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Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Kiss & Hold Hands in Bora Bora!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Kiss & Hold Hands in Bora Bora!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes shirtless while holding hands with his bikini-clad girlfriend Toni Garrn at the beach last week in Bora Bora.

The 39-year-old actor and the 21-year-old German supermodel were seen kissing passionately while enjoying the romantic island.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

“By far my favorite “office” worldwide #Motutane,” Toni wrote on Instagram with a pic from Bora Bora. Check out the pic below!

Over the weekend, Leo was spotted showing off his dance moves while having a blast at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif.

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282 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Kiss & Hold Hands in Bora Bora!”

  1. 1
    OH LAWD Says:

    Here we go again!

  2. 2
    Annonymous Says:

    Here go hell come!

  3. 3
    smryna Says:

    I can’t help asking who’s next? Are there any blonde left at VS?

  4. 4
    brenda Says:

    fake fake fake, Leo U need true love!!!

  5. 5
    comments Says:

    Finallyyy Jared, took vacation took place last week!!

  6. 6
    Poor Bora Bora Says:

    nooo hoho nooooooooo noooooooooooooooo no no no

  7. 7
    Leo is gross in these pics Says:

    He thinks he is a child

  8. 8
    con Says:

    Holy shat….Leo looks seriously into this girl, didn’t think it’d be possible but think she may have him tamed!

  9. 9
    Ewww Says:

    aging creep and his sex toy

  10. 10
    JJ Administration Says:

    Where’s Leokas? Where are you babe

  11. 11
    kenny Says:

    awww these are so cute, no hate

  12. 12
    leo=the not so great FATSBY Says:


  13. 13
    I bet Says:

    Toni locked Lukas in the wine cellar

  14. 14
    Ha Says:

    @OH LAWD: Lmao!!

  15. 15
    ForMe Says:

    IDK They look kind cute together. He’s always had an odd physique though. Not overweight,but never really in shape either.

  16. 16
    30 Says:

    this pics are soooo intrusive, daily mail had them and toni was topless sunbathing in some, bet Leo would be p*ssed if he knew some creepy dude was taking half naked pics of his girl! leave them be!!

  17. 17
    Cate Says:

    He is so lucky. His life is one long holiday.

  18. 18
    Poor Bora Bora Says:

    @con: Yeah I see it too and it’s disturbing as hell. I can’t stand seeing these nasty pics everytime I comment and refresh the page gawd, JJ has no mercy

  19. 19
    she's too good for manchild Le Says:

    she makes him looks older

  20. 20
    share Says:

    Huh…goes to show how he behaves when hes unawre of the paparrazi, no walking on opposite sides of the road and the like…nice to see!

  21. 21
    LOL at these pics! Says:

    Too funny lol
    the kiddie topless hand in hand with her creepy daddy

  22. 22
    kD Says:

    To be fair to they guy I think hes actually a very good boyfriend behind closed doors….more power to them! Only love!

  23. 23
    goopita nylon Says:

    He out of shape. If he were an actress he would have been called fat and would never get a role again

  24. 24
    TONI Says:

    I do not know what Gaarn is thinking. Her only appeal after modeling is going to be to men. And men think DiCaprio is phony and gay. Repulsive.

  25. 25
    wth Says:

    @30: leo is a creep himself,so there would be no problem:-)

  26. 26
    EVERYONE Says:


  27. 27
    True Says:

    A middle-aged man and his bought property.

  28. 28
    observation Says:

    Toni seems like a bit of a tomboy, guess he likes that. Doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who would put up with a prissy girl who takes 3 hours to get ready aka kim k or even miranda kerr. I like that about him all his girl friends have always been quite natural, not into the whole hair and make up thing.

  29. 29
    limit Says:

    WOW…never thought id see these pics! they are actually very quite together!

  30. 30
    Leokas Says:


  31. 31
    i love this amazing sea Says:

    The only appealing thing about these pics is this wonderful heavenly destination aka bora bora
    Oh i wish i was there!!!!!

  32. 32
    TONI Says:

    @observation: GAY

  33. 33
    me Says:

    By far my favorite “office” worldwide — THE OFFICE?? she thinks: beeing with Leo= my work to be famous LOL

  34. 34
    limit Says:

    ???? Almost spat out my coffee!!! was NOT

  35. 35
    amanda Says:


  36. 36
    lolz Says:

    Toni Garrn is so much taller than Leo
    LOOOOL he’s such a tool

  37. 37
    limit Says:

    oops pressed submit by mistake, was gonna say was not expecting these pics! No doubt there will be endless trolls here picking at everything but for the normal people on here I think these are very nice pictures of two people who really like each other. no biggie.

