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Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Engaged, Announce News on 'The View' - See Her Engagement Ring Here!

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Engaged, Announce News on 'The View' - See Her Engagement Ring Here!

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Walhberg just announced that they are engaged to be married on her talk show The View!

“Turn on #theview It’s gonna be a goooood one. : )” the 41-year-old entertainer host tweeted that morning.

Earlier today (April 16), Jenny got a Sally Hansen Manicure, where she showed off her huge engagement ring – see the pics below!

Donnie also followed up with, “Dropping by @theviewtv to visit my girl…” on his Twitter account.

The couple made their first red carpet appearance together back in August at the Dancing with the Stars Charity Event.

Congratulations to Jenny and Donnie on the wonderful news! We can’t wait to find out wedding details!

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jenny mccarthy donnie wahlberg engaged see huge engagement ring 02
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Photos: Wenn, Michael Simon
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  • Tommy Long

    How cool is that..

  • idees

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  • Jenny fan!

    I have to say she has been getting WAY too much flak from the pro vaccine community. All she said is she believes her child got Autism from too many vaccines, and she is probably right. then she shared the ways she tired to help him, and she shared the info so other people wouldn’t have to go through that too. She is not saying all vaccines are bad, just that the excessive vaccinations that are done are bad, and I 100% agree with her. #teamJenny

  • not a jenny fan

    i assume by the ‘pro vaccine community’ you mean the responsible parents who understand that vaccinating their child not only improves their own chances of survival in this world but also children and elderly people with low immunity? or the responsible parents who are intelligent enough to know that there is no empirical evidence to sustain the claim one doctor made 10+ years ago that has been debunked because he doctored the evidence? her standing in the media makes her claims incredibly damaging to susceptible people (i’m not saying you are, but sounds like it) who would willingly believe that amber anklets your child can choke on are ultimately going to help them with teething pain over a medical phenomenon that has saved countless lives globally? you live in a world where you can AFFORD to choose whether or not to vaccinate your child, CHOOSING not to is hugely irresponsible and unleashes diseases that SHOULD be exterminated back into society. there are children in developing countries dying from lack of clean water, who can only dream of being vaccinated against these curable diseases.

    so yeah, if she believes that vaccines gave her kids autism – because apparently this learning disability is something that can be transmitted via the medium of medicine, hold your breath people – she is entitled to her opinion. but she is not allowed to speak out against a miracle we have been blessed with, not unless she had solid facts and understands the repercussions her idiotic actions will have.

  • kris

    @Jenny fan!:
    Except that vaccines don’t cause autism and she’s been brainwashed by Autism Speaks…
    -from someone who is actually autistic.

  • Vaccines not good

    You people need to shut the f*ck up about what causes Autism. No one knows what cause Autisms. You’re talking about Jenny being brainwashed but how do you know that You’re not being brainwashed?!?! Because “the scientists” said so?!? You do know scientist disagree with each other all the time.
    All I want is the truth but you have 2 sides invested in this that have their own agenda…hhe pro-vaccine or the anti vaccine clan.
    If she wants to have that view lets her. You don’t know what the f*ck they’re putting in the vaccines which people have had a bad reaction to, some have even DIED!! Yes died, google that!
    . We all know the government can do some evil sh*t to its own citizen. Have you heard about the Tuskegee experiment!? Google it too!!! I think vaccines are a farce personally…

  • BR
  • Vaccines are Bar for You!

    Lots of educated people talking personally about what happened to them and you can find so many stories online…smh…Jenny not so ‘stupid’ after all! Jenny please keep standing tall! Love her!

  • goopita

    Is there a celebrity with good taste regarding engagement rings? Is it possible that they always have to be so tacky and ostentatious in a sensational way? Do they think the bigger the better? really? is more and more jersey shore-ish show off.

  • Faux News

    Faux News is very pro-vaccines. There is your answer without even saying it!!

  • not a jenny fan

    oh my god. unless you completely cut out all medicine from your life and make your own natural remedies from herbs and plants you grow yourself and know haven’t been tampered with by anything unnatural, there are always side effects to medicine. paracetemol can kill you, aspirin can kill you, antiseptic cream can kill you. but you know why we don’t freak out about it? because we need it every day, and the percentage of people it does poison and kill is so minutely small. vaccines save more lives than they take, don’t even pull that stunt on me.

    jenny mccarthy is stupid. i will not take it back. she is irresponsible and i have read about her stance on it, there is not one ounce of logic behind it. throwing an article at me to debunk my beliefs is not going to work. if you choose not to vaccinate your child, then you are putting more lives at risk for the sake of ‘not giving your kid autism’. how offensive is that to people who are autistic? how callus are you to really believe that the impossibly non existent chance of your child having autism through vaccination is worth affecting the lives of those with autoimmune disorders? don’t swear at me, “vaccines *are not good”. the overwhelming statistic globally tells us that small pox has been wiped out because of vaccination, autism persists despite the ‘conscientious’ efforts of new age parents thinking they know better than medical professionals.

    there is no known cause of autism, granted, but it pre-existed vaccines and saying that it can be ‘avoided’ by not vaccinating is ridiculous and demeaning.

