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Michael Fassbender Did 'Frank' Because It 'Made Me Laugh Out Loud'!

Michael Fassbender Did 'Frank' Because It 'Made Me Laugh Out Loud'!

Michael Fassbender gives a smoldering stare as he arrives at the Frank screening during the Sundance London Film and Music Festival 2014 held at the 02 Arena on Friday (April 25) in London, England.

The 37-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Domhnall Gleeson and their director Lenny Abrahamson.

“The script just made me laugh out loud,” Michael told The Guardian about choosing the film. “I thought there were also poignant moments there. It’s a very unusual story, a real standalone. If it’s refreshing to read, it’s hopefully refreshing to watch.”

15+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender at the Frank Sundance London screening…

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michael fassbender did frank because made him laugh out loud 11
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michael fassbender did frank because made him laugh out loud 13
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michael fassbender did frank because made him laugh out loud 16

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  • GFW

    I know he does not read here but I want to congratulate him on ridding himself of his last before his present. Wise move. Life of misery with that for certain.

  • Marc

    Michael should be called ‘Big Dick’, those jeans, that bulge.

  • Rittany

    Hope the movie does well! I love that jacket, the color looks so good on him.

  • maria

    I just hope that some kind of headhunter finds me to make movies like this.

  • jt

    este hombre se ve que ha de picar riquisimo, ufff que delicia, me encantaría tener una noche con el, aparte super pitudo esta

  • Interesting

    Smoldering indeed yummmm

  • @GFW



  • worth noting

    This is the best Michael’s looked in ages! Smouldering indeed, sex on legs, hot hot hot !!!!

  • Daria K. from Virginia

    @GFW: You said you wished her well and wouldn’t comment on her anymore yet here you are running her down again, in a jealous snit. I’m so glad I divorced you, you mentally ill fat ass.

  • Interesting

    ‘A Dangerous Method’ director David Cronenberg talks white-hot leading man, Michael Fassbender

  • fassynator

    @Daria K. from Virginia: Well nasty POS now you are the one continuing the subject matter that Fassbender fans closed the door on long ago and we all agree with GFW’s sentiment. So move on. Why are you trolling Fassy threads anyway?

  • Interesting

    Umm, ok this is the real Interesting. Post #10 is NOT me. Last time I posted was #6. However thanx for the video

  • Valentina

    Fassy is great actor and sexy man too , love everything about him.

  • worth noting

    @Interesting: what video is that?

  • Interesting

    @worth noting:

    Michael being interviewed by Strombo. Watch on youtube

  • 78910

    I’ve noticed a few things about Fassy. Yes, he’s a brilliant actor, a great interview, and has a lot of potential to star in just about any type of film because he’s flexible. He loves his family and friends and has a lot of friends. He seems nice and laid back but I think he’s not. He’s restless and one of those people who isn’t happy with what they have. They’re always searching, yearning for something more. This is why he isn’t going to settle with one woman. He samples the goods and then moves on.

    Can’t help but compare him to Gerard Butler who travels with a posse. Gerry has his boys, his mates, the ones he’s seen with all over the world in his travels. I don’t think Gerry can be alone whereas Fassy can go anywhere by himself and not think twice about it.

    Gerry has to have a bodyguard now while he’s filming in Sydney. He’s with the guy all the time now. Fassy doesn’t seem to need one at all. What’s up with that? Gerry is just a mediocre actor, why the hype? It’s weird, really. Fassy is way better an actor and doesn’t need a bodyguard at all. Not that I’ve seen, anyway.

  • Truther

    What? Who cares. The entire planet is falling apart, we have the most idiotic dumb a s s in the White House and the rest of them running Congress, we are not safe, Putin is rebuilding his communist Soviet Union at a rapid pace, muslim extremists are reconstituting like mad. We don’t have jobs, food-gas-housing-cost of living is at an all time high and now our IDIOT president is taking health care from everyone in order to provide it for illegals.

    And all he can talk about is racism and global warming. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN about these stupid non-issues! Where is the President? DO WE HAVE ONE? WE NEED LEADERSHIP, not racial and class division!

    Wake up fellow Americans, it’s time to protest the he ll out of the mess in DC right now. America is weak and falling apart!

