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Katie Holmes & Paul Wesley Help Kick Off the Tribeca Film Fest!

Katie Holmes & Paul Wesley Help Kick Off the Tribeca Film Fest!

Katie Holmes looks super chic in a blue zipper dress while leaving an event to help kick off the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday afternoon (April 17) in New York City.

Also in attendance at the event were Paul Wesley, who is on the jury for the Narrative Short Film Competition, and Heather Graham, who is on the jury for Best New Documentary Director.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Make sure to catch tonight’s all new episode of The Vampire Diaries to check out Paul‘s directorial debut!

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Paul Wesley at the event…

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katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 01
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 02
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 03
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 04
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 05
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 06
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 07
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 08
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 09
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 10
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 11
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 12
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 13
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 14
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 15
katie holmes paul wesley help kick off tribeca film fest 16

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  • Nathan

    Wow!! Katie looks amazing in these pictures.

  • flop flop flop

    Can’t wait for reviews
    This is gonna flop so bad
    I think she practically made min. wage on this movie. (Miss Meadows)
    Hair is brushed (improvement) Give credit where credit is due.
    Wait until tomorrow though- she will not disappoint with dirty hair and frumpy clothes again.

  • flop flop flop

    And those legs and not movie star legs. She has middle aged house wife fat knees and calves /cankles legs.

  • hmm…

    Whatever she thinks when she looks in the mirror…well…the emperor has new clothes.

  • flop flop flop

    #4 yeah I wasn’t even going to go there since at least she brushed her hair but this is still kind of frumpy or something that looks like it came from target. Just not stylish. If it turns out to be expensive it just shows again she has a way of turning even high end stuff into dowdy looking pieces.
    Everything about her screams middle aged house wife- her look, the way she carries herself. You name it.

  • amanda

    Well deserved advancement in Paul Wesley’s career. He’s such a talented actor and now director. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

  • Pearl

    She looks fantastic! Love that dress on her. Perfect color and cut.

  • K-Flop – It’s A Wrap

    Oops! Meant ‘The Wrap’ interview

    Miss Meadows – ‘It’s a bit of a stretch to take on a character who does this, but she’s also funny and I thought the script had a lot of charm. ”

    Dangerous Liaisons – “I loved “Cruel Intentions,” but that was more of a younger interpretation. This one is more centered on elite society in New York. I think those characters are worthy of following and I hope people get a chance to meet them.”

    The Giver – “I was a big fan of that book as a kid, and it was great to work with Phillip Noyce, Harvey Weinstein and Meryl Streep for a minute.”

    Just the highlights. :-)

    Rest of interview at: utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp

    Movie Releases/TV Pilots, Interviews and Reviews – Oh My!

    K-Flop interviews haven’t changed much, still vapid.

    Oh well, TFF Weekend – 2014 Year of K-Flop

  • Paula789

    Don’t she feels the cold weather? It´s not summer in the city yet!

  • huh?

    what do you mean year of K-flop
    good or bad?
    year she flops? or year she does well?
    so far not doing well with bobbie brown and fashion line.

  • annie

    love the dress, love her hair, looks more layered, great look!

  • meiii

    she looks fabulous…..and happy…

  • elvisgirl

    Katie looks great!

  • Laine

    She looks “special” like special needs. Idk what it is when she acts a certain way it looks that way to me.
    I think it’s her trying to be cute but at her age of 35 it just looks silly and makes her look like she is “special needs”. Kind of like the pigeon toe thing really makes her look insecure.
    I just noticed the picture Jared has of her on the side bar is perfect classic Katie Holmes: It’s her smirking a big ole smugish smirk.

  • Rob


  • http://comcast Teri

    Katie looks beautiful in these pics. I see we have the same Nicole Kidman bashers ready to start picking on Katie now, I wonder why ??????

  • Move On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh shut up!
    Stop bringing up Nicole/Tom/Suri/Cult crap.
    The same people don’t post about Katie as Nicole so just STFU and get over the past crap. If you read Katie’s threads most of the people don’t dislike Nicole when she comes up so it’s a non issue. Most aren’t even old enough to remember Tom being married to her or didn’t follow gossip that long ago.(or so it would seem by the references ) I don’t follow Nicole close but I peek in her threads now and again to see and the conversations are totally different.
    Everyone is tired of reading it. Move on.

  • @Teri

    Why would Kidman fans bash Katie? I think most of them could care less about Holmes. Kidman struck gold as an actress and with Urban after Tom. Why would they they on KH?

  • Move On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @18 I think Teri was saying that the Kidman HATERS (not fans) are the same ones but that is not the case from what I see.
    In fact most times I have seen on Holmes threads when the subject does come up the Holmes FANS are the ones that seem to dislike Kidman and the Holmes Bashers/haters are the ones that seem to like Nicole but even then it doesn’t come up hardly at all and only when Tom/Bella/Connor and the past is brought up.
    Her point then that the same people that she sees on Kidman threads are bashing Katie is probably not the case.
    I glance at Kidman threads from time to time and the subjects are usually very different too.

