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Halle Berry Bares Her Teeth & Throws Punches at Fellow Actor for 'Extant' - See the Pics!

Halle Berry Bares Her Teeth & Throws Punches at Fellow Actor for 'Extant' - See the Pics!

Halle Berry is one tough gal as she beats up a fellow actor for a scene on the set of her show Extant on Sunday (April 27) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actress threw punches, growled her teeth, and pulled at the male actor’s hair before he flipped her over.

That same day, Halle‘s hubby Olivier Martinez stocked up on some food at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills. He picked up a baguette and some healthy veggies!

FYI: Olivier is wearing a Superdry leather jacket.

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez out separately on Sunday…

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halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 01
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 02
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 03
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 04
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 05
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 06
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 07
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 08
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 09
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 10
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 11
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 12
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 13
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 14
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 15
halle berry bares her teeth throws punches for extant 16

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  • GFW

    The Physician looks like it’ll be good. I was wondering if he works anymore and saw that coming out and TV stuff. Never heard of Dark Tide a film he stars with her. He looks (here) like he’s letting himself go a tad.

  • Cherry

    That’s actually fitting for her since she’s a monster in real life!

  • GFW

    Her teeth are insanely white. Muscle women. *sighs* What about empowering women other ways than being about to beat some man up?

  • monday

    My day is now complete. There he is, Olivier and his loaf of bread.

  • just saying

    That man look very old and beat up.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Looks like Halle can throw a punch as good as her husband. They are both very gorgeous people, my best for them and their family.

  • DeDe

    @Shelbethegreat: She probably hit Gabriel just like her husband.

  • JJ2009

    @DeDe: Probably, it wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

    She often talks about how she would always get into fights as a child until one of her teachers (can’t remember her name) pulled her aside and helped mentor her.

    She did with hubby #1 when out in public in Cincy. Had a friend present at the time. Don’t know if she did with Eric.

    Who knows if the rumors are true about her attacking Wesley Snipes while doing JF when he confronted her about doing Spike Lee while dating him? Not knowing he was a black belt, he hit her in self defense.

    Other rumors—on her imdb page from one of the long-time Cali posters seeing Halle and some Malibu grocery store a few years back wearing big sunglasses to cover a huge shiner from Baguette Boy/Frog Prince presumably hitting her.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @DeDe: Talk to the police, according to them,
    Gabriel knows how to hit too, and he will do it first.

  • just saying

    Everyone knows that Halle set up Gabriel and then called the police for him after all her worker lied about who hit first. If someone hit you at you home it is a kwon fact you called the police and have them arrested. If Gabriel hit first why the camera wasn’t turned on? Why all of Gabriel bill was paid and Gabriel to drop the resisting order to keep Olivier from Nahla if he hit first? The man just won his court case and he and a fool to go over to Halle home and hit Olivier. Who are you trying to fool please those LA police taking bribed all the time? Along as you have money.

  • DeDe

    @Shelbethegreat: Sure he did. Says who? Why would he say look at the cameras?

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: Of course he attacked Olivier after winning a court case because he is a fool. I guess those anger management classes never happened, huh. Your so delusional, even the police standing right next to the man and asking him if he was attacked first he just couldn’t say no, Gabriel threw that first punch and you know it. Halle felt sorry for that idiot, that’s what happen, it’s she who actually got the restraining order, don’t remember that either do you. Your selective memory is pathetic. You can call Olivier old, drunk but he could beat the stuffing out of a man taller and younger than he is by 10 years. Gabriel is weak, I bet Nahla won’t have any respect for him when she grows up and finds out he never spent a nickel of his own money to support her. That to him, she was just a meal ticket.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @DeDe: They already explained that the camera’s weren’t facing the way of the fight due to a known stalker, look it up, had been on Halle’s property in the past and they put it at an angle for everyone’s safety.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat Nut job let me ask you something why Halle asked Gabriel if she can have Nahla for Thanksgiving Day when it was his weekend to have her. I smell a rat right!!!! You are the one who are delusional and have selective memory to suite yourself. First of all Olivier have no right to ask Gabriel anything it’s not his business about Nahla and now because of the fight he cannot be anywhere near any pick up between Halle and Gabriel where Nahla is concern or any decision about Nahla , so come again you spin actress. Halle almost lose her daughter because of Olivier, and when their final split it going be one nasty break up very soon.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: Gabriel had no right to touch Olivier no matter what he said. That is right whether it happened to him or if it happened to you. Period.

