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Jessica Biel's Big Smile Shows Her Excitement for Friday Movie Nights!

Jessica Biel's Big Smile Shows Her Excitement for Friday Movie Nights!

Jessica Biel shows off her street style while catching a movie at ArcLight Cinemas on Friday (April 25) in Hollywood.

“I guess ‘I don’t give a duck’ is technically correct, iPhone, though not quite what I had in mind,” the 32-year-old actress tweeted the day before.

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A few weeks ago, Jessica rocked a bright ensemble while dropping by a coffee shop in New York City.

In case you weren’t aware, Jessica‘s husband Justin Timberlake is currently overseas on his 20/20 Experience Tour.

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  • Lisa

    She doesn’t give a duck about her husband cheating ways either. She’s nothing but a talentless trophy wife now.

  • blindtop

    It’s like hey the camera is over there pretend to be happy oh and smile! Jessica is still beautiful…too bad she doesn’t have a personality, has zero charisma and can’t act to save her life.

  • Amy

    …while her husband parties in Europe until 5 AM at nightclubs.

  • kelly

    Hon, you should’ve never left Chris Evans for JT. I think he just married her to get her off of his back. I imagine life with him is a real nightmare on wheels.

  • Mila

    @blindtop: Yup, she has the personality of a soiled tissue.
    Biel is a mediocre actress at best but thinks she’s Vivien Leigh. Every time I see her I think of that interview she did for Allure where she said it’s hard for her to get good parts because she’s so beautiful and directors don’t think she can act. B!tch, puh-leaze. Directors don’t think you can act because you just can’t. Pray for a 7th Heaven reunion to put your vapid career back on track.

  • guest

    Jessica was infinitely more interesting when we all thought she was a butch lesbian, back around 2005-06… Now she’s a wonder bread doormat bearding for a douche to keep herself relevant. These two together are like vanilla pudding type of boring.

  • Eric

    seriously she’s so ugly. and that marriage is really weirdo thing. they didn’t even spend Easter 2gether. she’s in america and justin’s in europe. it seems like their sex live doesn’t exist LOL. she looks like michael jackson. justin should cheat on her like she did. she deserve that!!! plastic fame wh***re!!!!

  • Beta

    She made Justin boring just like she is! Hate her! She affected him!! ANd dear Jessica please stop doing your plastic surgeries! You look fake enough already!!!

  • TG


  • Andy

    She remind me of a horse or Michael Jackson or transvestite! She’s a mix of horse and Micahel!

  • Eva

    Her upper lip is bigger again! She took lip injection AGAIN!!! DAMNNNNNNNNNN Poor Justin!!!

  • Patric

    “I don’t give a duck” She probably wrote to Justin when he texted her he cheated again! She’s a doormat so she’ll do everything to stay famous! Justin does waht he wants and she doesn’t care!!

  • PaliNYC


  • ader

    she looks 45! how old is she?

  • Stacyxx

    She found her meal ticket and won’t let go….doesn’t have to work another day in her life. Stepford wife Biel is a perfect match to I’m never coming out Timberlake.

  • taKKi

    I don’t give a duck – when justin told her his song Mirrosr is not about her!

  • assi

    @Stacyxx: true

  • Pat

    her smile is the most fake thing I’ve ever seen!!

  • Guys

    Seeing you pissed turns me on

  • lol

    @kelly: I can’t believe Captain America dated her! Big ass, no brain, manly face D-Listers must be his type.

  • palikQ

    It’s almost summer jessica. you don”t need that winter hat!

  • TrappIk

    Justin needs new glasses! She’s so fuglyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • cody

    Really thought she’d be pregnant by now. Oh well. Is Justin shooting blanks or just using rubbers not to catch the herpes Jeter gave her?? Just wonderin’.

  • Al

    Does she still have a career? Seems all she does now is spend JT’s money while he’s on tour banging as much chicks as he can.

