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Alexander Skarsgard Is Looking Buffer Than Ever These Days

Alexander Skarsgard Is Looking Buffer Than Ever These Days

Alexander Skarsgard heads out for lunch and an afternoon of shopping with one of his buddies on Thursday (April 17) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor is looking buffer than ever these days as he is working hard to shape up to play the title role in the upcoming Tarzan film.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

This past weekend, Alex was seen attending the 2014 Coachella Music Festival with his younger brother Bill and a group of pals.

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard out and about with a friend…

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alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 01
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 02
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 03
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 04
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 05
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 06
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 07
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 08
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 09
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 10
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 11
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 12
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 13
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 14
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 15
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 16
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 17
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 18
alexander skarsgard buffer than ever these days 19

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  • 1ST!!!

    I AM

  • I wonder

    If he asks him if he likes his ass. Whoa Nelly.

  • kelly

    well hello gentleman!!!!!!! wow gun show on display and this chick is loving it looking good alex keep up the hard work……

  • Tarzannn

    nice hard body, just like a certain jungle man I know ;) ;)

  • Caryn

    Whoa. Nice.

  • Lori

    soon be time to get some bigger T-shirts!

  • Shopping

    What did he Buy?

  • Buff

    He is going to have a buy new clothes soon, pants are tight! I wonder is this his idea or the studios, cause I thought that there was nothing wrong with how buff he looked before.


    He stole my heart! <3<3<3

  • ladybug

    @Buff: His clothes are veeery tight, he really may have to break down and get new ones.
    And he’s not wearing a black cap! The Clippers hat is ugly, but it’s different.

  • sexy pants

    Aww yes I knew if he showed up again you stans would have a name attached and yes according to forums/tumblrs I now know pants #2 name and his name is not strange to me. I have been here for far too long like Celine song its all coming back to me. I knew he was friend from back in the day that he use to or still does share swedish fish with, now that we have a name to the pants hey there Ulrich even tho his pants are less sexy today (Alexander sexay pants dominates my eye ball and attention no surprise there) and on a couple of threads back we have see this outfit Ulrich ugh is this a Alexander/ dudebro attire I have seen Swedish dude stylin but it seems his dudebro like to bring it back always or have limited wardrobe instead of High Fashun it’s repeat Fashun swedish dude especially Alexander swedish dudebro’s But Ulrich hair is like a performance piece and I dig it.

    Speaking of pants and Fashun Swedish boo serving up Buff Buffet Damn looks like he is going to hulk his way out of the limited pieces of apparel he has, I am not really against him hulking out of his clothes in broad day light with maybe the paps around to get footage no sir not against that at all and where he doesn’t hulk out of his clothes I would totally help him rip it off I don’t think it would take that much effort to finish off those shirts.

    Those pants are divine I looks at those pants and hallelujah amen does come up. Sexay! Well it is Good Friday after all. His hands are in view love them and it looks like his fingers are going in for a … I would let them

    Oh that hat color is far too bright blue, bright color on your body yes on your head No! Where is Bajen hat he didn’t send it to me he should send it to me he should call me and tell me where to pick it up. He should call me full stop come on Skarsgard get with it and soon too.

  • monika g

    omg he is so sexy! I love the tight jeans his legs look really good!

  • Cool

    He looks good either ways. More or less weight, he’s one of those people whose body shape don’t change w/weight loss of gain. It remains in good shape. Cool

  • Lala

    HAPPY!!!HAPPY!!!HAPPY to see this breathtaking incredible man! He is HOT!!! OMG!!!

  • snapcracklepop

    That’s his younger brother (also an actor) but, yes they are also very good friends.

  • F.yea

    I like meat on my bones..mmmmm.mmmmm. Looking good…looking good ;p

  • Slinky the Cat

    @snapcracklepop You mean in the pics? That’s actually Ulrich von der Esch. He is an actor, but he’s a longtime friend of the family.

