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Johnny Depp is the Leading Man in Amber Heard's Life!

Johnny Depp is the Leading Man in Amber Heard's Life!

Johnny Depp leads the way while holding hands with his fiancee Amber Heard on Friday (April 25) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor and the 28-year-old actress were greeted by adoring fans and photographers while making their way to an awaiting car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Johnny Depp

The night before, Johnny and Amber held hands while showing some support for Michelle Williams at the opening of her Broadway show Cabaret.

It was recently announced that Johnny will no longer be required to testify in a murder case of a woman, who claimed she was in a relationship with him.

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100 Responses to “Johnny Depp is the Leading Man in Amber Heard's Life!”

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  1. 1
    rebba Says:

    He is looking older and she is looking younger.

    What is going on.. and why are they being papped every single day. I swear there were times when you didn’t see Johnny Depp for months or years. Now I can’t count the number of times he has been papped.

  2. 2
    shockadelica Says:

    Hello! they’re getting papped more lately because they’re @ a hotel and the paps just wait for them to come/leave.They can’t stalk them outside of their house because security would get them arrested! And Johnny looks @ least 10 yrs younger! How many 50 yr old men look like that? And she looks younger when she has longer hair.

  3. 3
    crissy Says:

    @rebba: because they are in a hotel!! And every paparazzi knows in what hotel they are, they just have to wait until John and Amber have to come out

  4. 4
    rebba Says:


    Chill the hell out. I don’t dislike Johnny, but he does not look good. He looks different in the face. Almost sickly. My Opinion. And I don’t care where he is staying he is getting papped all the time. So you can say what you want and defend. Everyone doesn’t have to thing Johnny is how. And there are several Hollywood celebrities his age and older that look better.

    now whine about that.

  5. 5
    Living in a box Says:

    Do you know Kevin Costner? Back in early 90′s Kevin is one of leading man in Hollywood but after he divorced his wife Cindy, Water World happened. Never throw away your good luck charms.

  6. 6
    JDF Says:

    @rebba: And how can you tell from these pictures? You can’t see his full face in these pictures, can you? He seems to look just fine, he’s 51 years old for god’s sake, give him a break of course he is looking older. And no she doesn’t look younger at all.

    There is no celebrities his age or older than him that look better in Hollywood. He is the best looking 51 years old and look at how he looks when he takes off that hat and doesn’t wear that ugly glasses

  7. 7
    Falala Says:

    @Living in a box: did you know robert downey jr ditched his first wife (and child after 10 or 12 years marriage and the following year married his current wife (had socond child with her)? It is not about partners being good luck charms, it is about luck in life. Super hero movies happen to be the in thing these days but for how long would even he continue doing such movies? oh by the way he too would be 50 next year. I would be waiting for people to call him old too. Johnny could have easily gone down the super hero type movie too but that is not his style. He still does the same genre of movies as he as always done thoughout his career. The only difference being that since pirates, people just attach “blockbuster” to every movie he does even if he himself doesn’t mean it to be. It is all about luck. I personally would want to see him do more animation. I really liked Rango:)

  8. 8
    JDF Says:

    @rebba: My god are you dumb or something? They are in freaking NY and they are staying at a hotel that they always stay at and that’s why they are getting photographed everyday, because the paparazzi know where they are staying at and they waiting for them all day long to take pictures of them when they come out.

    Johnny’s always been photographed at least twice a month. He was not photographed when he was in France because there’s a law again paparazzis there.

  9. 9
    Falala Says:

    @JDF: I love johnny but i would not go as far as saying he is the best looking 50 yr old in Hollywood. Honestly, have you see Cindy Crawford’s husband?? (he is 51) and he is gorgeous. However, i guess he is not that famous. Having said that, johnny is very good looking and he can even be more good looking if he ditched a few things. Firstly, that colored glasses needs to go. Secondly, that tatty hat. Thirdly, some of his jewelry. Lastly, stop smoking altogether or cut down severely. Also, he needs to get a tan and rest some more. However, people see others differently and have varied opinions about beauty.

  10. 10
    myra Says:

    @#6 – I agree that Johnny looks just fine; he will turn 51 in June, and for his age, he looks fine. The only thing he needs to lose is that ugly hat!!

  11. 11
    JDF Says:

    This is how Johnny looked at the Cabaret opening the other day


  12. 12
    Falala Says:

    @JDF: Yeah he looks really good in that pic but i really cannot explain how much his glasses irks me to the core…Loool

  13. 13
    Otto Says:

    RDJ is a very talented actor who worked for scale on the first Iron Man and now can command a big pay check because his movies make big money. He even worked for very little money on his recent movie – Chef, which is getting great reviews – something Johnny Depp would never do because he likes money more than artistic integrity. I think RDJ first wife ditched him not the other way around.

