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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands at 'Cabaret' Opening!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands at 'Cabaret' Opening!

Johnny Depp and fiancee Amber Heard hold hands while heading into Studio 54 for the opening night performance of the new Broadway revival of Cabaret on Thursday (April 24) in New York City.

The engaged couple was seen out and about earlier this week in the Big Apple while celebrating Amber‘s 28th birthday.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Johnny Depp

Cabaret stars Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams and it just got an extension through 2015 following all of the great buzz!

FYI: Amber is wearing the StyleMint “Classic Crew”.

20+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the opening night…

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johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 01
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 02
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 03
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 04
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 05
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 06
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 07
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 08
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 09
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 10
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 11
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 12
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 13
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 14
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 15
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 16
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 17
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 18
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 19
johnny depp amber heard hold hands at cabaret opening 20

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  • Bis

    Amber smile please! He is Johnny Depp, you looks so sad with him. You are always happy with your girlfriends like Io Tillett. You are a cold woman

  • Me

    I wish he’d ditch that hat. But other than that they look pretty stylish. Obviously going on white it’s not a coincidence but a combination. It seems they are having a great time in new york

  • Mel

    Johnny Depp’s days as a very, very, very well paid Theme Park performer are ovaaa. Looks like Amber realizes what kind of stupid arrangement she has gotten herself into, they have zero chemistry.

  • Sal

    How many days in a row has he called the paps, now?
    Funny how he is rarely seen, but after yet another bomb he is all over the place.
    Desperate much, Johnny?

  • tl81

    @Bis: WHAT! so if you don’t smile 24/7 something’s wrong?! Nobody forces a smile on the red carpet all the time just to smile.and she smiles w/her girlfriends because she’s not posing on the red carpet w/them and just hanging out..And Johnny Depp rarely smiles when on red carpets even standing by himself because he’s talked about hating posing for pics.

  • tl81

    @Mel: You can tell this from posed red carpet shots? Okay so if they were making out on the red carpet then that’d be fake right?! Btw he always looks uncomfortable on red carpets! Look @ pics of him w/all of his recent exes.It’s the same uncomfortable shy look.And even standing by himself.He hates posing for pics and doing red carpets according to him.

  • Mel

    Johnny Depp never smiles because he has rotten teeth in his mouth. He thinks not smiling gives him the aura of a shy artist. Depp is a complete fake.

  • BrooklynTam

    @Sal: Really? wouldn’t he be embarrassed to be seen after his bomb? He’s in town because his fiancee is working there.Johnny Depp doesn’t need to call the paps.

  • Falala

    Johnny boo boo you need to ditch those glasses. The black one fits him better. I really hate this one. Also, he needs a good holiday to a tropical hot place to get a tan. Other than that he is just typical johnny:)

    p.s he doesn’t need to call the paps. They know he is in NY and they know the hotel he usually stays in. So am pretty sure they have camped outside the hotel or are sleeping in vans waiting for him to come out.

  • Mala

    @Sal: LOL! They are at the opening night of a big broadway show! USE YOUR BRAIN! the photographers are there as if were any movie premiere. No one need to call the paparazzis…
    And, Johnny’s good friend Rob Marshall is co-director of the show. Of course they are at the show to support a friend

  • Gus

    USE YOUR BRAIN! Johnny wants to be spotted for the paparazzi or he had not gone

  • @gus

    @Gus: Because he never went to support his friends at concerts, art exhibitions or shows before? how short is your memory? also it’s not only Rob Marshall as @Mala said before, it’s also Michelle Williams (Do you remember he was friend with Heath?) and the other co-director is Sam Mendez (they spent time together between families when he was married to Kate Winslet around Fiding Neverland and now Sam’s partner is Rebecca Hall)

  • dtf

    strange couple! to serious

  • Moria

    he doesn’t wears underwear

  • Mala

    @Sal: Do you not realise that they are at an opening here and it’s normal to get photographed? You haven’t been in NYC , have you? It’s NYC and there all the people gets papped (just look at how much actors that live there, as Alec Baldwin fights with the papz every day!).
    When Johnny’s in LA, he’s on his big mansion with huge security and very far away from the papz and the center of hollywood. When they were in NM they rented a ranch in the middle of nowhere with no paparazzi and likely, not even people around. When they were in London, Johnny rented a house on the outskirts of London, so they only got papped when they went to dinners.
    Now they are in the middle of one of the cities with more paparazzis around the world. In an old hotel without a security perimeter around to make sure that nor paparazzis and nor fans couldn’t reach to them…they have been spending a lot of time in NYC, because she’s working there and the paparazzis discovered that they stay in that hotel everytime they are in the city. So, any paparazzis and fans who want to meet them, only have to stay in the entrance of the hotel and wait they come out and paparazzis can follow them.
    And Johnny isn’t promoting a movie that already bombed. what would be the point?

