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Alexander Skarsgard Is Back at the Gym & We Have Photos!

Alexander Skarsgard Is Back at the Gym & We Have Photos!

Alexander Skarsgard chats on his phone while leaving the gym on Thursday morning (April 24) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 37-year-old actor is hard at work on maintaining his hot body as he prepares to play the barely dressed character Tarzan in an upcoming film!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alex was last seen one week ago and he sure if looking buffer than ever these days as he preps for the exciting new role.

25+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard leaving the gym…

Just Jared on Facebook
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 01
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 02
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 03
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 04
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 05
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 06
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 07
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 08
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 09
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 10
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 11
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 12
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 13
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 14
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 15
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 16
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 17
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 18
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 19
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 20
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 21
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 22
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 23
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 24
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 25
alexander skarsgard back at the gym 26

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Jules

    Does he ever not look amazing? Mmm so handsome <3

  • ladybug

    Leaving the gym? Considering he’s walking away from the car and towards the entrance, I’d say he’s headed for the gym, not leaving.

    Hair’s getting longer, body’s getting buffer, he’s looking good.

  • Maddie

    God I can’t handle this he’s hot.

  • Cafélady

    …ASM grumbled about it, that he wore an mix of Nike and adidas…well…it might be, that he just simply likes both brands? *widely grin*

    At least, he looks good, here – and is obviously in absolut perfect shape for the role of Tarzan.

    I only hope, he doesn’t try to compete with ‘the rock’ in the future…I like ‘the rock’, – but these heaps of muscles are a bit too much to me… ;)

  • Woo

    ASkars hot as h.e.l.l. no matter what his body type. He is a smokin hot man! Ladykiller!

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Nah, Meatballs wasn’t grumbling, just being her snarky self. And looking at his shoes, I don’t think those are either Nike or adidas, the horror! :)
    I don’t think he’ll get to Rock/Schwarzenegger proportions. And once filming is done, he’ll probably drop a lot of the extra muscle mass.
    But for now, we get to enjoy the visual benefits of all those workouts. And imagine them in 3D in two years.

  • sexy pants

    LMFAO what are these thread title though JJ? We have the photos haha dead!
    Black looks good on you Swedish boo I am sure golden brown glow would look great on you too. But he is on the phone and its not with me and that gives me the sads. Boo Skarsgard, Boo on you I would be mad at him but his laces are undone and its not cool to eat pavement while the paps are around he needs me in his life to tell him tie your laces Boo. I can’t hate on him I can be mad at him for not calling me up but I can’t hate him not when he is all Gym Sexy in new gear?

    Is that new gear? He should come over and let me test out how durable they are. Hand to Jesus and high 5 the Lawd I would OWN it ALL and he wouldn’t want/ask for release papers, lol but I am dead serious though.

    When he really wants a real long good work out he knows where to come and get it. Come Get it! Cause his nipples look like they ae ready for it I see nipple and his hair is getting long oh stuff I can grab on to yaas!!

    So we move on to hat of new I am still here for the Bajen hat summer is coming and the sun is out and I could rock it with my summer bikini among other apparel I would climb him to take it off of him, please I would climb him full stop, just because he looks like he is fit enough to handle what would be coming. Its coming and its here.
    I adore him so and miss his face

  • sexy pants

    Oh he is showing skin, his legs are so hairy (meow) and tone and he is wearing short shorts and I just want to glide my hands up there and feel it up I mean find out (I mean both) if he is wearing boxers or briefs these are things I need to know dammit and his hands and his face and his everything ok I think I covered it all. Cyber wise I still yet to have cover any of it, ok now I have the sads again Boo Skarsgard Boo damn you Alexander Skarsgard damn you with sexy foine gym self.

  • pappyboy

    …and still calling the paparazzi i see.
    how’s that for your claims he hates the paps!!!!

  • MPS


    Sure whatever troll his fans are always happy to see him so shut up!

  • oh please

    @pappyboy: yeah right, as if he calls the paps (rolling eyes)
    what are you smoking?

