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Gisele Bundchen Sings 'Heart of Glass' in Animal Print Bikini - Watch Now!

Gisele Bundchen Sings 'Heart of Glass' in Animal Print Bikini - Watch Now!

Check out Gisele Bundchen rocking a bikini while singing 1979 hit song “Heart of Glass” in this brand new music video for H&M!

The 33-year-old Brazilian supermodel is seen wearing two different swimsuits while showing off her amazing body.

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In case you didn’t know, “Heart of Glass” is a hit song by Blondie, which was released as part of their third studio album Parallel Lines.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gisele Bundchen’s version of “Heart of Glass”?

Gisele Bundchen – ‘Heart of Glass’ Music Video

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  • Candice

    She ruined the classic song!! WHY H&H WHY????

  • lol


  • Courtney
  • Sabine

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! *ripps her ears off*
    And the visuals weren’t much better. She can’t move or dance very well.

  • lol

    Her waist to hip ratio are masculine, not feminine.

  • Say a prayer for the victims

    Can’t hear her voice as it is overdubbed twenty thousand times.

    Abject FAIL!!

  • Its a man right?

    I can’t stop laughing

  • hehehehe

    I see that clever use of horse imagery hehehehe

  • Marcia

    She is not attractive at all. I can’t believe she is only 33 years old. I was thinking she was at least 40.

  • Living in a box

    Dear god, why? You have one job, just one job. standing and let people take a photos of yours. that’s it. Do not open your mouth.

  • Sayer

    I really don’t want to say anything bad,but…. gosh

  • Poor Brady

    This is impossible to jerk off to

  • Muzza

    Mate that was not sexy at all.. She has my bros body

  • Muzza

    Moves like him too

  • Stephanie

    Woow she sucks

  • Tracy

    Horrible. Horrible. I cannot believe Blondie allowed her to remake the song. Maybe she doesn’t own the rights to it anymore but there is no way she would approve of this shit storm.

  • PT109

    What has Gisele never done in her life?

  • Looselipz

    Ew she looks like a tranny and sings like one too…just awful, everything here, really brutal cringe -worthy stuff.

  • Charlotte Reade

    Why do Supermodels think they can act and sing? Stick to what you know.

  • Yeah no

    I can’t believe how un-sexy this is

  • vienna

    THIS actually makes Paris Hilton: Stars are blind seems pretty decent! In other words that was god awful. I was hoping it it would be good when I heard about it. Why? I should have known better. 0_o

  • Leah


  • like it

    I like it.

  • busy

    @Living in a box: No, she has many jobs. She is a businesswoman. Do YOU have a job? I don’t think so.

  • ladyb

    It looks like lip-synching. That’s definitely no her voice.

  • Drucilla

    No wonder why she “sings” in a bikini… she tries hard to distract people from her crone voice and hopes that people will focus on her body and nobody will pay attention to her awful voice. As i say…. some people sing thanks to their God given gift (voice) and some “sing” with their boobs, butts, legs…. this one falls in the second category!

  • Have a go!

    Something to do when wearing a bikini!

  • Barbie

    It seems like a joke video and not a funny one at least for me

  • good

    @Drucilla: What?!?She is wearing bikini because it’s the summer collection. Duh.

  • Drucilla

    @good Riiiiiiight….. and because it is the summer collection she thought that she could boost the sales if she added her ….”divine singing talent”. Duh
    I am sure after her “singing” performance the swimsuits will be flying out the stores… She wants to make it as a singer now after failing miserably at acting and she knows well that her time as a model is coming to an end… many fresh young faces waiting around the corner.

  • Diedre

    Why is this ho everywhere? We get it, she’s pretty, she’s tall, she’s a model. That doesn’t mean she’s good at this other crap she’s trying to do.

  • Laura80

    great body , super gisele and yes… i like so much her voice!!! maybe not the best version of the song… but who cares? she is not a singer but yes she has a cool voice! go gisel go!!!!

