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Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Kiss & Hold Hands in Bora Bora!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn Kiss & Hold Hands in Bora Bora!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes shirtless while holding hands with his bikini-clad girlfriend Toni Garrn at the beach last week in Bora Bora.

The 39-year-old actor and the 21-year-old German supermodel were seen kissing passionately while enjoying the romantic island.

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“By far my favorite “office” worldwide #Motutane,” Toni wrote on Instagram with a pic from Bora Bora. Check out the pic below!

Over the weekend, Leo was spotted showing off his dance moves while having a blast at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif.

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leonardo dicaprio toni garrn kiss hold hands in bora bora 04
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn kiss hold hands in bora bora 05

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  • got it

    @bora bora#99-like Zzzzz
    also… Haha12 ?

  • @Sweet PR LOVE aka Erin Stan

    Stop posting Erin pics every 5 minutes
    i’m glad Leo is not with her anymore

  • Honestly

    They are both unattractive sorry to say.

  • MGMT

    MGMT like Leo’s dance at Coachella :) (facebook)

  • HA
  • MGMT
  • Dumbblondes

    These blondes are so dumb. Look at his record of model girlfriends. I’m sure he sleep with all of them, yuk. Isn’t he like almost 40…dating 20 year old models still. I bet everyone of them think they can tame him or that they may be “the one”. lol! dumb you are really dumb, fo real lol

  • MGMT

    Leo and Toni are probably more beautiful than all of us.

  • Memememe

    Where’s the headline about DiCaprio “flaunting his belly”? You make the incredibly lame comment for pregnant women all the time.

  • TMZ

    I find Toni quite pretty and Leo attractive when he gives a damn.

  • @Dumbblondes

    Maybe his models don’t want to marry him. they just enyoy the moment. they are young.

  • allsion

    Dance likes a 60 year old and has a fat hairy stomach like one. I bet this 21 year old watch Titanic every night to remember the guy she wishes she was with.

  • kami

    wow, he turns his body completely away from her as she kisses him. interesting body language on his part.

  • sad news

    @sugarbaby: “how long can Leo do this?”

    Well its been 38 years and counting so…

    “Oh Leo Le LEo, one day ur gonna have to grow up
    Endless Partying, drinking, models, money, vacations aren’t going to get u anywhere Leo, we can see what it already has done to ur physique”

    Sadly he doesnt’ have to do anything he doesn’t want to because so many idiots kiss his a-ss left and right. He’s set for life.

  • Uhhh

    Water comes up halfway into the pics… was the pap a scuba diver?

  • Uhhh

    @they are using each other: “There is no love ,no romance between the two of them
    its is just fun business so these pics are nothing but a ludicrous occurence”

    Ludicrous occurence? well it looks loving and romantic to me. I really don’t like Toni but its obvious they look like a real couple here and Leo is being genuine.

  • Mean girl

    Wow I didt know Brigette Neilsen and Jack Nicholson were dating? Yikes

  • Zoee

    Leo is a very creppy arrogant men, and very very unattractive but i have to be honest he has talent he can act but that its, leo isn’t good looking that was in the past know he is this belly old man

  • Milquetoasts

    @MGMT: No they’re both kinda ugly LOL even Toni a bit.. sometimes she looks good but mostly she looks like a scared boy. They kinda belong together, they seem to suit each other with their white blandness

  • Try Again LEo

    Leo, Gisele is still not jealous ahahahaha she’s laughin her flat off right now

  • @Mean girl

    Omg LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!!

  • Milquetoasts

    Toni is lucky to be naturally tall and slim because her body is a bit soft and doughy like Leo’s, not nicely toned or tan. Maybe she’s a bit lazy herself and thats why they get along so well. I wonder what the sex is like if that’s the case.

  • Mean girl

    Leo’s ti•tts are bigger than Toni’s

  • Mean girl

    Dont be surpised if Gabie IG s Toni and Leo’s intimate time!




    After this Toni Garrn will have no appeal to men

  • Milquetoasts

    @TOO TALL TONI: Only Leo is attracted to her in a sexual way because of his weird fetish for germanic blondes and flat bodies like a teen boy.


    @Milquetoasts: Yor are Leo’s PR. How do get girls to be an official girlfriend.

  • Empty head

    Leo has absolutely no smart people around him.

  • Gabbie’s Next IG

    @Milquetoasts: Why wiil you not answer a straight forward question?


    @Milquetoasts: Sexual weird fetish teen boys. GAY

  • Milquetoasts

    @TOO TALL TONI: ? I’m not Leo’s PR


    @Milquetoasts: YES YOU ARE.

  • Milquetoasts

    @TOO TALL TONI: No, sorry. I wish I was though. I’m pretty sure even I could do a better job at shaping Leo’s image than the buffoons he has hired right now.

  • Aww

    They are cute. I hope it lasts with her.

  • Gabbie’s Next IG Found this in Leo’s bathroom #opps #busted #modelizer

  • Poor Bar

    she wants to be a high fashion model like Toni…

  • I Agree

    @Aww: She’s beautiful and it looks like they have a great time together. I’m happy for him. Hopefully they build something great together!

  • Toni’s bland
  • Toni’s bland
  • Toni’s bland
  • Toni’s bland

    Toni = Bowie. it makes me love her even more.

  • @toni’s bland

    Is that really Toni in the red hair?? facepalm*

  • ximena

    @I Agree: LOL
    Yeah shes beautiful…..sarcasm cause all that matters is being beautiful haha
    Leo has one of the most superficial fan bases out there, no wonder

  • @ximena

    Its just some Toni stan drooling over Toni..

  • ximena

    @@ximena: i hope so:-)

  • @xinena

    Leo is very superficial himself

  • Aaron Long

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  • ximena

    @@xinena: i know,thats why i said ‘no wonder’