    He is Johnny Depp, why the hell would he call the paps? Why would he call the paps just after he’s had a bomb? If you think he’s rarely seen then you probably don’t follow him much because he’s photographed by the paps all year long and even when he’s got nothing to promote.

  • JDF

    @Bis: Why would she smile when there’s strangers flashing their cameras at her face? She looks happy when they are not there.

  • JDF

    @Mel: What the hell are you talking about you pathetic hater? They have zero chemistry? As if you would know. All what you see of them is pictures taken by strangers in a matter of seconds in which they are not comfortable. They look so in love in the pictures that are not taken by the paps.

  • Opp

    @Sal: Right because he’d want to be seen after he’s had a bomb? Because these random pictures of him will help the movie to do better right?

    Rarely seen? Really? Were have you been? He gets pap’ed at least 3 times every month. It’s something he has no control over. A-listers like him do not call the paparazzi.

  • MarieX

    @Opp: I totally agree. A-listers like him to not have to call the paps. Their publicists do that for them. He is getting papped a lot at the moment which is very suspicious. Especially given rumors that Amber would love to be the next Brangelina and Depps career is on a slippery slope downhill. Of course whether it’s actually him trying to boost his profile or the strings are being pulled by Amber to boost her own career, we just don’t know. Depp was well known for attending public events such as this via the back door. He has totally changed and not for the better. Bring back the old Johnny Depp!!

  • skull

    this relationship won’t last. she only use him to get known, before she’s nothing. depp soon will be an old man

  • Paddington

    @MarieX: Agreed. I think this is amber. Johnny depps career has had bad patches like this before and he’s never felt the need to court the paparazzi like this. I’m sure he’s only doing it for her benefit and it’s working. She’s on here almost daily now. This time two years ago nobody even knew who she was despite apparently having been in Hollywood since she was in her late teens. Johnny Depp was papped before her with Vanessa on holiday and stuff but it was never to this level. You wouldn’t have been reading about them daily. In fact I’ve been a fan for years and you could sometimes go weeks without a single new photo.

  • JDF

    @MarieX: This is an opening night and the place is full of photographers. No one called the paps, New York is full of paps.

    Do you not see how Amber is looking down and is obviously looking so uncomfortable while being photographed? She would at least smile and try to look better if she called them.

  • JDF

    @MarieX: I remember Johnny getting photographed at public events such as this. He said he sometimes go to restaurants via the back door and he does that when he’s in LA.

  • JDF

    @skull: Oh, no it’s already lasting. They’ve been together for 3 years and they won’t break up anytime soon.

    It’s weird how she’s using him to get known while refusing to talk about him and their relationship and looking down and not happy while being photographed by strangers! Totally signs of using him!

  • MarieX

    @JDF: I didn’t say they called the paps to that event. I’m saying they either could have avoided the event or gone in via another entrance. I’m sure he has on occasion been to these kinds of events like this but I can’t think of a time myself.

  • 2Shoo

    @Paddington: I like Amber. i don’t think all is as it seems here though. I have read that friends say she is like a female version of JD, liking the same books, authors, cars, guns and so on. I find this really hard to believe. A woman of 25 (when they met) liking almost all the same things as a man nearing 50? Some really obscure stuff at that. Isn’t it more likely that seeing her chance she did her homework on his interests? JD is a very arty, odd unusual character – in a good way. It just seems that now amber is trying to make out she is just the same in her interviews. She comes out with all the same lines about her privacy, not caring for fame, not caring what anyone thinks, her arty interests and such. Some of this is almost word for word what JD has said in the past. I totally buy it from him but from her – not so much. Girls got game and much respect to her for it. JD though intelligent has fallen head over heals and won’t see the light until the high wears off, by which time Amber Heard will be an a-lister in her own right.