  • Attila

    I love it! HM really knows how to promote their brand. I don’t agree with the unkind comments at all. She made this clip because they asked her to do so… and it will raise funds for UNICEF. That’s worth it. By the way… for the last 8 years, she is still the highest payed top model meaning her image still represents and sells tons of money for the brands. Bravo Gisele!!!

  • good

    @Drucilla: LOL! You are so funny. Jealous much? No, she doesn’t want to be a singer and she could be an actress if she wanted. Maybe one day she will do it again. BUT she doesn’t want to do it now.

  • Gifan

    How much envy!!!

  • Drucilla

    @good LOOOOOOOL!!! Jealous of what? that i don’t have a horse face or of the fact that i DO have a tiny feminine waist unlike her? Er… no… thanks. I am happy with what i have and unlike others…. i know what i can and what i can’t do… i have self knowledge. AND NO… she could not act even if her life depended on it. But since you seem to know her sooooooooo well and be one of her courtiers, please tell her to stop torturing us with her ‘singing’ and ‘acting’ talents and we will be so grateful to her. To you she might sound like a nightingale but to me she does not….it’s just my opinion.

  • Bonitto

    @Drucilla. leave Gisele alone and let her sing, the time you are there complaining about what she can are cannot do, you would go do something for charity. shut your beaks.

  • David

    @Deucilla… My male-friends and I find her very sexy and attractive. She owns one of the hottest body we admire in a woman. Regarding this version… It was made by the great Bob Sinclair and if he says this version was good and also the producers, why blame her. Besides all this… Remember it is for a good cause… UNICEF. What you need to learn is to respect other people. I bet you are not as sexy and feminine as you’ve said. Peace and love.

  • Drucilla

    @Bonitto@David First of all… i never offended any of the people who happened to have different opinion than mine.. and by telling me to shut my mouth is rude and shows no respect for people that happen to have different opinion than yours. YOU should learn something from what you are trying to teach me. Respect you like you are doing it for me? HA! yeah… you really show me the way!!! I don’t like her singing PERIOD. it is MY OPINION and last time i checked we had democracy, where people are allowed to speak their minds FREELY. You don’t know me and what i do, you don’t pay me.. or feed me or maintain me so you have NO RIGHT to tell me what to do with my life as i don’t tell you what to do with yours. If you worship Gisele feel free to keep doing it, but by calling me names and telling me to shut up doesn’t make you smarter or better than me, neither you will force me to like her. For the end… i dedicate you a quote from Voltaire: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”
    Have a nice day

  • Enrik

    To all of you who said things that Gisele wanted to distract people wearing bikini, The fact is that from Madonna to Miley, BeyoncĂ©, Britney, Rihana, Shakira, Kylie, etc, etc, all of them had sang with sexual and sensual movements wearing tinny shorts, tops, bikinies, and some of then don’t have “the voice” so why wouldn’t Gisele when she was actually promoting swim suits with her incredible hot body. At least she did it for a good cause and she was asked to perform for the second time… This may mean something, doesn’t it?. To be honest, I prefer the original version, but who cares… Is Gisele and it is always great seeing her in bikini. To all of you who had said offensive words like horse face, tranny, masculine waist, etc.. I wish we can see more horse faces and this type of masculine body more often on the beach… @Drucilla… Of course you have offended besides Gisele, to all of her fans… And as we do live in democracy, I like to tell you as someone else did it already, SHUT YOUR BEAKS!

  • Drucilla

    @Enrik…How classy and polite of you to tell me to shut my breaks. I never offended ANY of the people that replied to my post and i can’t say the same for all of Gisele’s fans (you included). Never swore, and never told anyone to shut it or not to express their opinion. Gisele is a famous woman /public figure therefore she is open to criticism as well as praise and admiration on anything she does (I am sure she is aware of that). Whether you like it or not there are people that will and do have different opinion than yours. Deal with it. And democracy dear.. is to let /allow people to speak and state their opinions freely (ALL opinions that is) and you telling me to shut it is not democracy… is dictatorship. If you are fond of dictatorship then i suggest you move to a country that supports it but i doubt you would like that as you like to have the freedom to express your opinion and be free to tell other people to shut up but you don’t want that to apply on you. Right? As long as i have people that are rude to me i won’t “shut my breaks” because you don’t have the right to tell me what to do. If you disagree with me and want to tell me then express your different opinion in a polite manner, i might listen and you might even convince me but i don’t tolerate rudeness.

