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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Step Out Together in New York

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Step Out Together in New York

Johnny Depp and his fiancee Amber Heard walk side by side while heading into their hotel together on Monday afternoon (April 21) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor’s new movie Transcendence hit theaters over the weekend and unfortunately bombed with just $10.89 million for the first frame.

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This is the fourth disappointment for Johnny in a row since the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series was released in May 2011. Fortunately, he has the highly anticipated movie musical Into the Woods coming up this holiday season and also the Alice in Wonderland sequel set to be filmed!

FYI: Amber is wearing James Jeans jeans, rag & bone boots and a Pamela Love necklace.

15+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard entering their hotel…

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  • patricia

    I could only repair the lighter in her hand

  • Mandy

    Man, what’s a 28 year old girl doing with a 50 year old man? I don’t care that his name is Johnny f-ing Depp, this type of relationship is disgusting…he could be her father…

  • Vanessa Fan

    He is so stupid she is a lesbo and is using him for fame.


    2 comments above ^ ^ ill Lesbian ..

  • Me

    I’m so glad that she’s him with right now, in this right moment. I know Johnny says he doesn’t care about box office and i believe it’s true. But anyway, it has to be hard to know that many people are talking about him, and why, and if his career is in trouble or making fun…i’m glad he have her :)

  • Mel

    It seems that Transcendence is another flop ! That is because to have let go Vanessa away. It was her the lucky charm of its career ! Amber thinks only of her own career and will not delay turning heels if he does not shine any more in the summit !

  • @5


    Your comment doesn’t make any sense…

  • ahfan

    @patricia: i think she’s carrying Johnny’s black coat on her arm, so maybe the lighter it’s his, because Amber doesn’t smoke

  • ahfan

    @@5: i think it’s some word missing in the message. Like she’s WITH him
    Oh looking to the lighter i notice that Amber has a tattoo on her finger

  • Beyonce

    Boring posers

  • patricia

    @ahfan: I have the impression that the coat is serving to cover another tattoo.

  • Jojo

    A tattoo on the finger and a beautiful engagement ring ! But with a varnish scaled on nails (photo 2), what a pity !

  • ahfan

    @patricia: really? She’s morphing into him, look at her clothes and the hat. Any idea of why would she have a tattoo on her middle finger? Something to do with John?

  • Gus

    She looks fat and ugly with Tasya style

  • patricia

    @ahfan: I do not know if it’s pro tattoo movie she is running ..

  • Jojo

    Not very nice the Amber look, especially in the back ! And it looks as Johnny is more helding himself to her than he holds her ! Tired by acting for flop Johnny !

  • Amber jinx

    Geez, Amber Heard is really jinx. Since she is with Johnny his films tanked. She bombs every film she is in and now she is tanking his films too. Amber jinx

  • @16

    @Jojo: A couple that flops together…..

  • Gus

    They are a couple? they always are sad together. This seems to be a forced relationship ,sometimes they meet, always present paparazzi but most of the time they make their lives separately.Is too notorious that they do not love each other, they’re just together for convenience

  • Oliver

    Amber looks a witch with this hat.

  • lol

    @Amber jinx: LMAO

  • Mel

    He misses the teeth of happiness of Vanessa ! And she advised him about his roles. Now it looks like he does not know how to choose any more his films !


    @Gus: hi gorgeous, was on the island of lost? I think you only see what you want …

  • @Mel

    @Mel: He would pick better roles if he actually read the script. Instead of signing on with the highest bidder. He sold out, but hopefully it’s not too late for him to stop being greedy and remember that he actually cared at one point.

  • Gus

    @IRONIC: In english please

  • hmmm

    A little famewhoring to make up for yet another bomb, eh Johnny?

  • Living in a box

    I believe that Vanessa Paradis is Johnny lucky charms, since Johnny work with Amber he doesn’t have any good film.

  • Sayer

    He abandoned his middle-aged female fanbase and they abandoned him. He’s 51 and dresses and behaves like a 25-yr old.


    the guy is simply the best actor in the world.

