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Jennifer Aniston & Anna Kendrick Get Emotional Lying Down on Train Tracks for 'Cake'

Jennifer Aniston & Anna Kendrick Get Emotional Lying Down on Train Tracks for 'Cake'

Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick lie down side by side atop train tracks to film an emotional scene for Cake on Wednesday evening (April 23) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old star of the film and her 28-year-old co-star both appeared to keep the mood light-hearted between takes as adjustments were made by the crew, but snapped back into character as soon as the cameras began rolling!

“Sometimes the best part of my day is imagining what I’m gonna eat when I get off work.” Anna recently tweeted. We hope she had a great meal after filming Cake!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick filming Cake

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jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 01
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 02
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 03
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 04
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 05
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 06
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 07
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 08
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 09
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 10
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 11
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 12
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 13
jennifer aniston anna kendrick get emotional lying on train tracks for cake 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Cory

    LOL @ Aniston trying to do a “serious” drama. Look at her face in that one pic. So overdoing it. She’s just a sitcom actress.. she’s never gonna get an Oscar.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @JBA: Thanks for your comment, JBA !
    Yep, it´s not difficult to whistle under a shower – as long as the water drops do not fall on the lips. Usually I do 5-7 minutes of whistling and THEN I wash my head. I think the sound under the shower is interesting because of the echo-effects, yep !
    But of course, whistling in the kitchen makes a good sound, too !
    One day I whistled some melodies to some cows that were far away from me. The came closer to listen to my sound. They joined my virtuosity of whistling.
    Have a nice day and a nice night-dream of Jen, JBA !

  • Whatevahmang

    She’s done indie films before that weren’t comedies. Not sure why Cory thinks she’s doing this for an Oscar.

  • Michele


  • Daphne

    Anna sounds like a down to earth person. I always think about my next meal, also.

  • well well

    She is doing her best “emoting” in this black comedy indie film since for some reason she lost/was booted from the part in the studio film her PR had blasted all about with Toni Collette, you know the one that was to be her Oscar film as some here described the drama that is to film shortly in London. She got replaced with a truly beautiful Oscar winner you know.

    Seems like all she is doing is indies. Why then has she not financed that singing jailed cowgirl film she talked about for years and now is silent about? Put some $$$$ into her craft instead of into zillion $$$$ homes. She is exe producing on Cake which likely means she is putting some $$$ into it so why not a project she said she had a passion for?

    This woman so far lacks the ability to venture out of her comfort zone, what ever that is. Time is passing her by.

  • Jack S.

    @well well:

    1. Jennifer dropped out of Miss You Already before she started working on Cake because the original director dropped out. And who said that was supposed to be her “Oscar” film?

    2. What’s wrong with doing indies? Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johannson, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Tilda Swinton and Jennifer Lawrence all do indies……many more than Jen has done.

    3. Jen has put her $$$$ into projects as executive producer for Management, The Switch, Life of Crime, 2 Lifetime films “Five” and “Call me Crazy” and now Cake.

    4. Jennifer has ventured out of her comfort zone with The Good Girl, Friends with Money, Derailed and now Cake.

    5. You say time is passing her by. Guess what, time is passing everyone by. Including, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Connolly, Halle Berry……just to name a few.

    6. Have I covered everything?

  • Mary

    I think the only reason we are seeing constant pics from the filming of this movie is because Aniston looks absolutely homely in the pics, and for some reason that’s supposed to important. I’ve assumed that many actresses look basically like this without hair, wardrobe and make-up.

    To me, she’s never done a decent drama – something about her mannerisms and voice that just seems too unsubstantial. Her voice lacks depth and resonance. But that’s not a problem in rom-com films, and she’s ok sometimes in comedies, especially when part of an ensemble.

  • allison

    Aniston looks like her natural self without all the makeup, hair dye, extensions and the high heels to make her body looked more proportioned. Which is why the selfie with no makeup she did with filters and such was such a laugh.
    Acting is not about having the same sad expression on your face through the entire movie. Even if you are playing a depressed person. Aniston got away with it in The Good Girl because it was a change from being Rachel. But it looks like she is doing it again in this movie. If she is not playing the same character than I hope she mixed up how she plays a “serious” role.

  • m

    @well well: who said that that film is a studio film? lol

  • well well

    @Jack S.:

    You OK? You running a fever? Headache? Constipation have you up tight and groaning? Why so defensive? You part of her highly paid PR team?

