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'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Abusing Underage Boy

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Abusing Underage Boy

Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy named Michael Egan in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday (April 16) in Hawaii, according to Variety.

The 48-year-old X-Men director is accused of forcibly sodomizing Michael when he was 17 at a house in Encino.

Michael‘s lawyer Jeff Herman also claims that Bryan gave the teenager drugs and alcohol and flew him to Hawaii more than once in 1999.

“Hollywood has a problem with the sexual exploitation of children,” Jeff said in a statement. “This is the first of many cases I will be filing to give these victims a voice and to expose the issue.”

Michael is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for the sexual assault he allegedly suffered.

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  • LaCroix

    … and any Hollywood actors that will continue to work with him.. i will not support in any way! If we all stood up & not supported this behavior in any way these so called “artists” would just go away & not have any power to do these kinds of things. Instead people come here & say “innocent until proven guilty” oh shut it!

  • LaCroix
  • http://Website JGeorge

    Nobody will ever know what really happened between Molest-o and Accuse-o. Nobody involved will be happy with the result. The X-men franchise involves many of the grossest ever Hollywood money a-holes to teach: …wait for it….. morality!!! Ha! What a joke.

  • the Ghost Of Corey Haim

    thank you Jeff

  • Lena


    I did not read the complaint to know what the specific allegations are to get past a statute of limitations and I do not purport to know Hawaii law. But, if I read this correctly, this attorney filed this case in federal court, which I assume means he fully understands that he must get past a Rule 11 (frivolous case) challenge. And, with the limited outrageous allegations being made, it seems to me that the attorney felt he had enough to pass that threshold. Or at least he must believe his client is telling the truth. Threats against family members? Guns being placed to heads? Being drugged? Promises of stardom? Forced sex? Those seem like aggressive allegations in federal court especially when faced with the possibility of harsh Rule 11 sanctions. And, I am not sure I have this right, but it seems to me that this guy was involved in suing the other guy that is related? Or do I have that wrong? I thought I read the other article about the guy named in the complaint who was convicted already. Whether this attorney was involved in that, someone being named in this complaint already has a conviction for something related. Am I right about that, or wrong?

    It will be for the jury to decide, of course, not me.


  • Lena

    @Watch what you say:

    Thanks for that info about the statute of limitations. Do you know what it is for Hawaii?

  • Rational Rose

    Why was everyone willing to convict Michael Jackson at the point of accusation but defend Bryan Singer at the same point? Those of you saying it’s not true because he waited 15 years don’t understand those who believe they’ve been sexually traumatized. 15 years to report it is completely common.

  • http://@ronbonjvi rj

    Its about money. Why would this now grown man wait so long to report it? And right when X Men is about to come out! Suspicious

  • Dee

    What this article fails to mention is that the abuse started when the kid was 14 or 15. Did he know what they’re doing then? It also fails to mention that Singer’s friend who hosted the sex parties threatened this kid and his family. Unless you were raped as a child, please withhold judgment as to why it took so long for him to come forward. There are millions of reasons why.

  • lips

    It’s an open secret in Hollywood that Singer likes underage boys. Hollywood always protects its own.

  • lawsuit

    The lawsuit is very credible, there is also the name of Collins-Rector who was condamned in 2004 for sex abuse on minors.

  • Bob R


    The difference is Franco was trying to pick the girl up and this, IF TRUE, is a forcible rape.

  • Dee

    But Lucy67, gay men don’t have sex with kids, didn’t you know? They are not pedophiles, pederasts of hebephiles. That’s why they created the term “twink”, to describe a sexually attractive young boy that they, of course, would never dream of having sex with. We all spend our time creating names for things that we would never dream of, don’t we?

  • snapcracklepop

    The reason for filing now: the stat. of limitations had run out. But, Hawaii has temporarily suspended them, thus allowing him to file this case.

  • notafan

    Why are some people so quick to side with the accused, instead of the accuser? I understand that there are ocassions where people lie about being raped, but it is the exception, not the norm.

  • Did anyone actually read this?

    It says in the allegations he FORCED the 17 year old boy as in RAPE like held him down etc….. Not that the 17 year old wanted to have sex. This isn’t a matter of a teenager engaging in desired sexual activities this is him claiming he was RAPED basically.
    Secondly it said the incident took place in ENCINO California not Hawaii for all we know the kid lived in California at the of the assault on him and then LATER moved to Hawaii. It has been 15 years almost. People MOVE when they get older. So this whole how did he get flown to Hawaii to be with Singer thing in the comments above is idiocy. IT DIDN’T happen in Hawaii it HAPPENED IN CALIFORNIA near Los Angeles.
    Did anyone actually read the details BEFORE commenting?


    “Wow! Big whoop!” Star Maps, 1997.
    17 year-old guys have a few drinks with older rich guys in Hollywood. And then one thing leads to another. Shocking! Just shocking!..


    No.64 at 2:00; Point taken. In the proper context of Obama’s queer-as-orange birth certificate from Hawaii.


    No.64 at 2:00; Point taken. In the proper context of Obama’s gay-ass-orange birth certificate from Hawaii.

  • Cheryl

    He “flew him out to Hawaii several times”?? So why did this 17 year old keep getting on the plane to go visit someone who is sodomizing him if he’s not enjoying it and the perks of a free Hawaii vacation? Could it be he was a willing partner and now wants to make some easy money by claiming it was forced.


    No.65; Dittos. As if a 17 year-old guy hanging out in Hollywood could be called a boy.
    Trust the Jewish liberal soap opera gossip media to tell it like it is every time.

  • Ugh!