  • DeDe

    @Shelbethegreat: Yea Yea. Olivier had no right to jump Gabriel.

  • Just saying

    @ Shelbetgreat What part of being set up don’t you understand.
    Everyone knows the truth you are the only one who talks whole lot garage
    Are do I say Halle!!!!!!!!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Just saying: You only know your truth, the fool attacked Olivier because he is a violent jerk. Nothing excuses what Gabriel did, nothing.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat Lady the truth, you wouldn’t know the truth even if it bite you in A** who is more Violent than Olivier, A good boxer know how to hit someone in the right spot to knot them out ok, read between the line fool. Why did Gabriel have broken ribs fool please answer that you closed minded fool. THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK AND WHAT COME AROUNDED WILL GO AROUNDED AND OLIVIER TIME IS COMING SOON THAN YOU KNOW.

  • Carla

    Dimanche 04 Mai 2014 – 19h20
    Olivier Martinez : Son fils, Halle Berry et Nahla… Confidences d’un jeune papa

    Lors de son passage à Paris il y a quelques semaines pour la promotion du parfum L’homme Sport d’Yves Saint Laurent dont il est l’ambassadeur, Olivier Martinez s’est confié avec sincérité au magazine Cosmopolitan. L’époux d’Halle Berry évoque avec beaucoup de pudeur leur fils Maceo, né le 5 octobre dernier, ainsi que la petite Nahla (6 ans), sa belle-fille, dont il s’occupe avec une grande tendresse. Une interview rare donnée par un homme discret et passionné.

    “Il s’était juré de ne pas aborder le thème vie privée, écrit notre consoeur de Cosmo. Mais Olivier Martinez est un homme qui se laisse facilement emporter par sa sincérité.” En effet, la star française, vue récemment dans la série Revenge, parle un peu de son fils Maceo. Olivier Martinez, qui vient d’une famille de sportifs, son père était boxeur professionnel, confie au sujet de son bébé : “J’essaierai de transmettre le goût du sport à mon fils Maceo, dit-il. Après, il en fera ce qu’il voudra. Moi je me suis affirmé tôt, ce qui m’a permis de ‘tuer’ le père métaphoriquement. En homme intelligent, il m’y a encouragé.”

    Si ce petit bout de chou est son premier enfant, Olivier Martinez a eu un avant-goût de la vie de famille grâce à la petite Nahla, fille de sa compagne et du mannequin canadien Gabriel Aubry. Très proche de la fillette, dont il s’occupe quotidiennement, le Français raconte à son sujet : “La fille d’Halle, quand elle me réclame une histoire, me demande toujours si elle est vraie. Elle a besoin de se situer par rapport à ce que je peux lui raconter. On devrait demander la même chose à tout le monde et punir les menteurs.” Un message pour Gabriel Aubry ?

    Olivier Martinez et Halle Berry se sont mariés à Vallery dans l’Yonne, le 13 juillet 2013. Par amour, l’acteur – qui se moque des rumeurs sur son couple – s’est installé de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique et de l’intérieur il observe la jungle hollywoodienne : “Ce n’est pas forcément l’endroit que j’aurais, mais j’y suis pour ma femme, qui y a sa carrière, et mon fils. À Hollywood, ce qui est génial, c’est qu’on peut rencontrer les acteurs, les scénaristes et les réalisateurs du monde entier.”

