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Bradley Cooper's Muscles Look Pumped Up, Suki Waterhouse Takes Flight Out of London

Bradley Cooper's Muscles Look Pumped Up, Suki Waterhouse Takes Flight Out of London

Bradley Cooper‘s muscles fill out his shirt nicely while he leaves the gym on Monday morning (April 21) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor arrived back in town the night before and made sure to work on his fitness first thing the next morning to keep that body in tip-top shape.

On the other side of the pond in London, Bradley‘s girlfriend Suki Waterhouse was seen heading into Heathrow Airport to catch a flight out of town.

Bradley and Suki were seen together in Paris over the weekend taking a romantic stroll around town.

FYI: Suki is wearing a Tommy Hilfiger coat, shirt, and shorts.

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse out separately…

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bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 01
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 02
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 03
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 04
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 05
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 06
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 07
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 08
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 09
bradley cooper pumped up suki waterhouse departs 10

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  • Amy

    Whoa… When is this movie Bradley bulked up for going to start shooting?

  • Rachel

    @Amy: Its already filming. I’m excited to see it.

  • Shimmer

    Odd-looking couple.

  • ace11

    His mother must bang her head against the wall at night with this pairing

  • DJ

    His arms are scary big. I hate to say it, but I kinda hope he does shrink down after the movie finishes. LOL

  • Dolly

    @DJ: Chris Kyle was a big dude. I think Brad will give up the crazy training after the movie wraps.

  • Dani

    His arms are huge! I like Suki’s hat. It’s a good color.

  • DJ

    @Dolly: I hope so. LOL

  • lol


  • Aline

    his beard, his muscles Whoop!! very lucky girl!

  • Huh

    @Dolly: @DJ Even though he’ll stop with the extreme work-outs post movie, I hope he’ll keep some of the muscle. He looks really, really good!

  • Selena G Fan

    Both look great!!!

  • allison

    How did he bulk up so fast since the Oscars which was March 2?

  • Sia

    Empty headed bimbo who doesn’t fit the image or look of being a model. I wonder how many ‘parties’ got her to where she is?

  • Laurel Anne

    I don’t have any respect for the ladies at work that use relationships to climb the ladder for a better position, and that is exactly what Suki has been doing with Mr. Cooper. I’m sure many in Hollywood lack the respect for those without the resume, education, appearance or talent to back their rewards.

  • Hey

    @ Allison he’s probably doing steroids, there is no way to bulk up that quickly without them

  • Amanda

    Nobody knew that this girl exist, she is now supermodel actress, etc, etc, thanks to her new man Bradley Cooper……It is the only truth

  • Amanda

    Nobody knew that this girl exist, she is now supermodel actress, etc, etc, thanks to her new man Bradley Cooper……It is the only truth.

  • Judy Judy Judy

    @Laurel Anne: No jealousy here, but the unfairness for someone who’s average looking being put on a pedestal for dating a man almost double her age for what?

  • Judy Judy Judy

    @Amanda: She is NOT a supermodel, and the only acting people have seen her do is escorting Bradley Cooper.

  • Donna

    That doesn’t look at all like Bradley Cooper. I like his lean look with longer hair much better. I really don’t care for the beard either. I think he looks like a troll and a little bit like Robin Williams the comedian.

  • Oh boy !
  • Hello

    @DJ: I hope he will shrink down after the filming me too. He is too bulk now…

    @Oh boy ! : She is the epitome of class and maturity…I wonder if BC and her take that kind of pics when they are together :-)
    Thank goodness she is probably not allowed to post it on her Instagram….

  • JJ

    @Hello: You sound boring.

  • Dolly

    @Oh boy !: @Hello: Maybe she is hoping for another JJ story about her friendship with Cara.

  • DJ

    I hope he’s not taking steroids. Don’t those have some pretty serious side effects? I mean, if he is against taking drugs of any kind, I can’t imagine why he’d agree to take those.

  • JJ

    @Dolly: I motivate everyone’s actions.

  • Dolly

    I think he actually could get that muscular without steroids. It depends on what type of weight training you are doing. It’s a little weird that he has a huge chest, shoulders, and arms, but his calves look really thin. And for a minute I thought he was wearing Capri pants.

  • Hello

    @Dolly : Maybe….After two new threads about her week-end with her famous boyfriend why not a new thread with her famous model friend.

    @DJ : He became pretty bulk in a short period of time. I don’t know if you can become so bulk just by training. Maybe he had to take, let’s say “vitamin supplements” to help.

  • DJ

    @Hello: Where can I buy vitamin supplements?

  • Dolly

    @Hello: What is really funny is the difference in the his and hers airport shots. Brad is walking through LAX with his head down, earbuds in, hat and sunglasses on, wearing dark colors. Suki is parading through Heathrow with her agent (?) in hot pants, long jacket, floppy hat, standing tall with a big smile on her face for the cameras. It is the Walk of Shame versus the Stride of Pride.

  • Dolly

    I have too much time on my hands. I am analyzing airport paparazzi photos.

  • FakeDolly

    I apologize for the name takeover

  • Hello

    @Dolly : And it’s not in his habits to walk with his head down in front of paps. As for SW, when she arrives at LAX, she is often dressed like a mess, she tries to hide herself or make the finger to the paps but at Heathrow she is always smiling and she is always dressed properly (but still weird). Inconsistent is really the word to describe their behavior. With the WHCD and the Met Gala that are coming next month, I get the feeling that we will see a lot of news about them in the next weeks.

  • Relevant
  • Poppy28

    Suki has always been a supermodel , actress and more?????? her exists here thanks to Mr. Cooper

  • Dolly

    Apparently Zoe Saldana is also going to the Met Ball as the guest of some designer that I’ve never heard of. One can only hope that more ex-girlfriend awkwardness like this does not ensue.

  • DJ

    @Dolly: I agree. Actually, a tiny part of me does hope for a little drama. LOL Was Bradley a guest of a designer that year?

  • ??

    @Dolly: I don’t think it’s an issue anyway considering the amount of appearances they will do together for Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Sam
  • ??

    @Sam: Honest question- if you don’t like Suki why do you search the internet for articles about her?

  • ??

    Post link more. I love it.

  • Sienna

    Sienna is starring in American Sniper. She is getting Hollywood heat again.

  • Ameli

    Suki is ridiculousThis desperate for attention Publishing your photos …This crazy girl supermodel

  • Mark

    Its disgusting that photo no class no style,That girl is not model

  • Dolly

    The attention seeking is just laughable at this point. Could it be any more obvious? She is just sad. And it is sad that someone who gets attention for the right reasons is going out with her.

  • Lisa

    @Dolly: Schoolmarm!!!! A bathing suit pic is scandalous!! Cover my virgin eyes!

  • Isabella

    @Sam: How sad is to see two young girls doing it. I’m not that old (39), my 2 girls are 12 and I’d die if they did things like these; and showcase it worldwide. They would be grounded until their 30′s
    But I what I find sadder is that a guy (my age) can be with a girl like Suky. What do they have in common? and I thought he was kind of conservative. I may think that his mother doesn’t like her at all and no wonder why.

  • Hello

    @Dolly : She got what she wanted. Maybe a new JJ thread is coming about that lovely pic.

    @?? : No need to search internet for articles about SW. Just search for BC’s name and she pop-up all the time.

  • ??

    I am not feeling offended by a silly photo. It’s not disgusting. Maybe I’m younger than the average poster but I am by no means a teenager. I am surprised the Daily Mail wrote an article about it but I shouldn’t be. They wrote an article about her photo where she is eating a salad.