  • ms.perfect

    @Al: And still people find that funny. Poor Jessica, she doesn’t deserve to be cheated a dozen times.

  • NE1

    She’s hiding her ring finger.. whatever ring is on her right hand looks like a huge diamond, but that’s not her wedding ring. she obviously doesn’t have it on, she’s practially walking with her hand in her…

  • eww

    what’s wrong with her lips?

  • Nana Yaw

    Why these harsh comment. So now it’s her fault that Justin is being an irresponsible husband eh?

  • Lap

    @Nana Yaw: It’s her fault because she said “I do” to him! She shouldn’t married him. simple. now she deserves what she has.

  • ..

    Seems like the same person keeps posting over and over again. It sounds like you have something personal against Jessica. Are you delusional and think Justin should have married you instead? Wake up, he was bound to marry somebody! I personally liked him better with Cameron but it’s his life, his decision so who are we to complain?

  • ..

    @palikQ: it was raining you dumb@ss..can’t you see the rain on the ground? Your blinded by hatred..

  • OMG

    All this mean disgusting comments about her must be all coming from some bitter mad people. You all acting like she killed a child, the way you spit your hatred on her. SMH. You need to get a life. It aint that serious.

  • Wera

    @..: Don’t you have an umbrella when it’s raining? not a winter hat!

  • AppeR

    @OMG: You need to get a life moron! She has no career and she’s still fameworing like she has. People hate her and you need to deal with that!

  • weeee

    ugly hoe** she is

  • !2fgh

    @..: seems like you’re jessica’s psychofan. you’re the only one who say something nice about her. good luck

  • Tina

    She always look so mannish, I guess that’s why marrying a feminine guy such as Justin kinda gives her a balance. I wonder though if it bothers her that Justin keeps getting decent work despite his atrocious acting and she isn’t.

  • ANA

    all they can really write about is what she tweets about she needs a job or a hobby but no one wants to hire her. So she mooches and hangs onto Justin smh hes the only reason shes noticed now a days

  • Qe

    only thing she can do is famewhoring during her husband’s movies premieres . she always behaves like she’s the star of the movie not justin. she’s pathetic. just go away jessica. you have no talent. change your job

  • anna

    She always looks a mess and she cant act worth a crap Iv never liked her ever since 7th heaven shes awful. She needs a hobby or a job but on one really hires her. So now all she can do is mooch off Justin and pray she gets pregnant

  • Braddek

    @anna: she can’t be pregnant. she’s michael jackson!!

  • anna

    @Braddek: true her nose looks awful hell she looks awful

  • Braddek

    @anna: wonder how justin feels when he has sex with michael jackson LOL

  • anna

    I honestly cant imagine them having sex ew no

  • anna

    @Braddek: I honestly cant imagine them having sex ew no

  • TB

    It’s obvious she messed with her upper lip and nose over the years. Plastic surgery gone wrong. If she keeps this up she’s gonna end up like Meg Ryan or Lil Kim.

  • Lmao

    A certain somebody is having a convo with herself AGAIN in the comment section. Posting under several different names again are we?

  • Rachael

    It really does look like a psycho stan really had a convo with herself or himself here. Justin is not yours or Britney’s get over it. People who call her ugly are probably disgruntled fat chicks who’s never even been kissed.

  • anna

    @Rachael: I never said anything about Britney shes last last person he needs to be with. I always thought he would be good with Mila shes so funny and beautiful, Jessica seems very plain, boring, and very stuck up and full of her self which makes it worse people are allowed to have an opinion. The comment about it being a fat chick on here is very rude anyone big or small can have an opinion to not everyone is a Jessica lover

  • Jen

    Anna you need a life your comments are all over this thread. Why do you keep coming back here to check what’s being said. You don’t know Jessica so kindly take a seat. She’s living the life while you’re at home angry sitting behind a computer constantly coming back to see what people are saying. Oops you lose