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Diane Kruger: 'The Bridge' Casts Demian Bichir's Brother!

Diane Kruger: 'The Bridge' Casts Demian Bichir's Brother!

Diane Kruger texts on her phone while out and about on Saturday afternoon (April 26) in Los Angeles.

It was recently reported that the 37-year-old actress’ co-star on The Bridge, Demian Bichir, will be bringing a family member on set for this season!

Demian‘s brother Bruno Bichir has signed on to appear in multiple episodes of the FX series’ second season as a wealthy Mexican business leader who winds up involved with his character Marco.

“I couldn’t be happier to work again with my brother,” Bruno told TV Guide. “I’m a huge fan of the show so it’s an enormous honor for me to become a part of it”.

FYI: Diane is wearing a Rebecca Minkoff Luis Dress.

10+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger texting and walking…

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35 Responses to “Diane Kruger: 'The Bridge' Casts Demian Bichir's Brother!”

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  1. 1
    Maria Says:

    She’s using the Chanel backpack as a purse? She’s an interesting character sometimes. Lol. Reminds me of when she was using a Chanel wicker basket as a bag. I guess it’s part of her Uncle Karl promo duties. I like her shorter hair!

  2. 2
    vanessa Says:

    she doesn’t have a relationship with Joshua, she has abrelationship with her phone, seriously she’s glued to it. she’d rather break up with Josh rather than be without her phone for 1 week. also dont you think it’s weirs they dont run errands together anymore? like ever! they’re done.

  3. 3
    Grace Says:


    Oh please shut up. You are a broken record, spinning lies and fabrications every time there is a story about Joshua Jackson or Diane Kruger. I don’t know why you do it, but suggest you get some help.

  4. 4
    .. Says:

    I like her. She has this classy European vibe about her :)

  5. 5
    vanessa Says:

    @vanessa: @Grace: lies? when was the last time you saw her being affectionate with him? last year?

  6. 6
    flora Says:

    She was holding hands with him at Coachella last weekend and they were hugging outside of a restaurant a couple weeks ago. You’ve been wrong about literally everything so I don’t even know why you’re still trying to sell this dumb story. You said they’d announce a break up by April 1st. That didn’t happen. You said they would never be seen in anymore candid shots ever ever again. We’ve seen them In a handful of candid shots on this site since you said that. You said they weren’t living together anymore. We saw pictures of them outside their house. Either whoever has been feeding you your “insider information” is totally effing with you or you’re just making stuff up. At this point, I’m not even convinced that your “sources” aren’t just the voices in your head.

  7. 7
    Maria Says:

    Pretty good summary @flora. Lol. @vanessa clearly has no information, just making stuff up, for what purpose I can’t imagine.

  8. 8
    vanessa Says:

    @flora: holding hands with him at Coachella out of all places lol where they KNOW they are gonna be photographed. and you are forgetting the first day when he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and she looked disgusted. And i saw those pics where you say they were hugging, more like he was hugging her, well of course he was, he’s still into her but she’s not anymore, if she hasn’t she’s gonna end it soon. they dont hang out together anymore and act lovingly like in previous years.

  9. 9
    ugh Says:

    Oh look the paps found her with a Chanel bag and a Mercedes :/

    And she really love her phone, I ship her and her phone and her with her BFF more than I do her and Josh these days, it’s sad

  10. 10
    vanessa Says:

    @ugh: it’s true, she’s more in love with her phone, her cat, and her bff Micah. Poor Josh, but he could do so much better, just leave her already.

  11. 11
    flora Says:

    @vanessa, according to you, they weren’t even going to be at Coachella since they were going to announce a breakup three weeks prior to the event. How convenient that you’re completely refusing to address your wrongness in that regard. Convenient but also totally predictable. And if smiling and laughing while your boyfriend hugs you is your version of “disgusted” then we have really different interpretations of that word.

  12. 12
    Maria Says:

    I didn’t realize that having a life outside of your boyfriend/partner was a crime. I really must be doing something wrong. Lol

  13. 13
    vanessa Says:

    @flora: so do you think they are as happy as ever ?

  14. 14
    Maria Says:

    @vanessa…I know no couple who have been together 8 years + who feel the need to crawl all over each other all the time, or who are together 24/7 as you seem to expect. Perhaps they are just a normal couple? Or is that too reasonable for you.

  15. 15
    vanessa Says:

    @Maria: so would you say that you think they still love each other?

