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Zac Efron Checks In His Muscles at LAX Airport

Zac Efron Checks In His Muscles at LAX Airport

Zac Efron is looking fine in all black while jetting out of LAX Airport on Tuesday (April 22) in Los Angeles.

“One of the funniest dudes I know. Can’t wait to see @NotoriousROD kill it on his new show!” the 26-year-old actor tweeted over the weekend with a pic of himself with his Neighbors costar Jerrod Carmichael. Check out the pic below!

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In case you missed it, check out a hilarious clip of Zac giving a lap dance for a skit on Comedy Central.

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron flying out of LAX Airport…

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zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 01
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 02
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 03
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 04
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 05
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 06
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 07
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 08
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 09
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 10
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 11
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 12
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 13
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 14
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 15
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 16
zac efron guns stop traffic at lax 17

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# 1

Lord Jesus this white boy can get it anytime of the day, yes Lord he sure can.

# 2

Jared your titles are awful

# 3

Lookin FINE in all black

# 4

WOW !! Zac you look better and better every time I see you.
just loving that hair.

# 5

Jared & Jill we know you guys LOVE Efron but your titles are awfully ridiculous. Or is this a high school intern?

# 6

Just so loving these pics..

# 7

I agree with poster #2 Lauren…your headlines need work. You would flunk Headline writing 101 (and yes Journalism schools offer this course as the headline is considered one of the most difficult aspects of writing for newspapers/blogs etc.).

# 8

OMG!! Zac, you look soooooooo HOT!! I love you so much!!!! Why are you so perfect!?????

Love you!!! <3

# 9

White boys be killing me lately…. Loveeeeee

Looks like the headline changed three times but Zac still looks hot no matter what it says!!

Jared always start his headlines as gay.. but then he realizes that he is a “man” and suddenly changed it

They should’ve just left it at “Zac Efron stops traffic”, why do they always have to say stuff about muscles, gun show, etc… when it comes to guys?
Anyway Zac looks amazing. He really has been stunning lately.

He looks annoyed, what was the headline before?

@Whatever: I’m sure he IS annoyed, paps tend to do that to people. His annoyed face is sexy though lol ;-)
The headline before was something like “Zac Efron’s muscles could stop traffic at LAX”…or something along those lines

@Mel: LOL Jared must be in love with him.
Like the rest of us.

Yep the title’s kinda ridiculous indeed…also a little awkward :P
But I don’t blame Jared, it’s well-known that Zac can turn many straight men into gay :))

Where is his girlfriend Halston? I wonder if she is going ? I can’t wait to see them together at the premiere next week.

Oh my. Isn’t he just adorable. Bw Zac took top spot in twitter and other social media in past week

@Whatever: Yup, he’s irresistible. Even the haters follow his every move lol

Bout time @ 04/22/2014 at 7:07 pm

He looks smoking hot.

@Whatever yes that’s what I mean. I’m in love with him and don’t even try to fight it anymore, it’s useless.

Omg so hot! I’m loving all black on him <3 <3 <3

You ok Zac? Cheer up honey.

lauren901 @ 04/22/2014 at 7:12 pm

do you generally believe the story from E!? if you read the article itself whoever wrote the article pretty much didnt even fact check anything considering haslton was with james as of last year and during after his rehab he was seen with lily collins? why do you assume she’s his gf? because E! said so?

Be still my heart

Just marry Lindsay L and be a man!

Make sure to get the sniff dogs there!

He looks buzzed up!

@Whatever , Mel and Emily D : LOL Yes, don’t fight it just follow the light. It’s just too late we are all doomed.

Wrong flight Zac? You don’t need a plane to go that high. Go to Skid Row!

I would love to run a hand through that hair.mmmm delicious

If not for SETH ROGEN, Neighbors will be a monumental flop. If it goes well, all the credit to Seth!

How’s bangin’ Lindsay, Zac?

Lol here comes the hater out to play. Why so late, you’re usually the 1st 2nd and 3rd to post. Was thinking up new names stalling you? Lol no need to keep changing names dearie everyone knows your game already. Stay pressed lol

LOL the ‘hater’ is just ridiculous. Leaving similar comments under dozen names. Does this ‘@zacfan’ not realize that he’s just adding to the comments and thus popularity of Zac on this site?

Je t'aime @ 04/22/2014 at 7:37 pm

Be Mine Zac

I’m trying to find all this hotness you guys talk about but I think his jeans are not working on me. Also, I agree with everyone else, the headlines are ridiculous, please stop whoever you are.