  • Attila

    Hey @Drucilla… It seems you are not as rude as you were with your first and second posts and so on… after some Gisele Fans had told you some true things (including me). It is so funny how you’ve changed your tone in your last post trying to be polite, educated… after some guys had told you to shut your breaks. If you want to teach people good manners, then you are the first one who should learn them first specially when you said mean things about someone even though she is a public figure. By the way… Gisele is a nice person, hard worker, who also work for good causes… She is never involved in scandals like others celebrities. She doesn’t deserve the way you and others treated her. Bye

  • Drucilla

    @Attila First of all… thanks for expressing your opinion this time in a civil way that is very refreshing.
    Second…. i stick by my opinion about her singing and the general opinion about her (sorry….)
    I don’t know her personally to say if she is a good person, as you say, i can only tell and form opinion from what she has said in the media and from the feel / vibe i get from her. Which is not positive, and from what i see in other posts i am not the only one that does not like her (each person for his own reasons i imagine) and other people said FAR worse things for her than i did but somehow i am the only one getting attacked for daring to speak my mind!
    I am not trying to be polite, educated etc.. i am polite and it is obvious to those who wish to see it as i received attacks and being told to shut up but i never swore at anyone or told anyone “shut your beaks” (not my style).
    I am not trying to teach anyone good manners. Either you have them (from home or school) or not.
    As i said at my previous post, i am sure Gisele knows what comes with fame as i am sure she is full aware of that. She must know that there will be people who like her and people who will not. It is normal. And can you please explain to me how do i or other people “treat her bad”?!? She doesn’t even know us or know that we exist (that goes for all of us fans and non fans). We are just the mass for her , faces in the crowd that make her rich (those who buy her stuff) I doubt she is suffering in any way from what is said in here. I think she is too busy to spend time in here or similar pages.
    Sometimes it amazes me how people are ready to rip each others throats for celebrities and tear apart, attack, those who don’t agree with them when celebrities ignore their very existence. (unless of course you are a close personal friend). It is an attitude i would understand if someone insulted a member of your family but for people you only know from tv or movies or magazines?!? Admiration i understand…Fanaticism i don’t understand.

  • minnie

    No. Bad Supermodel.
    This version’s so much better

  • rachel_29

    go back to catwalk.. there you ROCK

  • girl

    Its for UNICEF. if you watched the behind the scenes clip Bob Sinclar siad they invited Gisele to sing! it must give them boosts in sales. and I love how pppl act like Blondie’s voice was some supreme talent…its just because she is iconic, but vocally she was nothing special. Besides dont you know Gisele by now? she is first one to jump at any chance to give back to charity,donate money,visit sick cancer patients etc…Remember she was the celeb who gave the biggest check to Japan and Haiti, it was all over the news. Im sure she does it all the time and no one knows about it. In fact I have read blurbs on Boston websites about how much she does there. I hope her song raises lots of $$$$ for UNICEF. Go Gisele!

  • girl

    @Drucilla: actually she follows her fans on twitter and replies to them on instagram. She has replied and liked my photos plenty of times. She notices her fans. She does not however give time of day to negative hate filled people. Probably why shes so successful and happy…

  • Giseleisfugly

    Face = horse. Body = dude with a couple of bolt-ons. Voice = no talent, cackling banshee, dragged through a vocal synthesizer. Dance moves = eerily like my 80 year-old gramma…but with less soul.

  • whatevathehelliwant

    @busy: f&ck off busy. This song sucks.