  38. 38
    TONI Says:


  39. 39
    sugarbaby Says:

    I wonder how long this facade of a relationship will go on for, how long can Leo do this? Forever? We are lucky to get these pics and not the ones on dailymail LOL
    Oh Leo Le LEo, one day ur gonna have to grow up
    Endless Partying, drinking, models, money, vacations aren’t going to get u anywhere Leo, we can see what it already has done to ur physique

  40. 40
    mimia Says:

    Theres sth disturbing about those pics

  41. 41
    question Says:

    I wonder have either of them (mainly toni) said the big “L” word yet, wouldnt be suprized it has been a year of solid dating.

  42. 42
    mimia Says:

    @limit: you are not normal if you cant see how disturbing these pics are.
    Get over urself

  43. 43
    names? Says:

    This may seem weird but I wonder what Toni has Leo saved as on her phone, def not just “Leo” wonder if they have like names for each other….We know Leo is a playful flirty guy so im gonna say they do

  44. 44
    lv Says:

    so much leo news my goodness LOVE IT!!

  45. 45


  46. 46
    c Says:

    @TOO TALL TONI: toni garrn is uneducated.
    Just like leo

  47. 47
    hald Says:

    she referred to office because she went there for work and Leo went with her. Dumbassssss

  48. 48
    lr Says:

    Won’t last.

  49. 49
    funny leo Says: this is a GREAT leo interview, very funny…starts around the 17 min mark

  50. 50
    katie Says:

    Modern-day Jack Nicholson.

  51. 51
    staged pap pics Says:

    Its obvious!:)))))

  52. 52
    only dude Says:

    woah…think Leo has found himself a girl he actually likes! Kudos Bro! Shes hot as heck too

  53. 53
    name Says:

    if she ever makes her insta private dont know what people are gonna do

  54. 54
    poppy Says:

    @Leokas: you rock:-)

  55. 55

    Toni passed the German Abiter{advanced placement exams}, which qulifies you for automatic admission to a German university.

  56. 56
    Really? Says:

    Its obvious you guys are changing your monikers and talking to yourselves rotfl

  57. 57
    sarah Says:

    was he like this with gis and bar too?

  58. 58
    they are using each other Says:

    He uses her for his image
    She uses him for his connections
    Its a win-win situation
    There is no love ,no romance between the two of them
    its is just fun business so these pics are nothing but a ludicrous occurence

  59. 59
    East side nigguh Says:

    To whoever said Leo wouldn’t like to see papz takin topless pics of his girl is right. I worked in a Bar in NYC a couple of years back and Leo and don’t know if it was his girlfriend or not were hanging out with a group of their friends. It got pretty late and some drunk guy approached the girl (girlfriend?) and starting hassling/chatting her up being sloppy and all over her. When Leo saw he came straight over and did the whole “big man” routine getting him away from her, think he may have pushed the guy after some words. Anyway after that his bodygaurd/our body gaurds got the guy thrown out and Leo and his party went back to their seats. So yeah just thought I’d share.

  60. 60
    .... Says:


  61. 61
    oh yes Says:

    Ooooh Leo big coccck, bet hes gettin his dicky wet right now with a juicy bj from toni’s lucious lips, bet she loves swallowing his loaddd

  62. 62
    oh yes Says:

    Tonii pusaay so warm and wet for leo

  63. 63
    oh yes Says:

    he loves to finger and go dowwn on that pussaay til she comes

  64. 64
    oh yes Says:

    then he enters her and they fucck several positions til he emptys his sweeet *** inside her

  65. 65
    oh yes Says:

    ooooh yes bet they love that shizz

  66. 66
    ..... Says:

    @oh yes: and leo’s peen ..full
    of warts

  67. 67
    ivy Says:

    Leo is a serial dater of very young woman/models…as well as a commitment phobic. He is getting very old looking and somehwhat flabby…not attractive at all. Gisele seriously dodged a bullet when she moved on the the life and family she wanted.

  68. 68

    @oh yes: YOU ARE GAY

  69. 69
    @59 Says:

    @East side nigguh: Why would Leo need to come “straight over” if the girl was with him, unless he was sitting somewhere else?

  70. 70
    premonition Says:

    I hate to say this but i have a feeling toni garrn will be future Mrs DiCaprio

  71. 71
    hahahahaha Says:

    @premonition: you had the same premonition with the last four.

  72. 72
    HUH? Says:

    I thought we had already moved on from the stage pictures.