    I don’t care who was willing or what. I can’t stand people who are destroying young lives for their sick pleasures. Many men are gay today not just because they were born that way, but because some pervert got his hands on them at a young age. It’s true and it’s disgusting. Then the poor kid realizes he is now gay, so he can’t let anyone know what really happened, because he has to accept his own sexuality and find happiness. Maybe that’s what happened to Bryan Singer, and the cycle continued.

    Hope it’s not true. He’s a great director. Can’t see someone in his position doing something so completely stupid…….But then again, you can’t explain what many people are doing today. They are totally out of control!


    No.1 and No.70; Dittos; Of course, this is the same TMZ type homogaysexual media that has been reporting that Jennifer Anniston is pregnant; about every nine months, over and over, for the past ten years. Even the same media who is still lying to us about Obama being a born [baby] from Hawaii. Even though everybody and his dog knows that it is not true.

  • Ugh!

    @Cheryl: Teenagers always have crushes on adults. It’s common. They have crushes on father figures and teachers, coaches, etc. But the adult must stay away from them! Break the law and you go to jail! You don’t put yourself in a position to fall into something illegal. I know a grown man who had a teenage girl throwing herself at him. She wanted him so badly. But since he was older and knew better, he waited until she turned 18, and now they are married for almost 30 years.

  • What a dodo!

    @BACKDOOR DADDY: Why don’t you go troll the Fox News site? You’re just here to trash the President of the United States. What can you do about it now? You lost the last election, and the President has a few more years. Deal with it!!!

  • Ale

    I’m 100% sure he is telling the truth. Why would you make up those disgusting story which would not make him proud or good look on himself and his future.

    Those high profile guys been accused, will do their best to tell lies or pay someone to create Alibi to avoid their reputation to ruin and go to jail.

    It will be very tough fight to prove his right unless others will stand up beside him, I’m sure there are lots of them suffering like him, but I’m sure many people will believe him even he can not prove it.

    It must be very hard 15 years of his life after what they’ve done to him, not able to tell anyone or no one listen to him. I’m very proud of him and his mother.

    Don’t get them ruin any more of your future !!!

  • Ale


    How do you know ?

    Why do you think he makes up disgusting story which will destroy his own carrier ?

    I think he deserve to get paid millions from these animals to ruin his childhood & his trust.

  • Zing Zing

    Everyone is getting tidbits of what has been put out in the media from various sources, named and unnamed. The fact of the matter is things like this happen to both genders. The key word here is what has been complicit and what hasn’t. Granted putting fear in the victims minds is essential to cover things up. But there are two puzzling things no one here or anywhere would be able to make me understand. One is how could a parent allow a child of theirs to go to a party not knowing what type of guardianship would be present and secondly knowing that all kids 15 and up become complicit with the actions of their environment would he continuously go to such parties and or excursions without a parent regardless of what fear they were confronted with. You see I too was 15, 16, or 17 and would never be able to go somewhere without a parent or without one of my parents knowing and trusting what guardianship would be present. I wouldn’t care if it were right next door. If either of those two conditions were not met, I wasn’t able to go come heaven hell or high water. I’m just appalled someone who abandon their parenting like that. It’s almost as though the parent(s) are accessories to those events. And only @commonsense picked up on that. My own cousin won’t talk to me b/c I asked had she lost her mind when she told me her 17 yr old son was going to Las Vegas with his friends ages 16 to 20 or 21 without anyone of their parents. It must be a cultural thing, but I don’t grasp it at all. Further to that, I don’t grasp how or why someone would continue to go to those parties or excursions if it were something that wasn’t of interest to them, regardless of how much fear had been presented to them. That would make it more important to me to have someone there I could trust enough to protect me from those situations. There is more to this than meets the eye. None of us were there and we’ll probably never know exactly what the motivation for him to attend as he’s not explained as yet why. You may say it was the promise of a career, but that’s not enough for me to have considered going let alone going without someone to protect my well being. A career in showbiz is not that important to have to endure what he’s alleging….unless he wanted to be there. At that age I would have told them to “F” off and die in no uncertain terms. And to take the potential career opportunities and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine…but then again that’s me. I have never been entranced by possibilities with someone demanding I cross a threshold I am not willing to cross…fear or no fear attached. So there is more to this than we will ever know. I too have heard about those types of “parties” and it has never excited me to be there. Kids those ages are gullible and even to the extent of forging IDs just to be considered to attend. So as I said earlier, we don’t know his motivation for being there. That will be critical. All those puppy-dog tears of his mother still isn’t explaining why she abandoned her parenting.

  • Zing Zing

    Another thing that is puzzling is that this is being presented to the courts as a preface to Amy Berg’s documentary on pedophilia in Hollywood. Is this a case of $$$ talks. Michael Egan’s lawyer seems to be well versed on that documentary. This nonsense has been going on in Hollywood before Charlie Chaplin…only with women. As he was self exiled as a result of a similar charge only with an underaged women. Hitchcock tortured his ‘blonde’ actresses. Even Marilyn Monroe is reported to have said upon signing her first long term studio contract that maybe she wouldn’t have to suck dick anymore now that she’s signed this. Broadway actresses had their share of ‘boys’ they kept upon coming to LA. George Cukor had his “parties” after his Hollywood guests dwindled. I’m not condoning the behavior, I’m just saying there is quite a long list of celebs who have been caught up in things like this. So it is a known fact. Which then begs the question once again, who could possibly unaware and not seek to be protected…or were they complicit until the earlier lawsuit to which he was party to with 2 others netted a big fat zero since the two who copped to a charge and were to pay $4.5M but didn’t b/c they self-exiled themselves. There is much to be known.