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Vanessa Hudgens Sees Hearts While Dancing at Coachella!

Vanessa Hudgens Sees Hearts While Dancing at Coachella!

Vanessa Hudgens rocks fun heart-shaped glasses while dancing the day away during the 2014 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday night (April 19) in Indio, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress has been a staple at the event over the past two weekends, showing off her signature hippie chic style.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

“Live for the music. And enjoy the show. #Glowstickart. #Coachella,” she tweeted.

The day before, Vanessa showed off some skin in a crop top while walking around the festival with her boyfriend Austin Butler.

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  • Tigerlily

    Warning, V fans ( 1 fan) will be spamming Vanessa below with links.

  • anney

    she looks so cute!

  • anney

    Happy Easter everyone!

  • hanna

    her abs. holy sh*it

  • hanna
  • kstewfan


  • perez

    Those fat removal shots she’s done make her look unnatural. She should work out harder. When ur u nderarms have no fat n ur arm sags near the least fatty area is a dead giveaway that she’s overdoing the fat removal shots. The abs another. She looks a bit lion ladyish

  • Indio

    She tries WAY too hard.

  • http://itsverytrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!

    Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME!!! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by a lot of them having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, it works if you try enough!!! Also look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

  • LOLA

    Vanessa is on fire!!! Damn girl

  • http://itsverytrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!
  • http://itsverytrue EAST ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!
  • spirit7

    Are you joking? She looks amazing!!!!

  • fVn

    Curious that she doesnt get comments on JJ Jr but on JJ Adults she gets tons of them.

  • Domino

    I really don’t have an opinion on her, but holy sh*t I want her abs!

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn she’s a great body. Hot.

  • Welly

    Why don”t you go back to studio city and spend some Easter time with your family. Not a very good girl. and stop playing like a stupid idiot child like you are. Looks like a boreding place to go.

  • MT

    @Welly: You’re seriously calling a MUSIC FESTIVAL a boring place to go? I’m guessing you don’t get out much & you’re not much of a music lover. A music festival is one of the most fun festivals to go to. Not only is there live music but it also has a carnival. How is that boring? Vanessa’s 25 & she’s having fun with her friends. Last time I checked you weren’t her mother. She can do whatever the hell she wants to. She’s a grown ass woman. You’re acting like she’s a child. She’s not. She’s spending Easter with her boyfriend & 2 of her closest friends (Shawn & Georgia).

  • maria

    @Welly: How do you know she didn’t? These photos were from Saturday. Why don’t YOU go back to worshipping your druggie idol? The only idiot I see is YOU.

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore

    She is so adorable <3

  • Living in a box

    I’m not saying she’s a slut but she did get fired from the sperm bank, for drinking on the job.

  • 55vineyard

    Flagged “East Asians Can Read minds” for spamming especially since this person is now posting links.

  • maria

    @Living in a box: Another idiot.

    @55vineyard: thanks!

  • Whoa!

    Wow could zac be the would-be baby daddy?

  • maria

    This is for those who know nothing about the traditions of Coachella, and think Vanessa is attention seeking. Her outfits were nothing compared to these…….

  • Ugh
    She’s the epitome of a clueless idiot dancing around in that headdress like it’s a funny joke. I’d love to hear her list 5 facts about any Native American tribe.

  • Haters Suck!

    Do I have to name five facts about Italians every time I eat Italian food? How bout when I drink tea do I gotta list 5 things about the Japanese?

  • Ugh

    @Haters Suck!: If you were dancing around a music festival in a kimono, I would say you should know at least 5 things about Japanese culture

  • maria

    @Ugh: How stupid. Just looking for some lame thing to say. Can you say costumes? Quit being ridiculously sensitive. What is wrong with people….*smh*

  • lol

    @Ugh: she probably can’t even list five things about her own ancestors, let alone other people’s.
    @maria: you know how stupid this chick is yet you will be her apologist no matter what so smh at you. people should know things about other cultures, especially if they decide to dress up in cultural “costumes” as a novelty. why would you even argue against that? you are so damn sensitive when it comes to vanessa that you think any tiny little criticism of her (even if it’s on point) deserves an insulting comeback from you, but then when it comes to anyone else’s feelings you think it’s fair game to be insensitive.

  • BOJI

    Vanessa’s dad is part native Indian. I can’t for the life of me see anything wrong in wearing clothes or accessories from other cultures. No one can own a culture unless of course it is patented. My country is multi racial and we have cross cultures. It is trendy to wear a bindi. What about nose rings? In those days only Hindu women and girls had them, but now anyone can have one.

  • Ugh

    @maria: You posted a link with a photo busting on girls for wearing headdresses to Coachella. You were trying to make a point that those people looked ridiculous and Vanessa didn’t. Did you even read through your own link?

  • Nightwish

    Hey, check out hudgens sucking in her stomach as hard as she could for the photo her friend took! Is that makeup on her stomach? Are those painted on abs? What a loosier! lol!

  • tina

    @Nightwish: Sorry but what you see is what you get. Love how everyone is spool pc these all of a sudden. So say a tattoo of feathers on some white Cali guy who doesn’t have a part Native American parent… wouldn’t that be the height of whatever you think she’s doing wrong? Gotta love hypocrites.

  • tina

    Darn auto correct SB soooo pc

  • lol

    here comes tina to the rescue with her favorite tactic of redirecting the convo and placing blame on someone else. she must’ve taken a class on political tactics and how to use them to defend celebrities lmao.
    personally i don’t give 2 craps about wearing a costume, getting a tattoo, etc…but how can you say it’s too pc for people to be expected to learn about other cultures? it’s like, seriously, how can you even argue that? you guys will argue anything as long as it’s in defense of vanessa. how you can argue that people shouldn’t learn about other cultures is beyond me. everyone should, period.

  • Haters Suck!

    Do you know for a fact Vanessa doesn’t have knowledge of other cultures or are you guessing? I’ll answer for you, you’re guessing you don’t know and there’s no way for you to know that.

  • Nightwish

    @BOJI: Yeah, so am i bowj! Im part cheyenne, i have a fingertip worth of indian blood running in my bod. Why am i cheyenne? Cause i like how it sounds! Lol! Everyone claims to have injun blood, missy, but no one can document it