  • katt

    @IRONIC: !NO ! Al Pacino and Robert de Niro are the best

  • mac

    Amber will be 28 years old tomorrow, and Johnny will be 51 years old in June; that is a large age difference, but, somehow, I don’t even know why, I think they make a good couple. But he better start picking better roles or her career could outshine his!!

  • Denise

    They are so cute together. I’m sure they will last. They love each other and Johnny is a great actor and Amber is a great actress. I really love them together. And to all the haters here: F*** YOU! They are strong and they got a strong love. They are together since 2 YEARS! It’s NOT a shotgun affair, like Johnny said :) LOVE YOU JAMBER!!!! :D

  • LOL!

    Lol! At the comments about Vanessa being his luck, when actually all his movies flopping in the recent years, with the exception of Transcendence, were gestated in the time he was still with Vanessa! Anyway, i don’t think he cares if Amber is a jinx or not, yeah that’s how much he loves her

  • Camilla

    Playing the “game” I see.. paparazzi shots when there is something to promote. What happened to him? Did Disney hijack his sense of individuality? He really is one of the best actors around, too bad he’s been phoning it in for the past decade or so.

  • katt

    You are right,It’s NOT a shotgun affair but they are together since four years

  • lia

    67millions the tourist 2010
    48 millions Secret Window 2004
    14 millions The Rum Diary 2011
    87 millions Dark Shadows2012
    4 millions The Libertine 2005
    18 millionsThe Ninth Gate 2000

    Vanessa was not his lucky charm since 2010 johnny this teniedo low at the box office even being with vanessa

  • llv

    Vanessa es la desgracia de johnny .l.

  • @lia

    @lia: Johnny has been sleeping with Amber since 2009. His own PR has been saying he and Vanessa were really split longer than the public knew
    2009-The Rum Diary was filmed

  • katt

    @lia: Johnny meet Amber in 2009 ahhhhhhhhh of course she brought him bad luck from the start

  • Viola

    His movies tank because all he has to offer are lazy performances and a contrived fake persona. Even his young PR arm piece isn’t going to save his career.

  • ._.

    when johnny was with vanessa will be when failure had more johnny, vanessa may not be famous unless itself is a charm

  • LOL!

    @Camilla: tomorrow it’s Amber birthday. He have to be in new york because she’s working there, just give him a rest. He want to be with his gal

  • @40

    @Viola: Yes!! His accent in the trailers for Transcendence completely turned me off from watching it. He sounds ridiculous. And the stupid drunk pirate act needs to be retired! All his characters have Jack Sparrow mannerisms.

  • mini

    It is necessary to face the evidence, the career of Johnny is behind him ! Nevermore the Johnny which we knew of the time of Vanessa ! To turn the 5th Corsaire, it is going to need a lot of make-up and special effects !

  • lia

    I do not think johnny to durmiemdo been with amber from 2009 that also had a lot of failure before 2009 vanessa and slept with benyamin biolay 3 years nor by attacking both johnny if they do not like by commenting on their articles. Be informed on office mojo failure to see how many had johnny is stando with, is not a matter of a couple other dsd actors are no longer ridiculous

  • violet

    no matter if people talk bad or the good is never the typical Hollywood heartthrob let alone cares for the box office know that you have money that does not have all those who criticized

  • cute

    Johnny got into a film rut before Amber came along. He was in a rut about a lot of things. Amber is dressing kind of funky here, but it’s okay. It’s a good funky! She looks clean. She looks stylish. Her hair is cute and she is wearing makeup. In other words, she pulled herself together. Johnny seems to be trying to keep up with her, which is good. Don’t ever change who you are for a guy. It’s a mistake… as Johnny’s ex probably discovered. At the end of the relationship, Vanessa was looking like a witch or a woman on crack… and Johnny looked like a hobo. This is all good well now. However, Depp is older, and the level of his fame may never return to what it once was.

  • Daniel789

    the people who can least that is the most critical … johnny is an actor and the consagado given the opportunity to manage a new lot of people do not take that risk and was very brave of you

  • Meli

    and that has to do with the success or failure vanessa is she acting or johnny.

  • Meli

    I admire the johnny had the courage to release a new principal at risk of more failure than success took