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Bryan Singer Addresses Sexual Abuse Allegations: They Are 'Outrageous' & 'Completely False'

Bryan Singer Addresses Sexual Abuse Allegations: They Are 'Outrageous' & 'Completely False'

Bryan Singer has opened up about the sexual abuse allegations made against him by Michael Egan.

“The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false. I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from X-Men: Days of Future Past. This fantastic film is a labor of love and one of the greatest experiences of my career,” the 48-year-old X-Men: Days of Future Past director said in a statement.

“So, out of respect to all of the extraordinary contributions from the incredibly talented actors and crew involved, I’ve decided not to participate in the upcoming media events for the film. However, I promise when this situation is over, the facts will show this to be the sick twisted shake down it is. I want to thank fans, friends and family for all their amazing and overwhelming support,” Bryan added.

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  • Sil

    lmao you dumb sick POS

  • leah

    As if he was going to say : yes I did it ! JOKE

  • miya

    disgusting SOB & POS. hope him & his perverted friends rot in hell

  • miya

    rot in H E L L*

  • jennifer

    You DIRTY, DISGUSTING PIG!!!!! Me and my friends will NOT be seeing XMEN or anything you EVER are involved with. What’s the deal with LA Police Department, DISTRICT ATTORNEY? These rapist break the law.. It’s obvious the RICH and FAMOUS…Movie industry have there own rules or should I say NO RULES.


    The only one sick and twisted and lying is YOU so Go to he*l you POS liar along with your sick and twisted accomplish evil bastard.

  • L

    Like this scumbag was going to say any different..
    Some do know of all the young man he and his ~friends hooked up on drugs in order to take advantage of them.
    He wont get sh I T for this though, I’m sure some rich pervert pedophile will help him out, until this is swept under Hollywood’s filthy rug.

  • He’s still a deviate!

    Singer, the adopted, Jewish “only child” still makes my skin crawl now that I know more about his personal life and wild sex parties/orgies. I loved the X-Men franchise up until this point, but no more for me. Now when I look at his face now, I just see one of Satan’s agents all dressed up in a suit and tie. Ugh!

  • Yes

    @L: These people prepare themselves for lawsuits like this.

  • you know

    Ethan Hawke better keep his sons away from “Uncle Bryan.”

  • Jenna

    Can someone please explain, with reasonable and true arguments, why is everybody so sure that he is in fact guilty? Personally, I know absolutely nothing. Therefore I can’t judge him but that doesn’t mean I believe him. He may be telling the truth, he may not. He may be guilty, he may not be. But I, as a part of the public, know absolutely nothing about him or the situation. Can somebody explain why does everybody seem so sure that he has in fact committed these crimes?

  • http://eternalozzie eternalozzie

    The ignorance of the commenters here is staggering. If there was any tiny shred of evidence of any of these allegations this would be a criminal case and Singer would have been arrested.

    This is a shakedown for cash plain and simple staged at the exact time in Singer’s career that the scammer and his lawyers that he is the most financially vulnerable … when his biggest movie is being released. Con artist for centuries have been doing this shakedown.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised people here who spend so much of their time discussing whether Zac and Vanessa should get back together may not be smart enough to see when they are being manipulated into a frenzy by lawyers and media outlets like TMZ.

    You and your friends boycotting this movie will have ZERO effect on life as we know it. Odds are your friends will just go see this movie behind your back.

  • gross

    What did you expect him to say?

    He is disgusting.

    I bet he has AIDS.

  • gross

    @eternalozzie: shut up you pervert..why put so much energy and time into defending a perv? You are disgusting..hope everyone keeps their kids safe and far away from are sick!!!!

  • Kim

    Mention your “fantastic” film while denying the allegations .Check
    I wonder why he waited so long to release a statement?

  • @

    @Jenna: Do your research you dim wit!

  • Jenna

    @@ Thank you, I didn’t expect such a reasonable answer from a fart brain like you.

  • Jenna

    that was meant to be f.-a.-r.-t

  • lol

    Like the SOB was going to say “Yes I did it”!

  • L

    Really using two coke-heads in your argument to defend a sexual predator; the same who paraded himself through comic con with his underage twin twinks. Get some awareness and stop living so shelter. many of your favs in the industry(or clients) are known sexual predators. So stop deluding yourself.