To the Zac hater seems everyone has your number. LOL

love love love him!!!
p.s. does anyone know why he always wears that key, does it symbolize something?

@Be Real You are dead wrong the critics are loving Zac as Teddy Sanders and he will share a big part of the success of this movie.

Little guy off to rehab again?

Proud of Zac @ 04/22/2014 at 9:33 pm

@Emilee: I love how you’re following his EVERY move and will even go see his movie when it comes out (which only makes him more famous in case you didn’t know aha)! It’s okay to admit you’re obsessed with him, I mean your true colors are showing now because it’s obvious you can’t handle that his fame is making your lame comebacks look even more irrelevant ;)


I love a man in all black! Yes!!!

The only white boy I have the hots for. Just work it Zac :-)

Off to the UK… Can’t wait.

The title is ridiculous, but his arm muscles are… Whoa!

@OK: Thank You, I was thinking the same thing.

If only I could pack as light as Zac… Strutting in that airport like a boss.

@Carolina Thanks. The haters can say what they want but Zac will get credit for “Neighbors”.
Have to say I saw “Neighbors” twice now (Special screenings) and I can see why the critics are impressed with Zac as Teddy Sanders.

Where”s Zachary going to. Ny maybe. He looks good. Or he going to a funeral. Because he”s in black.

He looks hot but annoyed!


He’s going to the UK from what I read.

lauren901 @ 04/23/2014 at 8:19 am

did you read the post at all?
hes going to london? maybe u should read

@Rachel: I know right, but I would be too with cameras in my face lol.

@emily.d: OMG lol, aren’t you telling the truth!!

His legs are so skinny, makes his body look a bit disproportionate lol

His body looks perfect when he is dancing by the pool and all he has on is shorts.

he looks filthy and high. frequent flyer that’s what he is…high all the time!

Now this just made my morning :-) I’m almost happy to go to classes now.

“All black everything” love, but “checks in his muscles” weird. I love where he put his tattoo.

How long is he in the UK?

Fairly good upper bod, shame about the chicken legs.

Oh stop nit-picking people, he looks great. Why don’t you critics post pics of yourself and have everyone critique and pick apart each of your body parts and see how you like it then.

Charlie JR @ 04/23/2014 at 11:11 am

What happened to him? He looks older than Charlie Sheen! Zac Effprune. Go back to rehab and quit drugs!

jon m'shulla @ 04/23/2014 at 11:14 am

This little racist is such a PR ***** lately. And wearing all black? I’m surprised he isn’t in black-face….again! He’s been known to do that.

jon m'shulla @ 04/23/2014 at 11:15 am

Oh yeah…drug addict, homophobic bigot too.

@jon m’shulla your hate is showing. FYI some of Zac’s closet friends are black and some are gay.

@Charlie JR: @jon m’shulla: (same person) You must be delusional because Zac is definitely not racist or homophobic at all. You’re just pulling any lie out of your a$$ now to try and bash this guy. Take your lies somewhere else.

Wow, these haters are pathetic… It’s sad. Didn’t know wearing all black was racist, are you guys serious? Anyways, Zac have fun in London, can’t wait to see the movie.

@janina: same here, love him also. I don’t know? Maybe it does. Someone should ask him.

@OK: haha, no problem.

@Jules: it’s not nit picking lol it’s right there in front of you, nothing wrong with skinny legs lol I was just saying that it’s so weird because his upper body is so fit.

also, wearing all black is racist? what? I wear all black sometimes and no way am I a racist. Some people sometimes go too far.

@Paula: That person is not saying he’s racist because he’s dressed in black….they’re saying he’s racist because there is a picture floating around of him and Vanessa. Vanessa is dressed as Sharpay and Zac was dressed as Corbin and he had blackface on. Seriously, he didn’t mean anything racist by it and I doubt Corbin was offended. But, man are some of Zac’s fans dense. Real dense.

Seriously folks…I mean really? LMAO.

@Geez: Everyone in their right mind knows that Zac is not racist at all. Corbin’s his good friend and nothing was done in malice.

@Geez: I get what your saying, but why did he have to add wearing all black into his comment about Zac being “racist”. Didn’t get that part and that doesn’t even make sense. Who cares what color Zac is wearing. That’s why I said that.


Just the sexiest man alive, no doubt about it.

Wow, hola Zac… ¡Que Pasa!

If there is no premiere in London, what is Zac doing there again?

I am so happy it’s almost May.

@Omelas: yes!!! Hotness overload :-|]

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