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Keith Urban Finally Wears a Suit for 'American Idol'!

Keith Urban Finally Wears a Suit for 'American Idol'!

Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely stunning in a partially sheer dress while heading into the studio for the results show of American Idol on Thursday evening (April 24) in West Hollywood, Calif.

After being made fun of by host Ryan Seacrest and co-judge Harry Connick Jr., fellow judge Keith Urban finally decided to wear a suit during the show and we think he looks great!

“So THAT’S what a suit feels like!!!” Keith jokingly tweeted along with a selfie.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Georges Chakra dress, Casadei shoes, and Swarovski earrings.

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez heading into the studio…

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keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 01
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 02
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 03.
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 04
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 05
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 06
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 07
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 08
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 09
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 10
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 11
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 12
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 13
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 14
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 15
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 16
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 17
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 18
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 19
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 20
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 21
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 22
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 23
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 24
keith urban finally wears a suit on american idol 25

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  • 1urbanfan27

    My sweet, beautiful Keith…He rocked the suit…But then he always rocks whatever he wears… :)

  • Jess

    Keith Urban in a tuxedo is hottttttttttttttt, but he quite nicely rocks at shirt.

  • maclen

    The milquetoast orb gives into “peer pressure.” Next they’ll have the gullable orb wearing something TRULY suitable to him…a clown costume! Hilarious…even in this “orb-centric” titled posting…99.9% of the photos are WHAT JLo is wearing. Way to keep it “shallow and superficial” JJ. But then that is how “shallow and superficial” Idol is. Now…IF only connick and seacrest can do something about orb’s bloated cheeks.

  • sara


    He sure does… including that great tat he has that bears his true love’s name… Nicole :)

  • Jill

    Keith looks so handsome every day. Eye candy! I also apprecate his suggestions and comments. He and Harry are great judges. JLO is stunning.

  • Audra

    @maclen: OMG you are soooo sick Mary maclan

  • Audra

    I adore Keith Urban but I wish Keith and Harry would shave. They would look so much cleaner. Ryan always looks clean shaven.

  • Barb

    Keith Urban looks good no matter what he wears. You can tell he is such a nice person and so talented. As far as I am concerned he makes the show.

  • http://comcast Twyla

    I have seen many pictures of Keith in a suit and tuxedos ( looks great no matter what he wears). There is something about Keith that is just fascinating, besides his good looks, kindness and talent, I don’t know what it is but WOW.

  • http://comcast Emma

    @Audra: I too wish Harry and Keith would shave. Why they don’t, I cannot understand. They are both handsome men, but the whiskers take away from their looks.

  • monica

    It is time for Keith to get another haircut. It was a hot mess last night. But he always looks great, regardless.

  • Jill

    No. Don’t shave! There was a survey done and the majority of women liked the scruff first, then clean shaven, then full beard last. Scruff is edgy and sexy. Both men wear it very well. I’d love to rub my hands over their faces.

  • Always

    J-LOW the skin bleached, nose job getting, blond weave wearing aging Puerto Rican tranny.

  • maclen

    So I guess the “spectacle” of orb wearing a suit WASN’T of interest….to anyone…as the viewers last night for Idol fell to 7.6 million. I guess orb was feeling a little overshadowed by the HUGE star on the show last night…the “grumpy cat’…he needed this pretty lame gimmick to gain a little attention for himself. I still say he’d get better mileage out of wearing a clown costume…people would GET the correlation…the orb IS the joke.

  • Selby

    the scruff first, then clean shaven, then full beard last. Scruff is edgy and sexy.

    I completely agree with those poll results. Keith looked fantastic last night!

  • AJ

    I’m so glad when Keith said last week he’d wear a suit for the next results show, he did. Nicole is a lucky lady :)

  • rollingwaters

    Keith Urban is a sexy mofo in a suit. Fact.

  • Fact

    Keith looks like a power lesbian in a suit.

  • maclen

    Haircuts, scruff, suit…and what Jlo wears. Lucky for both orb and JLo…that what is NOT necessary for employment on Idol is TALENT.

  • llj88

    Audra, better not to make comments to maclen and the others, ,can’t win with these people they have nothing better to do than follow every move keith and nicole make for years, they even have a negative webb page, that is very disturbing in so many ways, ask this questions why do they dislike them so much, and really who cares, plain and smiple fact is when you put this much time and efforts into someone you obviously dislike something has to be wrong with you,, why keep trying to convince others not to like them, normal person wouldn’t put this much time in to any star they dislike so much, iam going to continue enjoying keith and his music like many others obvious do, and pay no mind to Maclen and the others any more.

  • Linda

    Keith Urban is a very neat guy. No wonder so many like him.

  • Jlo looks old

    @Always: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . She does look like a tr=anny ,but she does not bleach .Her skin is naturally pale. She spray tans.