  • ladybug
  • MPS


    LOL good reponse Ladybug!

  • Yes

    New AS pics! Gorgeous as always. I’m liking these shorts on him.
    @Jules: Agreed, I doubt there’s ever been a time when he didn’t look incredible.

  • May

    No he doesn’t call them, but he does go to places he knows they’ll be, especially now he’s going to be in a huge movie.

  • @#15

    @May: He’s in HW, paps are everywhere. I think rather than throw a fit he just accepts that its part of the biz and just sucks it up like a big boy, unlike some other HW spazzes who flip out and punch the paps and then get sued. Winds up being counterproductive for stars to spaz out on paps.

  • Billie


  • Lala

    Gorgeous! <3

  • Mama

    Look mama a penis!

  • FYI


    Where you’ve got your “facts”? From another gossip forum I suppose. He’s NEVER said that he hates paps and I haven’t seen any interview where he even slightly whines about them. It’s his “fans” on the certain gossip forum(s) who whines because Alex doesn’t smile from ear to ear in the pap pictures.

  • May

    @FYI: Are you serious? Lol you mustn’t have read many interviews because he’s ‘whined’ about it quite a few times. Why get so hostile?
    @@#15: You obviously haven’t read that Rolling Stone article on paparazzi. When he doesn’t want to been seen he will go ninja, but when he wants to be seen he knows where to go.

  • Mafer C84

    Dear Lord! so handsome :) <3

  • IAgree

    @May: I agree with both of your points.
    Plus the way he looked when he was photographed with KB said a lot. Move somewhere else, get a new job or grow up and deal with it. If that is the worst part of your ‘job’, you got it easy.

  • Lebien

    I don’t think those paps shots are random…obviously..

  • Him

    It’s funny how some people think: that his life is about calling paps, to have pics taken & posted in sites like JJ, so…for them…to speak bs, & of course their judgment. So this is how his life is about. No troll!!! He’s working out. For his health, his looks, his business of acting. He’s being papped ’cause he’s a celebrity. He’s responsible for himself not to pose for you. And of course pattern start, KB is brought in. I know whose name will be mentioned next, so I better wish him the usual well from my heart (that’s all I’m allowed to do) & take my leave.

  • Hers

    #25 …I can pretty much think about at least 2 people…who like to do this..regularly…it’s called marketing! And that’s nothing wrong with that, or now is…it?…

  • #26

    Absolutely nothing wrong for as long as someone has something real & true to promote & choses to do so. But as I said, best to him & have a good weekend all

  • Poor woman

    I pity for the woman who will marry Alex,many of his sicko fans will call her KB2

  • Daydream

    He looks delicious..:D…if I had him…I would eat him everyday..and there’d be none for you…b*tches…ha..ha…….haa

  • Pusmypus

    Thats right #28! think the woman who would marry him, would need to have dinosaur skin….but not look like one, obviously..;)

  • Marriage

    #28, I get your point, but I think that if there will be a woman one day that he will seriously consider marriage, let her know, marry her, have family & raise kids, & commit to each-other w/full devotion, obstacles can be overcome. Just like responsible couples do. Sickos (believe me it’s not fans, they come in many “shapes/personalities”) will be no worry to them–they will always have something to say. I personally would not mind to be called KB (but I’m not, lol), there’s nothing wrong w/KB.
    #29, your comment is too funny, haha

  • Housewrecker

    Dream on..cause that will not be u #31….

  • #32

    No, no #32. Of course not. I don’t know him, and I never thought that, & I don’t relate to anything. There was nothing wrong in my comment & nothing personal. I am an almost 45 years old, I am simple person, & he doesn’t even know my existence. When I related to KB, I related to her qualities only, which I admitted not to have. But your “Housewrecker” title says a lot. If you related it to me, (only if), you can go f&*k yourself because feel free to dig into who I am, & if I ever wrecked any household. Honestly you do that. But w/one condition, I want to know who the f&*k face is you that attack me. But where I come from, we say: “What people talk, honors their mouth.” Keep talking if it makes you feel better. Have a great day.