  • worth noting

    @78910: I agree with your views, that’s the way he comes across to me as well. Don’t know anything about Gerard Butler and dont want to, mediocre actor at best and neither his looks nor personality interest me. But MF is talented, funny and interesting as well as hot! I also noticed when the credits roll at the end of films he never has any personal assistants/security etc that so many of them can’t live without. Think I saw a driver for him listed once! The guy leads a simple life not much diferent to before he was well known, likes a drink, a laugh, gokarting and female company and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Maybe he never
    will settle down with one woman but he’s been straight saying he’s not looking for a life partner at this juncture. Whatever hes doing what he wants and sowing his wild oats while the sun shines. Hope his career goes from strenggth to strength, exciting actor!

  • open eyes

    @worth noting:
    Wrong. His whole image is created by forfeit. His publicist is Paula Woods, who was thanked by Mickey Rourke with these words:

    “I want to thank my publicist, Paula Woods, for having the hardest job in show business – telling me where to go, what to do, when to do it, what to eat, how to dress, what to f***.” (2009)

  • 78910

    @open eyes: Just because Fassy has the same publicist as Rourke doesn’t mean he’s doing what Rourke did to get PR. I don’t see Fassy as gunning to get into the best clubs, strolling down Rodeo Drive on shopping sprees, advertising expensive watches and sports cars, or trying to be a jetsetter. He seems humble and grounded. His only vice seems to be occasional drinks and screwing around with as many women as he can. He’s a 37 year old man who loves to walk on the wild side but he’s not pretentious and egotistical and showoff-ish like Gerry Butler seems to be.

  • Bookworm

    I find Fassbender a real puzzle. On the one hand he seems to be a really nice guy, down to earth, close to his family etc, on the other he is apparently a drink/drug/sex addict who often behaves appallingly and recklessly! Yet I am surprised that there is seemingly little comment about this on social media where a lot of the ordinary people he would meet in pubs, clubs etc would spend a lot of time.
    I love the speculation about his PR lady but have say that whenever I see her hovering during interviews she seems to be keeping an close eye on proceedings, time, schedule etc and a look or gesture to the interviewer will bring the interview to a close when it is time for Fassy to move on.
    I get the impression that Fassy loves to be working but doesn’t like all the promotional stuff. I feel that he finds the awards season a strain and doesn’t really want to be there. In all the interviews I have read or seen it is as though he flicks a switch, goes onto autopilot and churns out the same old rubbish that he thinks people probably want to hear but doesn’t actually reveal anything of himself. The promotional video for X-Men was hilarious. He had a fixed, insincere smile, almost a grimace and you could almost hear him thinking ‘WTF I can’t believe I am doing this!’.
    Would love to sit him down over a beer and say ‘Now Michael, tell me about yourself’

  • Interesting


    Ha I like what u said there. He problably needs someone real ie no one famous to really sit and have a serious meaningful convo. Hes a hard worker and for the next few years its gonna be movies, promo work, awards with a lil downtime in between and of course the hookups. If he can spend time around down to earth ppl, take some time away from the spotlight I think hed be great.

  • @Bookworm

    @Bookworm: Cute as a description. Very. But you should explain why a man so seemingly impatient with all the promotion stuff, so down to earth, decides to attend women who live for the spotlight, fake and plastic.

  • Bookworm

    Well that’s the puzzle isn’t it? That’s the enigma and that’s what I would like to ask him.

  • Lena


    Maybe Michael isn’t so down to Earth? Maybe Michael just wants people to believe he is down to Earth because he believes that will increase his credibility with folks and mass appeal, just in the same way a girl like Jennifer Lawrence flips off the paparazzi all the time yet does high profile movie after high profile movie, thereby increasing her exposure and chance of being a target for the paparazzi. If she hated it so much, she would choose another lot in life. Even Micheal said it himself. Actions SPEAK LOUDER than words. What difference does his words mean, when his ACTIONS betray his words?