    Chill. I only stated my thoughts. Isn’t that what all do? LOL LOL

  • carly

    @well well:
    You are a member of the “making stuff up” club. What a hoot. No one believes anything you write. You are aware of that, aren’t you?

  • Jack S.

    @well well:

    Not defensive by a long shot. Just clarifying. PR team? I wish, lol!
    Jennifer has been a working actress since 1993 or 21 years if you’re a blonde. But you are entitled to your opinion albeit how wrong they may be. You be talking out the other side of your ass when Jen is nominated for a GG for Life of Crime/Horrible Bosses 2 this year.

  • fatalreview

    she has 2 expressions fake stressed and fake surprised-and this is fake stressed trying really really hard to be emotional disturbed-epic fail-what was the producer thinking casting her in a dramatic role?-oh wait she IS the producer-that explains just how hideous this depressing snooze fest will be-but never fear JA gets the man in the end like all her movies-it’s like guys who have penis envy she has man envy so she only does roles where she is the object of desire or gets the guy in the end-UNLIKE her actual life

  • Jack S.


    So tell us……how would YOU show faked stress and fake surprised? Are YOU a graduate of acting school? Please tell us, we want to know!

  • Let’s wait and see

    Not to mentions knitting her eyebrows with concern, poking that chicken paper thin lips to the full ( sadly all that fillers doesn’t help ) and playing her FAKENESS self every single time LOL… what happened to that FACE? so wide and round now, she’s trying to disguised that Humanggus chin no doubt … luckily when it come to her face, the camera never focus and never stay longer than a few second in every single movie. LOL coz we all know why…….

  • Jack S.

    LOL……the haters are so jealous of Jennifer Aniston!!!!

  • Jack S.

    One of my most favorite scenes of Jennifer in The Break Up.

  • Joy B Angie

    And the 2015 OSCAR for Best Actress played by a Dead woman, goes to Jennifer Theroux. just kidding, like the pregnancy rumors, not going happen.

  • ZzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzz


  • Ivermom

    @ Jack, put down the kool aid.
    Miss You Already, had no funding with Jennifer attached, now Rachael Weisz is in, it is getting funded.
    Like Jennifer is going to leave a movie, to star in a low budget seven million Chinese financed movie.
    If she is getting 100 000 for this movie, she would be lucky.
    HB2 is coming out soon, where she is reliving her John Mayer days, getting po oped on.
    Her fans are saying she is pregnant, because she looks chubby and they are shocked at her face, only the scar is fake, the rest is her normal face, without pan cake make-up.
    And if her nose grows back to its normal size before four nose jobs, then she is really, really pregnant.


  • Jack S.


    You are indeed a wacko!!!

  • yep

    Should be a good movie!

  • Jack S.
  • Elle

    Now the neck and jaw and no make up and we see why she’s called “MANISTON.” Oooofff!

  • Jules

    @Jack S.:

    LOL!! Hi breakaleg4. Williams didn’t drop out before Jennifer did. Jennifer allegedly dropped it to spend more time with Theroux and not have to go to London. In fact the producers couldn’t get financing with her on board. Oft repeated tale with Aniston.

  • Ivermom

    Jack, I feel I have to apologize for the whack job that was using my name again. I don’t know why, she/he does it all the time and I know you are able to realize it is the nut job and not me but I will apologize because I am a decent person and this person has no morals or sanity.

    I agree with you and I am Team Jen just like you! Haters can just keep on hating! I am looking forward to seeing this movie.

  • Ivermom


    I would do anything to spend more time with Justin…..that guy is gorgeous!

  • Joy B Angie

    You are right as usual, DRF !
    Using cows to check the quality of music
    is a great idea !
    Would be good to check my moo-singing -
    if cows will join me it’s OK,
    but if they will run away -
    there are some performing problems.
    Problems of style, I think.
    * * * * *
    Actually, there is one important point:
    I heard whistling in the house
    can invite some energy substances – not from God.
    This is a reason I don’t whistle in the house I live in.
    Or in the office I work in.
    I whistle just on the free space.
    there is a first part of one important melody
    we discussed.
    * * * * *
    Wow, girls on the rails -
    it’s going to be a strong drama.
    I hope actresses use mats under back.
    * * * * *
    Have a nice day, DRF,
    no scar can change the beauty of Jen’s face.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Jack S.:
    Jen is really cool !
    Vince is a BIG PIG.
    Psycho 2 was a Top of his career.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Joy B Angie:
    You may use my nick endless, kid.
    Everybody knows it’s FAKE.
    But Jen WILL have her Oscar !
    May be for another movie, but NO DOUBT !

