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Ian Somerhalder Hits Up Coachella Amid Molly Swenson Dating Rumors

Ian Somerhalder Hits Up Coachella Amid Molly Swenson Dating Rumors

Ian Somerhalder rocks his signature cap as he heads to check out some live tunes at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday afternoon (April 19) in Indio, Calif.

The 35-year-old Vampire Diaries star hung out with some buddies as they stopped by DJ Dillon Francis‘ set.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

Earlier in the week, Ian stepped out for the Treats! Magazine 7th Issue Launch Party at a private home in Beverly Hills.

It was there that he was reportedly seen getting close to Molly Swenson, the COO of RYOT News.

“Two of Ian‘s friends were in front and Ian and his date were following closely behind casually holding hands,” a source told E! News. “They seemed happy, casual, and enjoying the evening.”

Though, don’t jump to conclusions too fast! It’s probably just business since Ian serves on the production company’s advisory board.

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  • Xenia


  • Pam

    Awww he’s a hottie! So awesome to see him having fun with his Friends.

  • Hilary

    Why can’t I live in LA? I would die if I ever run into him somewhere. He’s the Definition of perfection :)

  • Bebo

    This guy is so douchey, isn’t he like 40 or something?

  • bahahaaaa

    moly is uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Amy

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  • Sally

    Omg Ian *-* why so hot?! Molly has a BF, they are together for 2 years now! Ian and her are just Friends!

  • Mimi

    He’s a beautiful Man

  • Jen

    God, he’s hot. Love the pictures!

  • Jennifer

    He’s super sexy, love his style and everthing.

  • Ems

    Ian is sooo hot <3

  • Elisabeth

    Ian is awesome and so handsome. Someone saw him with Joshua Jackson yesterday, I hope we will get some pics of them too.

  • Ian !

    daaamn Ian is so hot !!! why doesnt he have gf yet ??? oh and Molly has a bf check her twitter !

  • Gabi

    He’s drop dead gorgoeus!!!

    @Ian !: who said he doesn’t?!? We just don’t know it because Ian likes to keep his private Life PRIVATE!!

  • Tamara

    Most beautiful man I have ever seen

  • Joy


  • Teyla W

    Ian looks hot! Nice to seem him at Coachella this year.
    As for Ian dating Molly DeWolf Swenson, that is NOT true. Molly immediately debunked the rumor on her twitter immediately after E!Online originally posted the story. Molly has a boyfriend and has been off the market for 2 years. Check her twitter and instagram accounts. She posted a picture of her boyfriend with LL Cool J.

  • Clare

    God, no one can write an article on Ian without mentioning his love life??
    Give it a rest. I’d say by now Ian would be resigned to the fact that he can’t step out publicly with another lady until TVD is over. Rabid, abusive shippers expect him to live out their fantasies and they wouldn’t be kind to him or any new lady. Which is a shame, because the haters then win. I’m glad he’s having fun with his buddies at Coachella.

  • assman

    Ian last seen at one of Bryan Singer’s pool parties, he is not dating a girl

  • alys


  • assman

    @alys: sure is, 10 years ago used to frequent WEHO gay bars

  • Angie

    Ian is not only a georgous man but he’s a wonderful person and does many great things. I wish all famous people were like him.

  • Right!


    Yeah, sure he does! That is why his picture is plastered on the gossip blogs every other day. Who do you think is responsible for putting Ian’s pics on these gossip blogs? Ian’s people.

    He doesn’t have a girlfriend. No normal person would hide his gf every time he goes out publicly. I would believe he has a boyfriend before I believe he has a gf.

  • Right!


    Where is your proof of this accusation? Not that it would surprise me if true.

  • Right!


    What is WEHO?

  • Maggie

    Ian looks so gorgeous! I love him with a little beard! And he’s a great guy! I want him after tvd is finished to star in a big movie franchise like Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars!

  • 55vineyard

    @Right!: West Hollywood.

  • Kate


  • ellen

    Ian is so gorgeous and such a wonderful Man <3

  • Sissi

    He’s so hot. And no he is not gay you idiotes…he’s been dating women all his Life. Wanted to marry sarah and meghan. So at least do some research before you call someone gay without any proof.

  • Kaiser

    Closet case in 2014, pathetic, CW lifer, what a tool he is.

  • Sitka

    @Maggie: LOL – he bombed in film years ago, it’s an ensemble role on another D List show for him nice TvD over.