  • ahf

    @2Shoo: Amber is very old school and when Johnny met her she had exactly the same interests as him. They share a lot in common and that’s why the fell in love. Saying that she pretended to have the same interests as him is so ridiculous. Is it really that hard to believe? There are a lot of very young girls and teens who are interested in books, old movies, poetry and old cars.

    Johnny is as you said intelligent and not dumb. If she was playing a game he would know it from the beginning but she is not. She’s not malicious like some of you think.

  • Jennifer

    Jesus f*cking christ can’t this dude ever catch a break these days? You people are now criticising him for being photographed? Really??? Give him a break it’s not like if he wants all of this sh#t. He just have to deal with it because he’s in Hollywood.

  • XXL

    And still the same haters posting the same phantasms and fanfics…

    It’s becomes stale-why don’t you rant about Leonardo di Caprio and Toni Garrn?
    She is 21 he is 40. So what? As long as it is consentual let them live their life how they want to. There are people out there who like to date older partners-for whatever reasons.-some appreciate maturity and reliability more than looks. Some people act as if they had committed a crime..

    Even if they were on the verge of breaking up you wouldn’t be able to see it in paparazzi pics. Johnny knows Amber-you don’t- so this phantasm “she’s only using him” is clearly a projection.

  • XXL

    Why don’t you read an interview about Amber before she dated Johnny Depp?

    It’s pretty clear that Amber has always dated older partners.

  • @XXL

    @XXL: Wow, thanks for that article

    “I was always into older men as a teenager. I never dated in my school; that was a ridiculous idea to me. If I did date, I was interested in artists – writer types that I met at cafés in Austin. I wasn’t interested in high school dances or hanging out at Starbucks after school.” -Amber Heard

  • santamariavargas

    I always liked Johnny Depp, but he’s a drama queen with the weird hat and glasses. Time to grow up boy.

  • JDF

    @santamariavargas: Are you sure you know what “drama queen” means? What the hell is wrong with wearing a hat and glasses that he’s had since ages and ages? He’s entitled to wear whatever the hell he wants. He doesn’t have to “grow up” just because he’s wearing what he likes and not what people like you like.

  • Jo

    Johnny doesn’t need to call the paparazzi, he knows that they follow him. He simply leave the trail for them>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Minnie1

    I must admit I don’t particularly like this outfit—it’s too pajama-y/ boudoir-wear looking. And, all I could think when I saw these photos was that the bottom of her pants must be absolutely filthy since they were dragged through New York crud (even though it was minimal contact). I hope she has a really good dry cleaner in the City.

  • Peter

    @XXL: Jesus Christ Amber in this pic for the interview, seems a golddigger. She is very classless.
    Dear smart girl, did you see the date of the interview?
    Honey, Amber is manipulative and fake. This interview was already showing the steps of Amber trying to grab Johnny.
    Amber is dumb and she becomes transparent and shows her real intentions.
    Besides dumb, Amber is getting ugly.
    She was classless but pretty in 2010, but I can not say the same thing of Amber last night. ugh!

  • Mala

    Amber grow up in Austin with all the artistic-music-bohemian-literature going on there. she doesn’t need to fake anything. She was always a rebel before Johnny. She left the school at the same age than Johnny and left her home town even before than Johnny at 16. That’s why they have so much in common.
    They are in a opening night supporting Johnny’s dear friend, Rob Marshall (Johnny did Into The Woods just to help Rob to that movie to be green-lighted by Disney. Why wouldn’t hebe at his musical on Broadway, if also happens to be in the city?)
    Johnny has talked so much about how he live like a fugitive, and always told how his dream was to take his children to Disneyland or to a park without all the madness around him. He deprived himself of his own dream for years, other celebrities like the Brangelina do (or try to do) normal things anyway, without to pay attention to the paparazzis. And what was the point? he never put his children in the spotlight and still the paparazzis follow them everywhere. He never talked too much about his private life, and still the people think they have the right to bash him for what “they think” happened or what “they think” he has to do.
    Johnny said that his own daughter told to him “just relax” when they are sorrounded by paparazzis, and I think that’s what he is doing. After two years of almost hidden relationship, he’s just relaxing. Is he a sinner because he doesn’t want to deprive themselves of the joys that all normal couples have?
    The paparazzis going to follow him anyway. The tabloids going to talk about them anyway, even if they don’t talk. The people will feel the right to criticize them anyway, so who cares? they have to live their lives! better he follows the advice of his very smart mature daughter, “just relax”

  • 2Shoo

    @Peter: The date of that interview was the first thing I noticed. The rum diary I believe was filmed in 2009 so she was already in the middle of her ‘game’ when this interview was done. This article only stands to highlight that fact.

