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Jessica Chastain Takes 'Crimson Peak' Break with Her Boyfriend!

Jessica Chastain Takes 'Crimson Peak' Break with Her Boyfriend!

Jessica Chastain goes for a romantic stroll with her boyfriend Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo on Saturday afternoon (April 26) in Toronto, Canada.

The two-time Oscar-nominated actress is in town to film her new movie Crimson Peak and she got to take a break from shooting to relax with her man.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jessica Chastain

Jessica was seen on the set of the film earlier in the week wearing her period costume.

It was reported this past week that Jes will be playing the iconic Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming movie Blonde!

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  • Jump

    This is the actress who enjoys lying about her age. She’s almost 40 and she tells people that she’s 30. Will she still say that in 10 years?

  • Ahna

    Jessica Chastain cries all the time. She is nuts.

  • Kate

    She’s going to play Marilyn Monroe? Let me laugh she looks more like Ronald Mcdonald !!!!

  • $$$$$

    Her legs are gross.


    She is so ugly compared to Angelina Jolie. :)

  • Bern

    Fish Face!!!

  • 50000

    @Dutch: Jessica likes plastic surgery, like all the actresses in Hollyweird.

  • Mack

    @TNS: This guy is her beard. A pretend relationship. they called the paps!

  • Paul

    She’s such a famewhooore. She’s an attention seeker and a true bulimic with work.

  • Rose

    Aww. They’re so cute!

  • janey

    Lmfao all the comments above me are from the same pathetic person…atleast wait some min before you post it and not a comment on every min :)

  • Rose


    Those comments are so weird and all over the place.

  • Fercat

    Wrong mythical creature. Elves are known for their long ears.

  • KIM

    @Rose: Jessica is weird and cannot accept the fact that she doesn’t please.

  • Karma

    @janey: HI Jessica, nice to know you come in here !!!

  • Mcb

    the comments on here are pathetic.

    Jealous bitches

  • Dutch

    @Fercat: well Jessica is know for her long nose and being a midget. hahhahahah

  • Alfonso

    @janey: That shows that you are a paranoid person. When a thread appears people comment very quickly. Helloo!! Or maybe you are used to boring threads like Jessica’s are in general. She’s not really popular. I guess many people don’t understand when they see Jessica. We are so used to seeing beautiful and talented actresses and she’s kind of the black sheep, the GINGER unattractive sheep of the bunch. She’s trying so hard to please and built herself a little fake persona and it’s so constructed and hypocritical that people see how fake she is.

  • No way

    @Mcb: Jealous of what? I don’t like her. I don’t envy her bizarre face. She doesn’t have a nice body and she’s really small. she’s almost 40 and most of her movies are boring.

  • Rea

    Damn the comments on here are so negative! – like bitchy, immature school girl comments.

    She looks fine, some people obviously just like to invent flaws in other people. It’s sad really.

  • No way

    @Rose: they seem weird because Jessica is awkward. I agree with the comment above about her silly stereotyped performance in the help. The way she makes her out of her a$$ character therapy in interviews just shows how obsessive she is. Her explanations for her character’s actions are so bizarre and you can tell that she’s been in therapy for years trying to pretend like she knows things she’s clueless about. I think she needs to get more life experience and an education.

  • elle

    I don’t like her boyfriend he seems like a douche.

    Jessica is sweet, she deserves better, i guess.

  • rita

    Does he ever work? he is glued at her hip. Going everywhere she goes…

  • Rob


    You don’t know her! why are you pretending that you know her? lol these comments on here

  • rita

    Yeah, is he a gigolo? I read somewhere that his family lost all their money. Aristocrats in Europe don’t have any cash. Maybe she’s paying him… that’s his job, who knows.

  • Rea

    @ Obvious:

    Trying to pretend she’s a big time celebrity? I don’t get that impression from her. But then it’s all down to interpretation.

    So what if she’s on the red carpet a lot – aren’t they all? isn’t that part of the job?

    And she would get to model for the photoshoots that go with her magazine interviews, so she gets to do that anyway, along with acting.

  • rita


    Brad Pitt is a big fan of Jessica and he will produce the film “Blonde”. I don’t understand the haters, i think she’s talented.

  • Rose

    This is disturbing. Obviously you spent so much time paying attention to someone you dislike and doesn’t know about your existence. I think you’re projecting.

