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Jennifer Lawrence Hides Behind a Newspaper in Paris with Boyfriend Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence Hides Behind a Newspaper in Paris with Boyfriend Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence holds a newspaper in front of her face to avoid photographers while arriving on the Eurostar train on Sunday (April 27) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old actress was joined by her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and a bodyguard while making their way through the train station.

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Earlier in the weekend, Jennifer was seen hiding under her hoodie and using her beau as a guide while trying to keep a low profile in London.

The couple will soon be doing press for X-Men: Days of Future Past and we can’t wait to see all of their red carpet appearances!

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  • Larissa

    I really love her, but she needs to stop being so rude. Holding the newspaper with her middle-finger is stupid, just like she did this week in London. Shame on you, Jennifer.

  • Lovely


    She looks so much better with her butterface covered up. Her success perplexes me. She’s not pretty at all and she seems rather annoying.

  • james p

    she’s so ugly.

  • Mia

    Really? Imagine paps photographing you at random and unwanted moments. I’m sure you’d be a little angry too.

  • booth

    Jennifer PLEASE STOP

    Just let them snap the dumb picture and keep moving. ALL this drama. Really just keep moving. She is bringing more attention to a moment then it would have been had she just did like he did and let them take the stupid picture.

    she is acting like an idiot right now.

  • Sisele

    She is pregnant ! Just Jared !

  • barbiegirl24

    If I win the million dollars she earns I would remember all the time how lucky I am to have such a privileged situation in life. What would have to say those that people who are unemployed for example? I like Jennifer at the beginning but I don’t like this behavior.

    sorry for my bad English

  • Enough

    @Mia: Please, it happens to all celebrities, not just her. It goes with the territory.

  • Josh

    Hate to say this cuz like her but … ^THIS^.

  • He seems like a nice guy. I’m beginning to think he could do better than her. She has a loud, obnoxious, gross mouth. I still remember her obnoxiousness when she was on stage at the Oscars. She acted like a 12 year old.

  • Josh

    @Josh: @ booth

  • NickHoult

    @booth: @booth is spot on

  • mel

    Oh yeah, because she makes millions of money they should be totally cool with being stalked *sarcasm*. People get mad when they see pics of girls like Minka who obviously call the paps.. AND get mad when someone is genuinely being stalked and doesn’t want the attention! Celebs can’t do anything right I guess..

  • M

    Jennifer, you knew there would be paparazzi at the airport! Stop acting like an idiot.
    Your boyfriend is better than you at this time.

  • stop

    Why are you still buying pictures from the paparazzi of celebrities that clearly don’t want their picture taken? What’s the point of an article that shows so and so hiding behind a newspaper? Who cares? It’s a lack of privacy!

  • Jane

    This is a dangerous territory she’s crossing for her “likability” factor. Photographers are a pain in the the ass, but it’s best for her to just deal with it. Men can get away with this behavior, but the media will just pick on female celebrities more with this type of “diva” behavior. Double standard is alive and well in Hollywood.

  • @booth

    I like her too but she needs to stop. By covering up her face she makes it more of an issue. The paps will continue to stalk her and become more aggressive to get a reaction. Nicholas is handling it the right way.

  • Coin

    The “JLaw flips off Europe Tour” continues.

  • Mimi

    @Jane They do this to men too. That’s how Shia lawhatever got into all those fights. J-Law has to just ignore them

  • Coin

    @Booth speaks the truth.
    Flipping the scum paps is exactly the reaction they want.
    Seems like three years of non-stop work and-or fame has finally gotten in her head.

  • booth


    It is not about being right. the paps are SCUM. But she is feeding them. They love pics of her doing this.Why? because these are the pics that sell. These are the ones that will be posted all over. I saw some pics of her with Nicholas having a nice time outside. but those pics got over shadowed by the one of her flipping the bird. She is not new to this. Celebs have the right to live and enjoy their lives. But sad to say this is a nasty trade off. She is not hounded near as much as some. Yet many of them have been hounded for more years than she has been alive. they handle it with grace. She is acting like a petulant child.

    It sucks and is wrong; but handle it better and stop feeding the image they are painting of you. Nicholas seems more level headed. He is going to tire of her acting this way. I think he is the one that ended things before.

  • Melia

    Huge JLaw fan but she has been acting like a petulant diva in front of the paps the last few days. These flick pics are much worse and get more clicks than if she did not act as if her face will melt if exposed. She is inching toward “get over yourself” territory.

  • Living in a box

    I’m pretty sure there will be journalist out will asks the cast of x-men about Bryan Singer. And I would love to see their reactions.

  • Living in a box

    *out there

  • Amy

    Leo hides from the paps too. So do a lot of other celebs.

  • Goldy

    @james p: JAMES P: Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous and paparazzi must be 10x worse for her than other celebrities, since her fame and popularity cover a broad age and world group. There are so many fame whore celebrities who either venture into territory where the paparazzi lurk, or they simply stage a photo call at their convenience. Lawrence doesn’t have Twitter, Insta-gram or Facebook to self promote, so obviously she likes her privacy.

  • Done

    @Goldy: She is not “gorgeous.” Alot of celebs like their privacy, but they don’t flip off the paps every day. It goes with the job. You j-law fans act like she’s in a superior category. Newsflash: She’s NOT.

  • sweetness


    I agree she’s in this crazy unique position because she attracts massive media attention. I suspect those paps are increasingly offensive and aggressive in their approach to get a pic…for her sake I hope she finds a way to accept that they don’t go away ..bird flipping antagonizes these stalker paps.

  • Jayne

    She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She’ll be fine. Still the funniest celeb interview out there.

