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Katie Holmes Celebrated Suri's 8th Birthday With Sweet Treats!

Katie Holmes Celebrated Suri's 8th Birthday With Sweet Treats!

Katie Holmes steps out to show her support at the Boulevard during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival held at BMCC Tribeca PAC on Sunday evening (April 20) in New York City.

“Happy Easter!!!!!!!!” the 35-year-old actress tweeted earlier in the day to her fans.

On Friday (April 18), Katie celebrated her daughter Suri‘s 8th birthday with a sweet treat, which she posted on Twitter.

“Best day ever!!!!!!” Katie tweeted, along with a picture of cupcakes that read “Happy Birthday Suri.” So cute!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the Tribeca Boulevard premiere…

Just Jared on Facebook
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 01
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 02
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 03
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 04
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 05
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 06
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 07
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 08
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 09
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 10
katie holmes celebrates suris 8th birthday with sweet treat 11

Photos: Wenn, Getty
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  • Nathan

    So Cute love her so much.

  • jean s

    I get so sick of her silly @ss standing pigeon-toed.

  • assman


  • guest

    @Nathan: #1

    Hi relative of Katie.

  • Nathan


    I’m no relative. I’m just a guy that thinks she’s sexy hell.

  • Nathan

    meant to say sexy as hell

  • denise

    I LOVE Katy and so glad she left Tom Cruise.And happy she is trying to give her daughter a normal child hood.

  • pfft

    Glad she left but she is still an idiot and joined in the first place. Let’s leave that alone. How about the fact that she willingly with Cruise pimped her kid for press? do you want to see the links? She still does it to this day. Yes, she left a cult but she is still a fame hungry person with no real talent that used that situation to pimp her relationship and her kid and STILL DOES IT. That is a huge reflection of her character. You know why Jared has the no kids policy? Because some parents don’t want their kids in the press who didn’t sign up for it but we have loads and loads of photo ops of Katie with Cruise and without Cruise doing the same thing so it’s not just a “oh that was when she was with him” and even if so she loved it and the attention it got her.
    So how is she as an actress? She sucks.
    fashion designer? failed.
    She is still a slob that walks around most days like your average walmart shopper

  • pfft

    It does look silly but it’s almost the least of her problems. lol
    On the last thread someone posted an old link to an old site that has a ton of pictures of her going out looking like a slob. (attached here too)
    It’s a funny trip down Katie disaster lane and it’s not even all of them.
    In her own words “““I’m not the easiest person to live with. I’m kind of a slob. So for me to consider a roommate, it would have to be one of my sisters or something.”
    THAT is why we see her looking so dowdy most of the time. She just doesn’t get it but yet is delusional enough to think she should run a fashion line.

  • Kit

    I love Katie’s coat. I hope Suri had a great birthday. Can’t believe she’s 8 already. Time Flies!

  • Tweet Tweet

    I noticed Emma Watson was there too.
    Here is Emma’s twitter with 12.5 million followers
    and Holmes still trying to get to 90k.
    It doesn’t mean everything but it means something. Katie is simply not a big star or popular especially with the younger crowd. She isn’t sought after but when she is seen she does get the middle aged sympathy votes for her divorce but surely not her acting or career. How long can she live on that? I don’t think she can build a career on it too much longer.
    Miss Meadows reviews? Surely F-flop will be the first to keep us informed.

  • BrianBB

    Let’s not forget this blog,

    Put her in better clothes, she’s still a wacko. But now a greying wacko. :( Poor Suri :(

  • BrianBB

    Yeah, and the picture of her in the coat where it says: is she being tented for termites? Omg that blog is soooo funny!

    Lots of good comments over there, free tom cruise, and they knew it wouldn’t last too, tom is free now :)

  • @12&13

    Still a mess. Look at picture 4 close up. Her eye make up is totally smeared. Looks horrible. Poor Suri is right.

  • BrianBB

    she has a lot of ambition, but like a bull in a china shop … a bull pretending to be a graceful flamingo, is still a bull.

    and you can see she is not genuine, you can see how she glares at ppl with malice. she wants the sex and the city close group of gfs, but is mean and spiteful and selfish.

    tom should be more careful, beautiful daughter come of it, but tom doesnt get to see her does he? sure Scientology is weird, its a a religion created by a broke science fiction author, to try to make money, and he did make money from it, 700 million. it has some ok teachings about bettering yourself etc, and is based in therapeutic counseling (auditors) but common, xenu? almost as bad at the disinformation agents pushing the reptilian ppl among us BS.

    and i read that D miscavage listened to the counseling sessions of tom and was laughing at him – behind toms back. tom looks like a super nice guy, too trusting, good family good kids, he needs a woman who will have his back – not be a viper in the mist.

  • Nathan

    Harvey Weinstein believes in Katie. he was trying to get her the part in the movie adaptation of “The Traitor’s Wife”

    Harvey Weinstein only works with the best he loves movies and wants them to be great if Katie was truly a bad actress like people say then why is Harvey Weinstein helping her?