    Le 24 mai, Halle Berry redevient Tornade dans X-Men : Days of Future Past et tourne actuellement dans la série Extant. Olivier Martinez, lui, est attendu en France dans The Physician, de Philipp Stölzl, au côté du fantastique Ben Kingsley. Le réalisateur Roland Joffé (Mission) lui a confié le rôle principal de son prochain film, Texas Rising (titre provisoire) qui se tournera dès cet été au Mexique, pendant 6 mois.

    Retrouvez l’intégralité de cette interview dans Cosmopolitan, en kiosques le 2 mai 2014.

  • Lost in the Translation

    @Carla: Too bad. A very poorly written article both in French which I am fluent in and the atrocious English translation. Damage control. Trying to make him sound like he’s father of the year to Nahla and Maceo.

    Here’s the atrocious French translation:

    During his visit to Paris a few weeks ago for the promotion of Man Sport perfume by Yves Saint Laurent which he is the ambassador , Olivier Martinez was entrusted with sincerity Cosmopolitan magazine. The husband of Halle Berry evokes with great modesty Maceo their son , born on October 5 , and the little Nahla ( 6 years), his daughter , he deals with great tenderness . A rare interview given by a discreet and passionate man.

    ” He had sworn not to address the privacy issue , writes our colleague Cosmo . But Olivier Martinez is a man who is easily carried away by his sincerity. “Indeed, the French star, recently seen in the Revenge series , talks a bit about his son Maceo . Olivier Martinez, who comes from a sporting family , his father was a professional boxer says about her baby : “I try to convey the love of sport to my son Maceo , he said. After that, he will do what he wants. I ‘ve said earlier, which allowed me to ‘ kill ‘ the father metaphorically . An intelligent man , he encouraged me there . ”

    If this little darling is her first child, Olivier Martinez had a taste of family life with little Nahla , daughter of his partner and Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. Very close to the girl , he deals daily, the French said about him : ” The girl Halle when she calls me a story, always ask me if it is true. It needs to be located in relation to what I tell him . Should be asked the same thing to everyone and punish liars. ” Message to Gabriel Aubry ?

    Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry were married at Vallery in Yonne, July 13, 2013 For the love , the actor – . Who mocks rumors about her marriage – moved across the Atlantic and interior observes the Hollywood jungle : “It is not necessarily the place that I would , but I have for my wife , who has his career, and my son . In Hollywood, that ‘s great, is that you can meet the actors , writers and directors from around the world. ”

    May 24 , Halle Berry returns Storm in X-Men : Days of Future Past and currently runs in the Extant series . Olivier Martinez, it is expected in France in The Physician , Philipp Stölzl , alongside the fantastic Ben Kingsley. Director Roland Joffé (Mission) told him the lead role in his next film, Texas Rising ( working title) will turn this summer in Mexico for 6 months.

    Find the entire interview in Cosmopolitan, on newsstands May 2, 2014 .

  • Lost –Nice try Carla

    @Lost in the Translation: Carla, but thanks for trying to post something positive.

  • Carla

    @Lost –Nice try Carla: thank you! I can read french but many people here problably not, good job! You’re very patient!

  • just saying

    @Lost in the Translation please explain, is Olivier saying he will kill Nahla’s father Gabriel. I hope for his sake not, Remember Gabriel also read, write and speak French. This will not be good for Halle.

  • Lost in the Translation

    @just saying: I didn’t translate this. It’s translated from Google translator which makes the article even worse i.e. the usage of hers instead of him or his etc.
    The article said that he comes from a sporting family, his father was also a boxer and that he will try to convey his love of the sport to his son…after that, he (Maceo) he will do whatever he wishes.

    Don’t think he’s that smart to make a tongue and check subtle reference to practically bashing Aubry’s face in. Not sure, if he’s using an idiomatic expression or saying that he hopes his son won’t later kill him or if he got in a fight with his father. If he did mean to make reference to Aubry, he’s pretty stupid.

    The article does refer to Nahla as his daughter not stepdaughter, the daughter of his partner etc.

    It goes on further to say that he deals daily with what the French say about him. Halle’s daughter, Nahla asks him if the stories are true etc…I don’t have a clue what the writer meant with the last part.