  73. 73
    From other thread Says:

    From other thread @ 04/15/2014 at 4:44 pm

    # 59 East side nigguh @ 04/15/2014 at 4:37 pm
    To whoever said Leo wouldn’t like to see papz takin topless pics of his girl is right. I worked in a Bar in NYC a couple of years back and Leo and don’t know if it was his girlfriend or not were hanging out with a group of their friends. It got pretty late and some drunk guy approached the girl (girlfriend?) and starting hassling/chatting her up being sloppy and all over her. When Leo saw he came straight over and did the whole “big man” routine getting him away from her, think he may have pushed the guy after some words. Anyway after that his bodygaurd/our body gaurds got the guy thrown out and Leo and his party went back to their seats. So yeah just thought I’d share.

  74. 74
    @HUH? Says:

    Most of us had and we are on the other Leo thread about his new movie.

  75. 75
    Welcome to "The Space" Says:

  76. 76
    Welcome to "The Space" Says:

  77. 77
    Welcome to "The Space" Says:

  78. 78
    The Dragging Says:

  79. 79
    Coordinating 101 Says:

  80. 80
    Ok I can do this Says:

  81. 81
    Kiss time Says:

  82. 82
    Ok enough Says:

  83. 83
    Are You Ok? Says:

  84. 84
    Any broken bone? Says:

  85. 85
    omg Says:

    I JUST READ THE INTERVIEW POSTED IN HER BELLAZON THREAD!! Ha funny how she meantions Jenn meyer;)

  86. 86
    The Wrap Says:

  87. 87
    Ahhh wasnt that bad Says:

  88. 88
    TONI Says:

    No jewelry?
    Never at work, I lost it too many times already or forgot it after shootings. Personally I like delicate gold jewelry, for example the jewelry Jennifer Meyer Maguire, Tobey Maguire’s wife, designs.

    End of publicity

  89. 89
    TONI Says:

    Apart from jewelry, what else do you spend money on?
    Vacation: to bring friends together and to rent a house in summer. I’m rarely ever at one place for longer


    Yeah, following Leo to every destination must be exhausting and expensive.

  90. 90
    Sweet PR LOVE Says:

  91. 91
    Sweet PR LOVE Says:

  92. 92
    Sweet PR LOVE Says:

  93. 93
    Yawn Says:

    Same Leo.

  94. 94
    Joelle Says:

    Stranger danger! Stranger danger! lol

  95. 95
    lolzz Says:

    toni chatting up jude law,trying to cheat on leo

  96. 96
    Ruhe Says:

    Oh these pics again…what a buzzkill!

  97. 97
    Zoee Says:

    Its unfair why JJ doesnt mantion that he’s overweight and has a big belly if he were a female there would be tons of coments about how FAT that person is, and I dont get why still people find this creepy guys attractive

  98. 98
    lolzz Says:

    LEO is winning!!! good for him while it lasts

  99. 99
    bora bora Says:

    @Zoee: no one but his delusional&insane fangirls find him attractive nowadays

  100. 100
    @Sweet PR LOVE aka Erin Stan Says:

    Stop posting Erin pics every 5 minutes

  101. 101
    got it Says:

    @bora bora#99-like Zzzzz
    also… Haha12 ?

  102. 102
    @Sweet PR LOVE aka Erin Stan Says:

    Stop posting Erin pics every 5 minutes
    i’m glad Leo is not with her anymore

  103. 103
    Honestly Says:

    They are both unattractive sorry to say.

  104. 104
    MGMT Says:

    MGMT like Leo’s dance at Coachella :) (facebook)

  105. 105
    HA Says:

    unattractive? REALLY?

  106. 106
    MGMT Says:

  107. 107
    Dumbblondes Says:

    These blondes are so dumb. Look at his record of model girlfriends. I’m sure he sleep with all of them, yuk. Isn’t he like almost 40…dating 20 year old models still. I bet everyone of them think they can tame him or that they may be “the one”. lol! dumb you are really dumb, fo real lol

  108. 108
    MGMT Says:

    Leo and Toni are probably more beautiful than all of us.

  109. 109
    Memememe Says:

    Where’s the headline about DiCaprio “flaunting his belly”? You make the incredibly lame comment for pregnant women all the time.

  110. 110
    TMZ Says:

    I find Toni quite pretty and Leo attractive when he gives a damn.

  111. 111
    @Dumbblondes Says:

    Maybe his models don’t want to marry him. they just enyoy the moment. they are young.

  112. 112
    allsion Says:

    Dance likes a 60 year old and has a fat hairy stomach like one. I bet this 21 year old watch Titanic every night to remember the guy she wishes she was with.