  • Mina

    @ Sitka

    And after his character was the first to be killed off on Lost people were saying he would never find a lead tv role but now he has more fans and he’s more known than all the other lost stars together (I love lost and all the cast), you never know what will happen in the future;). Plus he gets a lot of credit for his other projects: he spoke before Obama, he’s in James Camerons’ Years of living Dangerously, he’s named ambassador of goodwill by the UN and he won many award for his enviromental activities. He gets the respect of the right people!

  • Tammy

    Great looking man!

  • Proof


    Why don’t you give us proof that Ian is straight. If he wanted to marry Sarah or Megan what stopped him, huh? I think that is the story his pr people put out there, i.e. that he wanted to marry this woman or that woman, but I think it is not true. In the meantime he is a 35 year old man who is never seen with a woman outside of his costar relationships or friendships. Don’t you find that weird for such a good looking guy?

    I don’t know if he is gay, bi or straight but I do know there have been rumors about him for forever and they don’t seem to go away. In addition his dating women patterns are strange and predictable.

  • @Proof

    Er, you do realize that neither Megan nor Sarah were co-star relationships, but private long-term ones that basically only hardcore fans even know about??? And that if you wanna talk rumors, the one that actually circulated in Hollywood during Lost was that the reason he got axed was because of his fling with an exec’s daughter that the exec was unhappy about?? And that up until Nina, there were no marriage rumors about him and any of his exes??? Basically, neither of the patterns you claim exist (only co-stars, marriage rumors to end relationships) actually exist. You’re of course free to have your opinion, but the things your basing that opinion on are simply not true.

  • KarinL

    I see the same haters or Hater are here again, So funny , how They are so fascinated with Ian, but we all know who they are do we, since They brag on twitter, that they will follow Ian and bash him. They are so green with envy ,that there Idol can’t touch Ian when it comes to popularity, . There Idol has been rumored for 6 years to be gay (and iIm sure you know who I’m talking about) which also is not true. Disgusting People, whose main Purpose is ,to go on some ones Page , that they don’t like, just to bash Him. Its not working , because it only makes us love Ian more , like that is even possible,and gains him even more Followers.

  • http://justjared Lol

    Ian looks good..ummm I just realized he went to coachella at 2 week it means he ignored Nina at 1week of coachella ..OUCH well its obvious they both want to show poor Nian fans that their is nothing in between them lol btw who is this ian’s new girlfriend Molly lol

  • gorgeous man…

    sooooo attractive i love him!!!!!

  • Sissi

    @Proof: Is Kate, sarah, Maggie, Ashley, Meghan, Nina proof enough? I don’t know what went wrong, I’m not one of his close friends. and you aren’t either. assuming hes gay just because hes pretty and not openly dating someone right now is STUPID. He loves women and he could be dating someone right know….he was seen with a blonde Girl a way back at the airport. TVD and this PR with Nina doesn’t allow him to openly date someone! PLus he’s a private Person, he doesn’t own you anything. Its his Life!

  • Isabella

    Ian rocks! He gets more awesome and handsome every Day! So proud to call him my Idol <3

    @Kaiser: bahahahaha jealous much??? Lmao

  • Yum

    Love this dude, so hot, talented and nice + I love that he gives back so much with his charity work.

    Cheers for the pictures Jared!!!

  • Sade

    @Proof: so true and easy to trick a tween fan base.

  • RME


    Really sorry about the ratings for Paul’s episode, Sade! Lowest ever, right? Keep trolling these comments though, that’ll make all the difference to Paul’s career!

  • Rebecca

    Hysterical how delusional his fans are about his career and personal likes.

  • Helena

    Awesome man, even more handsome in person!

  • Natasha

    He’s gorgeous and a wonderful human being! I love his passion for the enviroment.

  • callie

    he’s really hot….love him on the vampire diaries, team damon for sure….

    paul fans should prolly not brag on twitter about trolling these comments with BS b/c they hate ian & his fans….if they don’t want people to see and call them out on what they’re doing….i like paul a lot, it’s a shame his fans are like this….

  • Right


    No, those women are not enough proof for me that Ian is straight to be honest. I don’t know what his sexual orientation is but the rumors about him have been off the charts for a long time. Usually when a rumor follows a celeb for a long time there is some truth to it. Either way, Ian is pretty.

    Why wouldn’t TVD allow him to openly date now that he is no longer with Nina? That doesn’t make sense. Obviously whatever arrangement/relationship they had (pr or otherwise) has ended and only crazy people think he is still in a relationship with Nina.

  • Stan wars, part 326

    Oh, PDub stans. So pathetically predictable in your trolling, LOL.