    See what I mean in both cases about the poor translation?

    He goes into his adapting speech stuff…

    Then mentions his and Halle’s work that our and coming out. It does mention that he will be in Mexico for 6 months, starting this summer on Texas Rising.

  • carla

    très proche de la fillette, dont il s’occupe quotidiennement, le Français raconte à son sujet : “La fille d’Halle, quand elle me réclame une histoire, me demande toujours si elle est vraie. Elle a besoin de se situer par rapport à ce que je peux lui raconter.

    Very close to the girl, he deals with her daily, the French said about this subject: “Halle’s daughter when she announces me a story, always ask me if it is true. she needs to be located in relation to what I tell her.

  • Lost in the Translation

    @carla: thanks for clarifying…still a very poor translation

  • LMAO

    LMAO at either translation,no matter how Teams Halle and Olivier spin it, they will never get parents of the year and are lucky that Halle’s/Aubry’s lawyers and judge were all acting in Nahla’s best interest and not having Halle go to jail, both OM and Aubry deported if convicted and Nahla living with Halle’s mother or Aury’s family or the California foster care system–that’s the reality of the situation w/a gag order for all 3 parties never to discuss the actual terms of the settlement other than Halle /Martinez (Halle) had to pay Aubry’s medical /legal bills in lieu of no jail or deportation.

    Halle/OM are two peas in a pod. They deserve each other and whatever karma they have coming to them for their participation in Halle’s mess.

  • LMAO

    And don’t tell me that Halle didn’t try to get pregnant during Operation Relocate.The karma has already begun. Funny how the laws of the Universe sought differently.. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure Halle loves her Nahla/her kids. Nor is fulfilling her kid’s wish of wanting a baby sibling or hoping Maceo will keep OM sober is rather noble. Someone needs to tell OM in the staged family Easter outing pix that the car seat/carrier has a handle and cover to shield the baby. Oh well, I guess he will figure things out the few times he’s actually around Maceo. I bet he hasn’t given him a bottle or changed his diapers often. Many say he’s not marriage and father material –let’s see how much longer they string out their charade.

  • huggybear

    The little girl can’t read good yet and is asking question , wait until she can go on the net and read how Olivier and her mother set up her father and almost beat him to dead. it going to be big trouble and she just made six right.

  • Lost in the Translation

    @huggybear: Like I said, it is a poorly written article in content not just translating. Who knows if Nahla always asking him questions about what happened? Like I said , he’s trying for father/step-father of the year.

    Yes, the stuff will hit the fan, when Nahla is old enough to understand the pictures and what REALLY did happen not what any think did. Mark my word, I bet Nahla will live with Gabe for awhile when she is older.

    Who knows @just saying…now that I think about he was pretty arrogant and proud prancing around after bashing Aubry’s face until they saw Halle’s lawyers and she had to cart him everywhere.

    That’s like Halle saying how frightened Nahla used to be going to school (a situation she is totally responsible for) because of the nasty being said about her, Aubry and OM and what explaining she had to do.

    She even tried to down play it on Queen Latifah, like she was embarrassed and was apologizing for the whole incident and to Aubry. (not saying she di/said she was acting like it).

    LMAO…very funny at your comments. May be a lot of truth of what you said. Only time will tell.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Lost in the Translation: Thanks for the article. It nice to hear of an article with an actual interview with Olivier. Also hearing about his son and how he is doing. Sounds like the Martinez’s are doing just fine and the kids, parent’s are happy. Team Olivier all the way.

  • new pix of Maceo

    Latest pix of Maceo cute chubby cheeks w/dark curly hair w/nanny

  • stephenf

    Somebody want to explain what it means to “growl ones’ teeth”?

  • Shelbethegreat

    @huggybear: Wait until she finds out her father never spent a nickel of his own money to raise her, and used her like a paycheck. But enough about that girl, little Maceo is 8 months now. Seems Olivier loves him like he was the world.