  113. 113
    kami Says:

    wow, he turns his body completely away from her as she kisses him. interesting body language on his part.

  114. 114
    sad news Says:

    @sugarbaby: “how long can Leo do this?”

    Well its been 38 years and counting so…

    “Oh Leo Le LEo, one day ur gonna have to grow up
    Endless Partying, drinking, models, money, vacations aren’t going to get u anywhere Leo, we can see what it already has done to ur physique”

    Sadly he doesnt’ have to do anything he doesn’t want to because so many idiots kiss his a-ss left and right. He’s set for life.

  115. 115
    Uhhh Says:

    Water comes up halfway into the pics… was the pap a scuba diver?

  116. 116
    Uhhh Says:

    @they are using each other: “There is no love ,no romance between the two of them
    its is just fun business so these pics are nothing but a ludicrous occurence”

    Ludicrous occurence? well it looks loving and romantic to me. I really don’t like Toni but its obvious they look like a real couple here and Leo is being genuine.

  117. 117
    Mean girl Says:

    Wow I didt know Brigette Neilsen and Jack Nicholson were dating? Yikes

  118. 118
    Zoee Says:

    Leo is a very creppy arrogant men, and very very unattractive but i have to be honest he has talent he can act but that its, leo isn’t good looking that was in the past know he is this belly old man

  119. 119
    Milquetoasts Says:

    @MGMT: No they’re both kinda ugly LOL even Toni a bit.. sometimes she looks good but mostly she looks like a scared boy. They kinda belong together, they seem to suit each other with their white blandness

  120. 120
    Try Again LEo Says:

    Leo, Gisele is still not jealous ahahahaha she’s laughin her flat off right now

  121. 121
    @Mean girl Says:

    Omg LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!!

  122. 122
    Milquetoasts Says:

    Toni is lucky to be naturally tall and slim because her body is a bit soft and doughy like Leo’s, not nicely toned or tan. Maybe she’s a bit lazy herself and thats why they get along so well. I wonder what the sex is like if that’s the case.

  123. 123
    Mean girl Says:

    Leo’s ti•tts are bigger than Toni’s

  124. 124
    Mean girl Says:

    Dont be surpised if Gabie IG s Toni and Leo’s intimate time!

  125. 125


  126. 126

    After this Toni Garrn will have no appeal to men

  127. 127
    Milquetoasts Says:

    @TOO TALL TONI: Only Leo is attracted to her in a sexual way because of his weird fetish for germanic blondes and flat bodies like a teen boy.

  128. 128

    @Milquetoasts: Yor are Leo’s PR. How do get girls to be an official girlfriend.

  129. 129
    Empty head Says:

    Leo has absolutely no smart people around him.

  130. 130
    Gabbie's Next IG Says:×225.jpg In the bushes the other woman #awkward #otherwoman

  131. 131

    @Milquetoasts: Why wiil you not answer a straight forward question?

  132. 132

    @Milquetoasts: Sexual weird fetish teen boys. GAY

  133. 133
    Milquetoasts Says:

    @TOO TALL TONI: ? I’m not Leo’s PR

  134. 134

    @Milquetoasts: YES YOU ARE.

  135. 135
    Milquetoasts Says:

    @TOO TALL TONI: No, sorry. I wish I was though. I’m pretty sure even I could do a better job at shaping Leo’s image than the buffoons he has hired right now.

  136. 136
    Aww Says:

    They are cute. I hope it lasts with her.

  137. 137
    Gabbie's Next IG Says: Found this in Leo’s bathroom #opps #busted #modelizer

  138. 138
    Poor Bar Says:

    she wants to be a high fashion model like Toni…

  139. 139
    I Agree Says:

    @Aww: She’s beautiful and it looks like they have a great time together. I’m happy for him. Hopefully they build something great together!

  140. 140
    Toni's bland Says: Wow Toni is pretty not!

  141. 141
    Toni's bland Says:×600.jpg Toni’s tribute to David

  142. 142
    Toni's bland Says: Another photoshoot

  143. 143
    Toni's bland Says:

    Toni = Bowie. it makes me love her even more.

  144. 144
    @toni's bland Says:

    Is that really Toni in the red hair?? facepalm*

  145. 145
    ximena Says:

    @I Agree: LOL
    Yeah shes beautiful…..sarcasm cause all that matters is being beautiful haha
    Leo has one of the most superficial fan bases out there, no wonder

  146. 146
    @ximena Says:

    Its just some Toni stan drooling over Toni..