    Katie has the talent to win an Oscar one day she just needs to find the right part.

  • @15

    Not sure i want to open that can of worms again on this thread.
    Overall I agree despite Tom’s many well documented faults Katie Holmes is really no better in my mind.This thread is about her though.
    She is rude and nasty and uses people but tries so hard to come across as sweet and the victim.
    Karma will wipe that smirk off her face for sure.
    Give it time. She thinks very highly of herself but is in for a rude awakening in both her career and her personal life.

  • @16

    “Katie has the talent to win an Oscar one day she just needs to find the right part.”
    Oh Nathan, now you are just telling jokes.

  • Nathan


    When was katie ever rude and nasty? and how is she using people?

    I have been a Katie Holmes fan for years and all of her Co-stars always say that she is the sweetest person ever.

    Oh and about wining an Oscar: Jennifer lawrence won one and Katie is just as good as her so it is possible.

  • BrianBB

    An oscar? LOL Yeah she can play the Witches, the Angelica Huston part, the horror story.

    She conned 19 million out of tom even before the marriage, she has money to hire ‘mentors’, tough times in movie land these days, cut a million dollar check and anyone is your best friend.

    no talent at all. everyone whos watched her act cringes, its so uncomfortable, and now with her face full of botox, he acting is just funny.

  • @19

    her co-stars, the famous people , the ones she is trying to kiss up to and be in the in-crowd with . Sure, she is nice to them. Duh.
    There are plenty of stories of her being rude to the average joe and thinking she is better then them.
    About Harvey, wait to see what comes to fruition. Talk is cheap.

  • BrianBB

    I’d say the actress on par with katie holmes would be …

  • @20

    huh? what is the story about 19million?

  • BrianBB

    and still with the cupcakes, that was he MO to get ppl when she was mid 20s pretending to be a teen in dawsons creek, now that she is 42 pretending to be mid 30s, … cupcakes dont do the wash.

    why lie about the age though? her hair is grey and the botox is atrophying the muscles which are like silly putty now making big sags like a cadaver after a week in the sun. Ewww.

    give my gf some lines on her face anyday she is 35 and a stunner, like a fine wine just getting better with age – o-naturel!

  • @24

    You are losing me. I agree with how her face looks old and saggy now but she is only 35. Or are you trying to say she looks older and looks 42?
    To me she always comes across like white trash just so unkept and the link you posted shows many classic examples of it, however she is only 35 which I guess is worse since it shows her not aging well at all.

  • BrianBB

    after suri was born but before the marriage he gave her 19 million, on the basis of, you are set for life (at her then spending before going nutzobananas after marriage), so you dont have to marry me for the money, only for real love.

    poor tom, he should find a non actress lol

  • @26

    Where did you get this information? I have never heard anything like that. Sure it not just more gossip??

  • BrianBB

    wasnt in the news long. but it was 19 million, ppl commented that it was payment for the child – but it wasnt obviously.

  • Cari

    What is up with her make up? It is smeared below her eyes. Didn’t she look in a mirror before going out? Her hair looks awful too. Next to Emma Watson who looked clean, fresh, appropriately made up and dressed Katie looks awful. I see JJ who has a fascination with Katie didn’t post pics of them together like the DM did–contrast with Katie coming off looking like she threw anything on looks even greater.

  • @28

    Um, pretty sure that was just rumor and gossip crap.
    I don’t see Tom as being that generous especially if he was going to marry her.
    There were all kinds of rumors like she was signing for 75million to have his 2nd child too. It’s all crap in those magazines.

  • Nathan


    I don’t know what pictures your looking at. Katie is hotter now than ever. she has a tiny waist, sexy hips a tight butt and her face is beautiful.

  • @30

    I don’t think he is fascinated with her as much as likes the hits her threads get.

  • BrianBB

    heres the jet, 20 million also was put in her name, but cannot find the gift article, was is forbes I think.

    he sure was generous, and the kid probably is her ex bfs, and that is why he has hardly any visitation?

  • @33

    sorry, no fan of Holmes but you are losing me here. I don’t think every rumor about them was true. Most are flat out made up. He has many planes and did write her name on one of his but he would not give it to her since she can’t fly. If she had her own plane now she wouldn’t be flying commercial. I think they just saw that he wrote her name on a plane of his and made up stories like they always do.
    He does see Suri we just don’t know how much. We know of at least a few times but unlike Katie it is not photographed aside from the couple of times we got hints of it much later after the fact.

  • Nona

    I am just glad JJ isn’t posting pics of celeb kids anymore. Garner/Affleck, Holmes, Witherspoon, Brangelina, Berry all pimp their kids and it’s disgusting

  • annie

    this place is getting more hilarious by the minute. come on whoever you are own up…..because it’s very clear what you are and what you are doing!

  • guess who

    love katies coat, hair makeup. love the pic on the right next to the cupcakes.

  • @ annie

    Let me guess you are trying to accuse someone of being a Scientologist for not liking Katie? Everyone who mentioned it slams it. What is hilarious is pictures of Katie dressing the way she does and her fans blaming it on someone/something else.
    @37 guess who you mean annie? is that what you want us to guess lol.