    Johnny Depp is a former pretty boy who’s entire career is based on a fake persona. He never had impressive acting abilities and his career is tanking now because he is lazy, greedy and arrogant.

  14. 14
    crissy Says:

    @Living in a box: well, i doubt Johnny would be with a woman that he doesn’t love anymore (Vanessa) just for his career sake. Now, that would be truly to “sell out”. He wants to retire so I doubt he cares about what the people think about his love life or if it’s damage his box offices…he will retire soon (he told to CNN that he only wants to end his compromise (alice and pirates surely)) and then you all could be happy!

  15. 15
    Dave Says:

    Amber is a famewhore. She loves to be photographed, then Johnny gave her the gift that she likes best. Photos and photos. Now Amanda Heard is famous

  16. 16
    myra Says:

    @#6 – I agree that Johnny looks just fine; he will turn 51 in June, and for his age he looks fine. The only thing he needs to lose is that ugly hat!!

  17. 17
    myra Says:

    Sorry for the double post.

  18. 18
    Falala Says:

    @Otto: “You think” means you do not know. I am certain he ditched her and then got married to another woman the following year. Could he have been cheating on his first wife to have gotten married to the second one so quickly? I am just saying it is not fair to bash johnny and excuse another man for doing almost the same thing. At least paint them with the same brush on that subject. I like RDJ as a person but am not interested in super hero type movies. Most people raved about iron man but i fell asleep in the first few minutes. Even if johnny worked for little money on a movie, people would not want to believe it or hear about it. They would rather sweep that under the carpet. It is only his movies that people talk about budget, i hardly ever hear the budget of other movies being discussed on the same scale. It is not his fault if movie execs or companies spend so much. He is just an actor like every other actor and most likely has no involvement when it comes to movie budget discussions. Am sure everyone in hollywood is fake to some degree because they are human beings trying to sell their movies..not angels.

  19. 19
    Carla Says:

    @Otto: More like a one trick poney who always plays himself. He played himself in Iron Man just like he played himself in every other movie he did.

    His “movies” make money? You mean the unoriginal, comic book movies that were not successful because of him?

    Of course he worked for little money on Chef because he’s only got a cameo in it. Johnny worked for very little money on Into The Woods too, just like he did so many times out of generosity and artistic integrity and as a favor to dear friends.

    RDJ makes all of the comic book crap movies that he does for paychecks and not because of his “artistic integrity”

    And of course his wife ditched him, she wanted to get rid of his a$$. He is the worst.

    Johnny Depp is a legend and a pretty boy (and always will be) whose entire career is based on his incredible talent and charm (fake persona RDJ’s a$$)

    He never had impressive acting abilities? That’s interesting because he has been nominated for the Oscar 3 times and for the Golden Globes 10 times and won it once and he also won the Screen Actors Guild Award. He is down as one of the greatest actors of all the time already.

    He would not have lasted 30 years in the business if he never had impressive acting abilities.

    His career is tanking? Hahahahaha, you wish. His latest movies didn’t do well because of all the bad reviews they got and not because of him. In fact he was the only reason why the made money at all.

    Lazy? That’s RDJ and not JD who tries his hands on so many different things and always gives his best. His performance in Transcendence (which I assume you haven’t even seen) was great and very touching.

    Greedy and arrogant? Wow, you must really know nothing about him at all to say that he’s greedy and arrogant because he’s so far from that.

  20. 20
    Trish Says:

    It looks like Amber has lost a lot of weight, especially in her face and I think its aging her.

  21. 21
    Falala Says:

    @Carla: They are both good actors but they are different in their style/genre of movies, so you can’t really compare both in terms of acting skills or movies. Also, they are very close friends in real life so there is no need for people to get nasty.

  22. 22
    july Says:

    Her permanent tiredness recently, it’s looking suspicious to me. She always looks tired or sleepy in the past weeks. I wonder if she also has “morning sickness”?

  23. 23
    JDF Says:

    @Otto: So you are defending RDJ and saying that he has “artistic integrity” while saying that Johnny is “lazy, greedy and arrogant.” when all of that is actually RDJ?

    RDJ is the one who did billions of sequels and franchies and not Johnny who is only part of one franchise and did just 3 sequels. RDJ is part of 3 never-ending franchies that he does solely for $$$ and nothing else. He has no artistic integrity whatsoever at all and he is lazy, greedy and arrogant as hell.

    Just because he did a small role for little money on a small movie it doesn’t mean that he has “artistic integrity”, he would not have done billions of sequels if he had “artistic integrity”.

  24. 24
    Rose Says:

    Johnny is a liar. He loves paps and is very vain and presumptuous.
    The look in his eyes is a mixture of pride, malice and perversion. Amber can’t hide the boredom in the expression of her face

  25. 25
    bo Says:

    Johnny feels bad more and more ! And Amber seems boring more and more ! Again some months perhaps and she will fligh away, now celeb for her own fortune and life !

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