  147. 147
    ximena Says:

    @@ximena: i hope so:-)

  148. 148
    @xinena Says:

    Leo is very superficial himself

  149. 149
    Aaron Long Says:

    Visit a New Up and Coming Entertainment Blog

  150. 150
    ximena Says:

    @@xinena: i know,thats why i said ‘no wonder’

  151. 151
    Nana Says:

    Enter Kapr6b promo code for $20 credit towards your first Uber ride.

  152. 152
    sad Says:

    girls are jealous of each other, girls are their own worst enemy

  153. 153
    Dany Says:

    I like them, they look good. Don’t get the hate but it is always like that.
    Bora Bora is such a beautiful place.

  154. 154
    90skid Says:

    I grew up with he and Markie Mark. Never in a million years would I think Mark would be the settled down family man, and Leo the single playboy. Funny.

  155. 155
    gfd Says:

    @Poor Bar: lmao Bar spelled CHANEL as canel. funniest thing ever. Shows you what a “supermodel” she is….

  156. 156
    Garrn on her exercise routine Says:

    Quoted as saying -I always go for a running session everyday. As a part of workout, I likes to play tennis. Regarding diet, she says that she likes to eat whatever she wants and never skips breakfast. However, by accident she sometimes leaves dinner or lunch.

  157. 157
    Tmz Says:

  158. 158
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @TMZ: HI! I was actually running errands and one of the places had TMZ on the TV. Harvey and the rest of the people were saying that Leo wasn’t fat and thought the headlines were exaggerating and out of line. They thought Leo had a bit of a gut, but what was the big deal – he wasn’t obese. Maybe they had the discussion in response to the video you have posted. One of the reporters (I guess that’s what they are) were very adamant about Leo not being fat. (No, it wasn’t a girl). They did agree that he should probably go to the gym.

  159. 159
    Dave Says:

    Leo is having a bad internet week– but has a great friggin life

  160. 160
    Mean girl Says:

    Toni never eats Leo makes up for it.

  161. 161
    whoa Says:

    @Zzzzzz: You seem to care more about the fat comments than Leo does… relax dude

  162. 162


  163. 163
    Revel Says:

    Leo you would love this club especially the show.

    scroll down to see vid

  164. 164
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    Love you Leo!


  165. 165
    lurker Says:

    He will be Jack Nicholson 10 yrs from now….look at his belly and bloated face…lol…I can’t help comparing the latest pic of Brad Pitt…the man is f*cking 50 yrs old and his body is in the 40s…how can anyone find Leo attractive is beyond me…oh well money and fame do buy vs models…

  166. 166
    Ruhe Says:

    Wow the topless pics made the E! news show. They reported how in love Leo looked.

  167. 167
    It's coming Says:

    @Ruhe: I haven’t seen Leo happy and relaxed like this for a long time. Before I thought he and Toni were just a front but seeing these pics now… I never realized they were so intimate.

  168. 168
    Omigosh LOL! Says:

    @lurker: That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking the other day! Leo DiCaprio is another Jack Nicholson! Both excellent actors, but for some reason, seem secretly tortured. Both reek of self indulgence, bad health and bad habits like drugs, cigarettes, and sexual promiscuity. Plus physical unattractiveness. Leo was cute when he was young, but like Nicholson, his body is like a big ol potato. Very little musculature. In my opinion, Leo has always had a “slight” physique and poor posture. Love both men in films, but you can see their character by how they live and present themselves. I could never find either of them sexy.

  169. 169
    @194 Says:

    What a trash can this place is. I guess Also isn’t that bad. Some of you a$$holes keep complain about her but this is just baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Who are you gonna blame now for this! lol
    Wow, so also isn’t the only one who thinks Leo is pretty much a loser. Wow, imagine that…and she’s not even posting on here! lol Well well…bye have fun tearing each other up!!

  170. 170
    well Says:

    like Nicholson,
    Leo doesn’t need to take care of his appearance to be a successful actor
    how cool is that? haha
    btw looks like Brad Pitt had botox/facelift
    his face is full of winkles a few years ago
    no its all gone

  171. 171
    oh yea Says:

    @well: Brad Pitt will probably get procedures done (if he hasn’t already), just like Robert Redford finally did. Pitt is handsome, but he is also VAIN. He’s very aware of his good looks. You can tell by the way he smiles and looks into cameras that he makes sure he takes flattering photos.