    He says he’s all about the quality of the art, yet, it is clear his first decision in whether to do a movie is the “director.” The director is not the story, script or art. So, it’s not about the art, but rather he is is a “people” follower and connection builder, i.e.., social climber. Not necessarily anything wrong with that. But, why lie about it? Same with his female companions. Maiko and Zoe. Famous parents. Social climbing element? I suspect possibly, yes. Anything wrong with it? Not nessecarily. European monarchies did it. But, why the effort to say he’s all about friendship and hometown values, etc., then? Michael says he wants a strong woman with a great character, and yet gravitates towards fame whore narcissists with tons of plastic surgery and who look like they pretty much trade sex to get ahead, and who look down on other human beings. Seems he is most comfortable with women like that. That speaks volumes and says tons about who HE is, don’t you think?

    I mean, is it possible that MIchael is just a good con artist? When his actions don’t match his words? The question is who is he conning? The studio, his fans, the women he is with, his family, his friends, or himself? Sorry to disappoint. But, he is neither unique nor special in this regard. He is just like most everyone else in the world.

    And, especially if he is addicted to drugs or alcohol, I heard an addiction counselor recently say this: “Addicts lie. They just do.”

  • worth noting

    @Bookworm: Youve summed him up quite well imo. Your so right about the glazed look in his eyes when he does promo and awards ceremonies, he clearly doesn’t enjoy that side of his work. But I think he is basically a genuine decent man who loves being creative and being on set. Yes he has his faults like everyone else but I’ve yet to hear/read anything bad about him except on gossip sites. I think the reason there isn’t much in the way of comment enough him on social media sites is a) he doesn’t behave badly and attract attention and b) he’s able to live a normal life in London where most people don’t recognize him and those that do leave him alone. I think its a real shame that a talented actor like him who hasn’t harmed anyone gets so much abuse on this site from folks who just focus on his weaknesses. Yeah so he f*cks fake plastic type women but how does that affect the general population, any bad consequences will be on him alone. Let’s face it these women are easy and he doesn’t have to make effort to have sex with them which is more than likely all he wants from them. Doesn’t make him a bad person or a hypocrite. If he ever does want to settle with a family I’d bet it won’t be with this type of woman. Maybe double standards but men are like that.

  • Interesting

    @worth noting:

    I like what u said there. Ive seen enough of his interviews to know the type of person he is. In spite of Im still a fan and hes no different than other actors, some of them are way worse. Hes a fine actor so Im gonna be supportive

  • Lena

    @worth noting: awwwwwwww…poor wittle Mikey Wikey. What on Earth has he done to deserve such a suffering lot in life? For the world to treat him so badly? (Sarcasm intended). We should all be ashamed of ourselves if for one second we’ve ever questioned this man’s purity and doubted his godlike status. Is that what you’re saying? LOL…. I mean all he wants is to receive adulation and praise and not have to EVER endure dissention or disagreement. Right? And why should he? Why should any public person be scrutinized eh? Don’t they deserve to be placed above every one else and immunized from criticism no matter what they do or say? I mean, isn’t that their right being better than others and all ?(sarcasm intended)

    My goodness you sure are working hard to protect his honor. Will you let us know when he sends you the personal thank you note for your services. And let us know when he reciprocates Kay? And do you write such lovely letters of recommendation for people you ACTUALLY know or just celebrities you worship that don’t care about you sweet pea? Think about it.

  • Lena

    @worth noting:

    And by the way, your arguments are bizarre. You say the only negative things you’ve heard about him are on gossip sites but that there is nothing bad about him on social media. What does THAT mean? You haven’t interviewed or cross examined people who have had contact with him or you are not watching him 24 hours a day and until you do, it’s not fair for ANYONE to criticize? I bet you form opinions about people in ordinary life on less. Who’s the hypocrite? Celebrity worshipper. And then you say his actions don’t affect the public so it’s not fair to criticize. Well, wait a second. He does social message films that kids watch. He’s fair game for public scrutiny in my book. Just like any other public figure.

    Then you say:

    “Yeah so he f*cks fake PLASTIC type women but how does that affect the general population, any bad consequences will be on him alone.”

    Well, wait a second….he did a movie about slavery that they pushed on to the PUBLIC SCHOOL Education film list. And so he will be in front of millions of children who might grow to idolize him and look up to him. I can cite many PubMed medical articles where scientific studies show a direct correlation between teen smoking and on screen smoking of the teen’s favorite movie star. If you don’t think Hollywood and actors don’t hugely influence kids and culture you are NAIVE.