  16. 16
    Maria Says:

    Lol, yes I do, but I’m not in their relationship to know one way or the other and neither are you. And obviously you have no knowledge or understanding of their situation since nothing you’ve said has come to pass. Love changes over time into something deeper and stronger but less urgent. And they don’t need to put their relationship on display for you, me, or anyone else.

  17. 17
    flora Says:

    @vanessa, I have no idea how happy they are because unlike you, I don’t pretend to know anything about them other than what they present to the public. We see literally less than 10 minutes of their lives maybe a couple times a week and apart from that they could be doing whatever else. They could be fighting, they could be eating, they could be having sex like rabbits and none of us would know about any of it.

  18. 18
    pilar Says:

    @vanessa: No, I don´t think they love each other.

    She talks with more respect about her co-stars than of Josh, as of lately.
    Diane´s interview on Conan last year- even me, who am a Diane fan too, I wish she’d quit telling that story, and if she’s gonna talk about him, be more respectful and not put him down every single time, as she has lately.
    More than any part of the interview, the one i found more off putting was when she said ‘He thinks he asked me out on a date, which it’s not true cause i wouldn’t have agreed to that’. Why wouldn’t you have? What’s so bad about him or so special about you?

  19. 19
    Tracydeanne1 Says:

    @pilar: Very true. She sounded like a total you-know-what. Josh is so respectful when he talks about her, and she just is not respectful when she talks about him. Uses him as a media hook. I’m not sure why, but this past year has been particularly bad for her not being all that nice when talking about him, and saying things that any partner would not be that pleased with being revealed, and to the media no less. I’ve wondered if it meant they’re having some rough times.

    If a guy was constantly putting down his spouse in public or otherwise, he’d be skewered.

    We’ll never know how these things affect Josh or how much is agreed upon in advance as to what they’ll say in an interview, but I’m always cognizant that their “public image” will always be that they’re totally in love, regardless of what may be going on in their relationship.

    When Diane and Guillaume were breaking up, she did an interview just a few days before the divorce announcement where she said their relationship was fine, they’re happy, etc. Few days later, we’re getting divorced, been apart for a year, etc.

  20. 20
    BlueUniverse Says:

    The thing with Diane is that she doesn’t balance her views on Josh’s flaws, which she loves to make public for some reason, with her own flaws. Josh has told this same story, he was very funny and, while he was self-deprecating, he wasn’t hard on himself. And, above all, he’s always utterly respectful to her. Classier than she could ever dream to be. Diane, on the other hand, seems to be telling the story of this perfect untouchable princess, who condescended in going out with this bum and he better be thankful for it. It’s mostly about Josh and his unworthiness. I’m sorry, but it’s not pretty and it’s definitely too much. This was once a harmless and funny story, but she has turned it into poison. The less I hear about it, the better.

    I am aware that it doesn’t mean their relationship is like that. I’m also aware that interviews aren’t as spontaneous as they appear. They agree on questions and answers. Their first date might look appealing to the media, so they could have asked her to tell it again, but to add new details. However, whatever the reason is, imagine if this had been an actor doing it, telling this story again and again, painting their wife or girlfriend in the worst light. People would be all over him for being disrespectful at best and a misogynist at worst.

  21. 21
    ugh Says:


    She also walk in front of him all the time, making him “chase” her. That’s a text book behavior of someone who thinks they are better than the other person.

  22. 22
    Tracydeanne1 Says:

    I’m not sure who is copying my discussions from a fan site from a year ago, and re-posting them here as if I posted it (and btw, totally out of context), but I have complained to Just Jared. I did not make the above comment on this site under my name.

  23. 23
    pilar Says:

    I saw a pic of Diane getting a lap dance at the wrap party for her tv show The Bridge, and i found it disrespectful towards Josh, since they’re in a committed relationship, I don’t know, maybe i’m too old-fashioned but i don’t think if the tables were turned she’d be happy about him getting a lap dance.

    Her friendship with Tarantino is creepy. During promotion for Inglorious ******** they were extremely close, very touchy feely, all the time, acting like a couple. It was so weird and disrespectful towards Josh, i remember a video of them intertwining fingers and dancing very close at the after party of IB while Josh was there, watching.

  24. 24
    ? Says:

    @Tracydeanne1: I don´t get it: you said those words about Diane on another site and someone re-posted your words here?

    Now you´re concerned about what exactly? That everyone will see that you´re a hypocrite?

    Big deal! LOL

    Let it go, lady, complaints to just jared will only make you look like an idiot.

  25. 25
    Tracydeanne1 Says:

    I don’t see how I’m being a hypocrite to state that someone copied my comments from somewhere else and posted them here, without my permission.

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