  172. 172
    video Says:

    leo playfully fighting with his friends

  173. 173
    agree Says:

    @oh yea
    those people who care so much for what other people think of them is so pathetic imo

  174. 174
    Marcelia Says:

    yayy! The starting of Leo’s vacations thread! Love it! :D

  175. 175
    Maria Says:

    Honestly? Leo looks pretty old and ridiculous next to a 21 yr old twig. Do these old guys get that? No. They just want the sex. They will never want anything more.

  176. 176
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    If I was there I would have not allowed this, keep your hands off Leo.


    Ps that is not my post above.

  177. 177
    @Ruhe Says:

    which photo shows him so in love and happy? I haven’t seen any like that

  178. 178
    Ruhe Says:

    @Ruhe I don’t know probably the kissie face one, that is just what E! news reported
    Oh look Heidi Klum has her tits out too! All must be well in Toni land!

  179. 179
    SS Says:

    Leo has a paunch,

  180. 180
    @Ruhe Says:

    so that equals looking so in love? huh!

  181. 181
    sugarbaby Says:

    I’m surprised there aren’t a lot of comments here, maybe eventually, that is what usually happens, but this is really low number of comments, i guess everyone already talked about it on the other threads

  182. 182
    Ok Says:

    @sugarbaby: I don’t know what to comment. But it’s great news over the new movie :)

  183. 183
    Ruhe Says:

    @Ruhe Guess so…he def likes her cause we know he has been tapping that sh*t for a year now. Guess Toni can be happy these pics finally confirm their a couple to all the world. Suppose we will have to see how loved up these two are in the rest of the coming year.

  184. 184
    @sugarbaby Says:

    No, honey. The morons are on the other thread pretending to care about Leo next project while still talking about these photos ;).

  185. 185
    #183 Says:

    @Ruhe: Stop justifying your opinion to also.
    She only likes people seeing negative on Leo and Toni and harrasses you with questions. Breathe
    You say anything positive about these two – You gonna make ‘also’ mad

  186. 186
    @#183 Says:


  187. 187
    HA! Says:

  188. 188
    TMZ Says:

  189. 189
    TMZ Says:–X5mTdkw/32116/321156404/tmz.jpg

  190. 190
    Ruhe Says:

    Me and @also… are cool! No worries! I think today might end up being a slow day on the new Leo news front, so I am off to the tennis courts. Hope everyone has a great day!

  191. 191
    Oh Leo Says:

    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Double-Facepalm

  192. 192
    Famewhores Says:

  193. 193
    Famewhores Says:

  194. 194
    well Says:

    There is something deeply embarrassing with looking at an aging modelizer holding a taller barely legal puppet…
    Rather creepy and disturbing.

  195. 195
    @well Says:

    Creepy is someone hating on a guy you don’t know, get over yourself
    they look happy <3

  196. 196
    @194 Says:

    What’s wrong with any girl being taller??. And if its creepy/disturbing Sasha/Lorelei. LOOK AWAY

  197. 197
    @ @well Says:

    Hating on JJ posters is so much better

  198. 198
    well Says:

    Oh boy I forgot most of the JJ posters were offended junior high schoolers…

  199. 199
    Tommy Long Says:

    @OH LAWD:

  200. 200
    @198 Says:

    Because attacking someone’s height is not immature high school behaviour

  201. 201
    Annonymous Says:

    @@198:@Tommy Long: lol

  202. 202
    XOX Says:

    You would think that this guy would have evolved with some of the women he dates but no. We all know how this story is go: when the guy is 80, he’ll still be dating this type of woman e.g. a blond, model, no curves except she will be pushing him around in his wheelchair.

  203. 203
    To Leo/Toni haters Says:

    Why don’t you go live your own life and stop trying to live through a movie star?

  204. 204
    Pumpkin Says:

    @Omigosh LOL!: Um don’t insult Nicholson’s acting with comparisons to Lardno

  205. 205
    danika Says:

    Better her than Bar Rafaeli or how she’s called,

  206. 206
    Dail mail Says:

    The pics on daily mail where toni was topless, lol her and leo’s chest are the same size – B-cup

  207. 207
    Clue Says:

    First time I’ve felt a pang of jealousy, not because of them, but because they are in Bora Bora, my dream vacation. Sigh. Why? I can’t look at that gorgeous water and sky and not want to be there!! Wondering if I will ever get to go in my lifetime and these people can go every year, every month, heck every week if they really wanted to…bum deal.

  208. 208
    You Can Do It!!! Says:

    @Clue: Clue you can go ther…just save your money and go! Don’t let this pathetic modellizer and clueless bimbo be the only ones to enjoy bora your money and go with a friend or by yourself! Just go! What is stopping you!?!