  • it looks like a duck to me

    @eternalozzie: I don’t care what other people do. I will stand up for what I believe is right. Corey Feldman talked about it plainly and sincerely on TV. He said these men are powerful pedophiles. Not one or two, but groups — like 5 of them sitting around together and ALL are pedophiles. Bryan and his cronies are all into certain businesses together. I noticed they have all been doing their things for a long time, yet none of these men are in committed relationships with other gay men at all. They have parties that start out celebratory, and end up in one huge disgusting ORGY. To this day, Singer still has parties teeming with young gay men. Singer has made huge films, but many of us barely know his name after all this time. He stays low-key — as do his sick pals. Then, to top it all off, they are tied to a convicted pedophile — Marc Collins-Rector. It can’t get any worse. Unfortunately, they are bright and they have talents in special fields of the business, and therein lies their power to control.

  • James

    Jenna, don’t waste your energy in here. Don’t worry,there’s more people like you. I am terribly sad how quickly people judge. Allegedly means for sure these days. I would love to see each one of the hypocrites in here who call him pervert be in his position. Being accused of something disgusting and be judged be everyone. For me it matters at the moment when he’s proven guilty. Until then he’s innocent. Why is everyone so aggresive and hateful? Let’s hope they will be punished for judging this fast without any proof the same way so thay could see how terrible that is for themselves.

  • whatever

    @James: Are you a man or a mouse?

  • whatever

    Until Bryan Singer is proven INNOCENT, he is guilty in my book. Don’t like it, TOUGH!

  • Jenna

    @James: @James thank you. It seems like everyone knows something but just won’t tell us. And also I was never one of those people who idolizes Hollywood and its people. I just genuinely wanted to know actual facts about that guy since everyone seems to know so many things about him. But I bet I’m not gonna learn anything from the many “brilliant minds” here.

  • you said…

    “Why is everyone so aggressive and hateful?” Maybe because despite these claims, we have learned through the magic of the Internet that the person behind some of our beloved films is a disgustingly lewd individual. That’s why!! Some of us are extremely disappointed in the man for reasons other than this lawsuit. Okay?

  • Goodbye


  • Yeah Yeah

    So Bryan’s PR team sent out their little minions to defend his name on blogs such as these. Unfortunately maybe he should hire someone to clean up all the photos and stories about his lifestyle on the internet.

  • assman

    Nick Hoult a former Singer boy

  • #22

    @James: Even if you’re a convicted child rapist Hollywood’ll still love you with open arms and stand-up applausing like Roman Polansky, u r welcome.

  • Lena

    Well, wait a second, trust me, I get the idea of not assuming guilt before the case starts. And, by the way, it’s “liability” at issue, not guilty in civil court. BUT, there are dome eyebrow raising issues ,(in my personal nonprofessional opinion). First, the timing is a nonstarter with me. Plenty of material out there about men especially repressing sex abuse trauma. A guy who runs a community support blog for victims has been pointing this out behind Singer articles. And, Hawaii recognized this so it gave another short window of opportunity to sex abuse victims and reprieve from already (?) lapsed statutes of limitations. That Hawaii lawmakers did this doesn’t mean it’s a money grab. Second, I was myself VERY surprised to see threads on Data Lounge going back years, ie, 2010?? about Singer and “twinks” and huge parties with rampant sex, the Apt Pupil sex harassment scandal around the time of Egan’s alleged abuse, and Singer’s connection to Collins Rector (convicted pedophile who Egan died and prevailed over), as well as other questionable on set behavior, casting couch behavior, or underage boy behavior (on Wehoconfidential) about Singer. Not to mention DEN. And not just allegations about people posting who claim to have experienced it and seen his parties, but pictures of him and these young guys posted as well. Rumors (from what I can tell) have been circulating around Singer for many years, and Egan is not the first guy to cry foul with him. Someone also questioned whether Egan was one of the Apt Pupil extras and whether that’s how he met Singer to begin with. Who knows? We’ll see..

    I’m not saying Singer or any of these people did any of what is alleged. But, I have my ears up as rumors have been flying on the internet and from what I have read especially at data lounge, at least those folks have been wondering (for years) when this very thing was going to happen to Singer. That to me, is pretty curious in of itself. When people sit there and say, “one of these days, you just watch…” Well..