    There is also a PubMed article on celebrity worship syndrome that links people who idolize celebrities to a higher incidence of “plastic surgery” and “body dysmorphia.”. So YOU do the math. No. Given your naivety, better I do it. Michael is a good looking actor who has captured the attention of young people through X Men. Young girls through Jane Eyre and Shame depending on the girl. Then, he has added persuasive value to his BRAND because of his EXPOSURE in 12YAS which Montel Williams succeeded in getting on the public school film list. So, he has the potential to influence both in school curriculum and in comic book movies. Now that hes got the girls attention, they see through investigating him, that he says he wants an “equal partner.” But wait… what does that mean? These girls then see that he dates famew h*res, who are rumored escorts/celebrity prostitutes or who appear to trade sex for roles or are gold diggers. Young girls get the MIXED message. An equal partner is someone who alters her appearance with plastic surgery, trades sex for money or position, and if the girls want a good looking successful guy they need to forget college etc, and go the plastic sure famewh*’re route. If you think he doesn’t send messages to young impressionable girls, then you are dumb. And these unethical PR people know the public are influenced by movie stars private lives, and that is why Katy Perry is on People offering marriage advice, Jessica Simpson offers weight advice, and Michael reveals what HE looks for in a woman in interviews. If the general public were NOT affected then these actors would ALWAYS just talk about the movies and NOTHING else.

  • Used


    I hate to admit it but I have thought for a while there is a strong element of Michael decisions as an actor and clearly in partners which is about social climbing.

    *Maiko got used until his own star began to rise then dumped (she is related to actor Sam Neil)
    *Zoe has a famous Daddy so it was good to be seen with her right?
    *Nicole – well there nothing like dating a co-star to promote a movie is there, worked out well with Zoe didn’t it – round two with Nicole, methinks.
    *Naomi, if the rumors are true he this would be the a great for him in terms of his profile. She is A-list and a famous dater of A-listers – the social climb continues.

    The directors thing is on point for the same reason – climbing, climbing climbing.

    The only exceptions may be Madalina Ghenea, who he was trying to hide as a partner??? But then again he made perfect use of her body for sex for 6 months possibly impregnated her and then dumped her when it all got a bit to hot and may effect his career even slightly.
    That being said she (as always) was more on the climb rather than him in this case.
    Also to some degree the Leasi Andrews situation was possibly less of the use however she was at one point fairly connected and allowed him to live in her home probably for free in Hollywood, very convenient when your trying to move your career forward right?

    Without being as harsh as Lena, I agree that Fassbender is not as genuine as he may appear. Not at all. REMEMBER – He is an ACTOR!!

    Both McAvoy his X-Men BFF and Domnhall Gleason have mentioned in some way (during interviews) that when the cameras stop rolling, you will not here from him, he does not take your calls once he no longer has to work with you. Maybe a text if your very lucky.

    Fassbender is all about the Career and Fame and where it can take him, don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. This genuine down to earth fella is more and more a PR construction, as he is becoming less and less of that real genuine person as each day passes.

  • Lena


    That is so adorable. Very cute blog. Lots of cutie pies. :). I have a soft spot in my heart for male lawyers. They are generally such good boys. Seriously, two of my best friends in the world are male lawyers, and they are awesome awesome men. One married his high school sweetheart. The other my bff from school also married a great gal. Both are very kind, ethical, love their wives, are great to their children, try hard to help people, etc. (OT: I do have a knack for picking the best people as friends). Anyway, lawyers sometimes get a bad reputation, but I’ve had so many lawyers, especially male lawyers, help me out over the years. And, in an acrimonious field like litigation, guys are particularly patient I have found even during a fight. LOL. :). Yeah, I approve of someone giving those fellas a blog…

    But, I’ve decided I don’t think I could settle down with one. Dated my fair share and while female lawyers often marry them, I’m claustrophobic, LOL. :). Gotta leave the office at home. But women seem to really prize men like that. Girls love to catch a lawyer for a husband. I think it’s stability, and prestige and wealth in some circumstances… But, anyone know any former Navy seal or special forces guys? Hubba hubba… :) Got any blogs like that my gay friends who cruise these boards?…. hahaha hahaha….. Yes, survival skills are very appealing. Oooh la la… (Former seal lawyer, fine too…). So is that honor code, the being trusted with and being able to keep secrets, and the quiet confidence that goes with that. Very appealing… Yeah, one type of guy can survive me anyway and not be eaten alive. :) Maybe it’s that lingering threat of waterboarding that keeps me acting nice and censored and quiet, etc… Oh my word… LOL…

    Anyway great post….