  • Me

    It just drives that one crazy that Keith is on and popular. It’s quite humorous how annoyed she gets. :). Sit back and eat your heart out babe. You’ll Think of Me… Indeed.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ maclan. Are you Mary maclan or Taralea hit run ??? Thanks for keeping a toll on American Idol viewers. Most stations would love to see six and a half or more viewers each week. Sounds like your hate comments about the show and the judges would keep you from watching it, but I bet you haven’t missed a second of it. You are a hoot. lOL

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    Mac’s just a sodden old fool; no one reads her posts, they’re inane. Keith’s good on Idol. Harry goes overboard occasionally, and when he really goes a little screwy, Keith and Ryan restrain him. Jen is Jen, enough said. Re the suit. He said it was a dare. I noticed he hadn’t buttoned the top button, and perhaps he’s uncomfortable wearing a tie. But he could always leave the tie off and just wear the jacket open. He’s too good looking not to dress up occasionally. As we say in the South, ‘He cleans up real good’!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @sara: If you only knew… :)

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Emma: I don’t think the hair minimizes him in the least…And I have see him up close…In person… Clean shave and with scruff…And I LOVE the scruff…He looks great…Period…

  • Sally

    1urbanfan27 you are a broken record, as you would say, same ole same ole bull you post. If I had a dollar for every time you posted, “if you only knew” I’d be a millionaire. Keith has never been by your side ever except maybe when you go to one of his concerts and he’s by everyone side. Funny how that works. Keith likes strong independent women successful women. I doubt he considers a restaurant worker who drives a beat up car that’s always broken down a successful woman. Keep going with your Keith’s fantasies. He keeps moving forward in this life successfully. Your posts actually give me a chuckle you are so out of your freaking mind.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Sally: So…Now I’m a restaurant worker…NOT…The only thing you prove is that you are one of my stalkers…Beyond that, you know nothing…And I can say what I want…Just as you can…My mind is just fine…And he knows where we have both been…And your opinion is unimportant to me…The only thing that is important about you, is just how uninformed you are…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Sally: And your definition of what a successful woman is, is also unimportant in the scheme of things…Success comes in many forms…Some more important than others…In a lifetime, a career is way down the list compared to things you can’t replace…When you figure out what those are…You MIGHT be a success…In the meantime, I won’t lose ANY sleep over what YOU think of me…

  • Renee

    And what is important? An imagined relationship? See how quick you can follow him online since he wont let you anywhere near him? That’s something to be proud of, isn’t it? Must learn that you can’t have everything you want. Most people learn that quite young. Nicole has him. Always will. It’s called a commitment. A family. Love.

  • Sorry @Renee

    It is called a marriage (business) contract between a lesbian woman and a gay man.

  • Renee

    @Sorry @Renee:

    And if you believe that, you believe only what you want to believe. That is dangerous! Facts mean nothing to you.

  • sheila

    27… sleep? I don’t see that you get much of that? It must be the illness. Delusions will keep a girl up at night…

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Sorry @Renee: Sorry the Crazy One (Renee ha ha), you just wish it was a contract. You wouldn’t know what true love is between a man and a woman, Nicole and Keith found it.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @sheila: Something will keep a girl up at night, that delusions have NOTHING to do with… :)

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Renee: I have been quite near to him. many times…Would you like to see pictures…Sorry unlike some people…Ours are private…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Renee: There is have…And then there is “have”…You should learn the difference…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @sheila: And by the way…I’m not the ONLY one who is up in the wee hours… :) You know who you are…So do I…And so does he… :)

  • lol

    Sorry unlike some people…Ours are private…

    You’re hilarious. So why are you on this site week after week trying to convince us you have a real relationship? Skeptics who are also pathological liars never believed you. Why on earth would sane people buy your scam? The ”we have photos you can’t see” is so old. You’ve told us on every fan board. Didn’t work 5 years ago, doesn’t work now.

  • Jill

    Oh my. So you want us to believe you are a home wrecker who doesn’t respect another’s marriage vows? YOu want us to believe Keith is a cheater? A man with no morals? A man who betrays his wife and children? And you expect us to believe that with his busy schedule, he has time for you? And that nobody has caught him? So many things just don’t fly, but we know. You don’t care. :) broken record. Logic means nothing.
    Btw, Keith is a sweet man who loves and respects his wife. He would never do the things you claim. He is better than that. Stop trying to make him out to be a cad.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @lol: Your opinion still doesn’t change a thing…And it’s still the same little group of stalkers that harass…What’s telling is that you believe a lie…And I am not out to prove anything to anyone…What you don’t get…I don’t care what you believe…Your MO hasn’t changed a bit…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Jill: “Homewrecker”…Hardly…”Cad”…Hardly…Name calling is ALL you have ever had…I guess “Homewrecker” is a name you could apply to someone else as well…As her first husband was married when she hooked up with him…But oh yeah…That doesn’t count…Your “rules” are different for some people…Good thing, your rules mean NOTHING…

  • Jill

    Pot calling kettle? You trash NK but you would be willing to break up her marriage. You make false claims that put KU in a very bad light. Don’t even claim to care for him. Nobody who cared for him would make the very public and damaging statements you have made. All you care about is your fantasy. Not him. You are his enemy.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Jill: YOU are a deceitful liar…YOU know nothing about me, except what I let you know…And I say very little about your “Idol”…He on the other hand is my business…And has been for a long time…And how much I care is none of your business…And he knows and that’s ALL that matters…

    Just because you say something is so…Doesn’t make it so…

  • Jill

    Just because you say something is so… Doesn’t make it so….

    Read that over and over dear. In the mirror. If you had any life with Keith, you would have no need to post here. That would be all you would need. And you would protect him by being discreet. You wouldn’t call him an adulterer all over the internet. You are his enemy.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Jill: I don’t call him anything…You are the name caller…YOU are his enemy…And he knows it…

  • Jill

    How am I his enemy? By respecting his marriage and family? You make no sense. His choices dear.

    I don’t call him an adulterer. I don’t believe your stories for a second. He adores his wife and children. He is a Good man.

  • Kimberly

    Remember that idol episode when KU pointed to his wedding ring for the stupid girl who was flirting with him? 27 needs to get a screen shot of that and hang it in her room as a constant reminder of how Keith feels about girls who disrespect his marriage.

  • wee

    Maclen, go back to your jail cell. You’re not making any sense today.