  • Minnie1

    Yes, it began filming in March, 2009.

  • @

    @Minnie1: There are some interviews from 2008, when she did Pinneaple Express and she said very much the same
    By the way, I think people act as if Johnny were an alien now, because they were so used to the unhappy Depp over the years. But I do remember the Johnny Depp from Winona’s time and I think this version- Amber’s version- is very much the real Johnny “really in love” Depp

  • Bill

    No actor can sustain 4 movie flops in a row. Johnny Depp lost his looks, which was his biggest asset (not his acting chops) years ago. He is a joke now, desperate for attention with staged photo ops and a fake GF! Wonder what stuff from his past will come out, now that studios are not burying his dirt anymore.

  • claudita


  • claudita

    @Bill: gf lie? so I know you’re some crazy lesbian. lol

  • Bill


    try harder, LOL

  • missy

    @JDF: so what if they’ photogrophers there?? Its not like she didn’t know this would happen. The point is that that feeling or any other minor event overpowers the fact that she is with her “fiance” ready to go to opening nite to a broadway show!!!! She was chauffered there- dressed to the freakin nines, with her “fiance’-and still looks as miserable as a lesbian with a man would.

  • missy

    @Bis: @JDF: so what if they’ photogrophers there?? Its not like she didn’t know this would happen. The point is that that feeling or any other minor event overpowers the fact that she is with her “fiance” ready to go to opening nite to a broadway show!!!! She was chauffered there- dressed to the freakin nines, with her “fiance’-and still looks as miserable as a lesbian with a man would.

  • missy

    @Bis: actually she always looks moody- like they just had a fight. Probably because she’s so miserable with him. Poor grl- what has she committes herself to!!! We don’t have to always committ to marriage with our previous idols. Idols should remain just that – idols (according to her own statement- she used to have a huge crush on him and idolized him

  • JDF

    @Bill: Hahahaahahahaahahaha, what a pathetic hater you truly are! Bitter much?

    Many actors/actresses had many flops in a row but no one talked about it much because they didn’t have the kind of huge sucess he’s had. He’s the only actor that’s had 3 movies that made a billion dollar at the Boxoffice. He’s also had 2 movies that made a billion dollar two years in a row. How about that?

    Lost his looks? Hahahahahhahaha, good joke because he’s still got his looks and he’s looked amazing these past few months

    Saying that his looks are his biggest asset is hilarious because he never relied on them and he got in showbusiness thanks to his natural talent and charm.

    Looks can’t get you that far in showbusiness and for 30 years. His acting chops is what got him in it for 30 years.

    He is a joke your a$$. He is a legend and a Hollywood royalty and he gets treated and welcomed like a king everywhere he goes. The only joke here is you, loser.

    No “stuff” from past will come out because he’s always kept his hands clean and do you really think that studios will ruin their relationships with him now just because he’s had a few flops? Hahahahahhahah, you f_cking wish.

    He’s got lots of high profile projects lined up and they are all gonna be successes.

  • JDF

    @missy: Lmao @ your delusion. I actually can’t @ your pathetic delusion.

    She’s a bisexual that dated 4 men and 1 woman before JD, do you not get it?

  • JDF

    @Bill: He doesn’t need to be desperate for attention because he gets it all without wanting it.

    Staged photo ops? Yeah right, staged photo ops at an opening of a big Broadway show! Staged photo ops out of their hotel! I thought staged ops were pictures that are taken of celebs on the beach and when they pick a coffe from starbucks, etc! I guess the reason they don’t smile or talk to the paps is because they are calling them.

    PR girlfriend? Do you not f_cking realise that this is all doing him no good? Bitter middle aged women who where left for younger women do not like this.

    What kind of a PR girlfriend refuses to talk about her “PR boyfriend” to the press/media? Aren’t PR relationships supposed to be so public and not so private?

    Just because they are getting pap’ed everyday and they are on the press it doesn’t mean that they are a PR couple if so then all couple in Hollywood are PR couples.

    Go kill yourself you miserable dirtbag.