    Lena does the anti-Steve McQueen “for realplause,” that is, she means it and when she claps her hands, her palms meet, and it makes a clapping sound. And she smiles.

  • Lena

    Gotta leave the office at the office not bring it home. Well, see??? The idea of being suffocated by work and having a professional twin spouse made me discombobulated. Hahaha. :)

  • Interesting

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael, work it babe. Lemme get some singles :)

  • blanche

    @Used An actor like him,with his career, should thank Maiko Spencer,Zoe Kravitz,Leasi Andrew (Leasi Andrews!!!),Nicole Beharie,and as an oscar nominated actor obviously he needs to date the model Naomi Campbell (with whom there is not a single pic) to raise his profile..
    Let’s look at this social climber’s career..
    When he was with the famous Maiko Spencer (Ahaah!Wait,she’s related to Sam Neil!!) he had already starred in 300,in a François Ozon film,he had already been cast in Hunger which won the Caméra d’Or at Cannes garnering him his first critical acclaim,but of course he should thank the famous Maiko Spencer for this.. Steve McQueen, in his many accounts of their first meeting,has admitted that he chose him thanks to her..
    One year after his success at the Cannes Film Festival with Hunger, he appeared in Inglourious Basterds and in the BRITISH Fish Tank directed by Andrea Arnold. Both films premiered at Cannes and Fish Tank won the Jury Prize (his work was also highly praised).
    In the meantime he obtained roles in the BRITISH films Jane Eyre and A dangerous method,but of course Fukunaga,Andrea Arnold,Cronenberg chose him not because they had seen him in Hunger but thanks to Leasi Andrews and her Hollywood apartment .. Now we can say that without her he was lost.. She helped him in many ways..
    After her precious help, X-men gave him more popularity,he reunited with McQueen .Shame,with A dangerous method, premiered at the Venice Film festival where he won the Volpi Cup for Shame, becoming soon a serious contender for the Acadamey Award for best actor.
    At this point of his career he still needs to date the famous Zoe Kravitz. He was with her not because they met during filming of X-men and started a discreet relationship ,given that there are very few photos of them and he didn’t speak about her in any interview… There are obviously other reasons..
    His relationship with Nicole came out after the promotion,so there is nothing to add .
    There is also no evidence of any pregnancy and I’ve never seen that kind of comments about him.

  • O please

    Im sure Michael Fassbender doesn’t need to “use” anyone to get ahead, he uses his talent for that and he has the talent to get noticed and get ahead. The females he’s dated are more or less well known. Is that a problem? If he really wanted to use someone then I’m sure he would have gotten with a lot of A+ actresses right? This is a guy who loves his privacy so u expect him to flaunt everything? Other actors and actresses have dated/married just for more/higher social status. I do not believe Michael is like that. When he “dates” someone that relationship is not flaunted unlike others

  • Lena


    Wow, you seem to have it all answered. Good for you. LOL. Did you hear Egan’s attorney Herman indicate that dozens of victims of the Hollywood abuse of power machine are going to be coming forward and suits are going to be filed soon. Are you confident Michael will not get caught up in the fray at all? Even as a witness?

    What do you make of the “Blurred Lines” marketing ploy? Is Fox using Fassbender/McAvoy and Jackman to distract the public from Singer? Or is Michael squeaky clean there too? I wrote this on another board. I didn’t post it all. Specifically, Egan went to Herman 6 months ago. Presuit heads up possibly? PR strategy? Michael ignorant or in on it? What say you being a purist of his heart and actions?
    Why did Fassbender choose “blurred lines” (of all songs) to celebrate and obsess over? A song with lyrics which people and feminist groups claim promotes “RAPE” culture w/ some calling it a RAPE ANTHEM