  209. 209
    couple alert Says:

    I like this couple. They are down to earth and very quiet. It is good to see this in Hollyweird. I do not care for the age difference, they look happy so good for them.

  210. 210
    cute Says:

    Leo looks very happy and relaxed.

    Love you, bb.

  211. 211
    Never forget Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio and new girlfriend Toni Garrn were seen celebrating Valentine’s Day in an intimate dinner at a posh restaurant in New York City. An eyewitness told NY Daily News, “Toni looked delighted as she unwrapped a pair of pendant earrings and immediately put them on.” The insider added, “Leo and Toni spent the evening doing a bit of kissing behind the foliage.”

  212. 212
    Never forget Says:

  213. 213
    What up Says:

    Good God, I thought was that manager dude that Britney Spears used to date…Jason something or other.

  214. 214
    well Says:

    Remember that Garrn is only a week older than Selena Gomez.

  215. 215
    @well Says:


  216. 216
    SG fan Says:

    @well – and that’s pretty troubling. In my mind Selena is a teenager.
    How gross to imagine she could become Leo’s official escort.

  217. 217
    Ah Says:

    Sigh. What a beautiful location. I would kill to be there right now.

  218. 218
    @SG fan Says:

    Selena is a drug addict and is in love with douchebag number 1, the Biebs. Leo is better with Toni.

  219. 219
    What up Says:

    I love to be there too right now…not with Leo or Toni but with my boo.

  220. 220
    song Says:

    Leo and Toni sitting in a tree
    First comes love
    Then comes marriage
    Then comes Leo with the baby carriage
    Sucking his thumb
    Wetting his pants
    Doing the hula-hula dance

  221. 221
    hm Says:

    Young love, young P@$$Y. Leo, my hero.

  222. 222
    @220 Says:

    @song: LMAO!! You lyrical genius!!

  223. 223
    song Says:

    @@220 not mine, sis lol

  224. 224
    song Says:

    they are dating for 1 year?

  225. 225
    @song Says:

    almost one year
    but hey, the end in near hahahaha

  226. 226
    Annonymous Says:

    So cute and loving.
    And the water looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. 227
    @Annonymous Says:

    yes, agree

  228. 228
    well Says:

    Lol…with a gf that age, who is still growing, Leo will have to get a larger and longer mattress.

  229. 229
    #227 Says:

    @Annonymous: Me 2oo

  230. 230
    @also Says:

    kisses, I know you are here. you can’t resist looking at these pictures lol

  231. 231
    @well Says:

    they do on the floor lol

  232. 232
    lol Says:

    The pics are really travelling

  233. 233
    #230 Says:

    also is a moron, don’t waste your time

  234. 234
    @well Says:

    Lol. If only Leo’s mattress could talk.
    Gisele, Bar, Blake, Erin, Toni and not to mention the several escorts who visited Oriole Lane in recent years.

  235. 235
    @lol Says:

    travelling back to Bora Bora?
    haha joking, I think the photos are kind of cute

  236. 236
    idees Says:

    Enter Kapr6b for $20 credit toward your first UBER ride.

    Enter Kapr6b for $20 credit toward your first UBER ride.

    Enter Kapr6b for $20 credit toward your first UBER ride.

  237. 237
    lol Says:

    @@lol: Haha. I wonder if they will appear in any mags

  238. 238
    Was all this legal? Says:

    I am going to choke to death.

  239. 239
    @lol Says:

    maybe 1 or 2
    they are exclusive

  240. 240
    why? Says:

    can’t his body look like this:

  241. 241
    why? Says:

    or this:

  242. 242
    why? Says:


  243. 243
    why? Says:


  244. 244
    why? Says:

    c’mon dude! you can do it!

  245. 245
    @243 Says:

    @why?: You’re supposed to like him the way he is

  246. 246
    why? Says:

    #245 pff I like him, but we know he can do better.

  247. 247
    @243 Says:

    @why?: lol, okay

  248. 248
    JB Says:

    My girlfriend, Toni, a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel of Hamburg, Germany. A real model, not a escort. Yeah. She was the one with my **** in her mouth in the beach of Bora Bora, so put your d!ck back in your pants, old sport.

  249. 249
    magnificent Says:

    @Ah: ME TOO! Its like a parallel universe of heavenly beauty OMG
    What i wouldnt do to be there!!!!!”!!!!!!

