type of person, she’s a love at first sight person, unless he makes her go weak at the knees, she’s not interested.
    She’s not the type to have just a one after the other relationship like a lot of them do. She won’t jump into anything unless it’s what’s the word… primal. It will never be a matter of I like you, if it’s not Scorpio venus deep and uranus scorpio exhilarating it’s not going to happen, regardless of whatever you think she is. So until someone who again maybe is a little older, or even someone reappears from the past, she’ll wait for that feeling. Now whether or not you want to believe that, again it’s up to you!

  • Dare To Be Honest

    @annie: #35 – What u are seeing is not all over the map, but balanced. I.e., when she is doing something attributable, I recognize it but when she blatantly walks around with Justin Bieber shoes, smelly boots (When she was promoting Holmes and Yang) or greesy hair of course I’m going to slam her. Why should SHE get a break? She’s a mom and, hence, a role model. Sorry I am not the narrow minded bigot you want me to be. Maybe, that is what is grinding you. When you read my comments, You can’t rationalize them by thinking, I “never” have anything nice to say about Miss Katie Holmes.

  • whatever….

    I always get a kick when Annie brings out the Stan post.
    What you don’t understand is that if Katie read your post she would probably be afraid and not flattered that you claim to know her inner psyche.

  • annie

    @48 you have no idea how much fun celeb astrology charts are, and paticularly stuff written by a very reputable astrologer. Tom, Nicole, George Brad the whole lot. Everything is out there. Heck Toms lawyer even threatened to sue one astrologer,so not to talk about him. The same astrologer who makes predictions about the royals, and everybody else!

  • American

    Right, #24.

    No one denies that there are other hated actresses but Jolie and Kidman have WAY more defenders than there are critics, unlike Holmes, #42.

    You’re an idiot, #43.

    There’s nothing to give her break on since she hasn’t done anything wrong but not dress nicely enough for you, #47! How dare you say she’s a bad role model to her daughter for trivial details!