    Robin Thicke’s video shows naked women parading around fully clothed men while women engage in degrading activities such as begging for sex, simulating sexual activity w/dead animals and asking for anal. I heard Fox Studios has BANNED questions about Bryan Singer’s alleged child RAPE of Michael Egan on the X-Men promotion tour. So, the FIRST thing the X-Men “distraction” squad of Fassbender/McAvoy/Jackman do is go on Graham Norton to make light of and downplay RAPE by dancing like fools to a song, they should know is controversial that way? Don’t these men have any consciences? To allow themselves to be a part of this? Are they willing participants or are they being forced? Are they mocking the public and Michael Egan here? Why “Blurred Lines” of all songs? A song with ambiguous references to RAPE on a film promotion tour, where their director is being sued under for MINOR CHILD rape? (i.e., forcible rape of a minor).

    I was wondering why there was suddenly, out of nowhere an article about Fassbender being obsessed with Blurred Line’s video several weeks ago, (before or after the Egan RAPE case hit?) So is THAT what Fox is doing? Issuing a GAG ORDER to the press banning questions about the Bryan Singer scandal w/orders to their actor goons, Fassbender/McAvoy/Jackman to not only downplay RAPE, but to make light of a song about RAPE, and go on tour to “distract” the public with talk about Jackman’s pen/is as well? Like he did on the Graham Norton show?

    Okay, so, no one can talk about or ask these fellas what they even think about the allegations that Bryan Singer RAPED and shoved his pen/is up Egan’s @SS against his will. Yet, the PR strategy and repeat promotion story line we are going to now keep hearing on talk show after talk show is Michael really digs this vile dehumanizing and degrading “rape culture” song against women and “little girls?” And we (the public who might see a PG13 movie is it?) now suddenly needs to focus on Jackman’s pen/is???? (as parents of kids seeing comic book movies???) But no one is allowed to discuss Egan’s rape allegations, the issue of abuse of power in Hollywood, and Bryan Singer possibly abusing his power and forcing HIS PEN/IS on Michael Egan? Unbelievable.

    In any event, is this “Blurred Lines” more than once X-Men Promotional Tour go to marketing ploy some sort of calculated attempt to make light of RAPE, forced sex, and get the public used to dismissing dehumanizing behavior as damage control in anticipation of the can of worms Egan’s suit might open which Fox could be worried might affect it’s profits? Do you find this to be coincidental AT ALL?


    @BLANCHE: YOU are quite laughable. Michael does NOT need to use anyone to get ahead! His talent speaks for itself! Jealous much!

    @Handsome Men: They are quite handsome! Thanks for the link!

  • blanche

    @JEALOUS The tone was ironic,it’s evident..

  • just asking

    @Lena: if you are correct, and the blurred lines story is a marketing ploy by fox, isn’t it possible the story of jackman playing it on set, and fassbender liking it is just made up as part of the marketing ploy?

  • Nurse Ratched

    Stop feeding the insane troll lena. Don’t dignify her crazy rants with an answer. She’s taken over JJ and she’s obssessed with fassbender. Apparently he’s the root of all evil. In fact, everyone on this planet is a minion of satan except lena herself.

    If everyone ignores her perhaps she’ll go fuc/k herself once and for all. Really, the mental institution where she’s locked up should limit the patients’ internet use.

  • Xanax

    Lena, you obviously have no life whatsover since you’re always posting endless rants on JJ. Someone with a job, family, friends, etc, simply wouldn’t have enough time to spend on celebrity sites.

    If a certain actor bothers you so much and if all other celebrities are basically a bunch of talentless evil whore/s, junkie/s, and abu/sers, why do you waste every single moment of your life thinking and posting about them?

    You really need to get a life. And a a good shrink.