  • Missy

    I agree Annie. The haters are getting creepier and more pathetic by the minute. So weird to have so much burning hatred for someone you don’t know who is just living her life. I’ve tried very hard to be polite and reason with them, but have realized that it’s just not worth the effort.

    Anyway, katie looks lovely. Love her coat.

  • @ missy

    “tried to reason with them”
    To the people that follow these threads they will laugh because they have seen you(and you “associate” annie lol) get put on your butt a number of times for your “reasoning”.

  • Missy

    If that’s your take on it, fine. I stand by everything I said and I always tried to be polite. Say what you want about me or annie, but I think we are generally a lot more diplomatic towards Tom. Yes I’ve criticized Scientology, because I think it’s a destructive cult, and I don’t think Tom is completely oblivious to the darker side of his ‘church’. But I’ve said many positive things about him, even defended him at times. And I know annie has too.
    The katie haters otoh hand seem to take so much pleasure in trying to tear her down. It’s like they’re obsessed with her. It’s very disconcerting. I think I learned that it’s best not to engage too much.

  • Nathan

    @Missy: # 39

    I love the coat too. Someone on twitter said it is Prada. Katie looks cool wearing it.

  • BrianBB

    that coat is prada? prada basement? lol how can anyone make a prada coat look dumpy? wow, katie sure manages, if i was prada i would ban k-box (because that is her figure type a box, with short dumpy legs and a long torso), i would ban k-box from wearing prada lol

    her skin looks photoshopped – like they put the plastic mannequin filter on for her skin, looks like oily plastic 2 dimensions

    but seriously, the temper on this one, you see her fake smile more -she hides her crazles, but they are still there. tom cruise def brought out her crazles :( i think he feeds their ego too much and they turn into monsters. def shop-aholics, the dregs of society, useless eaters and consumers with nothing to offer the world but methane gas.

  • sabrina

    @Nathan, @Missy, @Annie

    I’m sorry you three, but you three must be diehard fans. You seriously cannot believe she looks good here????

    First her hair is messy and uncombed, not sexy, not looking good. Would it really have taken her too much time to run a brush or comb through it before hitting the red carpet for this film festival?

    And what is up with her eye make up? She looks like a ghoul in one of the pics. This is not a smokey eye. This is a disaster (in terms of make up). This doesn’t look like it was deliberately applied, it looks like she had on navy mascara and it has smudged on her skin. She has circles under her eyes as it is and this just emphasizes them.

    Now Tribeca isn’t Cannes, but seriously this fashionista shows up wearing a white T-Shirt and jeans that are way too short for the boots? Did she not look in the mirror.

    And I know she is a fan of mixing and matching textures and pieces, but if this is a prada coat it looks awful paired with this look. She isn’t carrying it off at all.

    She should have brushed her hair, taken time with her eye make up and looked in a mirror before she left the house. I don’t think this woman knows cr-a-p about fashion regardless of how much she spouts about being knowledgeable. Since her divorce I’ve noticed a dramatic drop in the publications declaring she is a fashion leader. And I say its about time.

  • anne

    Hi all.
    I hope Tom celebrated the birthday of his beautiful daughter. I pray that Scientology has allowed the meeting. Would be horrible, Suri not connected with his father.

    Kisses Annie.

  • rosy

    1) rose colored glasses for some that is why
    2) Kho is delusional and believed the hype when she was briefly alist. She thinks she looks good. She believed it when people kissed her buttocks Anyone remember what event it was when she was still with Cruise and she showed up to this event there is a video on x17 but not sure where to look for it now.. They are calling her name to get her to look so they can get a picture but then they are also laughing at what she is wearing but she had no idea.

  • Missy

    @sabrina,, I said I like her coat. Didn’t say anything positive or negative about her makeup. I agree it looks a bit smudgey in some pics, although I think she looks better in some pics. Maybe it depends on the angle/lighting. I l’ve been loving her last few outfit choices at public events, and I’ve seen plenty of magazines/blogs praising her style.

  • annie

    As Missy said this is getting creepy, this person just goes on and on, even responding to themselves.
    I really like the coat, it suits her. her hair is just a different style to the other day, it’s wavy and very shiny, what is your problem.
    she’s had 2 very different styles. I loved the blue zipper dress, and her hair the other day. Next time she will probably wear something different again. Actually the 3 times are all different looks, the Tiffany one as well.
    I always go to getty images, they basically have the best pics, and most of them are lovely.

  • @48

    which post do you think someone is replying to themselves annie?
    there is none.
    Sure, I posted back and forth in conversation with BrianBB and he/she back to me so that took up several post.
    I don’t see anyone replying to themselves

  • sabrina

    @annie: I did like the blue dress and how she looked the other day. But I also think it shows a lack of respect to turn up at events looking half put together like she does in the above pics. If you look at the pics of the other actresses attending they obviously took time to look good.

    And I haven’t posted on this thread so therefore I’m not answering myself.