  250. 250
    TONI Says:

    @why?: NO CGI IN REAL LIFE

  251. 251
    ultimately Says:


  252. 252
    ultimately Says:


  253. 253
    Awww Says:

  254. 254
    Yep Says:

    @Awww: desperate puppy.. ie Toni

  255. 255
    @253 Says:

    @Awww: Looks like an all black Django

  256. 256
    Awww Says:

    @@253: That dog is cute. I’ve never seen an all black one before!!

  257. 257
    haha Says:

    that dog is one of leo’s friends dog i think that guy “vinny” i remember one of them (vinny or lucas) having a picture of this dog together with django

  258. 258
    Check Says:

    (Friend’s) Dog tagging.

  259. 259
    @haha Says:

    Ok. Talking about Vinny am I the only one that get bad vibes from that guy, i don’t way he looks like a douchbag, old angry man, arrogant and annoying. I may be wrong since i don’t know him, he’s maybe the nicest guy to be around with but I just can’t see him that way

  260. 260
    @259 Says:

    I think for me its that I get old man at the club vibe from some of them

  261. 261
    WANG CHUNG Says:

    No.1; And why not? [Marlon Brando] What is so wrong with having lots of girlfriends?

  262. 262
    Brazilian Girl Says:

    I think these two happen to look very cute!
    Haters will be haters…

  263. 263
    Fan Says:

    I remember when Leo had his gf Kristen with him in Thailand while he was filming The Beach. At the time, it was reported that he rented a piece of seclusive island for her and for some of her relatives.
    The spot seemed to be absolutely stunning! Everybody thought that Kristen was so lucky. In his younger years, Leo had a very sexy and fit body.

  264. 264
    Anna Says:

    TONI @ 04/15/2014 at 4:17 pm

    No Leo is not gay. He is a serial dater; when ever a woman gets the wrong idea about marriage he moves on. The man apparently does not want to get married.

  265. 265
    WANG CHUNG Says:

    No.264 at 7:26; Leo is an HBO style Big Love polygamist like me. So is Tom Hanks, who produced the tv series. Not to mention the born again Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.

  266. 266
    TONI Says:


  267. 267
    LOLOLOL Says:

    How tall is the giraffe?
    And at what age a girl stops growing?

  268. 268
    Observation Says:

    His odd physique called laziness. Why should he do sit ups when he get 40 bazillion anyway?

  269. 269
    TONI Says:


  270. 270
    gfgdf Says:

    Toni haters are just like the crazy Bar haters aka Leo fangirls lmao……

  271. 271
    Blacksharpie Says:

    In this pic, she looks to be significant fly taller than Leo. I think she has gotten taller in the past year?!
    She also looks kind of drunk in this pic.

  272. 272
    Annonymous Says:

    Can’t wait for Toni to get her next Vogue cover!

  273. 273
    Clue Says:

    Yes you are right I need to just do it!! I’ve been thinking about it too long and haven’t made the plunge…seeing these pics was the icing on the cake because honestly they look like they don’t even care. Just another gorgeous day on the beach and lalala look at me in my bikini. I hope they are grateful for what they have.

  274. 274
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @LOLOLOL: Hi! Girls stop growing usually 2-3 years after they start their period. So, I think it is safe to say that at 21, Toni has definitely stopped growing.

  275. 275
    shoes Says:

    I like Toni’s shoes at Coachella.

  276. 276
    Bora Bora Says:

    I want to go there !

  277. 277
    Aww Says:

  278. 278
    lisa runnels Says:

    i’m personally tired of the strange photos of them together—looks like a strange relationship—-I think bar wants leo back,maybe he should look at that…every time I see photos of them together,the photos have you wondering what the heck—leo and toni ?????

  279. 279
    #278 Says:

    @lisa runnels: He doesn’t want Bar back. Its been 3 years since he dumped her. The Go Daddy girl is almost 30 years old. Her fans need to get over it

  280. 280
    carolina Says:

    @they are using each other: i love your one of the few rational people in here i mean he do the same thing with erin and margarita or something like that I Think that he decides until when is time to change of girl, poor girls no self esteem but hey at least this girls are high profiles hookers

  281. 281
    carolina Says:

    i mean he do the same thing with erin and margarita or something like that I Think that he decides until when is time to change of girl, poor girls no self esteem but hey at least this girls are high profiles hookers

  282. 282
    MTV Says:

    While thinking about the end of the day, Leonardo DiCaprio appeared never stop to get anything that he wanted. The actor was capturing to enjoying his heaven earthly paradise in Bora Bora on Friday, April 11, 2014 with for almost a year girlfriend, Toni Garrn. See more 30 PHOTOS and 4 videos of Leonardo DiCaprio goes off-duty on Bora Bora with Bikini girlfriend, Toni Garrn on or

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