  • Awwdontworry

    I am the kind of person who always leaves things better than how they Found them. Extra rich too! I cunt say the same thing for you though. I pity your ex.

  • #33

    Where I come from they say. Actions speak louder than words.

  • #33

    I hope you do realize that this is the best thing ever said. I don’t know where this phrase originated from, but actually nothing says better than that: “Actions speak louder than words.” For everyone. Everyone. No exceptions at all. Great!!!!!

  • #34

    I want to believe you. But see, I have the b&lls to say: I wish a 3rd neutral person could question your ex & my ex, and make a comparison. I’d gladly ask to do that. Publicly. But you get up & insult another person that you don’t even know, which is me. For no reason at all. Twice. That says a lot about you.

  • Ilovehim

    His lips..his thighs…his nose….his balding head…his chin…I ll take him all..mine…all mine!….I ll keep him busy night and day…then send him off to work….hopity hoping like the love bunny :) hehehe…he just drives me craaaazyyy…

  • FallOutBoy

    The really big obstacle she is going to have to overcome is getting him to stand beside her, without being grumpy and looking all pissy and leaving Keith at home. I think the fans wont be such a problem.

  • Balding

    his balding head? He has a big forehead but I don’t think he is balding?

  • FYI


    Links please. Could you kindly post even one link where he whines or even slightly complains about paps because I haven’t read or heard any. If there are so many you’re claiming, it’s easy to find at least one, right? ;) Methinks it’s all in his Kate Bosworth hating “fans” (= Joe Manganiello, Stephen Moyer, Gustaf Skarsgård and last but not least Joel Kinnaman’s fans) heads on the certain gossip forum(s) and their very loose “interpretations” about Alex’s interviews. Those certain “fans”, also known as obsessive loons are doing all the whining and complains about Alex’s private life. Haven’t you seen their a$$ long rants about who Alex should date, where to go, with who, what to wear etc. Endlessly. And to me it’s you who sound very angry and hostile. Peace out, you old grumpy lady :D

  • Handsome fellow

    as long as his mouth stays closed. Speaking. He is a goof.

  • What do you call

    A row of rabbits taking a step back?; a receding hare line…..

  • What happens when

    Alex’s pad is on fire? ; he tampons it!

  • What happens when

    You give Alex two test tickles?

  • Strangegirl

    ….I love the goof,,I looooveee….I…will…gently massage….his brains..with my magestic luuv…vibes…he dosnt have to talk if he doesnt want to, he can just moan, groan, nod his head…that kind of thing…either way I loooove him..I don’t care even when his head gets one lone hair standing..I will love it..brush it…kiss it and knit hats for it until the end of time to keep it nice and warm. :p..#43 lol!!!!

  • partofthejob

    being privy to the paparazzi really is part of they’re job …if the (celebs) aren;t on ‘friendly’ terms with one or two paps then the nastier rude papperazzi will go after and hound them almost constantly.
    so all you who deny or berate celebrity’s for working in tandem with the paps are both foolish and not seeing the necessity for newer celebs working with them ((((((that includes skarsgard and those other celebs you love&hate.

  • @fyi/#41

    ..he say something along the lines of “the papperazzi dont care about us they only care about there shot” he said that in elle magazine 2011 and he also mention in 2010 about the swedish gossip media following him around in may 2010 .

  • @fyi/#41

    ..he say something along the lines of “the papperazzi dont care about us they only care about there shot” he said that in elle magazine 2011 and he also mention in 2010 about the swedish gossip media following him around in may 2010 .
    but i have never heard him sound whiny

  • @43

    those rabbits could be called anything. I’d call them unwanted. Maybe the Lion king did not like them/want them. So they took a step back not to feel bad about themselves, again & again. That goes for rabbits. Now if the Lion takes steps back & forth, I’d call it insecurity. Rabbits are rabbits.