  • ellie’

    Wow so nice to see Jen haven’t been on, looking forward to seeing this movie..

  • Who R U fooling_stupid

    @Joy B Angie:
    the ring with his ring worm size peniiis hallucinating again with the oscar.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Who R U fooling_stupid:
    Fantasizing about worms penis
    is not a healthy thing.
    It’s a result of the long time Jolie admiring.
    Jolie has her psycho Oscar for the psycho role
    * * * * *
    Jennifer Aniston will have her Oscars
    for the normal roles
    written for the normal people.

  • Joy B Angie

    Fantasizing about worms pines.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @Joy B Angie:
    If these engergy-substances, that are not coming from god, came into the house by whistling in the house,
    then they could also come to you, if you only whistle outside the house. I think there is no great difference. And then they could follow you to your house.
    But I don´t believe, that – if they existed (hypotheticly) -, that these energy-substances are negative.
    I hope that they come from some helpful spirits, who are on the side of god. Eventueally they could be astral-travellers (the ones, who make an OOBE at the same time).
    Have a nice day and a nice-night dream of Jen, JBA !

  • Who RU fooling_ stupid

    Fantalising zero nada DEADEND oscar with your ring worm size dangling aling dong dong.

  • Rock Me

    The woman can’t act, she is mediocre in looks and now as an older women you can see she never was a beauty . Her acting is second rate as well and she should of stayed with a television show. I just don’t like that she used Brad Pitt or piggybacked on his name to try to remain relevant. The only way a film that JA is in makes any money or is worth paying money to watch is if she has an ensemble cast where better actors can help her. Personally I don’t know anyone who would pay a red nickel to watch any of Jennifer Aniston films at a theater.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Rock Me:
    Red nickel – it’s about Jolie’s movies.
    * * * * *
    Personally I know a lot of people
    who are ready to pay Golden Dollars
    to watch Jen’s best movies.

  • Joy B Angie

    Of course I’m not an expert -
    may be it has a sense, may be not.
    Saying honestly I don’t see big difference
    between whistling in the house and out.
    May be it’s about the aura of the home
    or of the flat – who knows…
    * * * * *
    I just know about this folk sign.
    It’s like about a black cat that crossed your path.
    But if generations told about this sign
    from century to century – may be it works.
    I just try to respect this experience.
    * * * * *
    May be it’s my age -
    I never cared about any folklore “signs”
    being 20 years old.
    * * * * *
    But I can’t forget about using cows
    to check the level of the song.
    Or the level of singing.
    Horses, cows, cats and dogs are able
    to read and translate the vibrations of our voice
    and it concerned with the vibration of the songs, too.
    * * * * *
    Of course dogs are the champions
    in demonstrating they understand you
    when you talk to them.
    Dogs also love to join to the singing process.
    * * * * *
    Have a nice day, DRF, we are the kids of Nature,
    not the Kings.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    In FOUR DAYS chinizzzzton —–> 40 post
    In THREE DAYS Brad Pitt ——-> 600 post
    ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LMAOLOLOLOL

  • Yitsy

    She loves eating leftover cake!

  • Ytoy

    She loves eating leftover cake.

  • zzzzzzzzzzHEROINEzzzzzzLCDzzzz

    Jolie is a drug master.
    Drug GURU.

  • ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    in “”"Eighteen hour “”"” Angelina Jolie thread —> 560 POST
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    LINDA BLAIR the wannabe Exorcist ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


    What an idiot you are, of course those threads are going to be so high, because this is LOON CENTRAL duh!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aniston fans know better than to come here. You should maybe visit a few other sites and really see what people think of your precious idols who keeps wearing the same clothes for months.

  • ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Amazing ain’t it when BP and AJ didn’t even blinking or give a F@ck what you loons think, more POWER to the them. They can afford 1000 same colour pants if they indeed want to .. sucks isn’t to be you.. so OBSESSED about what they wear keep HALLUCINATING and can’t even sleep eat walk or live without OBSESSING day and night about them, parking your ass at the JPs threads 24/7.. hello.. F@ck Face ( FF) 291.000 post dedicated to BP and this pass NINE YEARS?? LMAOLOLOLOL . Unlike the insecure FUGLIZZZZZton… how long she had that same ole curtain hair style 20 years ?????? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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