  • Matt

    Don’t worry , the same troll is writing all the comments on here. He lives a sad pathetic life. Losers, right?

  • Marlon

    @elle: Agreed. He has little charisma. What talent does he have? She deserves better.

  • Rose

    I know everybody have their taste and I respect that, but all these nasty comments are only opinions and not the truth. Of course, we’re on the internet where everybody can make up stories and say whatever they want, anonymously, about people they don’t know.

  • Domino

    @Rose: It’s okay hun, the internet is full of jealous people and bullies, and 95% of them reside in Just Jared. Unless you are their favorite drug addict, incestuous, horse faced Angelina, they will hate on anyone on this site. I only come here for the pictures. :) Ignore the comments.

  • Matt

    She doesn’t@Domino:
    I agree. And Jessica doesn’t deserves this kind of treatment. JJ should do something about it.

  • Domino

    @Matt: I agree. I understand different opinions or not liking someone, but going to their threads to bully them and their fans is ridiculous. Sadly JJ cares more about himself and hanging with C list celebrities than paying attention to the site anymore.

  • Jessie
    I think she is lovely and a very talented actor. She payed her dues and worked her tail off to get where she is. I remember the press conference for Coriolanus and Ralph Fiennes payed her such a glowing compliment that she was close to tears. She spoke of the “Chastain Curse”, that for a while every film she was connected with either didn’t get financed or one reason or another stalled before it got started. Now she is recognized for her acting ability and I think that’s great.
    It isn’t easy for a decent woman in any profession but for Hollywood I think she can hold her head high. She is close to family, took her grandmother to the Oscars for petes sake. She brings no shame to them.
    I don’t understand how woman on this thread can be so nasty to their own gender. You would think that you would be proud that she is doing so well. I don’t always agree with her choice in gowns for the red carpet but you have to admit, you will always be surprised lol. I wish her all the best and thanks for those who have stood up for her. IMO a person that rescues a 3 legged dog can’t be anything but a good person.
    I always hoped she would hook up with Gerard Butler, they both like camping and the outdoors and maybe she would settle him down and be good for him. lol
    Climbing off my soap box now. .

  • James

    She is incredibly beutiful, elegant, classy, talented and very nice person. There is no reason to hate her like some sick people above. Does she hurt someone or what?

  • noemi

    He is richer then the boyfriend of Scarlett Johansson.

  • anna

    He has such a sexy name

  • go go

    I like Jessica but a little surprised who she picked as a companion. I thought she would choose someone less flashy and low key. I even liked the rumors of her and Tom Hiddleston,but hey its her life. If Taylor Kinney can date gag gag then I guess anything’s possible.

  • amelie

    i’m concerned about the mental well-being of some of the commentators on here. jessica chasten is one the most inoffensive & low key actresses around right now so i’m confused as to how she has managed to provoke such over the top reactions from people. this isn’t gwyneth paltrow or anne hathaway we are talking about!

    she only does interviews when she has something to promote, she rarely attends events only when she is involved in them in some way & she is nearly never papped so i don’t how she is perceived as being “fame-hungry”?

  • Hello


    I think the jealousy stems more from the amount of work Jessica has lined up but fame hungry she is not. I do believe that she will eventually win an Oscar for Best Actress.

  • Closer

    Still think her face is weird and bizarre.

  • zen

    @go go: Yes I like the rumor with Tom Hiddleston. She should be with someone low key and more artistic. I guess she’s living the Italian dream. :)

  • Valley

    @zen: Is she ever going to have kids?

  • In the land of boob and money

    She had a nose job.

  • Sunday Sundae

    AMELIE- That was a very good post. The Met Ball will be on May 6th [Beyond Fashion} and I hope she attends that. Will be fun to see what designer she wears. Love the red carpet stuff.
    HELLO- I think she is careful about the rolls she takes and do believe too that she will win an Oscar. Getting tired of the same old same old in Hollywood. There is talent out there and about time it gets recognized.
    JAMES- You said it all.

  • James

    She’s a corny american with no proper education.

  • KIM

    Isn’t she supposed to be vegan or something? what’s up with the coat? She’s starting to dress like Joan Rivers.

  • zen

    @Valley: When she’ll settle down.

  • Valley

    @zen: cool! I’m sure she’ll be a sweet mom.