  • thegirl

    @Vaccines are Bar for You!:

    Vaccines may be “bar” for you personally, but there’s no evidence to suggest that they cause autism (or any other condition) in any way. Jenny McCarthy is a bubble-headed pseudo-scientist whose claims of autism causes and autism cures have done much more harm than good.

    Maybe that point will get through when we see the numbers of people dying of previously eradicated diseases in this country rising and rising.

  • mehere

    Just for the record…the View is NOT “her” talk show. It’s Barbara Walters show. She just happens to be an employee of the View. It’s not “The Jenny McCarthy Show”….

  • CanadaOne

    Two real winners, I give it 2 years tops.

  • http://@pharcyde416 JD

    Wow beautiful ring. It’s huge. What is the large center stone??? It looks like Golden Beryl, or Moganite to me but it’s hard to tell with that particular stone. Very beautiful ring regardless of what it is composed of…

  • Off Topic

    BACK ON TOPIC HERE! Her being engaged has nothing to do with what choose to do with her child(ren). I wish them all the best!!

  • Mel

    @Jenny fan!: AUTISM IS NOT CAUSED BY VACCINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she says he is “cured”. You cannot cure autism. She is an idiot who I would would keep her trap shut when in the general public.

  • Mel

    @Vaccines not good:
    Where do you live so that I can keep my not fully vaccinated child away from you and yours.

  • alejandra

    didn’t even know they were dating… wow

  • Connie


  • My 2 pennies

    Not vaccinating your child is like not putting a seatbelt on them in the car because you drive safely and have never had a car accident. So therefore you’ll child will never get hurt. Of course your evidence for this is your own opinion with absolutely no scientific or statistical backing. But there are plenty of scientific and statistical papers that talk about the chances your child could get hurt or die from lack of wearing a car seat.

    — I do find it a bit alarming that Jenny has no proof minus her feelings and a scientific paper that has already been admitted to be falsified. And that she claims she has cured her son yet no one else has been cured. I would think a whole league of parents would flock for the non-medication cure to fix their child, yet I don’t hear about these mass curings happening. I also find it interesting that this last January, some website/blog/whatever started circulating saying Jenny’s son never had autism to which she responded with, “absolutely my son has autism”. I found that that confused me because I thought she had cured her son. Wouldn’t that be the first thing out of your mouth? It’s all very odd.

  • Maria

    Congrats to both of them! They seem really happy together, so I wish them well. As far as her child, it is a tough road to parent an autistic child. Everyone wants to point at something, but there is NO data that supports the cause being vaccines. The most recent theory was that it occurs in utero, sometime during brain development. That sounds more logical to me.

  • @

    If u vaccinate your child stop worrying about other kids. Vaccines prevent illnesses right? So why is it your business?


    Just in time for all those those high school kids on that wrecked ferry boat in the Yellow Sea. That was taking them to Jeju Island. [Pronounced J,Jew in Americano.]


    Just in time for all those high school kids on that wrecked ferry boat in the Yellow Sea. That was taking them to Jeju Island. [Pronounced J,Jew in Americano.] On the opening day of Chloe Moetz’ new high school play in Jew York. Which takes place at Golden Valley High Scool, etc. etc…

  • Louise

    Love Jenny and Donny. Love Jenny on The View, and Donny makes Blue Bloods a great show. Jenny is a great addition to The View. If they would get rid of big mouth Sherry Shepherd, it would be a fab show. Congrats to the lovely couple.

  • Go Sherri

    Love the ladies of the View especially kind, funny, talented Sherri Sheperd!

  • Sadie

    @Jenny fan!: She;s not right. The idiot that wrote the original article admitted her was wrong. She is outting everyone elses kids in danger by not vacinating them.

  • Sadie

    I deserve better than this twit with an A showing up at baseball games because her boyfriend is a fraud Boston fan.

    Please Donny Take this whore back to LA with you and stay away from Boston


    SOOOO HAPPY FOR THESE TWO! I’m so glad Jenny was hired on “The View,” because how I got to learn more about her. I Luv Jenny! She’s so sweet and fun. She’s a great mother who is only trying to do what is best for her son. I don’t have an autistic child, so I can’t comment on that. I’m just happy to see a woman who is completely committed to loving her child and putting him first. That is Jenny all the way! And she’s a very attractive woman who could be like Heidi Klum and going from man to man, but she doesn’t do that. She wanted a quality guy, and I am so sure she got that in Donnie. She is madly in love with him! She doesn’t care who knows it. She’s said on the show that if he asked her to marry him, she would definitely say YES! Now, she has! Donnie seems so special, so caring and also sensitive. . I love that they are not playing games. They fell in love and the relationship progressed in a natural way. They are both mature, being married before. Donnie could have gone for a 20-year-old, so I love that he’s found an equal. It’s just super wonderful!!!!

  • deal

    Why don’t you ignoramus’ shut-up. This thread about a marriage engagement, NOT about vaccine.

  • BTW

    @CanadaOne: That is a horrible thing to say about two adults who are in love and getting married. If they were teenagers, that would be different, but everyone should wish them continued success and happiness. When you’re around middle age, there aren’t usually many years left to be happy.

  • Lois Louise

    Whatever Jenny’s had done, she’s looking great.


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  • Johna543

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