  • annie

    not altogether sure about that, there is one huge NK fan that’s been coming here for years, and don’t know about now with all the name changing that goes on, but AJ fans used to come here a lot. Of course now that Suri goes to a proper school and she wears proper clothes and has little friends, they can hardly come out with silly things they used to come up with.
    they used to pit (sorry) the kids against each other, it was awful.

  • popeye

    @k-flop: you seem to always bash katie holmes here.. if you don’t like her why waste your time posting ang googling her?!? admit it,you looove her but you’re just in denial!! lol

  • Meg

    @Nathan: I Agree! Could she reading these posts?

  • @annie

    You know Annie now that Suri is being treated age appropriately with no diapers, bottle, or pacifier in sight as well as not being carried and carting a blanket and stuffed animals all over perhaps people are not commenting. It was ridiculous to see a 5 year old using a bottle, pacifier and in diapers. And ridiculous to see a 7 year old carried. Katie appears to have been able to instill more confidence in Suri with the paps. I do think both Tom and Katie were pap-ho’ing by constantly taking a child out to be exposed to the paps and their craziness when she was clearly afraid. Shame on them.

  • @23

    Glad you said shame on them both because there are plenty of pictures of Katie acting like she doesn’t have a clue how to raise a child and we can link those old threads if need be for picture documentation.
    If Annie was trying to rehash again and imply it was all Tom’s doing she is dead wrong. (and there are lots of church of cult kids we see not dirty and a mess)
    Suri is older and no way can those things fly now but it surely isn’t just because she and Tom split.
    Most of the pictures where Suri was a dirty mess (dirty diaper, sitting on counters and walking around places she shouldn’t be barefoot) she is alone with just Katie and/or Katie’s mother. Tom was not there.
    So yes, they both raised that child oddly in the beginning years but you can’t carry a kid at 8 so we can’t say that is all due to the split.

  • @23

    here is one just for kicks.
    Now, I have seen parents in the suburbs take their kids for a quick run to the grocery store or drug store in their pj’s, but I have never seen them carry a child like this wearing bunny slippers and night clothes to go out to dinner and a theatre after. (and especially a parent knowing its likely there will be photographers)
    “Fashion-forward Suri, three, first enjoyed a meal at the stylish Alice Tea Cup in New York before heading to the Winter Garden Theatre to see Mamma Mia.” (not a quick trip to the store)

  • @23

    and here is BOTH parents participating in another ridiculous photo op with that poor kid
    They both (tom and katie) look so happy with what they are doing here not realizing how embarrassing it looks to the public. I think Katie might have wanted out of the cult at the end and good for her but the rest of it – the fame and using her own child and marketing her ‘relationship’ she was more then happy to take part in it as long as it benefited her. Much photo evidence to suggest that.

  • annie

    @ 24/24
    rehash what?
    you just did 2 posts back to back about it, I didn’t bring anything up other than some of it was awful, and had nothing to do with what you brought up
    so give it a rest!

  • annie

    now its # 23/24/25, no stopping you!

  • Free at last

    That’s really some very poor choice of dress, only aggravates KHo’s meaty thunder thighs and cankles. I wonder if this dude will be the next one to clarify that he’s not romantically involved with average looking mediocre ‘actress’.

  • Jazmine

    It was God awful wasn’t it?
    Today is Suri’s 8th Birthday. I am expecting her to release info or hire paps to make sure the world knows she had the kid on her birthday.

  • Jasmine
  • BrianBB

    Let’s not forget this blog,

    Put her in better clothes, she’s still a wacko.

  • lol

    Never saw that site before #32. It’s funny.
    Regarding the threads posted about Suri looking horrible in public as a child you have to remember that Holmes own words she admitted she is a slob.
    It has nothing to do with the Scientology stuff and none of the other Scientology stars had kids looking like this.
    Remember this quote the next time you see Katie Holmes out and about looking a mess:
    ““I’m not the easiest person to live with. I’m kind of a slob. So for me to consider a roommate, it would have to be one of my sisters or something.”
    Wasn’t there also a comment years ago abut how when she met Tom and was driving a really messy bmw and he took it and had it cleaned for her?
    I think the dressing of both her and Suri is just that she has no eye for those things and is a self admitted slob. She didn’t know better that you shouldn’t take your child out like that. No instinct for those things.
    It is mind boggling to me that she thought she had the qualifications to have a fashion company.
    We know she smokes since we saw pictures. I just picture her house must be a disgusting mess and smell like smoke. It’s not a stretch on the imagination since you see how she is willing to go out in public she probably cares less around the house.