  • http://@GabrielTargon Gabriel Targon

    These paparazzi has no limit. Look this app that someone made that it seems be based on JLaw Oscar fall’s:

  • Anna

    I heard that if there’s any profanity such as the middle finger the photos sell for less. That’s probably what she’s trying to do but that doesn’t make sense.

  • christy

    I’m french and I can say that the french paparazzis are by far the most polite one, they are even kanye’s favorites one, so she’s a little bit ridiculous.

  • seriously!

    i just love it when a bunch irrelevant people post their opinion on the behavior of some actors … None of us has any idea on how THIS feels , we are never hounded , chased , insulted , yelled at by these cockaroaches . People need to stop , it’s their need for gossip/photos that drive these pests to invade these actors space … I’m sure they don’t behave like this all the time , but sometimes people have bad days and don’t want to deal with these butt holes .. And why in da H ell should they smile if they don’t feel like it . The only person that seem to enjoy being papped constantly is Hillary Duff and Jessica Alba for what purpose ?? have no idea…. i guess they want to stay relevant !

  • Fercat

    Odd behavior like this makes you wonder if all the smart things she said actually came from her.

  • sigh

    @Fercat: lmao you’re joking right, “smart things she said”? she’s a complete ditz on camera and she knows the media will fawn over her for her actual foolishly stupid comments cause she’s “sooo adorable and down to earth”, the image that her PR team conjured up for her so she would be loved by everyone. she sold her soul for fame, her bf is taking it much better than her this whole time they’ve been in Europe so this looks really immature on her part, Idc if the stan’s have sympathy. just act normal and ignore the paps cause they will give you a much harder time if they are aware that you’re known to easily react, no need to act like a petulant child when she wanted all of this “success” in the first place. she didn’t seem to mind the paps when her and nick were outside having lunch in England and she was laughing in such an exaggerated dramatic way while nick was just lightly chuckling while he was using his phone and she knew very well the paps were there, nick didn’t pay attention to them at all but she was aware of them.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    She does a Dicaprio.With her idiocy,she did a drama from a no-event with paps.

  • Ako si Gladys

    @Larissa: you love her but you’re bashing her!!!! hmmmm seriously????!!!

  • OMG

    I didn’t know that JLaw has haters!! Gosh I thought everyone loves her! LOL

  • Annabelle

    @sigh: you hit the nail on the head.

  • Also

    She decided to be an actress, she knows from the very beginning that things like this happens all the time. If she’s so mad about having her pictures taken then she should have never become an actress.

    @seriously Yes we dont have any idea but all the other celebrities do and although they hate the paps they don’t flick their middle fingers as often as she does; It’s just rude and childish.

    Also, you’re one of the “bunch of irrelevant people” yet it didn’t stop you from posting YOUR opinion, did it?

  • Lana

    yeah, we know Jennifer you “hate” papz

  • kylie

    She’s acting like a tool and her boyfriend seems mortified.

  • Pam

    I see the usual haters are all over this thread. Fyi KStew banging her boss and becoming irrelevant isn’t Jennifer’s fault. She has the right to react any way she wants. Good on Nicholas Hoult for always supporting his girlfriend even when they were broken up.

  • @sigh

    You seem way over invested and bitter. You should probably find a new hobby. She wanted success in her job not grown men with cameras stalking her every step. How ratchet are you?

  • Nikki

    She’s so famous even pictures without her face visible are worth money. Is it true they’re engaged? Lovely couple.

  • Aimée

    The newspaper is the other way around lol

  • Lena

    How DISGUSTING. Jennifer earned $26,000,000.00 between 2012-2013 according to Forbes. As an actress, she has 7 billion clients (potential movie goers) yet unlike the rest of the world, she does NOT EVER have to have personal contact with her clients. In fact, to me, she has revealed herself to be a person who will try to imprison people who make her the slightest bit uncomfortable. She has also said she thinks people who criticize weight should be put in prison. Ridiculous. Jennifer strikes me as a princess who feels the solution to her problems is to make anyone who offends her or makes her uncomfortable simply disappear or be put in jail. But, it’s a problem with HER not the world’s burden to cater to her every psychosis or bratty whim. I feel she wants the world to bend to HER issues. The world DOESN’T work that way. For those of you siding with her diva pathetic behavior, I say grow up. The paparrazi don’t “stalk” her. Listen to yourselves. “How would you like it if people were photographing you all the time every where you go?”. Seriously, people ALREADY are. As you walk down the street, EVERY time someone looks at you, they make a picture in their minds of you. She’s just flipping people off for attention. Or wanting the world to bend to her, that’s all.

    By the way, Jen, you hate photographers INTERFERING with YOU so much as you make your way to your destination, no doubt out to get a bite to eat or to visit your millions in the bank? But, I’m curious…do you suppose the little girl in the picture below would have been as upset had the photographer interfered with her life more than he did when this photo was taken? Do you EVER think of anyone but yourself?

    The back story is that Kevin Carter shooed the vulture away, who had been waiting for the little girl to die, but he did not help the little girl to make it the last kilometer to the UN feeding center. He sat there and smoked a cigarette under a tree. His photo won a Pulitzer and brought world attention to the humanitarian problem in the region. He committed suicide soon thereafter. I bet unlike Jennifer though, that baby girl was too weak from starvation to lift HER finger to give the bird to the vulture, or the bird for that matter.

    Jennifer, like so many narcissistic, self centered, pampered celebrities, lack humanity and a basic connection to the world, in my opinion. Like I said, it’s DISGUSTING…

  • drey

    She’s in paris to film hunger games, going to berlin next

  • haha

    ugh lame ugly girl