    Third, to me it looks like Egan has spent most of his adult life chasing after this. Who would want that for themselves especially since he didn’t see a dime of his last effort to go after justice? Most people don’t want that stress for their entire lives. But, some people can’t live with seeing their abusers not face justice. It’s not like he just appeared. He did something in the late 90s, and, maybe as he struggled with his own demons, the regular statute of limitations lapsed, but now with Hawaii’s new statute of limitations extension, he has another shot to go after justice. who knows? And, it’s not his decision to extend the statute of limitations. And it’s not his fault it lapses right around when the X-MEN movie opens. That’s the Hawaii legislature gving him another shot. I don’t blame him for taking it especially if he finally found a civil lawyer who would listen and is not afraid to take on Hollywood. Interesting isn’t it how the attorney is East coast Florida and not from Hollywood? That also speaks volumes to me. Just my personal opinion from what I’ve seen so far. Time will tell….anything is possible of course. Let’s see what the evidence points to…

  • DougW

    @eternalozzie: Your ‘proclamation’ that this is a shakedown is every bit as ignorant as the rants of people claiming that the allegations must be true. Please stop being such clowns and pretending that you know ANYTHING about whether or not the claims are true.

  • Lena

    “some” eyebrow raising, not “dome” eyebrow raising…..And instead of “not guilty” I meant to say, the question is generally whether someone is “liable”, not whether they are “guilty” as guilt is for criminal court and liability is for civil court…in civil court, Singer is generally not in danger of going to jail upon being sued by another citizen just a monetary judgment, etc… Unless there is civil contempt, but that’s got nothing to do with this…

  • cerecerez

    I can look at you and tell you target young men for yourself pleasures admit and move forward

  • Radio

    There’s to many holes in rape allegation. It’s like David Copperfield when he was falsely accused of rape. The only thing they could find was that Copperfield took pictures of hot women who came to his show in every town he visited. Which is what any straight man would do if given the chance. lol

    I think Copperfield did know her for a short time. In any case the police didn’t take to kindly in being led into a wild goose chase. The woman who falsely accused Copperfield ended up being thrown in jail.

    Lesson here: Don’t go around exaggerating and accusing people of things or get taken to prison. As far as I’m concerned Bryan Singer is the victim.

  • abe

    @He’s still a deviate!:

    I don’t know anything about this case but one thing is obvious – you can’t but help let your sick racist nature come pouring out.

  • response

    @abe: You are obviously gay and over-sensitive. The word “deviate” was used to describe Bryan Singers sexual behavior — not the fact that he is gay.

  • response

    And what do you mean by “I don’t know anything about this case.” Please stop pretending your head is in the sand. It is getting old already. You know what’s going down, but you want so badly to support your X-Man on these blogs.

  • tidbits

    Singer does have a lot of acquaintances now who say they have never seen him act inappropriately with teen boys. Well, men preying on children don’t just do it out in the open for everyone to see. They’re crafty. They can be a gentleman one moment, and a totally different person the next if they are with “their group” or people who into the same things. One of Bryan’s friends said Bryan is always drunk at his parties. And he made it sound like Bryan needs the alcohol to be able to socialize. The friend said he doesn’t think Bryan really remembers him, because every time Bryan was in the guy’s company, he was drunk. Other friends also claim they have certainly seen Bryan drink and take drugs. When people are drunk or high, they can change. Native American communities are ravaged in this country and it is mostly due to alcohol. There are more rapes and sexual abuse of children taking place on reservations than you can imagine. So, the drugs and alcohol play a huge factor in my belief that Singer is guilty of something.

  • Lena


    Too many holes in the rape allegations? Care to direct us to the specific paragraphs of the complaint detailing those holes? There’s been no discovery yet right? The only thing we have is gossip blog accounts, background story, default judgments, press stories, statutes of limitations actions by the legislature, studies about victims of sexual abuse, generalizations about human nature, etc. But actual evidence to create actual “holes”? No, right? I think I say there’s plenty out there by way of mumblings to raise an eyebrow about Singer. Not to find him liable, of course. But, he’s got the entire media and Hollywood PR structure at his disposal to run this plaintiff into the ground, and so I hope the media gives equal air time to both sides. TMZ seems Singer sided at this point which is a shame. To me, it’s not typical that a person would make it his or her life’s mission over a period of 15 years to pursue something as traumatic as litigation against such a powerful life and reputation crushing machine just for kicks and giggles especially after the first round came up with a big payoff of $0 in basically monopoly money. To me, it’s not the usual money grab, ie, to go after the foundation of Hollywood after, admitting publicly what has to be the embarrassment and shame of being a male rape victim. Although, if true, he has no reason to be either embarrassed or feel ashamed.

    Holes at this point? Interesting perspective.