  • Lena

    @just asking:

    Yes, I would NOT put it past FOX or someone connected to Singer to find a way to get this Blurred Lines Singer litigation defense message (w/the fun on set sex games, penis talk, and needing sex games to get an actor to performance in a movie message, etc) into the PR message of X Men. I don’t know If Fassbender was ACTUALLY dancing to it on set, nor do I care. The disgraceful thing is that with the promotion for a freaking KIDS comic book movie, they are using THAT song which arguably makes light of and normalizes rape ie, “you know you want it?” Isn’t that a Singer defense theme possibly? ie, Egan kept coming back because “he knew he wanted it?”. (fame, fortune, gay sex, drugs). How coincidental eh? And if Singer accusers claim sexually hostile working environments with Singer as his lawsuits progress, how convenient it is that defense counsel can refer to these three A list actors and argue that “it ain’t no big deal” and that it’s just harmless fun, everyone does it in show biz, it’s necessary to loosen up, and by the way the plaintiff is “oversensitive” or “bitter.” So, Jackman was talking about his pe/nis? Again, isn’t this a comic book movie, not Shame? And, I have to admit, I only saw that short part of the show. Not the whole show. I have since learned that they were apparently going into the tumblr sites putting together Michael and James in a gay romance. So, let’s do the math, shall we? Comic book movie (for kids/teens)-Jackman’s PE/NIS + GAY topic talk ‘re: Mike/James + Blurred Lines (song making light of RAPE) x Jackman saying ON SET SEX GAMES/antics NECESSARY to make Mike come out of trailer= Singer litigation defense PR campaign (In my opinion)

    Call me crazy all you want, but, instead of that, tell me if I am WRONG about what was covered on the Graham Norton show. I said it on another thread, but Michael looked like he was just going along, and did a minimum dance and quickly said ENOUGH. And, this to me looked PR planned. Hugh said they had music in cue. There was no reason to discuss 1. Needing sex games on set to get somebody’s Mojo on, 2. Gay rumors or 3. To make a joke out of rape by dancing to Blurred Lines …as part of X men promotion. Especially when the director is being accused by 2 people (maybe more to come) of rape of minor males, is known to have a sexually charged working atmosphere and with his twinks working around him and the other rumors about his casting couch. I say this was an attempt by FOX and/or Singer to use these actors to butter up the public and get them used to and “lighten up” on what tlbad stuff the public might start hearing as the EGAN and other cases unfold. This is a movie with a potential of $1 billion in box office revenue, and the last thing the studio needs is for people to boycott the movie once bad facts come out. I think this nonsense was weaved into PR deliberately, and not necessarily something that any or all of those actors had control over discussing. That’s my opinion based on my understanding of how international companies try to steer public perception as part of risk management or to deflect controversy. You can believe differently. It’s all just opinion based on observation of what is in the public domain.

  • Lena

    ***** talk was beeped out so I will say “pe/en talk”

  • just asking

    @Lena: gosh i watched the video again, and you’re right. mf looked uncomfortable and like he just wants to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

  • Lena

    @just asking:

    Well, don’t tell the folks over at IMDB. They’ll find a way to blame me. LOL…:). They’ll be all, Michael’s uncomfortable because “Lena Q. Nobody” criticizes him on IMDB. He can’t function anymore and it’s Lena’s fault. Blah blah blah…Oh my word…by the way, Michael has been whining about not being taken seriously and reporters going too far by prying into his personal life by asking what he spends his money on. What a wimp. I think the post where I criticized him for that boo HOO HOO ranting where I said I was not afraid to admit I spend my money on cat rescue supplies, monopoly collector sets (but flea market prices; seriously, there’s like hundreds and I want to find the Christmas Story Monopoly for like $5… . Super cool. :), dark purple glass and chocolate, was deleted within minutes? LOL. :). The guy seems like a mangirly princess whose feelings are easily hurt. So yeah, don’t tell the folks at IMDB. They’ll try to have me administratively deleted from EARTH. LOL. :). And don’t tell Allegory at Purse Forum. Only because that poster has clearly developed a crush on me, and I don’t want to burst it’s bubble and do that whole “allegory, I like you as a friend and all but….” stuff. The last thing I need is Fassbender blaming me for his nervous breakdown and Allegory suddenly erupting in split infinitives and run on sentences….oh my…


    “Michael Fassbender is a man. He just looks at you, and you want to take your clothes off. Let me just say this — once he kissed me on the mouth to say hello, and I almost fainted. The kiss was very platonic on his part. I could smell what he had for breakfast in the morning, you know what I mean? He could eat a pile of shit, and it would smell good on him.”

    Sarah Paulson‘s description of Michael Fassbender in the new issue of New York confirms first hand what I always suspected about the “Shame” actor — he is sex on a stick