  • Reba

    I just saw his movie ‘What Maisie Knew’ and his character was so kind and gentle. He played it really well. Good movie too.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @Reba – “What Maisie Knew” was so sad to me. I wanted to slap Julianne Moore’s character (Maisie’s mother). That NYC apartment they (Maisie and her mother) stayed in was the sh%t. Maisie’s mother was driving me crazy the entire movie. Alex’s character just seemed like a big kid who with Maisie grew up in a way because he now had to look after a little one (his character evolved or “blossomed” as some would say). Overall it was a good movie, I just didn’t really care for the ending. I felt cheated at the end.

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  • http://itstrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!
  • http://itstrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!
  • bleh

    Weird site this is….moving on

  • Whitney


    Omg I always thought so! because so many have shown signs that they knew what me and my friends know what we’re thinking!!

  • L@ineyass2mouth

    ElaineLui is that you stalking around AS again! i heard you tracked him and his gf all between 2009-2013 and it seems you Laiiney/ have not gotten bored .
    as i have just seen from going to your sh!tty gossip-blog …the one where you never allow any comments because the sounds of that foghorn you call a mouth will not allow voice accept your own.
    you really are the crazed-cumslut-of-canada.
    at least thats what all the boys call you.

  • #21, #22, #23

    I’m sure they cannot read you because you don’t have one. Sorry but shame on you. This is from a White Caucasian from Europe, who lives in the USA, in case you need to know.

  • L@ineyass2mouth

    does anyone know if AS is still filming tb …. i thought he’d be making or at least be preparing for tarzan by now.

  • #28

    Can we flag & report? Because I’m this close. Again, I’m that White Caucasian from Europe, who lives in the USA, who clown.

  • Not who, you

    I meant you clown.

  • #26 & #28

    #26, since “my friends” is a mention in one of the erratic subject’s comments, it could be a case of “friends’ best weekend” when a friend may try to slip something in another friend’s drink to get them out of it, and end up pouring it in her own drink by mistake. Could be, like a movie. Otherwise why the AS-fixated comes here & picks on Asian. Shame, shame, shame. #28, M. Robbie said recently in few months (for Tarzan).

  • Jade


    Lol wtf, I think you should open the links to “EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS” comment and you will see that those encounters with Asians those people wrote about are pretty damn obvious that those Asians mentioned there can read minds!
    Whitney obviously has come across mind reading Asians also.

  • GFW

    What does “buffer” mean?

  • #19

    @19, you’re right. Actually Maisie’s mother disgusted me & my friends; we’re all mothers, who came to USA from a poor country, & worked hard not only for the lives of our kids, but our parents, etc. We couldn’t comprehend or accept as to what’s the meaning of life of a woman who drinks/works for fame (on the expense of her kid)/drinks & parties. Uh. You’re so right. I can’t slap her, I don’t want to dirty my hand. AS was great-loving for that kid.

  • Lea

    Alex is perfect!! The most perfect guy ever!!!!

  • C

    That is all :)

  • ja


  • Barbi

    #35.. I agree :)

  • tuna

    so I googled Ulrik Von Der Esch and there’s this pic with Askars looking coupley and Ulrik’s hand is suspiciously near alex’s crotch.

  • Barbi

    Hei..tuna?…I bet u smell like your name!..and worst!

  • #40

    Hi Barbi, just forget about this thread. it seems that filthy “arsonist” characters, such as the Asian shameless promoter above & #39 have “possessed” it. I call them arsonists because this is exactly the purpose of an arsonist–to create damage for good people & not to benefit for themselves, so their presence drives good persons away… As you can see, damage was done because no good person is posting on this thread anymore. This comment of mine is just my conclusion. Sorry for AS to have it this way. Hope he’ll have better ones in future.

  • tuna

    you are insane, there’s nothing wrong with the pic I found, I just thought it curious

  • #tuna

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  • @tuna

    lmao they’re smushing their faces together and Ulrik is totes shoving that hand down askars’ pants

  • :)-

    I saw that picture and He is very close to as and it looks like if his hand is in as pants

  • Proof

    I want proof!

  • Hmmm

    @tuna: @:)-: 2 hot guys…Sexy ;-)

  • buserohdp

    Askars, gurl, you’ve got no thigh gap, you’re doing it wrong

  • buserohdp

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